One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Peyton shows Lucas that her phone can identify songs, he closes the phone. In the next shot, Lucas closes the phone again.

    • Deb: (to Dan) I thought vampires had to be invited in.

      Whitey says exactly the same thing in "The Leaving Song" when he finds Dan in his office.

    • In this episode we can clearly see that Keith's grave shows a death date of January 23, 2006. However, in "Everything In Its Right Place", Jimmy's grave shows a death date of March 1, 2006. In "Songs to Love and Die By", Peyton's "what if" grave also shows a death date of March 1, 2006.

    • When Nathan and Mouth are stripping and they are at the part where the two pull off their pants and are holding them in the air, Nathan has his pants in his right hand. When the camera flashes to Bevin and back to Nathan, Mouth and Skills, Nathan is holding his pants in his left hand. When the camera switches again they're back in his right hand.

    • When Nathan shows Haley the dress he bought, she is wearing a top that says chocolate chip pie. She wears the same top in the cover of the Season Three box set.

    • Dan calls Deb "Boozy" which used to be his nickname for Keith.

  • Quotes

    • (During class, Lucas is passing a note to Peyton that gets intercepted by the teacher)
      Teacher: Well, well, passing notes Mr. Scott? How about we share this with the class?
      Lucas: (not one bit worried) I'd be happy to. (turning to Peyton) Ahm, it just says, Peyton you look amazing. (Peyton smiles happily and looks down a little embarassed) And I can't wait till class is over so I can look at those green eyes and kiss your perfect lips. (turning to the teacher) Did I miss anything?
      Teacher: No, that, that pretty much covers it. Peyton, care to respond?
      (At that Peyton leans over to Lucas and kisses him. The kiss leaves both of them staring dreamily at each other.) Oh, young love. At least you'll be together in detention.
      Peyton: (to Lucas) So worth it.

    • Rachel: (To Haley) Nathan looked good tonight, no wonder you're pregnant.

    • Chase: So, I was thinking since you said you can tutor me in calculus?
      Brooke: I did. But what's in it for me?
      Chase: Well, I can feed you.
      Brooke: Like a monkey in a cage?
      Chase: Feed you like a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.
      Brooke: That sounds nice too.
      Chase: How about tonight?
      Brooke: Yeah.

    • (Nathan enters the weight room)
      Nathan: So how naked do we have to get?
      (Skills laughs)
      Skills: See I knew you would come around.

    • Nathan: (walks inside) Did the closet explode?
      Haley: (tries to zipper up the dress) Oh... How do I look in this?
      Nathan: Is there a right answer to that question?
      Haley: (gets frustrated, flings a dress to the ground) Well none of my dresses fit anymore!
      Nathan: Baby, you're... you're pregnant! They're not supposed to fit you!

    • Peyton: (about the record Skills wants to borrow) So what do you guys need this music for anyway?
      Skills: Well, me and Nathan.. Let's just say we entered a dance contest.
      Peyton: Wait.. Nathan Scott?
      (Skills nods)
      Peyton: No way. What aren't you telling me?
      Skills: Let's just say you gotta show some skin to win.
      Peyton: You guys are stripping?! Shut up! Please can I tell Lucas?
      Skills: Better than that.. Why don't you tell some girls, because the way he move we're gonna need all the home cooking we can get.

    • Brooke: What do virgins talk about?
      Mouth: (Sarcastically) Oh, we like rainbows and kittens!

    • Chase: But I wouldn't call you cute.
      Brooke: No?
      Chase: More like.. beautiful.

    • (Dan enters "Karens Cafe")
      Dan: Here we go.
      Karen: Okay. Did you remember the cheese?
      Dan: I'm right on top.
      (Deb walks in)
      Deb: Karen?
      (Looks at Dan, and then back at Karen)
      Deb: I used to have one of those. I tried to put it to sleep.
      (Dan turns away)
      Deb: Looks like you got yours neutered.
      Karen: Morning Deb. What are you here for, target practice?
      Deb: You know for a smart woman you're being really stupid letting Dan into your life.
      (Dan raises his head)
      Deb: The one that abandoned you when you were pregnant and left Lucas fatherless, the one who treated Keith horribly his whole life. You remember Keith don't you? The man whose baby you're carrying!
      Dan:(to Deb with anger) That's enough!
      Deb: He would roll over in his grave if he could see the two of you together.
      (Deb walks out)
      Dan: I think my being here is a bad idea.
      (Dan walks out)

    • Nathan: Hey! Need a kiss?
      (Nathan kisses Haley)
      Haley: Just one?
      (Haley and Nathan smile and laugh)
      Nathan: I'll take as many as you got.
      (Nathan smiles and continues to walk with Haley into the school)

    • Lucas: Hey blondie.
      (Kisses Peyton)
      Lucas: It's gonna be a good day.
      Peyton: It really is, isn't it?
      (Peyton smiles, and kisses Lucas)

    • Brooke: Did you do something slutty?
      Rachel: Let's just say I started the morning off with a bang.

    • Haley: You know what, it's ok. I'll just, I'll go and I'll be pregnant and gimpy and um, you know most likely wearing sweat pants.
      Nathan: Hey, Hey, you'll look great in anything ok. It's alright. Uh except maybe that dress

    • Peyton: Hey!
      Haley: Hey!
      Peyton: Turn around, get dressed. Luke's out in the car. You're coming with us.
      Haley: Oh, no, no, no. I really don't feel like going out tonight.
      Peyton: Haley where's your sense of adventure?
      Haley: Probably got knocked out of it when I got hit by a car
      Peyton: Ok, well, seriously, you're gonna want to see this. Trust me. It'll be a night to remember.

    • (Dan's cell phone rings)
      Dan: Is this important? I'm running over to Karen's for dinner.
      Deb: I messed up so many things. Things I can't fix.
      Dan: How long is this gonna take? I'm running low on minutes this month.
      Deb: Please be good to Nathan. I failed him too many times to count. He deserves so much better.
      Dan: Deb, you gotta stop taking those pills.
      Deb: It's alright now. (pause) They're all gone. (voice fades away)
      Dan: Deb? Deb!

    • Chase: Your heart is beating really fast.
      Brooke: Is it?

    • Brooke: Mouth, why won't Chase talk to me?
      Mouth: Who?
      Brooke: Chase, the new guy!
      Mouth: (sarcastically) Another new guy!? GREAT!

    • Haley: (to Nathan) How you doin' hot stuff?

    • Brooke: We have a problem.
      Rachel: Yeah, you stabbed me in the back, from the front.

    • Lucas: Happy looks good on you.
      Peyton: Yeah? I feel like I'm living in an Air Supply song.
      Lucas: Well, if we're gonna go 80s, I'm more of a Van Halen fan.
      Peyton: No, it's just...everything is better now. Pinks are pinker and blues are bluer and even my favorite foods taste yummier.
      Lucas: Yummier?
      Peyton: Yummier. What's your favorite food?
      Lucas: Chocolate chip cookies.
      Peyton: I'll tell you what, they probably taste so much better.
      Lucas: Well, if anyone can make a chocolate chip cookie taste better I'm sure it's you.
      Peyton: See? You are so feeling the love.
      Lucas: Sure, anything for a cookie.

    • (Lucas enters Karen's café)
      Karen: Hey, I almost didn't recognize you without Peyton attached to your hip.
      Lucas: Funny.
      Karen: Well, if it matters, I approve. You've had the biggest crush on her for years.
      Lucas: Mom, guys don't have crushes. Just girls have crushes.
      Karen: What do guys have? The hots?
      Lucas: (Really uncomfortable) The hots. Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff?
      Karen: My point is, that I am very happy that the two of you have finally found each other.

    • Skills: So, how's everything going with you and Lucas? I mean, are you happy?
      Peyton: I'm happy.
      Skills: That's my girl. You know, love sometimes don't really make sense. I mean, look at me and Bevin. But you two make sense.

    • (Peyton and Lucas at the cementery at Peyton's mom's grave)
      Peyton: Hi mom, it's me. This is Lucas, the boy I've been telling you about. Look what he's done, he's got me smiling. Can you believe it?
      Lucas: Hey Mrs Sawyer. I just want you to know that Peyton is the best thing I have in my life. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her.
      Peyton: Likewise.

    • Deb: You're a miserable ass of a man. Nathan and I are so much better off without you poisoning our lives...
      Dan: Nathan and I? Take another pill, boozie. Nathan got you out of his life long before I did.

    • Brooke: Check me out, I'm a smart virgin.
      Rachel: Great, you're the new Mouth.

    • Deb: I thought vampires had to be invited in.
      Dan: And I thought water melted witches, yet here we are. That was quite the performance you put on today.
      Deb: Why are you messing with Karen's head, hasn't she suffered enough.
      Dan: You don't think my intentions toward Karen are sincere.
      Deb: You don't have a sincere bone in your body, Dan.
      Dan: Do you remember the night before our wedding.
      Deb: You pour water in my face, and now you want to take a trip down memory lane. (Dan hands her a hankercheif). You disappeared after the rehearsal dinner and my parents were furious. Is that what you wanted to hear?
      Dan: I drove to Tree Hill, spent the night parked in front of Karen's house. I knew I was on the verge of making a hug mistake. You see, Karen was the love of my life, but I was too proud to tell her. I never loved you Deb, I settled for you. And I mean that, sincerely.
      Deb: You're a miserable a** of a man. And Nathan and I are so much better off without you poisining our lives.
      Dan: Nathan and I? Take another pill boozy, Nathan cut you out of his life long before I did.

    • Lucas: (voiceover) Happiness comes in many forms. In the company of good friends, in the feeling you get when you make someone else's dreams come true, or in a promise of hope renewed. It's OK to let yourself be happy, because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.

    • Rachel: (About her "Clean Teen" T-shirt) This shirt is like a guy magnet. I've never gotten so much attention with my clothes on.

    • Lucas: (voiceover) Sometimes pain becomes such a huge part of your life that you expect it to always be there, because you can't remember a time in your life when it wasn't. But then one day you feel something else. Something that feels wrong only because it's so unfamiliar, and in that moment you realize you're happy.

    • Skills: (About Nathan's dancing) Is he as bad as I think he is?
      Mouth: No, he's worse.

    • Peyton: Hey are you OK?
      Lucas: You're going to think this is crazy but I don't think Jimmy killed Keith.

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