One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Haley is upset because she doesn't fit in any dresses, so Nathan wants to buy her the perfect prom dress. He needs money and Skills comes up with an idea. Yep, it seems Skills, Mouth and Nathan will be stripping.

Someone is caught while is stripping as well: Rachel! And it turns out she is out of the Clean Teens, but Brooke doesn't follow her because she is interested in a nice guy, named Chase, who has just joined the Clean Teens. Rachel isn't that thrilled her friend actually chose Chase over their friendship.

Major problem for Brooke. Principal Turner found out someone has stolen the calculus exam and Haley is convinced Rachel did that.

Lucas and Peyton are happier than ever. They kiss and play happily launching chocolate cookies dough at each other. Karen tells Lucas she is happy they have finally found each other. Nevertheless the past always comes back. When Peyton and Lucas go and see Peyton's mom at the cemetery, Lucas realizes Keith may not have been killed by Jimmy, since he had a flashback where Keith is next Jimmy's dead body. Karen can't believe him and tells him it's only a dream.

Deb, who is still doing drugs, reproaches Karen for getting closer to Dan. Later Dan catches up with Deb and tells her he never loved her. He has always loved Karen. "I just settled for you". Deb is hurt and assures him that she and Nathan are better off without him. Dan points out Nathan doesn't want her in his life. Then, Deb stops by Nathan's but Haley doesn't want to let her in, since she is acting in a crazy way. Even if she didn't mean to hurt her, Deb pushes Haley away and Tutor Wife fell. Nathan shows up and sends Deb away. Back home, Deb tries to tries to commit suicide but, unexpectedly, Dan helps her out.

Brooke got A in her last calculus exam and Chase asks her to tutor him... They could also hang out that evening. Brooke is happy to accept. Later, Rachel points out he won't be that happy when he finds out "smart virgin Brooke" is actually "dumb slutty high cheater calculus Brooke". Reckless Red Hair ends up betting that Brooke can't have sex with Chase within three dates. Anyway, during their date, Chase turns out to be beautiful, sweet and adorable, and it seems Brooke like him very much.

Karen and Dan have dinner together. Karen is pensive, though. As soon as Dan asks her why, she talks him about Lucas' flashbacks. Yep, tough time for Dan Scott.