One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 24

Remember Me As a Time of Day

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 18, 2009 on The CW
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Tree Hill bids goodbye to the past while anticipating the future: Lucas and Peyton prepare for the birth of their child with the help of a surprise visitor, Dan nears his end, and Brooke works with Victoria to relaunch Clothes Over Bro's. Meanwhile, Nathan returns to Tree Hill to face Haley and Jamie after being released from the Chiefs.moreless

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  • Season 6 was really the end of OTH as a series

    Season 6 was really the end of OTH as a series.

    Later seasons are almost like a spin-off.

    OTH was about the five central characters and their interlocking relationships.

    Which five?

    The five on the famous OTH poster, with all five characters lying on the ground, dressed in black, looking up at the camera. Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, and Haley.

    Once two of these five core characters (characters mind you, not actors) went missing, when Lucas and Peyton got married and left, OTH as a story was pretty much over.

    OTH was basically a soap opera for teens. But it was entertaining as hell.

    I am a baby boomer. But as psychologists know, every adult still has a teenager inside him. For the teenager inside me, OTH was a "guiltymoreless
  • Amazing !

    This episode was a great series finale :D

    thank you One Tree Hill for six amazing years filled with joy but also tears. Six years which kept me on the edge of the seat. I am a die-hard Leyton shipper and loved this couple from the first moment. I loved every moment, especially season 4 and season 6 :D

    I will watch them over and over again !
  • The end of the original Tree Hill.

    Remember Me as a Time of Day wasn't a shocking finale or an action-packed one, and it wasn't full of cliffhangers. If anything, it felt more like a series finale. And I could argue that it should have been - but I won't. It was a good episode that tied up the characters arcs well and left everyone happy.

    Peyton of course survived and her and Lucas were glowing with baby Sawyer. It was great to see them so happy and the baby really was cute. Karen's appearance was a little pointless but it was good to see her. An then they drove off into the sunset - the last time we'll see Peyton and Lucas's last ever main appearance. Yes they could both be annoying but this show was never the same without them.

    Brooke and her mother finally reconciled and while a little OTT it was very satisfying to see Victoria finally appreciate Brooke. And it led to Brooke revealing her love for Julian. I liked that she did this BUT at this point I still don't really see them as a perfect couple. How great was Nathan getting into the NBA? Now I've never loved the basketball aspects to the show but he scene where he told Haley and they both teared up was amazing.

    Dan was odd here and I don't see why he needed to be in this BUT I did enjoy seeing Whitey again. Mouth/Millie and Chase/Mia was fairly background and I'm glad.

    Overall, a good finale that ends the original One Tree Hill.

  • Lucas & Peyton Leave Tree Hill

    This episode would have served for a great series finale and at times I wish it had been. I wasn't all that fond of season 7 and I'm still not. But then after season 7 we had all the amazing episodes that was season 8 and the perfect episodes of season 9. So in a way I'm glad I got to hold onto this show for 3 more seasons after Lucas and Peyton left.

    This was a great episode!! It scared me a bit in the beginning. When Lucas picked up the baby when she was crying at home all alone I was so scared that Peyton didn't make it, but then oh so glad when we saw Peyton in the hospital and just had to wait for her to wake up. It really sucks that Lucas and Peyton are leaving, but I'm glad they got their happy ending. They are married and they have their wonderful baby, Sawyer Brooke Scott!!

    I loved the opening with the WAKEY!WAKEY! song. It was a nice way to introduce them to us before season 7 which was filled with their songs.

    I loved having Karen and Whitey in this episode. It was great for Karen to come in after the baby was born. And I just love Whitey. I've missed him. I wish they had found a way to keep him in the show. It was also nice having Dan in this one to and see that he is sorry for everything he's done. I can't forgive him, but it's nice to see that he is suffering for it.

    And I absolutely love that after everything he has gone through...Nathan's dream finally came true. He made it to the NBA!! It was so perfect when he told Haley about it and they just cried together, happy tears!!

    And it's finally Brooke's turn!! Someday finally arrived and she let someone in, Julian. It's finally Brooke Davis' turn to get the guy.

    I also loved the coda. The song was beautiful and the voiceover was amazing. "Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do!"

  • This is MY series finale

    Although this was a very nice season finale - it should be the finale! With Chad and Hilarie not returning next season and everyone (except Dan) being happy this would be a perfect series finale. But of course network TV is all about the money and because the show has 'decent' ratings, The CW thought they should keep flogging a dead horse. I mean for God's sake! after the four year jump this show has admittedly taken a turn for the worse with odd episodes reminding us of those old high school days. This season started off much better than season five but after Nanny Carrie, nothing significantly dramatic has happened. Peyton would not have died in that episode a few months back and looking back the dream sequence that Chad directed was awful. Will not be watching the next season as Nathan and Haley cannot hold the show together by themselves and would Dan just die already...moreless
Moira Kelly

Moira Kelly

Karen Roe

Special Guest Star

Barry Corbin

Barry Corbin

Coach "Whitey" Durham

Special Guest Star

Daphne Zuniga

Daphne Zuniga

Victoria Davis

Recurring Role

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele

Mia Catalano

Recurring Role

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti

Chase Adams

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The conversation that Lucas has with Peyton when she is still unconscious about the baby not yet having a name mirrors the same conversation he had with Karen about Lily when Karen was in a coma in "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone".

    • The NBA team that calls Nathan, the Charlotte Bobcats, is the team that Nathan and Lucas went on a road trip to see in Season 2's "Truth, Bitter Truth".

    • Jamie and Sawyer's names were arranged the same way. James and Sawyer are the last names of their mothers, Lucas and Brooke are their moms' best friends' names, and both of them have the same last name, Scott, after their fathers.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Mouth:(Narrating)Take a look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see looking back?
      Haley:(Narrating) Is it the person you wanna be?
      Dan:(Narrating) Or is there someone else you were meant to be, the person you should have been but just fell short of.
      Mia:(Narrating) Is someone telling you that you can't or you won't? Because you can.
      Chase:(Narrating) Believe that love is out there.
      Nathan:(Narrating) And believe that dreams
      come true everyday, because they do.
      Peyton:(Narrating) Sometimes happiness doesn't come from money or fame or power. Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family, and from the quiet nobility of leading a good life.
      Julian:(Narrating) Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.
      Brooke:(Narrating) Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.
      Peyton:(Narrating) So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy, because you deserve to be. Believe that.
      Lucas:(Narrating) And believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.

    • Everyone: Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.

    • Julian: If this was a movie, you'd kiss me right now.
      Brooke: No. I'd say "I love you" and then I'd kiss you. I love you. (and she kiss him) .

    • Victoria: This is for you.
      Brooke: What is it?
      Victoria: It's the company. It's all
      yours, 100 %.
      Brooke: But why?
      Victoria: I'd rather have my daughter than a company.
      Brooke: But you loved this company.
      Victoria: Yeah. I did. And I was wrong. I should have loved you more and the company less. I just didn't know how.

    • Haley: You're in the NBA?
      Nathan: I'm in the NBA.

    • Peyton: What do you want?
      Dan: I just wanted... Could I hold her?
      Peyton: No. (after few seconds) Why?
      Dan: Because she's the only one in my world who doesn't know what I've done.

    • Mouth: Last night in the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats quietly made a move that most sports fans wouldn't have noticed, adding a point guard to their roster for the rest of the season. But we're leading with that story because this point guard is a local legend who overcame adversity and difficult circumstances in pursuit of a dream. Last night, the Charlotte Bobcats called up a former Tree Hill Raven a great guy and a good friend Nathan Scott. Jamie Scott, hug your dad for all of us because he just made it to the NBA, and we couldn't be more proud.

    • Karen: Lily wrote you a letter.
      Lucas: She's writing already? What, was she born like four days ago?
      Karen: No, that was your daughter, dad.
      Lucas: Yeah, whatever, grandma Karen.

    • Dan: I was supposed to be dead months ago. I used to wonder why I was still alive. And then I realized I'm not. I'm dead, and this is my Hell. Lucas got married and had a baby girl, and Nathan he's got Jamie. And I can see the happiest moments of their lives, but I don't get to feel those moments. I don't get to be a part of their lives.
      Whitey: You created that Danny.
      Dan: Pull the trigger. Take the pain away. Please. Please.
      Whitey: Maybe you're still here for redemption. There's still time son.
      Nathan: I just came to tell my coach I made it to the NBA.

    • Dan: I wish I'd gone back in that game. State Championship. When I look back at my life and see where I went wrong, that's where I always end up. 4th quarter sitting on the bench during the state championship and refusing to play. At night, in my dreams I do go back in. In my dreams I take it back. All of it. And then I wake up. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for that day and every day since. I'm sorry for what I did to Keith. And to the people who love him.
      Whitey: Did you ever love him?
      Dan: Not enough.

    • Whitey: I bought this gun hoping I'd see your face again. I'd just say you broke in and attacked me.
      Dan: You'd be doing me a favor.
      Whitey: You look like a haunted man. Heard you have a heart problem. Not surprising. You always had a heart problem.

    • Peyton: Karen, thank you…for the way you raised Lucas and the man you taught him how to be.
      Karen: You're welcome, but I was just being a Mom. You'll see.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: Remember Me As a Time of Day

      This is a song by the band Explosions in the Sky from their album How Strange, Innocence.