One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 17

Something I Can Never Have

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on The CW

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  • Aww I think I speak for everyone when I say poor Keith!! I mean what did he ever do to anyone to deserve this??? It's all so sad!

    Well....So much to say in this episode! My heart goes out to Keith! Dan as per is being a complete ass! Why is he so spiteful?

    OMG poor Jake! Nikki is a complete cow! Why does she even want Jenny? It's obvious she doesn't care about her! I personally think she's doing it to get back at Jake altough he never did anything to Nikki!

    Oh yes! Now we all hated that ****head Felix and we all knew that Brooke could do much much better! FInally that girl has stood up for herself! She's better off without him!

    Anna turned out to be, well lets face it, not as bad as I thought! I mean she turned her bro in! In a way it's terrible! I mean who does that to someone let alone there sibling? But then again it was Felix who totally deserved it! I'm so happy his small heart got broken! I hope it never heals!!!

    Aww...Luke!!!! He's is just soooo cute!!! I can't believe he did that for Brooke! It's soo obvious they both love each other so why can't they just get together!!! ARGH soo fustrating isn't it?

    Overall it was a great episode! It turns out that everyone is able to stand up for themselves! YAY!!!