One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 14

Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

After Haley's departure, Nathan breaks down and although he doesn't want to admit it, he starts to become the bad boy he used to be. Lucas is definitely worried about him but Nathan doesn't listen to his brother, pointing out it's actually Lucas' fault: if he hadn't shown up, Nathan would have never met Haley. Anyway, Deb and Dan drop in to see their son and Dan doesn't have nice words for Haley. Nathan's reaction is instant. Dan can't help but say: "Nice punch, son. It is good to see there is still a man in there somewhere."

Karen wants to know why Lucas moved in with Dan; since Lucas gives no clear explanation, she decides it's time to take legal action against whatever Dan is plotting.

Elections are still running at Tree Hill High and Erica Marsh is running one dirty campaign. Anyway, thanks to Mouth's beautiful and touching speech, Brooke ends up winning. Yay! Later, Brooke catches up with Erica. Miss President admits she is scared about the whole thing, and Erica can't help but point out the irony. Brooke is afraid of being President in Tree Hill, but Erica is scared of everything else.

Peyton asks Jake out but he tells her he is really busy, even though it's clear he does want to go out with her. Well, this is also Brooke's opinion. Anyway, later, Jake has a major problem. His little daughter is sick and he can't pay the doctor since Jenny has no health insurance. Our beloved Goldilocks lends him the money. Jack confesses to Peyton he came back because of her. He wants to give them a chance. So does Peyton, since they kiss.

Someone else wants a chance at love: Jules. She begs Dan not to ruin her wedding day, since she really does love Keith. Of course Dan isn't exactly reassuring, as usual. If Dan's not happy no one is...

Meanwhile, Haley informs Nathan about her plans, which, at the moment, don't include Tree Hill at all. Ouch.