One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 2

Racing Like a Pro (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • Jamie is great!

    Tree Hill has certainly matured since its four year jump, and Racing Like a Pro proved that.

    At this time, Jamie is a massive addition to the show and his relationships with Haley, Lucas, Brooke and Nathan are so endearing to watch. It's really well done. I especially loved how he bonded with Brooke and this friendship will remain till the end of the show. And Jamie also inspires Brooke to stay in Tree Hill. It's all coming into place. Otherwise, Peyton meets Lindsey and we learn that she didn't meet with Luke cos she thought he was with Lindsey. Oh and Lucas gets her space at Tric to start a label and she tells him his art matters. It seem Peyton and Lucas have come full circle. I can't say I love how they're apart but at least it's entertaining.

    It becomes harder to watch Nathan in his dark place but it makes Haley angry and that was intense. I'm glad he finally listened to her and helped Jamie drive the soapbox car. It was a touching end to the episode. Oh and Haley deals with the horrible Quentin Fields who taunts her in class. I really hated him here but at least she stood up for herself. Nanny Carrie appears here too, all sweet and innocent. I wonder if they knew what she'd become? And Mouth's boss is really horrible - almost too horrible.

    I do enjoy Luke and Skills coaching the Ravens though. It works.

    So yet another strong adult episode.

  • Your Art Matters

    Nathan is still struggling and feeling sorry for himself. Haley is overwhelmed with work, Jamie, Nathan, and just everything so she hires a nanny. A hot nanny...bad idea. Right away I got the same creepy feeling about her that I did about Psycho Derek (and if you've seen all the episodes you know I'm right) Jamie is going to race in a soap box derby. I love that Lucas and all the guys have stepped in to play with him and work with him on this.

    Brooke has decided not to go back to New York. She wants to stay in Tree Hill. She is so sweet with Jamie. I love their relationship. I also love that she wants to help Peyton start her own record label. And Brooke is starting a store for Clothes Over Bros in Tree Hill and is opening it in the Karen's Cafe location. I love it.

    Peyton will do an amazing job running her own record label. She basically ran Tric so why not. I love that Brooke is funding it and that Lucas gave her space at Tric. And when she told him that HIS art matters...oh! so perfect. I knew that her saying that would be the trick to get him to start writing again.

    Lucas is still the Lucas I have loved from the beginning except that he is with Lindsey now, but other than that he is still a great friend to everyone and doing whatever he can to help them out. And it's just so perfect that he started writing his second book after Peyton came back and told him is art mattered. He started writing the first one when they started getting close again in season 4 and when they started dating so it makes sense.

    It sucks that Mouth didn't get the job he deserved. He is a great sports announcer and deserves to have a job doing what he loves.

    Haley's voiceover at the end was great. I loved it and I loved that she stood up to the class and Quentin and isn't going to tolerate them taking advantage of her anymore.
  • 4 years later in tree hill

    another great episode for the 2 part season premiere. wow. omg! ahh......amazing! 2nd episode of season 5. Exellent! This episode was even better than 5.01, even though i loved both. Everybody did an exellent jon on this episode. Cast,Crew. and especcially the writers.
    When i first found out Mark Schwahn decided to do a 4 year skip in tree hill. I wasn't too shore how i felt about it. At first i felt like we would be missing a big chunk of their lives, but now that i have watch both "4 year, 6 months,and 2 days" and This episode, "Racing like a Pro", that has made me realize that this season is going to be exellent. Ok, lets start off in how i feel about this episode.
    --Brooke finally takes a stand, and decides to run Clothes over Bro's in Tree hill. I thought it was so nice that she takes up the Karen's cafe space.I really like that they are still using it, and same goes for Tric. Brookes scenes with Jamie were adorable.I loved that Jamie basically just met Brooke, and becomes really close to her. I loved Jamie little line that he says to Brooke "Its my life. Im taking a stand. Is that ok?" He is just too cute.But of course he is Nathan and Haleys son. lol
    --Haley gets fed up with Nathan behavior that has been going on for the past 4 months. Haley takes a stand with her marriage to Nathan, and it finally got through to him. Nathan is finally realizing that if he doesn't fight, and be strong, he will lose both Haley and Jamie.Im sure he doesn't want that to happen. Thats the Nathan i like. Also, Haley stands up for herself, and is the better person, and tells quentin whos the teacher and whos the student. Principal turner is still here!!! How wierd would that be. Your principal in Highschool is now your boss for work. The principal seems to know everyone pretty well.
    --Peyton.Lucas gets Peyton to made a record label in tree hill, and she gets tric. Its good for her. She needs to do what she loves instead of being an assistant to the assistant in LA.
    Lets see....Great L/P scenes. To be honest, i am not the biggest Leyton fan, but i really hope they get back together. They are a really good couple. Lucas is definately better with Peyton than Lindsay. I dont like Lindsay. She is not right for him.
    --More great Nathan and Jamie scenes in this episode. I loved when Nathan helps jamie quonquer his fear that he had at the race. Thats the dad Nathan needs to be. He needs to be there for Jamie when he needs him most. It was soooo cute in that ending scene when they had that little race. Jamie in the car, and Nathan in the wheelchair.
    Amazing 2 hr season finale, i just cant wait until next week!!!!
  • It's four years later and the kids of Tree Hill return home after being seperated for 4 years. Nathan's bitter, Haley's the best mom ever, Brooke's a successful desginer, Lucas is a puplished writer with writer's block and Peyton feels lost.

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I am in awe right now. I was so proud while watching these two episodes. I'm serious, I've never felt like this ever before when it comes to a TV show. I was like a proud mama throughout the whole thing. Loved the acting and the writing was flawless! They writers of OTH have done it again. I mean, I didn't even realize how much I had missed it until I watched the premiere. Let's start with Haley. Man, I was so proud of her - yes, I feel very proud today. I don't think it occured to Nathan that Haley has also given up her dream but still she's kicking! She's such a good mom and I just wanted to hug her when she ran out of the classroom! Love the hairstyle - not something I'd do, but definitely a mature 'do. Nathan will always have a special place in my heart but he kind of bugged me. Okay so he's lost his dream, but did he even look at Jamie? Such a beautiful kid. I fully believe that Nathan will never become Dan but I'm starting to fear that he's headed that way. He even called Jamie 'son' at one point. Okay, so Jamie is Nathan's son, but that's what Dan calls Nathan so it's kind of disturbing. Please, Nathan, lose the hair. It looks awful. Oh, and Jamie's officially my new favorite character.

    And, Brooke. Oh, everyone's favorite cheerleader. She's successful, famous and beautiful but still I see the Brooke we all know and love from high school. She's still insecure about her feelings and that's what so beautiful about her. She really lets us into her heart. And Peyton - didn't she look kind of young in the flashbacks? You know with the bangs and all that? - realized that Los Angeles is not what she needs to fulfill her dreams. Peyton's such an inspiration. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. Man, was it just me, or has he gotten EXTREMELY HOT?! Seriously, cause in the fourth season he looked bad. The hair was just all wrong. But now, wow, he looks more and more like Keith everyday. It's crazy! I love Lucas's relationship with Jamie. So cute. Do we see another bond forming like Keith and Lucas had? Hm. Taking the words out of Peyton's mouth, I really, really, really wanted to hate Lindsey, but she was so... nice! I hope she gets more b*tchy later on so I can hate her or something.

    I loved Brooke's assistant! You just wanted to hug her or something. However, I'm not sure she'll be back though, too bad. Quentin's an ass, but he's basically Nathan before Haley came along so it'll be interesting to see what will happen with that. Oh, and where's Rachel? I miss her ;). I wonder what happened to her.

    I loved the last scene. Maybe Nathan's not so lost after all. Let's just pray he fixes up his hair till the next episode. It's interesting to see that everyone in the gang has kind of lost their inspiration since the high school graduation. Lucas managed to write a whole book but now he has a major writer's block, missing Peyton and Brooke, maybe? Brooke also doubt her career, and Peyton feels like she's lost herself. I think these people need each other so much. They inspire each other. They heal each other. They just need each other. That's true friendship. Wow, this show is no longer a teen drama and that's a good thing. One Tree Hill has never been more heartfelt and deep. This season is going to be great!
  • Season 5, Episode 2.

    Haley tries to make Nathan understand what is going to happen if he doesn't change his ways. Lucas and Skills prepare Jamie to compete in a race-car competition. Meanwhile, Brooke faces problems at her company and Peyton meets Lucas' new girlfriend. Mouth gets a job, but it doesn't turn out well. I loved the scene with Brooke in the beginning. She's hot. Hehe, the Brooke and Lindsay scene. I honestly don't know about how the show is now, at least from what I've seen so far. The high school years were a lot better though. I liked when Brooke and Peyton went to visit Nathan and Haley. :) "For every step you take, we kiss." LMAO! Cool episode.
  • The whole gang are back in Tree Hill! Is it for good?

    I'm going to try and do this episode one character at a time...:

    Brooke: My favourite character of all time!! She was really funny this episode! I love the bond she has with Jamie and how she quoted him when she was buying the house. I also love how she told him to stand up for himself and offers him all this great advice and helps him out with him car and outfit! I am soo soo soo glad that she's brought a property in Tree Hill!! And I'm quite glad it's Karen's Cafe!!! Can't wait till she's finally settled down in Tree Hill!!! I was laughing so hard when she threw her phone into the lake!! It was soo adorable how Jamie asked for her when he was scared and how she loves being his godmother!! Aww cuteness!!!

    Peyton: Although I'm not a huge fan of Peyton I have to admit she was really sweet to Lucas...I really hope her record label takes off it would be awesome!!

    Haley: OMG I felt so sorry for her! That guy was being so mean to her! I'm glad Lucas is going to sort it out!!! It's really sad how her relationship with Nathan is really suffering!! Although I think that school boy is going to be a really good storyline!!!

    Nathan: Ugh he's being such a poo!!! I cannot believe he didn't go to Jamie's race... I honestly thought he would turn up!! But I am so so glad that he's making an effort to get better...although I thought that at the end of last episode!!!

    Lucas: It's very strange...I am a complete Brooke and Lucas fan but I really like Lindsey! She's so lovely!! And I'm so glad Lucas has started to write again!! He is also soo cute with Jamie!!

    Jamie: one word...ADORABLE!! Words can't explain how much I love him!!!

    The boys: Skillz was really funny when he took the picture of Brooke!! I felt a bit sorry for Mouth but wasn't the best episode for the boys!!

    Absolutely brilliant episode! Don't really want to wait another week for the next one =( love to all OTH fans!
  • Oh my gosh! So amazing!

    Mouth has a job. His new boss, Alice, hates him. She frowns upon his looks and tardiness. Brooke and Lucas encourage Peyton to start her own music label. Jamie wants to be in a soapbox derby race. Skills, Lucas, and Brooke help him build his car. Haley has her first day as a teacher. An obnoxious student, Quentin, harasses her. Quentin is also the star basketball player, but he's selfish and rude. Lucas and Skills must decide who's on the new roster for the Tree Hill Ravens. After Quentin leaves Haley's class and fails the quarter automatically, he doesn't make the team. Brooke decides that she wants to manage her company in Tree Hill and gets Karen's Cafe. Lucas gets Peyton a space for her label. Peyton meets Lindsey and she unfortunately likes her. Nathan is a broken man and Haley threatens him if he doesn't do anything like he's been doing. Jamie is too afraid to race in the derby. Nathan doesn't even go. After hearing Haley's threat, Nathan decides to fight for his life. He starts to walk in the pool. Haley meets Carrie, who will be Jamie's new nanny. Peyton inspires Lucas to start writing again. Nathan and Jamie both go and face their fears by going to the race track and conquering the course.

    This episode was fantastic! I really loved it all! Quentin is a real jerk, especially to Haley. I really don't like Lindsey and Lucas together. I want Peyton and Lucas to get back together! I love Brooke and Jamie! Mouth's boss, Alice, is really mean. I don't like her. I hope Nathan continues to act like a real man and a father to Jamie. Lucas is a really good coach! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, Haley and Nathan are back together at Tree Hill..

    Brooke gets to know her godson, Jamie, and she's so impressed by him that she doesn't want to be away from him and Tree Hill so she decides to open a Clothes Over Bros shop where Karen's Cafe used to be!.. Jamie takes part in a car race and has Skills's and Lucas's help in this and the unexpected and artistic help of Brooke!.. But, more than anything he needs his dad who is not there for him!.. Haley sees that and tells Nathan that if he keeps behaving the way he does, he will lose his family!.. In the end, Nathan will realise that he should be there for them and stop hurting them..
  • The wait is over. Finally Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Brooke and Peyton reunited on Tree Hill after Four Years, Six Months and Two Days.

    Brooke and Peyton are back on Tree Hill to reunite with Lucas, Nathan and Haley. But nothing is like before.
    Haley recieves the visit of Brooke and Peyton, to see Nathan and know little Jamie.
    Haley tries to make Nathan understand what is going to happen if he doesn't change his acttitude about his illnes and how this will afect her and Jamie.
    Lucas and Skills prepare Jamie to compete in a race-car competition. Meanwhile, Brooke stars to know Jamie better and teaches him a few lesson of the life. But also she has to confort the problems at her company. Peyton is ready to star her new record label and she has to struggle with her feeling about Lucas, meeting Lucas'new girlfriend, Lindsay. Mouth gets a job at sport channel, but it isn't how he expected.
    I really enjoyed this episode, because I liked to see the reunion of the five main character. Besides I loved the relationship between Brooke and Jamie, these two are too adorables together. But also was an intense episode with the fight between Haley and Nathan. It was a lot of emotion on that scene. I'm glad Nathan realizes about his actitude and how was afecting his family. And the final of the episode was perfect... Nathan and Jamie fighting together about their fears with the help of each other.
  • Great episode,better than the first one.

    This episode made me adore the season 5 because it is so greatly written that I couldn't believe it wasn't real.It happens so hardly ever to me enjoy the whole episode without watching the clock to see how many minutes are left.I will say it again that the best part of this season is taht every character has its own story and every story is interesting enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.
    I liked that Haley has some problems being a teacher.It was amazing to see Lucas being a coach.Nathan is so depressed but he acts so great.Jamie is so cute little boy and it is sad to see him go through all these family problems.Peyton again makes me like her more and more.She is amazing and I like her idea of making her dreams come true and pursuing a carrer as music producer.Brooke buys Karen's cafe and the whole thing starts again in Tree Hill.I like it.I totally liked this episode because it is so well written that it is beautiful and flawless.
  • Great Episode!!

    Second episode of the season and I still think Jamie is a cutie! I love how he says Momma and not Mommy. It was so funny when Brooke threw her cell into the river and then she clicked to what she just did and looke at Payton! Classic Brooke.

    Oh and Lucas and Skills and coaches of the Ravens will be so good! "You want to see our credentials, their hanging up there". Go Luc!!! And then kicking that know it all dork that was harassing Haley off the team, I loved him for that! He so thinks he rules the school and the basket ball team!! NO NO

    Haley sure put him and the rest of the class in their places and when he walked out the door I was like FAIL HIM!!! I totally forgot that Brooke was Jamie's godmother! How cute "I'm glad your my godmother" and her helping him with his Raven machine! With 23 on it! OMG did you see his eyes when the head fell of the manequin? Priceless!!

    I loved the episode and how Nathan at the end said he had too much to loose! Bout time he figured it out!!
  • Finally we know more and more about the characters and where they have been now. We are not already thrown into an episode of the week where an episode can be played on himself and be understandable. To see this episode you must have watched last one

    God, that kind called Jamie is so cute. He surely got the cute looks from his father and the brains of his mother. He is sassy and says everyone the truth. He's very close with his Uncle Lucas, which i'm happy about, but i'm sorry to see that Nathan and Jamie and especially Haley are very disconnected. From last season being a supercouple to this season a therapist' couple. Lindsey is nice, yeah, but that doesn't help me for not hating her. We all know that Peyton is destined to be together with Lucas and that's it. Lindsey is just having the place in bed near Lucas warm for Peyton's return!

    By watching the scene where Peyton says hi to Lucas for the first time in the last four years, i instantly knew that the spark is still there between them by Lucas' look at her..
  • Jamie is the star of the show.

    Lucas, Skills and Brooke help Jamie get ready for a race. Nathan doesn't go for the race. Jamie doesn't race in the end as he is afraid of crashing. Haley tells Nathan to change his ways or else he will have nothing. Haley continues to have problems as a teacher in high school. Nathan makes an attempt to walk again and halps Jamie get over his fears. Skills and Lucas pick the new Tree Hill Ravens basketball squad. Brooke decides to run Clothes Over Bro's from Tree Hill by opening Karen's Cafe. Lucas finally gets the inspiration to write again. Peyton begins her own record label.
  • CW hit jackpot, Jamie is the star!!!

    One Tree Hill needs this a long long time ago, "laughings" !!! Who provides it? "Jamie" !!! Jamie's the man in One Tree Hill. I giggled a lot in this episode especially when Jamie showed up. He adds a very special atmosphere to this moody emotional group of people. There are more jokes and funny stuffs in this episode than b4, I like it and you should see for yourself.

    I was so disappointed with season 3 and 4, too much on the stalling. Now, everyone moved on, new challenges ahead of them, I would love to keep on watching.

    As for Lucas and Peyton, same old stupid plot. Peyton likes to keep her emotions to herself, she was jealous of an encouraging peck on Lucas' cheek from Lyndsey. That was nothing!!! We all know Peyton's personality, she likes to imagine things wildly, can't Lucas be a little more patient with Peyton's silence if he claims he loves her so much? He has been always being so understandable and supportive, still no growth after 2 years? Acting impulsively and immaturely again??? Lucas will do his best to help Peyton to rebuild her confidence for sure, that means Lyndsey will get hurt. Lucas makes too many mistakes in love. I don't like it. Do you?

    A very positive episode, don't miss it!!!
  • New season, best ever!

    I think this episode was amazing. All the characters really evolved. Last season I thought "One Tree Hill" was getting boring, to much of a melodramatic show.. But this year I just wanted to know what happened to them, and I'm so glad I watched those new episodes! When Nathan throws himself in the water, you just know he's coming back up, to fight for his marriage, his wife, his life and especially his son. That is so beautiful! I'm looking forward to the next episodes, and I hope the show will keep me excited for every new episode, like I'm excited to see the next one now!
  • There's only One Tree Hill and home is where the heart is..

    Brooke and Peyton coming back and reuniting together brought tears to my eyes. I missed them so much and I'm glad that they've evolved their friendship into so much more after everything that they have been through. Naley's son is such a cutie pie and I feel so bad for him because of Nathans poor judgement in character. I trust Naley's love though so I'm sure things will look up for them soon. Hmm looks like a new triangle for Leyton with Lindsey and how interesting of a season it will be because of it. Overall the new characters seem interesting as well. Poor Mouth though is being mistreated ugh! I felt like smacking that wrench of a boss of his.
  • Another enjoyable episode. It shows that One Tree Hill is still a good show!

    I enjoyed this a bit more than the last mainly because of Hayley. I really like her character and it is probaly my favourite storyline. I thought it was great when she shouted at Nathan, that told him. I thought I would Jaimes character but in fact I really like him, I think thats done very well. I'm not sure about Lucus's girlfriend and think they should have left her out of the show. Mouth once again just bores me and I really don't like his character. That is why I liked his boss. Again I thought some of it was fairly soppy and cheesy, the scene when Peyton told lucas his art matters. Brooke isn't as annoying as I thought she'd be. I was glad that the boy left the classroom after haley lectured him, it felt more realistic. I wish peyton would stop whining now. So I liked it and will look forward to the rest of season five!
  • Haley tries to make Nathan realize what will happen to him if he does not stop what he is doing. Jamie wants to race in a competition and he decides to take a stand! Brooke is having problems with her work, and Peyton meets Lucas' new girlfriend, Lindsey!

    I liked how Jamie decides that he wants to build a race car and race in the competition. Skills and Lucas has a car in their mind of what they want it to be. They want it to be red. And Jamie saids that he doesn't like red and he doesn't like Elmo. He tells Brooke, his godmother, that he wants to paint it blue with the number 23 on it. She tells him that he has to take a stand and say what he wants to say or else he won't be heard. Skills and Lucas do a test car race with a mannequin and the head falls off. At the race, Jamie remembers this and doesn't want to race anymore. Nathan also doesn't want to go because he doesn't want anyone to see him like that. Jamie is sad that his father didn't go. Brooke made him a race car suit with Peyton Sawyer unemployed on it. It was so funny when Brooke jumped in Lucas' bed and thought that it was Lucas but when in fact it was Lindsey. I really liked Haley as a teacher but I hated when Quentin was harassing her. I liked that Lucas is the new head coaches of the Raven basketball team. Skills was there to help him too. I loved the scene at the end where Nathan wakes Jamie up and takes him to the race tracks and races with him.

    I love this quote (It's so cute! I think Nathan's really gonna start to change and be better)

    Nathan: "You know son, there's gonna be a lot of times in your life when you're afraid. But being afraid is okay but if you don't work through that fear you might miss out on some pretty great things."
    Jamie: "Are you afraid, Daddy?"
    Nathan: "Sometimes, you?
    Jamie: "Sometimes."
    Nathan: "Well, we'll do this together."

    And a quote from Haley:

    "The rest of your life is a long time and whether you know it or not it's being shaped right now. You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices or you can fight back. Things aren't always going to be fair in the real world, that's just the way it is but for the most part you get what you give. Let me ask you all a question. What's worse not getting everything you wished for or getting it but finding out it's not enough? The rest of your life is being shaped right now with the dreams you chase, the choices you make and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time and the rest of your life starts right now."
  • One Tree Hill is Back and so is Brooke & Peyton!

    It was cute seeing Brooke and Peyton come home together. It was even more funny to see Brooke jump on Lindsay in It was cute seeing Brooke and Peyton come home together. It was even funnier to see Brooke jump on Lindsay in Lucas's bed and Lucas walks in and they all say "This hasn't happened to me since college". I was really hoping by the beginning of this episode Nathan would wake up and get up but I guess he was working on it at the end of the first show. Anyways, It was cute to see Brooke hang out with cute little James. This by the ways is the cutest kid that I have ever seen. They are really cute together. When Lucas and Skill had put that fake dummy in the race car and slide it down the hill and the wheel popped off and the dummy's head popped off. Funny! Then it was cute when James couldn't race because he remembers it so he quit the race and said he was making a stand. So cute! I'm glad that it is almost five years later and Haley finally has a backbone and told Nathan off. When he said he didn't have nothing I wanted to reach in the TV and slap him. I'm not scared to admit when he fell into the pool and walked his way out I had a little tear in my eye. Then when he woke James up and took him back to race his car. OMG! Seriously this is why I watch this show! LOVE IT!
  • An intriguing start to a rather feeble idea plus the return of cool music and the genious Jamie

    I have to admit that initially the idea for 4-year fast forwarding seemed out of place to me, however the 2-hour premiere definitely proved me wrong. 4 years later, we find our main characters again lost in their deep down soul journey. Nathan thinking his life is over, Peyton trying to figure out her life, Brooke following what is missing, Haley dealing with the many hurdles thrown to her face by life and Lucas seeking the "click" to make him go. Amidst the drama, a boy Jamie who can easily outscore any performance offered by the other characters. If kept on this phase, there is no reason for season 5 not to be the strongest season of all. Should I also add how much I missed the music? This episode was another classic music-wise (long live The National).
  • Stood on its own two feet

    I disliked quite a few things about this episode and one of them was Brooke moving back to Tree Hill. I mean, opening up Karen's cafe? I mean, how do you just go from super celebrity to super town coffee shop owner? And Peyton, her job was great! How could she go back all the way to Tree Hill to make her own label? I just don't see the logic. And I find it all too weird that everyone is back and it's just going to go back to normal like before again.

    I like Bethany Joy Galeotti's acting in this episode, with that ending quote and her sermon to Nathan, she really pulled it off, she's the only one I see making it anywhere after One Tree Hill. The teen drama turned twenty-something drama has improved and is less annoying, but must avoid those unbelievable situations.
  • This is so much different from what the show used to be like … why 4 years later all of a sudden?

    Because s05e01 and s05e02 were broadcasted as 1 episode I have copy-pasted the review of s05e01 for this episode:

    After last season I think it is kind of strange to continue the story as if it were 4 years later now. I was really looking forward to the continuing of the storyline from last season and was expecting the lives of the characters to continue half a year later … and not - all of a sudden - 4 years later. In my opinion it would have been so much nicer if the storyline would have just continued where they had left off. Also I think it is a shame that the character of James Lafferty is acting like a whiny brat! ;-) … Over all I am just not impressed with what the writers of the show did to it. Hope it has nothing to do with the strike they had a few month ago! ;-)

    Judging by the rest of the ratings given on this episode (s05e02) I am a loner in my opinion, but hey, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, right?!! :-)

    I do hope the show will at least change a little bit back to the way it was, otherwise I have one less show to watch …
  • Coming home never felt so good.

    Tree Hill - an unkindness of ravens. Which just happens to be the title of Lucas' first published book. I was so excited to see that he did it and it was such a success.

    This 2nd episode of the 2 hour premiere for season 5 finds Lucas struggling to start writing again. He is under pressure from his editor/girlfriend - who by the way, is lovely! I like her, although I have always wanted Lucas and Peyton together. Alas, they aren't together, the result of a misunderstanding a couple of years ago in LA at Lucas' book signing. To know that it ended through no fault of either of theirs is sad, so there may be a future story for them, but I'll wait and see. For now, I'm liking Lucas and Lindsey and the little bit of chemistry I see there.

    Haley is teaching at THH and Lucas is the new coach for the Raven's basketball team, with Skillz as his assistant coach. They have a lot of hard work ahead of them to whip this team in shape, as does Haley with finding her place in her new job and earning these kids respect. One kid I am just not sure about. Quentin is in Haley's English class and also the star of the basketball team. He insults and sexually harasses Haley to the point where he got the class all riled up, she was near tears and had to run out to get principal Turner to come help. What a jerk. He reminded me a lot of how Nathan was in the first several episodes of season 1. I couldn't stand him. I think that's why he's never been one of my favorite characters. I like him just fine, but I'm not a huge fan based on his history. He just seemed to change too fast to be sincere and that always bothered me. Now this kid, Quentin, is freakishly the same way. I wanted to like him, I did. But once he started running his rude mouth off, he lost me. Then, in basketball, he is Nathan as he used to be as well. It's too weird. Does every team have one of those guys? What jerks. Thinking you're nothing without them and they're talent/knowledge of the game and they're entitled to your awe and devotion as the best player around. Please. I thought it was hilarious when Lucas gave him a set-down in front of everyone, but I worry about what kind of storyline we'll see develop out of his humiliation - I got a bad feeling when that scene aired. I thought, nothing good can come of this! Makes me worry for Haley and Lucas, both.

    Brooke took a stand for herself and is coming home, bringing her company, Clothes over Bro's with her. How exciting. She's bought Karen's Cafe for the business and plans are under way. Her relationship with her Godson, Jamie - Nathan and Haley's son, is endearing. She is so cute with him and he with her and I can't wait to see the relationship develop. She's such a giving soul and I couldn't pick a better person to be on the receiving end of her love and devotion than Jamie. When he tells her that he's glad she's his Godmother, I could have cried. I had tears in my eyes, for sure. Very sweet.

    As for Brooke and Peyton's friendship, it has survived the trials of being separated for the past four years as each of their lives have taken them in different directions. They are the best of friends and I've always envied them a little for it. They're good for each other, especially now as their young adult lives start and they come together for Peyton in her time of need.

    Peyton. My girl. I've said it before and I'll say it forever. I love her. She's strong, kind, independent, feisty, fun, loving, daring, reckless, intimidating, sincere, honest, and giving. She gives of herself in everything she does and now that she's come home to Tree Hill to find her way, I know she's going to go far. Brooke and Lucas are her support team and they are helping her start her own label. Yay. That totally rocks. I've always loved the music on One Tree Hill and a lot of it centers around Peyton. She's smart and she's got a talent for it and I know it's going to be fabulous and we get to be there for the party! Go Peyton! You deserve it.

    Skillz is as funny as ever. His bond with Jamie is flat out adorable. I love their scenes together. Uncle Skillz is funny to watch around kids. The way he cuts up with him and cares for him is great to see. It's refreshing.

    We haven't seen much of Mouth during these 2 hours. He's struggling with a new job and a horribly wicked boss, so it will be interesting to see how he handles it and what direction he takes from here. I want him to succeed at what he loves doing and what we love to see him doing - announcing. He's brilliant and funny and he's good at it. He's worked hard to learn what he knows and he deserves to be in the industry with the best of them. Give us Mouth, people!

    Junk and Fergie are still in Tree Hill and share an apartment with Skillz. All they seem to do is goof off and I hope we see a few storylines for them this season. One or two so we get to know them just a little bit - who they are as individuals. Nathan is in a bad place and I feel so bad for him. I'm not his biggest fan, but I do like him. He's one of the good ones. It's taken him a while to get there, what with how he was raised, but he did come around to being a good guy. And then this freakish accident when he got into a fight and now he can't walk. That is the worst thing that could have happened to him. The end of his dream. What he has come to think of as the end of his life. But Haley has set him straight and told him how she needs him to get it together - for her and for Jamie. The end of the episode was so freakin awesome. When Nathan decided that he had to much to lose and that he was going to fight to get his life back, to get his family back, was the scene that gave me goose bumps. I can't tell you how many times I rewound my dvr. It deserved every viewing I gave it. It was the perfect ending, with Haley's voiceover to her students about being in the now and that this is the rest of their lives they're living right now and they need to live it right. The music was perfect. The tension was perfect. Haley's talk to her class was perfect. The moment could not have been any more perfect. The perfect end to a perfect episode.

    Definitely tuning in next week. I'll be there. Will you?
  • Well this epidosde just goes to show how great we all knew this new season was going to be!

    At first I had my questions about the 4-5 year jump, I wasn't sure it was what i wanted to see...well aren't i happy I didn't have to make that decision because this jump worked beautifully!!! I absolutely loved this episode and thought that this double episode premiere was amazing! The first episode was good but this episode was awesome. I liked the first episode because it filled in some of the missing blanks to tie this season in with the previous seasons. But this episode just was very OTH style and it was nice to finally see the new stories beginning and the old stories continuing!!!I absolutely can't wait for the rest of the season and I can only hope that the writer's strike is resolved soon and we can get more than 12 episodes!!!! Can't Wait!!
  • Another great episode. Now that everyone is back in Tree Hill we get to see them start the next stage in their lives.

    Lucas and Skills are forming a new team, Brooke decides to move to Tree Hill and buys Karen's cafe, Peyton is starting her own label with financial help and encouragement from Brooke and Lucas, Mouth has started his new job at the station.

    Brooke was great in this episode. She finally takes a stand and decides to stay in Tree Hill. The interaction between Brooke and Peyton is great. I love that she's trying to help Peyton pursue her dreams and is willing to give her financial support. This is the BP friendship at its best. Her scenes with Jamie were adorable.

    Haley stands up to Quentin and Nathan's childish behavior and gets through to him. Nathan realizes that if he doesn't step up he will lose Haley and Jamie. It was great to see everyone trying to get Nathan to get better, especially the scene between Peyton and Nathan. I also love that Haley is standing up for herself.

    This episode had one of the best LP scenes. I loved it when Peyton told Lucas that his art matters to her and that she was there at his book signing. It's clear that things between these two have been left unresolved and I am looking forward to seeing how the situation develops in the future.

    Overall another great episode.
  • This season will be amazing!

    Oh my god! I love this show, more than i already did love it. This show just got even better. Jamie is a great addition to the cast! Watching him reach out to Nathan was sad but very well written. He is amazing and something about this Nanny is shady. I don't know but there is something about her that just off a bit. I'm sad Lucas and Peyton broke up. But, im glad the flashback scenes revealed part of the reasons they parted, because of Lindsay. She seems nice but i hope it doesn't work out. I'm glad that this season is going great and i can't wait for next week!
  • this episode was just tooooo amazing. fifth season is starting off really well. there were so many good moments in this that it's hard to count. every second, i was like oh my god, that part is my new favorite :)

    The word amazing sums up this whole episode. I really loved it from the moment it began to the moment it ended. Nathan was not being a very good father, but it made me so happy to see that he had so many other people that loved him. Jackson Brundage (Jamie) has been really good at acting so far! I'm enjoying how there are more Laley scenes now, and I loooooove how everyone is back in Tree Hill ... where they belong! Karen's cafe and Tric and THH are still there, and with principal turner!!!! I just have to say, if the rest of fifth season is this amazing, I can't wait!
  • this is my review for 5x1 and 5x2 :)

    what can i say? it was great, as oth always is. there were so many little parts of it that made it this way. i love how all the river court boys are all together. i love how they are with jamie, so sweet. like skillz said, they got his back :) and they're so awesome. i love how haley's teaching at tree hill high and turners still there! he had to bail her out how funny?! i love how brooke and peyton decided to move back, it just wouldnt be the same if they werent there. i loved how well nathan acted, but i hope he gets better soon because i love my nathan :). i love how brooke bought karen's place for her clothes over bros store. i just loved it. one thing though...lets get some rachel and bevin :D love oth!!!
  • One Tree Hill returns and its no longer a 'Teen Drama'

    One Tree returned with two episodes back to back, both brilliant in their own right, but with this 4 year jump its great that this show can finally lose the 'Teen Drama' tag its been branded with for so long, this show is so much more that. I really think season five is going to be an eye opener to all those critics who like to scrutinize this show before they even watch it. Within two episodes Jamie has captured the heart. From seeing this little boy desperately trying to reach out to his father was heartbreaking, to the interaction between Jamie and his Uncle or Jamie and His Godmother. Perfect. The ups and downs each character has faced/facing or will face has been really well written. They're all great actors and actresses but Bethany joy Galeotti had some amazing moments in these two episodes. Bring on next week.
  • wow...

    ok, so, the way this episode was executed was almost as if it were a pilot of a brand new show. which, is exactly why i loved it. mark schwahn made an incredibly great decision to do this. as far as i recall, no show has ever done this before. it's adventurous, and i think it's going to draw in an entire new group of viewers. in my opinion, this show is completely underrated. the acting is great. the script is very well written. some might argue that it isn't very realistic. HOWEVER, who would honestly want to tune into a show that is exactly like everyday life? i wouldn't. the drama and intensity of the show makes it interesting to watch and pretty damn addicting. the best decision so far that i can see, however, is bringing in cutie patootie jackson brundage. he really spices up the show and is a surprisingly great actor for being as young as he is. anyways, great episode, and i can't wait for the rest of this season. i have a feeling it's going to be the best yet.
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