One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on The CW

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  • Loved this episode!

    Woah, just a simple, fun epiosde - Resolve was brilliant, one of the best episodes of the season.

    Peyton and Lucas are completely happy. I loved when Peyton introduced him to her mother at the grave - oddly romantic. The cookie dough fight at the end was hilarious and they really do have great chemistry together. It's so good to finally see them as a couple. And Brooke goes out with clean teen Chase - who I thought I hated when I originally watched a few years ago but I actually quite liked him here. Their scenes were cute and they seem good together. I did think Rachel being kicked out of the clean teens was brilliantly funny.

    And even the Nathan and Skills stripping sub-plot was fun and light-hearted. Very sweet when Nathan bought Haley that maternity prom dress at the end too. Deb overdosing was a nice bit of dark drama in teh face of the rest of the episode. That is rock bottom and hopefully Deb will stop all this now. Oh, and Karen asks Dan to dinner and tells him Luke thinks Jimmy didn't kill Keith. Dan's face was priceless. Oh dear, time's running out.

    Just a really good episode full of sweet, funny and dramatic moments.

  • I love cookie dough fights

    Lucas/Peyton: They are so happy and so in love. Everything about them in this episode was perfect. From the note in class, the kiss, the cookie dough fight....I loved it all.

    Although it's impossible for Lucas to know that Keith was still alive when Jimmy shot himself it is nice that someone finally knows. Besides us and the mystery person who has been stalking Dan.

    Nathan/Haley: Aww!! I love how emotional Haley has become with all the pregnancy hormones and how freaked out she is about not having a dress to wear to prom and having the cast on her leg. The ending with them when he showed her the maternity prom dress was super sweet.

    I loved Mouth, Nathan, and Skills stripping. It was super funny!! And it made for a nice funny episode in the middle of all the drama.

    I really like Chase!! I think him and Brooke would be great together if she wasn't lying about being a Clean Teen and cheating on the calculus test. And things with that test are heading for trouble now that Turner knows tests are missing.

    Also, Karen and Dan are getting closer which is really weird. I feel like I could accept it if like the characters on the show I didn't know what he did, but knowing that he killed Keith it's just wrong for them to be together. And I couldn't believe that Deb tried to kill herself, but what should we have expected after Dan talked to her the way he did.
  • Season 4, Episode 12.

    This episode started out great! Rachel, the Clean Teen, started her day with a "bang." Lucas read his letter to Peyton in front of everyone, and Peyton kissed him in class. They got to spend detention together. :) I loved Deb's scene with Karen and Dan. Brooke gets an A on the test she cheated on! She says she is a smart virgin, and Rachel calls her "the new Mouth." Peyton and Lucas are way to mushy in love... Peyton introduces Lucas to her dead mother at the cemetery... Lucas talks to Keith then, alone. Lucas finally realizes Jimmy didn't kill Keith... 18 episodes later...
  • I loved this episode!

    Deb notices that Dan is spending a lot of time with Karen. Principal Turner finds out that a test is missing, and whoever took it will be expelled. Brooke panics, but Rachel is calm. Rachel is dismissed from the Clean Teens after a tape proves that she's not sincerely a Clean Teen. A new guy, Chase, joins the club. Brooke takes interest in him. Skills suggests to Nathan that he get money by stripping. Nathan reluctantly does it and Mouth choreographs it. Haley wants to find the perfect prom dress. Lucas tells Peyton about his dream with Keith and that Jimmy might not have killed Keith. He also tells Karen, who gets upset. After Deb gets a talk from Dan about how he never loved her and when she tries to see Nathan, but instead knocks Haley down and Nathan tells her to stay away, she takes a bunch of pills at once and goes to the hospital. Dan has dinner with Karen. Nathan, Mouth and Skills dance and have fun! Nathan buys Haley the perfect dress that fits her! Brooke and Chase go on a date, but she sort of feels guilty about lying about her Clean Teen issues and her Calculus exam (she got an A because she cheated). He wants an honest girl, which Brooke isn't right now.

    This was a great episode! Mouth is always funny when he dances! I really like Chase! Deb is really falling from where she could be. I actually like Dan and Karen together and it's weird. This episode gets a 10!
  • This was a very good episode, but I can't help but wonder that if there all happy now, how long can it last?

    This was good, it was good to see the characters happy for once, some of this was a bit soppy but it didn't really bother me here. Lucas and peyton I think are good together, I liked how it ashowed us that they are happier together, the cookie thing at the end could have annoyed me, but it didn't, it was a great scene.

    I'm not a fan of Chase, so the introduction of him didn't do much for me, we were shown a new side of Brooke anway, I thought the whole Clean Teen thing was funny, the emergencu meeting at times was amusing. Deb taking an overdose, was beloevable, after we spent the episode watching her life turn to ruin, Dan was interestuing to watch, he felt no remorse.

    Lucas figuring out that Jimmy didn't kill Keith could become interesting. The stripping scenes were funny, Nathan and Haley are good again, thank god. A great erpisode, it only gets better.
  • One Tree Hill; Thrilling

    I love this episode.
    Nathan is so adorable! He's really sweet. I loved the dance that him, Mouth, and Skills did, and I absolutely loved how he bought a dress that fit Haley for prom. Anyways the three guys are 'sexy strippers' ha I felt bad for Haley since she couldn't fit anything. But Nathan bought her the dress and I was like awh. Nathan & Haley's parts always make me smile :D

    Rachel got kicked out of clean teens because she stripped and they got it on tape. Brooke stayed in clean teens, so of course Rachel got mad. but Brooke and Chase are pretty cute together. Peyton and Lucas definitely are adorable. I used to hate the whole idea of them, because I loved Brooke & Lucas together. But this is one of the only episodes that they actually showed Peyton & Lucas' relationship on the show. And not sneaking around Brooke's back. I thought it was so cute that Peyton was trying to bake cookies for Lucas and she accidently burnt them. And I loved that they threw the cookie dough at each other. And that Lucas decided that it was the best batch of cookies, even with all that salt.

    I love One Tree Hill. (:
  • Brooke catches a Chase.

    A quick recap of the episode:
    We are first and foremost introduced to Chase-a new student and a 'clean teen'. Mouth begins to have the eye for Shelly, while Brooke chases her way through Chase's heart. Lucas and Peyton kindle their romance in and out of school, as Nathan tries to find a job. Skills gives Nathan a hand by joining a 'competition' at the strip club, however, Nathan lacks dancing skills. Dan rubs against Karen, but elsewhere, Brooke is feeling slightly guilty about stealing and cheating on the calculus exam.

    Haylie is upset about her injuries,and Rachel is kicked out of clean teens.Lucas tell Karen that he doesn't think Jimmy shot Keith, yet Karen has other things on her mind-she invites Dan over for dinner. Deb overdoses on some pills and calls Dan as he is on his way to meet Karen for dinner. Finally, Nathan buys Haylie a prom dress from his 'strip' money.

    What do I think of this episode: Defiantly entertaining, another gratifying Tree Hill episode. I found the introduction of Chase to be weird though.
  • Peyton and nathan REALLY do love eachother.

    this episode made me cry... the things that lucas says at the end. "its ok to let yourself be happy." he was refering to him and peyton... it just really summed up the way i felt at that moment and tears just rolled down. i really dont think there is an episode that doesnt make me cry. i love one tree hill!!!
  • Cute

    I thought Nathan and Haley were adorable as always in this episode. It was so sweet of him to try stripping just to get her a beautiful prom dress. I love those two. I also loved Lucas and Peyton. Chase is hot. LOL Ok sorry had to let that out. I think he's good with Brooke. Nathan, Skills, and Mouth stripping let's just say I was drooling in front of the TV screen LOL. Bevin was funny when she was getting Skills to go on stage. Deb is annoying me. I really want her to be gone sometimes. Her crazy antics of popping pills are pissing me off.
  • Awesome episode.

    I thought this episode was so funny. I loved when Nathan, Skillz, and Mouth all got up and danced! haha, can you say hot? I love all three of them! Call me crazy, but I do like the idea of Karen and Dan being together again. Even though Dan has been an a** throughout the whole show, I just like them together. But I do like Karen and Keith better. But DAN had to kill him! Oh, I was so mad, I cried! If Karen ever finds out that Dan really killed him, she will NEVER talk to Dan again. She will hate him forever. I hope she finds out. But then again I hope she doesn't because i want her and him to get together again! Ugh I don't know, I just wish Dan would have never killed Keith! But this episode was great.
  • What a fun episode!

    This was a fun episode. It was good to see everyone having a good time. Thanks to the writer for James and his dancing. That was great! Nathan would do anything for Haley. Mouth had some great lines. So funny when he brought Nathan the thong. His face was priceless. How great was it that he bought Haley a maternity prom dress. Not many guys would do that. Brooke and Chase are cute together. Not sure if Brooke will be his type. Loved Peyton and Lucas and I am not their biggest fans. But I enjoyed them and I am glad they are together.
  • Basically Nathan need money so he "dances" gets haley her prom dress. lucas and peyton are all mushy mushy. brooke meets stephen =). deb overdoses

    I reeeli loved this episode! Chase is great addition to tree hill! i think he is reeli going to help Brooke become a better person. At times the hwole lucas and peyton storyline got boring but still they were cute. oh and nathan stripping! WHOA BABY!!! he is hot =). oh baby and i lvoe mouth's dancing skillz. speeking of skillz he was pretty hot himself ;)
  • People are hooking up left right and centre!

    I enjoyed this episode but i'm having trouble ajusting to the happy peyton and lucas relationship. It feels like they're much more interesting characters when they're in pain or when they aren't together. It's the classic will-they-wont-they situation which is always ruined by when they eventually get together. As always any Nathan and Haley scenes are sweet and enjoyable. Stripping for love! Rehashing the boytoy stripping scenes was actually a lot of fun. Mouth has really filled out lately.

    Love what they're doing with Dan. Redeeming his character because he feels guilty makes you love and hate him all at once. At this point i'm glad he's cut Deb loose because even though she's tragic she's also really annoying. Brooke and Chase don't really seem right. Trying to do the whole Brooke falls for a 'good boy' just seems like a way of removing her from the Lucas and Peyton situation. I personally think her and Lucas go together better but I guess a real-life break up makes it difficult to keep them together.

    All in all a solid episode with some great moments.
  • Lucas & Peyton's relationship grows even stronger. Lucas reveals that he doesn't believe that Jimmy killed Keith anymore. Skills, Nathan & Mouth go to desperate measurs for some cash. And Deb atempts suicde with an overdose.

    Resolve is an all time great episode and in my opinion it’s my second favourite episode of season 4. The episode just offered so much to an audience you had the light hearted stuff with Brooke & Chase along with the strip scenes contrasted with the powerful drama of Deb’s mental breakdown.

    The best storyline featured in this episode was Deb’s breakdown, she’s a great character and I love the way that they’re making this a full well rounded storyline with all the prior storylines there to help an audience know exactly where Deb’s coming from. Her scenes were so powerful and had so much energy that you couldn’t help but watch. Barbara Alyn Woods was by far the best actress in this episode and once again proved herself as a great actress. I think that when Deb pushed the door and Haley fell wasn’t on purpose Deb was just at breaking point and Haley just provoked her. And when Deb had taken the pills I do disagree with the fact she called Dan she would never have done that after all he’s done it would’ve been Karen or Nathan she called. On the whole this storyline made the whole episode for me.

    The scenes with Brooke & chase were so good as well it was great to see Brooke with a new male character who is actually a nice guy, and you could really feel the chemistry between Sophia & Stephen. And Lucas & Peyton’s scenes were really good as well and you could really believe their relationship. The most hilarious scene was the strip routine it was just a comedy classic and it was really good to see Bevin actually get some lines to say.

    Overall this is a can’t miss episode and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
  • Karen and Dan grow closer, Nathan, Skills and Mouth strip, Brooke is still in Clean Teens, but only because she wants to lay her hands on the new guy. Peyton and Lucas decide to be happy while Haley is a little low.

    Nathan, Mouth and Skills stripping!! Great episode. One of the best this season. The Nathan and Haley scenes were really good and I really like that new guy, Chase. He and Brooke look so cute together. The Dan and Karen thing is pretty interesting.. I wonder if anything will happen between them. Deb is getting too much for me, but her scenes in this episode were pretty strong and a lot of things happened. I can’t believe she pushed Haley. Good thing that Nathan slammed the door in her face! She deserved it. The Leyton scenes were good, but it feels weird seeing them together, but in a good way J this is an episode worth watching.
  • Nathan , Skills and Mouth strip, Dan and Karen feel the need not to choke each other, Deb has a serious meltdown, Haley Having normal pregnancy attitude, Lucas and Peyton enjoy a rare happy moment and Brook finds loves.

    Nathan stripping, what more can i ask for? it's one of the more humorous episodes in the season and it was nice to lighten things up. I did wish their was more Nathan and Haley stuff but at least in this episode they get "moderate attention". Lucas and Peyton as cool too and Im happy brook found love, which she's probably going to screw up sooner or later. Karen and Dan are something that looks interesting and the deb’s meltdown scene was pretty good too. Bevin actually had lines!!!!. im so proud. and skill and mouth were hilarious. all in all, a good episode, worth watching.
  • Haley and Nathan are good again. Peyton and Lucas are really good in their relationship now. Dan and Karen are seing more of each other. Deb is as crazy as ever, with her suicide attempt. Nathan, Mouth and Skills strip to raise money for Haley's dress!

    I really liked this episode. I do not think there has been aan episode of One Tree Hill that I did not like, except for some in season 2 when haley and nathan are pissed at eachother. I like this episode since everything seems to be getting better and Brooke is with a new guy, which I laughed so hard when I relized it was Stephen from Laguna Beach! Haley gets her dream dress awww... and you get to see nathan try his best to strip. I think Deb is crazy, she could have made things better just drop the pills and stop being stupid, but instead she tries to kill herself, which I find stupid. I can't wait to see what happens next week, but it will be sad if Chase finds out about brooke cheating, they are cute together!!
  • Deb, Lucas,Peyton, Haley, Nathan, Dan, Whity, Brooke, Rachel, Mouth, Karen, skills ; more

    Deb tries to commit sucide and karen and Dan's relationship is getting even hotter Deb pushes Haley down ( Deb was on drugs )and Deb said it was a accident. Nathan needed some quick cash he and Skills went to a stripper club to win 1000 dollars haley was there and she asked nathan why he needed qucik cash and he said to get this and showed her the prom dress he bought her. peyton and lucas get together and brooke went out with chase form virgins for life. racheal quit virgins for life. it was a good show the stripper club was like the toy's acotion in season one
  • One Tree Hill is the best show ever its so exciting and it keep sgetting better and better!!!

    I love One Tree Hill I have ever since the 1st episode its ful of drama, love, adventure, and excitment. I love it I'll love it for ever this showis the best show ever!!! I also loved last weeks episode it was drama, love everything you want in a good show. I can't wait until next weeks episode it going to be so grest. I hope to god this show is on for a long time. Because the One Tree Hill Writes are the best writers ever there so talented and are so ful of excitment it makes for the best show ever!!!
  • Dan an karen relationship grows while deb trys to commit sucide. nathen strips with skills an mouth to get haley a prom dress.lucas an peyton decide to be happy, and brooke likes the new guy chase

    Big, big improvement from last weeks episode. nothing much happened last week, an this week was the opposite. One of the biggest moments of that episode was when dan told deb that hes basically always loved karen, which i thought was great! i no dan killed keith but i really like karen an dan together!! deb is absolutly crazy. she tried to kill herself(but failed) i dont no how nathens goin to take it when he finds out. i loved this episode for nathen an haley, because there back to being there cheesey old self. nathen strips(hes not to good at it) to get money to buy haley a prom dress which i thought was just soo nice! and im actually really happy for brooke aswell, because shes fallin for the new guy chase, an i think them are just sooo cute together and i cant wait to seenext week when he finds out that she cheated on her test!!! OTH rocks!
  • Dan and Karen get closer, Lucas and Peyton decided to be happy after all they've gone through. Chase and Brooke go out and Deb trys to commit suicide.

    The last episode was kinda slow and bored me a little, this is a big improvment. I loved Chase and Brooke, I thought that they had good chemistry. Its nice to see Brooke happy, she deserves it.
    Leyton...well, they were a little over the top but its understandable so I hope that they get through this phase fast. Dan was really, really horrible to Deb and in turn, Deb tries to commit suicide. The stripping was funny, its good to see an episode thats not based on complete drama. Haley and Karen are both showing ( I hope their not both boys).

    Overall, this episode was definately and improvment and I enjoyed it.
  • Deb makes a suicide attempt, Nathan strips and haley feels a little insecure, Lucas and Peyton decide to be happy. Rachel gets thrown out of clean teens but brooke stays and goes after a fellow clean teen, Chase. The priniple realizes the tests are gone.

    Lucas made me a little annoyed. I'm kind of sick of his character right now. I still love peyton, but her happy is a little weird, but she deserves it. Though the seen at her mother's grave was a little dorky. I loved nathan stripping. That was hilarious- but mouth was the sexy one in that group to me. But it was funny when skills decided to dance for bevin. Him popping out from behind the curtain with nothing but boxers, smiling and arms up was pricelss. As where the couple of shots when nathan first came out, saw haley and paused cold. the look on her face when she waved her money at him was so cute. And I absolutely LOVED Brooke and chase. They are so cute- I hope that plays out well, and I can't wait to see what happens. And Rachel was great too. overall a good episode- but the stripping and chase and brooke were really the saving grace of the episode.
  • Good turn around since the last episode.

    The last episode was a bit slow and wasn't as interesting as most of season 4 has been but this episode was right back to that. I liked how they jumpred a few weeks ahead so we could finally see the Haley Baby Bump! We also got to see Brooke with Chase and me being a Brucas fan, was happy to see her happy. I really think that he could let her be a little bit less...slutty and really find out that she has more to offer than her body. Lucas and Peyton had some time to reflect on how their lives have sucked lately and that they are finally happy for a change. I really liked how this episode didn't have alot of depressing drama. For a change it was happy I really liked to see that. Great episode.
  • Definitely better than last week!

    I really enjoyed this episode. Nathan, Skills, and Mouth stripping was funny, I was laughing the whole time! It was also good to see Bevin in this episode. Brooke goes on a date with the new guy, Chase, who is also a member of the Clean Teens. I think I like Brooke with Chase. But it sucks that he'll only be in a few episodes. I loved the Leyton cookie dough fight! It was so cute. I felt so bad for Deb in this one. It was mean of Haley to just shut her out even if she hasn't really been a good mother to Nathan lately. Lucas finally finds out(?) that Jimmy didn't kill Keith! I don't really like Dan/Karen. I want people to find out that Dan was the one who killed Keith. Next week is a re-run of 4.05, It's a good episode, but that means we have to wait 2 weeks for the new episode! :(
  • Come one, throwing cookies at each other??? Could this get any worse?

    I'm sorry, but Lucas and Peyton are so digustingly cute together. It just all seems so forced onto their characters - I thought I was gonna puke... writing each other notes? "Hi Mrs Sawyer"? "That smile looks good on you"? Oh, let's make cookies. Yeah yeah, let's throw food at each other, I'm sooo happy. Yade Yade Yade... Bah... it's really way too much to handle for me right now...
    But let's rather talk about the things I DID like about this episode. Because I actually liked it and that was about time! It was funny!
    Skills, Mouth and Nathan in that club and the girls in the audience - that was great! And it was really time to get Mouth dancing again, those are always the best scenes!!
    Also, I really really like Brooke when she's with that new guy Chase, maybe she'll come around and stop acting like Rachel.
    I think Karen should open her eyes and get rid of Dan while she can - otherwise it might end up badly!
  • loved this episode! Nathan, Mouth, and Skills enter a contest,Stipping.

    All i can say is that i LOVED LOVED this episode! i loved everything about it. Nathan, Skills, and Mouth enter a contest stripping. loved it. Nathan looked so hot. lol. it was pretty funny. But you know what was even funnier? Nathan Dancing When Skiils and Mouth wanted to see what he had. lol i was laughing soooo hard. hahaha
    i Felt so bad for Deb last episode. it has to be so hard for her. no wonder she overdosed on her pills. Dan tells her that he never loved her, and Nathan tells her to stay away. You know whats wierd? Last season Nathan was closer to Deb, and distant with Dan, and it seems like it got flipped. The Leyton scenes in this eppy were cute. The cookie fight was cute. lol
    And so weere the Naley scenes. LOVED THEM! abd i though it was kinda funny when Haley said "How you doin hot stuff" she sounded so italian. i think. LOL. I think its so cute that Nathan wants to do everything he can to give her a great prom. awww....=)
    Lets see, Chase and Brooke. They seem like they were be good together. Too bad he's not going to be on for that long. Brooke really needs a guy. wellll....GREAT EPISODE! =))
    OTH!!!! the best!
  • I really enjoyed this one! "I never loved you...I settled for you."=BRILLIANT! I for one, would love to see more episodes by this writer, Michelle Furtney-Goodman is a GOOD reason to watch OTH!

    As I said before, this episode was brilliant. Love the light hearted touchs as well. However, I am sick to death of Paytons whining, for Pete Sake! Get a Grip! Someone do something about that, please! I for one found this episode the most fun to watch this season. The guys stripping was a complete hoot, the vampire and witch lines, hilarious! This writer seems to have a way with comedy as well as drama, what a refreshing combination! I certainly hope we see more of Michelle Furtney-Goodman in the near future! I think she could take this show where it really needs to go.
  • I can't believe it, but I loved this episode.

    This episode is the second best episode this season only next to episode 409. This episode showed Brooke being close to another person, the first time since Lucas and she ended. Sure there was Nick, but everyone knew that wasn't going to last. Naley is happy and they don't experience any problems. Leyton I'm actually enjoying, they are humorous, even though I dislike Lucas. Finally more Skillz and Bevin time, they're so hilarious together. Rachel going to get caught? Hope not! Lucas also tells Karen that he thinks Jimmy didn't kill Keith. Deb is trying to get off the pill, I actually feel sorry for her, all the rejection from the people she loves and all. Great episode.
  • Not bad. More lighthearted than some of the other episodes this season.

    I loved the strip dancing. I like it when Mouth dancers because he has so many moves and looks great. Nathan and Skills seem to have become friends.

    Chase and Brooke were a nice change. I loved Stephen from LB so I was happy to see him on screen again and I thought his acting was fine. Rachel may be expelled for stealing the test.

    Haley was having a pitty party. Leyton was abit too corny but I guess it was a long time coming. Debs had another meltdown and tried to OD. Karen and Dan get closer, but then Karen reveals that Lucas thinks that Jimmy did't kill Keith. Bevan looked stunning in the episode, she really is gorgeous!
  • This episode was fun, touching, shocking, and all other things that make One Tree Hill special!

    From Brooke sticking with Clean Teens to Deb dipping too deep to come out, this episode was amazing!

    I loved Chase... and I loved Brooke falling for him. Favorite line of the night has to be "Your heart is beating really fast." (Chase to Brooke as they danced).

    Oh and Mouth's comment about Chase was also priceless "OH GREAT! ANOTHER NEW GUY!" lol. (I loved his conversation with psycho stalker Derek about how he hated new guys in episode 4x05).

    The boys stripping... hilarious!!! Even more hilarious was Nathan "showing his moves" to Skillz and Mouth!

    Speaking of Nathan... I love him! lol. Love how he bought Haley a dress for Prom! But it was pretty dumb of him to say that she would look good in anything, "except maybe that dress," lol.

    I loved the playfulness between Peyton and Lucas! It's good to see Peyton happy! Good times.

    Dan... I am falling for the man! I love how he came to Deb's rescue! For a second there I thought he'd leave her... but he wouldn't want Keith AND Deb haunting him though, would he? lol

    "It's alright now. They're all gone..." Deb's story is so heartbreaking! I can't believe she overdosed (well maybe I can). And the cat's coming out of the bag! It won't be long before Lucas realizes that Dan shot Keith! Uh-oh!

    Great episode to ease our angst and pain from the other few episodes.
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