One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 22

Show Me How To live

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2009 on The CW
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The families of Tree Hill draw closer as Lucas bonds with Jamie while working on Peyton's car, Sam develops a connection with Victoria, and Brooke and Haley throw Peyton a baby shower. Meanwhile, Nathan's ambitions seem closer than ever when he learns that an NBA scout will be watching his next game.moreless

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  • Emotional :(

    Show Me How to Live was an incredibly emotional episode and strong one too.

    The baby shower, while not long, was emotional and well done. It was just so sad to see Peyton so distracted and gloomy about the future. Bur they tried to make sure she was positive. And then there was Sam leaving. This was too abrupt for my liking BUT was still emotional for Brooke and even Victoria, and it was sad to see Sam leave the show after becoming quite a big part of it this season. Plus it's nice how they're slowly making Victoria nicer and a better mother, it feels more natural and I like it.

    I liked Skills and Lauren on their date with Chuck - they're cute together and I like them. Nathan's storyline was probably the least interesting but even I was hoping he'd get a call from the scout. I'm really glad Lucas decided to let Peyton have her way and they're going to get married right away. The idea was making at the beginning of the episode was touching, bitter-sweet and so sad.

    Emotional and powerful.

  • Peyton's Baby Shower

    The girls throw Peyton a baby shower, Nathan tries to impress a scout, and Lucas and Jamie work on The Comet.

    Peyton's video was just so sad. When she was making that video it was the first time I've cried about this whole situation and really been afraid that something could happen to her. I really liked her box of stuff though. With Lucas and Peyton leaving at the end of the season it was a nice way to show their history and I liked it.

    The baby shower was really sweet. I loved the dress that Brooke gave Peyton. It was so pretty. It was really sad though when Haley gave Peyton that baby book because Peyton doesn't know if she'll be around to fill it up.

    I loved that Lucas spent the day with Jamie fixing The Comet. It was really sweet having the two of them together and sharing everything that was in the box. And Lucas sharing his fears with Nathan was great. I love that Lucas has him to confide in like that.

    I was really hoping Brooke would adopt Sam. I like Sam and wanted her and Brooke to be a family. It sucks for Brooke, but it's really awesome for Sam that she got to go live with her birth mother.

    Nathan did great in that game and hopefully his dream will come true.

    Next up is the wedding...finally!!moreless
  • This show is done.

    The CW really made a mistake in not cancelling this show. One Tree Hill has survived tough times and fought for renewal when it most likely did not deserve it (based on ratings) but now the quality is so lackluster that it should just be put to rest.

    The storylines have all been done to death and even a basketball-heavy episode like this did not entertain me in the least.

    I am a huge Brooke fan but enough is enough already. Is she any better than her mother by constantly screaming at her and shutting her out? Nope.

    The one good out of this is that Sam is gone (hopefully) and that Peyton and Lucas will be as well very soon.moreless
  • A satisfactory episode for those who hold low expectations

    It has been quite a while since the last time I was motivated to submit a review to an OTH episode. If it was 2 years ago, OTH would still be my fave TV show around but now things have changed and I guess I am done with blaming the storylines anymore. Let's face it, the show has been going on for 6 years now(and quite obstinately renewed for another one) and like any other thing that outlasts its quality time, OTH was doomed to lose its originality. What happened in the case of OTH, it jettisoned its humor, its lighthearted spirit and its vigor somewhere in the middle of season 5. It trapped itself to a dark corner and sadly consumed all the available exits. Season 6 was slightly a better attempt to clean up the mess the whole 5-year-forward idea created. However, the maudlin tone has been pursued and the drama element which was utilized only as a side component through season 1 to 4, became the sole element in the subsequent seasons. Does episode 22 ''Show me How To Live'' diverge from this soap-opera approach? No. But it signals there are dramatical changes laying ahead. What we witness in this episode is that there will be a tide waiting for Lucas and Peyton and possibly the season finale will be interesting to watch. Unfortunately I could hardly relate to the opening scene where Peyton was filming a video for her child-to-be. It was Dawson's Creek all over again. Jen Lindley moved me once but Peyton Sawyer could not do the trick as the whole conversation sounded so repetitive, unoriginal and uninspired. But what ''Show me how to live'' lacked in its opening scene, it made up for the baby showering scene. It was moving and all of the four leading ladies nicely performed their parts. The other positive things to jot down about this episode were the Jamie-Lucas interaction and the scenes including Brooke, Victoria and Sam. On the down side, Skills dating with Jamie's teacher was out of place and irrelevant (plus rather tiresome to watch at times) and basketball is no longer the basketball we cared and loved in Tree Hill high school. Yes, OTH is no longer one of my fave TV shows but I still like the idea of having it around. And since I have no expectations and an accompanying low interest towards the show, I quite enjoy it from time to time.moreless
  • Touching!

    Show Me How To Live actually brought me to almost tears. First, it was Peyton. Sad, scared Payton. She was making a video for her baby and talking about her best friend and giving advice on life, then Lucas walks in, and it gets even more emotional. Second, was Brooke and Sam. I hate the fact that Sam chose to go live with her mom instead of being thrilled that Brooke wanted to adopt her, it is upsetting. Also, I see how Victoria is somewhat trying to be a mother to Brooke, yet I still don't quite buy it. Victoria is Victoria and I doubt she is going to change any time soon. The baby shower was so adorable! I liked how Nathan and his old rival are friends now, he is moving up! Skillz was funny as always. And Jamie and Lucas bonded. Overall, it is a 10!moreless
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Keedar Whittle

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Being that Chuck is kind of a Tim Smith character it made total sense when Skills announced he had been "Chucked" because they were "Timmed" a few times through out his run on the show.

    • Samantha becomes the girl behind the red door when she moves in with her birth mother. Brooke, her foster mother, was the girl behind the red door when she was in high school. First at her parents' house and then when Lucas painted his door for her when she moved into his mother's house. Last of all in high school she was the girl in the red bedroom when she and Peyton painted their room red to reclaim Peyton's security.

      Note: Brooke was also the girl behind the red door when she lived in the apartment at the beginning of season 3 and the end of season 4.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Brooke: (Sam has just left to go to her birth mother) Are you crying?
      Victoria: No. It's this horrible mascara. It's just... remind me to sue the manufacturer.
      Brooke: It's our mascara, Victoria.

    • Victoria: You've got to stop spying on them like this.
      Brooke: Thank you, Concernicus. How would you know what I've been up to?
      Victoria: 'Cause I've been watching the both of you.

    • Sam: Can I keep the dress?
      Brooke: Of course.
      Sam: It's just, um... Victoria says I look like a Davis in that dress.
      Brooke: Honey, you'll always be a Davis to me.
      Sam: You'll always be my first mom.

    • Peyton: A best friend... Okay, this one is so important. Choose wisely, okay? I got really lucky with mine. My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful and successful and very kind. And she's also impulsive, frustrating, complicated, childish. But I would not have her any other way. And the best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts friends first. So, if you are ever in any kind of trouble, now you know who to call. I can't think of anyone I would rather have watching over you.

  • NOTES (4)