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  • the show that always gave me a good feeling after watching it

    this show gave me all the feels. i loved watchting it, one tree hill was like a big family and watching the show made me feel like i am a part of it. the show always had a moral and they often talked about good and bad and the inbetweens. i could really understand the characters and their emotions. it is a absolutely great show. but i think the last two seasons wheren`t as good as the rest of the show. btw haley & Nathan are my all time favourite tv couple, their love story was so overwhelming but still kind of real & simple. they just belong together and thats it. i love one tree hill.
  • Perfect

    By far the greatest show I've watched, I heard my friends talking about it and decided to give it a chance on Netflix, it's a long show but worth it. it's amazing I feel like I personally know the characters lol. 10/10 def give it a chance if you haven't (leyton 5ver)
  • I'm a fan of it

    Brooke I like her a lot. Peyton and jake brooke forever.
  • Oh One Tree Hill

    I remember being there for the pilot & loving every part of it. I used to record the episodes on VHS & quoting the characters. I would go to the local library & look for authors Lucas had mentioned reading or quoted from. I will always love Naley my favorite TV couple. Then the last couple seasons really threw me off. This would have been a perfect show without the last 2 seasons.
  • What goes around....

    The Gavin Degraw opening tune is very good and the basketball theme with estranged brothers was an interesting concept and it worked for the first season. What happend after that is anyones guess, with stupid, rediculous storylines surrounding beautiful youths all sleeping with each other and blurting out the sappiest of drivel passing for dialogue that would make the cast from Wuthering Heights hide behind a cushion. Three and a bit seasons I forced myself to watch waiting for something along the lines of the first season to happen. Do yourselves a favour and stick with Gilmore Girls.
  • Lucas+Peyton_>Brook,"Its always been lucas and peyton"!

    Leyton-The best lovestory ever and allover OTH was based upon real life stories and full of moral of my best fav show
  • seriously

    Okay... i have no words other than BEST SHOW EVER
  • One Tree Hill

    Well I only really watched the show up until Season 3 Episode 16..... Then they had to kill my fucking favorite character. So I quit watching the show. Moral of the story is FUCK DAN. #KeithNation
  • more OTH

    best show ever; I wish it continued - there was so much more that could have been done especially w/Jamie & the other children growing up. I want more!!!!!!!!!!
  • my life has officially ended :(

    OTH is the beset show I've ever watchedit doesn't even feel like a show to me it feels like real lifei cry when they cry and lay=ugh wen they actually cldnt stop crying during the last depressed its over!! i keep rewatching them over and over!! if u haven't watched it yet u btw start! ill nvr watch nethinng btr!! i miss it!!! i wish it never ended!!!!!!!!
  • one tree hill im #1 fan

    one tree hill is all about helping you get through life im 10 11 this year and ive been watching one tree hill since I was in year 3 and I still watch them its really all I ever watch it speaks to me like nothing ever has before its my life and its funny and the best thing u can ever watch and people make fun of me I love it that much my best friend does and shes always horrible when she speaks about it so any day id choose one tree hill over my best friend and im watching it right now on my telly
  • Finally it

    one tree life story altogether..

    will surely miss it ..
  • one tree hill

    I will mis it so much
  • one tree hill

    My favourite show ever and im going to miss it. Put it back on from the start. I will watch it all day and night. Miss it loads. X
  • make one tree hill next generation

    i love one tree hill my fav tv show ever and they should make one tree hill next generation can they please make it
  • Addicting

    Love it and miss it!!!
  • The good old days

    When OTH was still good I never missed an episode & couldn't wait to see what happens next. What made One Tree Hill so special was the fact that every episode unfolded part of the story and there was never a boring episode. At least until S6. After Chad & Hilarie left the show went downhill IMO especially in S8. I stopped watching after a while but this show still gave me amazing couples [Leyton/Naley] and the best friendships ever [Breyton/Laley/Paley]. I just missed how it used to be but it's still my favourite show <3
  • Awsome show

    FIRSTLY FORGIVE ME MY ENGLISH :) Secondly, I loved this show from the day one and when I heard that Chad and Hilarie were leaving I thought it won't be good anymore. I admit that it wasn't the same but despite my predictions of not loving it when peyton and lucas are gone I still loved the show and I didn't miss any episode,,, I'm still sad it's over... OTH FAN FOREVER!!
  • Great show But Deteriorated In Final Seasons

    I absolutely loved this show from the beginning. It had good, interesting characters and storylines, and I found it be somewhat groundbreaking - having a school shooting, and killing such a popular main character in season 3. However, I felt it declined in recent years. And despite being a hardcore fan from the start, I found myself not being bothered if I missed an episode. It was full of soppy cliches and unrealistic. Particularly season 9. I wish it had ended sooner so that it could have ended on a high note and not have been dragged out until it was almost unwatchable. I also feel they could have had a bit more imagination when it came to naming their children, I find it hard to believe that they all wanted to name their children after the mothers maiden name.
  • Now i see there is no season 10

    ...and i'm sad. :D Athough the story started to loosen up in season 8, i hardly waited for the next week to see new episode. Also goes for the season 9, for which i hope that it will not be the last.

    I'm not the type of a romantic/teen dramas, i don't watch those at all - but i will remember OTH as something, and the acting crew as someone who i really enoy to watch. Well done for the directing and actors crew of OTH, you've done a great job.
  • Love it, but it's time to wrap it up, guys!


    Don't know exactly why, but i've always loved this show! The lovable characters, the subtle (not) morals in the storylines...

    But it's just, plain and simple, time to wrap it all up. The circle is almost full, just close it. Everybody's happy, so will the viewers be when it all ends with a happily ever after... And that it will... that it will...

  • The Better Show

    is the better serie that have see ever.
  • Not Just A TV Show

    One tree hill is great show and it gives something different to everyone. For those of you who watched 3 episodes and stopped, keep watching. And for those of you who stopped cause Lucas and Peyton left, KEEP WATCHING! What I loved about this show is how each character develops so much it's like you know them. One tree hill had a whole lotta heart, and that is what kept it on tv for 9 years. It gave the viewers hope and inspiration. Its a drama, so of course it can get cheesy, but it never goes over the edge. It tells stories and really hits you in the heart sometimes.

    Trust me, you wouldnt be wasting your time if you give this show a shot.
  • one tree hill

    MISS IT !!!
  • Here comes another one...

    I have watched the show from the start, and was in love but by the end of season 9 I was over it. The plot lines were becoming increasingly unbelievable, not to mention the stark preditctabilty in which the stories resolved themselves. After hearing the thousandth cliche' in the final few episodes, I began playing a game predicting the next one. Chris Keller referring to himself in the third person was like fingers grating on a blackboard after awhile. If they couldn't do the show the justice it desevered, it should have finished a season earlier. On a final note, Hilary Burton and Chad Michael Murray note showing up for the final episode was disappointing.
  • One Tree Hill Is The Greatest Show

    One Tree Hill is my favorite show because it shows us what true love really with Nathan and Haley and also with Lucas and Peyton . One Tree Hill also shows us what life is about . It shows what true friends are , they be there for you no matter what . I love this show . My favorite character was Haley James Scott because she was not very popular in high school and once she was with Nathan she never changed , she was always the same girl . She appreciates everything she has . One Tree Hill is full of emotions , it will make burst into tears and it'll have you laughing and smiling . ( I love the quotes )
  • Cute love stories!

    There is always some type of conversation going on during this story. I like how they switch from scene to scene... it keeps you on your toes as a young adult.
  • I'm definitely going to miss it...

    I've loved the show ever since the first time I watched it. Granted, I was in 5th grade and the show was in the middle of season 3, but ever since then, I never missed an episode. I was in love with Peyton's character. She was intriguing and mysterious, and I was quite sad when she left the show, but she was certainly not the only thing I loved about the show. I was in love with the whole concept of the story. When sad things happened, I was sad, and when good things happened, I was happy for them and wanted to believe those good things could happen to me too. I'll admit that some of the episode's could have been a little better, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. To those of you who are saying the finale was uneventful, what do you call Quinn and Clay getting married, them adopting Logan, Julian's show starting? Did you expect everyone to die or something? The concept is that the show is starting back over at the beginning. I thought it was a great way to go out.
  • How much I miss Brooke

    From the beggining until the last word said on the show was a complete DRAMA, however I do love Brooke Davis, I like the show so much when it starts until the season 4 where are the best episodes ever Rachel Gatina, Brooke, Lucas, Nathan were important stories, Peyton was the sad part of the stoy was so boring but hey Brooke need a bff and she was that.... "All the people leave" that feeling is gone when peyton left the series with Lucas, I think is cool that they end with 9 season, I do not like the way they get us from season 5 to 9 however Brooke always stay the same amazing person she was... so I will miss her more than any other character from the series. One Tree Hill was one of the best shows I discover from my own. I must say I like it not all the seasons but I look it only for Brooke.

    Things that I hate:

    When they say the name and the last name (stupid)

    Jamie (I can't stand the freaking smart boy, not so real)

    Hayley and her dramas and not wanting to be popular (when we all know she dies for)

    Things that I love

    Brooke and peyton friendship

    The develop on the brother relationship between Nathan and Lucas

    The feelings that they put in all the episodes, where well written.

    If you do not had the oportunity to watch it, you should give it a chance, is nice.
  • I'll missed the Show! <33

    I've watched the show from the start to the end.. I gotta say it is one of the best show on tv.. love the storyline and char of the show.. the ending was pretty good but also make me sad and wanted to cry a little.I gotta say I learn some life lesson by watching one tree hill..
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