One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 18

Searching For A Former Clarity

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on The CW
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    Goodbye, One Tree Hill: The 8 Most Memorable Moments of the Past 9 Seasons

    One Tree Hill is about to conclude its ninth and final season... but before we bid the show adieu, let's recall some of the most memorable moments from the past nine years.

  • Episode Summary

    When upper level executive decisions put the future of the movie in jeopardy, Lucas and Julian fight to save it, but their efforts may be in vain. So might the doctors' who struggle to find a heart for Dan, but the Scott patriarch never did have one... karma is a bitch - literally. Meanwhile, the younger generation face their own problems when Jamie discovers Dan's betrayal, and Sam is arrested for shoplifting.moreless

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    • The film casting process was hilarious!

      The film casting process was hilarious.

      The actors straining to imitate the actors we have come to view as "real people" was surreal.
    • Movie ends in a stupid way.

      The way Lucas's movie ends in Searching for a Former Clarity is kind of anti-climatic and a bit silly. I mean there's been so much build up towards it and to just pull it like that was stupid. But it wouldn't have worked anyway so guess I'm glad they did it. The director left which was kinda sad cos he's been funny in the last few episodes. And this also adds tension for Brooke and Julian because he is leaving and they have to say goodbye. I still don't get why they're so sad about it, it's all very rushed.

      I'm glad that Brooke apologised for calling Sam unfixable though- I do like Sam though her friends is a bit odd. I'm pretty much over Dan as a character so all this stuff about him dying means nothing. And Jamie finding out that he killed Keith could have been a lot bigger. His heart being eaten by that dog was ridiculously funny though.Haley being fired was so unfair, but it's good that she stuck to her gut and didn't apologise.

      Not the best episode but good enough.

    • The movie ends and Dan loses his heart....literally

      Okay so I know that moment has gotten a lot of flack from critics that have reviewed this show when this episode aired and up to now, but I loved when the dog ate the heart. It's kind of lame, but it's so funny. I loved it!! Another funny part of the episode was when Dan saw Lucas and Peyton at the hospital and told them he was getting a heart and Lucas said it was about time. Kind of mean, but funny.

      It sucks that the movie isn't going to get made. The whole thing was a little weird and kind of out there even for Tree Hill, but it really sucks that it's not going to be made. It sucks for Lucas, but also for Julian and Brooke.

      I loved the bar scene with everyone at TRIC just sitting around and complaining. It was really nicely written and shot. I love that they are all there just sitting there and then Reese shows up and they look at him like WTF!!

      This whole thing sucks for Haley with this new principal. But I'm glad she stood up for what she believes in.

      I was honestly hoping that Dan would lie to Jamie about Keith. He is so young and didn't need to know yet about Dan killing Keith, but it's great credit to Dan's character and his relationship with Jamie that he was honest with him.

      I really enjoyed the end with Lucas and Nathan at the River Court. It was a great moment of them just hanging out. And I love that like me they both just laughed about the dog eating the heart.moreless
    • It was great!

      This episode, Searching For A Former Clarity, was not the best, but was still really great! The thing about it I enjoyed the most was Haley telling off the principle, that was great! Other than that I liked Sam and Jack(Jake?) I think Brooke makes a great mom, and I wish she would settle down and get pregnant. If Peyton loses her baby, I must admit although I am Brucas all the way, I will be devastated. Poor Dan, I actually felt sorry for him to see his heart get eaten by a dog, very random by the way. I absolutly love Skills and Deb together! And Julians joke to Lucas about "Peyton liking his other big things" made me laugh. Overall it was great!moreless
    • An entertaining episode, but still not like the show used to be.

      First of all the beginning was sorta funny with how the dog actually ate the heart. I guess karma really is a b!tch. I also thought it was good that Jamie now knows the truth about Dan and Keith. I am disappointed though that the movie was cancelled and I really hope Julian stays to be with Brooke! I loved that Brooke went out and found Jack for Sam. That was really sweet! Brooke is getting closer and closer to being her old self like she was before the attack. Good for Haley, standing up to the new principle and it was funny how Nathan knew she was organizing the drawers. Loved the scene when Brooke, Haley, Mia, Skills, Lucas, and Dixon were at the bar! It's a shame Deb dumped Skills they had some really funny scenes together. All in all it was a pretty good episode.moreless
    Susie Abromeit

    Susie Abromeit

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    Evan Peters

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    Austin Nichols

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Being that Chuck is kind of the Tim Smith character for the kids it made sense that his basketball number was 0 just like Tim's starting with season 3.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Haley: Just try and remember it's too early for you to start playing the game. Well, it's too early for me to start playing the game. Stand up for what you believe in. The truth matters, so tell it, no matter what.

      • Lucas (to a sulking Skills): I just lost three hundred thousand dollars. Do you understand that? Three hundred thousand dollars. You lost Deb. Shut up.

      • Dan: I'm getting a heart.
        Lucas: It's about time.

      • Lucas: A dog ate his heart.
        Nathan: You're kidding me.
        Lucas: I'm standing right there and this stoner guy's dog trips the paramedic and gobbles up his heart.
        Nathan: You're serious?
        Lucas: I'm not joking.
        Nathan: Wow.
        Lucas: Yeah.
        Nathan: So I guess this means he's gonna die.

      • Dan: You're my sons. And I failed you. I'm sorry for that. For so many other things. But I'm proud that each of you became the kind of men I could never be. You're good men, and you're good brothers. Don't let the world change that.

      • Dixon: Sometimes the beauty is in the attempt. We gave it everything we could, but it just didn't work out.

      • Haley: What's the first thing I taught you about writing?
        Sam: Tell the truth.

    • NOTES (4)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Lucas: You may not like him Minister, but you can't deny he's got style.

        Lucas is referring to Kingsley Shackelbolt's line in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The quote also appears (albeit slightly modified) in the original book of the same name.

      • Episode Title: Searching For a Former Clarity

        A song by the musical group Against Me!, from the album Seaching For a Former Clarity.