One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 16

Screenwriter's Blues

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on The CW
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Peyton throws herself into preparing for the baby, but Lucas is too focused on casting the movie to offer much help. A hormonally charged Peyton enlists the help of others, but it's Lucas she really needs. Will he be there for in the end? Meanwhile, both Haley and Nathan find themselves caught in a moral dilemma... and doing the right thing could mean the end of a job. Will they risk everything? Also, Brooke comes face to face with someone from her past: herself.moreless

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  • Casting!

    I loved seeing Lucas cast the movie in Screenwriter's Blues. It was a nice blast from the past and pretty hilarious to see all the characters face all the actors wanting to play them. Brooke's actor Missy was especially funny and scary and I liked how Brooke looked over her past. Julian at the end was very sweet, saying he wants the Brooke now and not from high school. Their best moment so far I think.

    And I liked Peyton feeling isolated from Lucas and overwhelmed with the pregnancy only for him to be there for her in the end. Her various scenes with Mia, Haley and Skills were all great too. Haley submitting Sam's essay against her bosses wishes was interesting and I liked seeing more of her. Nathan's basketball storyline was probably the worst here - it felt tacked on and liked a distraction. Jamie dating his teacher was amusing and his friendship with Dan is growing on me.

    I do like the buzz surrounding this season right now, with the movie and Leyton pregnancy. It feels big but not too dramatic. Best episode in a while.

  • Casting the movie

    Another episode directed by a cast member. This time it's Bethany Joy Galeotti and she did an amazing job.

    I loved the casting of the characters for the movie. It had to have been fun to go out and find a bunch of extras or whatever who liked the actors from One Tree Hill. It was really fun seeing the room full of Peyton's and having them all be so whiny and I just had to laugh when Peyton came in and tried to go see Lucas and they thought she was an actress. So funny.

    Movie Brooke is annoying!! She is nothing like the real Brooke.

    Skills is a baby proofer...okay...We've never really seen Skills doing anything outside of coaching the Ravens so I guess he had to have a job doing something.

    Poor Peyton is getting the house ready and everything for the baby and the wedding. She just found out she was pregnant. She isn't even showing so I don't know why they are doing it all now. But it was really great at the end when they got to hear the baby's heartbeat.moreless
  • Peyton prepares for the wedding. Lucas is casting for the movie. Nathan is having moral conflict with his teammates. Brooke is conflicted having a relationship with Julian. Haley's job hangs by a thread for publishing Sam's essay.moreless


    First they let Chad Michael write an episode, now Bethany Joy is directing. What's the difference between these two episode? well, as much as Chad's episode being soooooooooooo friki'n lame, this one turned out to be great. Real fun to watch. Something you can't and shan't miss a scene, Great job for Bethany Joy, if i may speak. This is definitely why i still watch One Tree Hill despite all the changes and maturity of the character. It can still make you smile. Great, really great. I'd say two thumbs up to Bethany Joy. And So the film begins.moreless
  • A great time!

    OTH'season 6 is really getting better and better. It went a little downhill around the middle of the season IMO) but since before Christmas the show is definitely back on track and this episode is proff of it.

    It was fun (hilarious sometimes), full of characters from the past and reminescence of the early years through the casting. Well, I still don't click with the whole Peyton/Lucas thing and still find Peyton annoying but the rest of the episode was really awesome.

    James Van der Beek's character is great, Brooke still rocks and I love her chemistry and relationship with Julian. Jamie is still cute and Dan is on the verge of redemption. I don't want to slap him anymore!

    Hope we'll have plenty of other episodes like this by the end of the season and if, for whatever reason, OTH is not renewed we'll hyave nothing to be sorry for...moreless
  • the showing of a different type of "flashback" made it my favorite episode

    this was like the best episode ever

    just selecting the best quotes and scenes in all those years they had in high school and putting it all together in one single episode

    the casting was really good and the last scene with Julian and Brooke was really well written.

    i also liked some of the scenes that brought up some chuckles.

    skills was in the episode for a few minutes, and mouth wasn't at it at all, but the episode was still really good. including the appearance of lucas's friends from the river court.

    i also loved the actress playing Brooke and the scene where Lucas and Peyton hear the baby's heart beat for the first time.

    this was definitely my favorite episodemoreless
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Cassandra Jean


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Brooke and Peyton are in shop with Missy, Missy said exactly the same words as Brooke said to Peyton in episode 6 season 1: [i]Wanna know what I think? I think Nathan likes tutor girl. But I think tutor girl likes Lucas. And I know I like Lucas. And I don't know who the hell you like anymore. This is all turning into one big love ...rectangle plus one, whatever that is.[/i] but she can't possibly know the exact quote of Brooke words neither do Lucas who wrote the script.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jamie: Are you allowed to date in prison?
      Dan: (laughs) Some people opt to, I didn't.

    • Auditioning Peyton Actress: Why do people always leave?
      Peyton: Oh, God.

    • Julian: (Handing over a sheet of paper) That's a breakdown of the Brooke Davis I'm looking for.
      Brooke: Gorgeous brunette with an amazing energy and smile. Funny. Intelligent. Kind-hearted. Strong-headed. Simple. Complicated. Motherly. Childish. Tough. Sensitive. Beautiful. Way cooler than she was in high school.
      Julian: That girl has been nearly impossible to find... but worth every second of the wait.

    • Julian: (Pointing to his photo in a yearbook) Does that look like Mr. Popular to you? I know you're not the person you were in high school cause I'm not either... and I'm glad because that kid would have never stood a chance with you.
      Brooke: Were you really a mathlete?
      Julian: I was the mathlete. But I'm not anymore, and I don't want high school Brooke. I'm sorry the breakdown hurt your feelings. It was meant to describe who the character was before anyone got to know the real person.

    • Peyton: You know that's like three guys we've shared, right?
      Brooke: Lucas, Julian...
      Peyton: Erm, sex tape?!
      Brooke: Ewww, sex tape! I forgot about that... kind of wish that you had too.

    • Lucas: Why are you so good to me?
      Peyton: I don't know, maybe because I am (quoting from the script) "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a bitch."
      Dixon: What woman isn't?

    • Peyton: Hi, I'm here to read for the part of Peyton Sawyer. "First of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me. God, why are guys such jerks?"
      (Lucas applauds)
      Dixon: Too old, but she would make a great Deb.
      Lucas: Um... she's the real Peyton.

    • Brooke: What are you smiling about?
      Julian: I, I can't help it, that was amazing. No wonder you were so popular in high school.
      Brooke: Excuse me. Sex did not make me popular. I made it popular.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Saturday, October 24, 2009 on TVNorge
      Australia: Sunday, May 30, 2010 on Channel Ten

    • Featured Music:
      "What's So Bad (About Feeling Good)?" by Ben Lee
      "Natural Disaster" by Andrew Bird
      "Let You Down" by Tin Star Orphans
      "So Please" by Starlume
      "Let's See What Happens" by The Breakups
      "You Found Me" by The Fray
      "Man Made Lake" by Calexico
      "Snow Globe" by Mezzanine Owls