One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 2

Racing Like a Pro (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • Your Art Matters

    Nathan is still struggling and feeling sorry for himself. Haley is overwhelmed with work, Jamie, Nathan, and just everything so she hires a nanny. A hot nanny...bad idea. Right away I got the same creepy feeling about her that I did about Psycho Derek (and if you've seen all the episodes you know I'm right) Jamie is going to race in a soap box derby. I love that Lucas and all the guys have stepped in to play with him and work with him on this.

    Brooke has decided not to go back to New York. She wants to stay in Tree Hill. She is so sweet with Jamie. I love their relationship. I also love that she wants to help Peyton start her own record label. And Brooke is starting a store for Clothes Over Bros in Tree Hill and is opening it in the Karen's Cafe location. I love it.

    Peyton will do an amazing job running her own record label. She basically ran Tric so why not. I love that Brooke is funding it and that Lucas gave her space at Tric. And when she told him that HIS art matters...oh! so perfect. I knew that her saying that would be the trick to get him to start writing again.

    Lucas is still the Lucas I have loved from the beginning except that he is with Lindsey now, but other than that he is still a great friend to everyone and doing whatever he can to help them out. And it's just so perfect that he started writing his second book after Peyton came back and told him is art mattered. He started writing the first one when they started getting close again in season 4 and when they started dating so it makes sense.

    It sucks that Mouth didn't get the job he deserved. He is a great sports announcer and deserves to have a job doing what he loves.

    Haley's voiceover at the end was great. I loved it and I loved that she stood up to the class and Quentin and isn't going to tolerate them taking advantage of her anymore.