One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 17

Something I Can Never Have

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Peyton says "I hate Mondays..." after Nicki confronts her and Brooke at school. This could also be a reference to the day Peyton found dyke spray-painted on her locker, which was also a Monday.

    • While Nathan is driving and checking his messages on his phone, you'll notice that he changed from a Nokia QD (shown in previous episodes) to a clamshell type phone.

    • Keith shatters Dan's window. When the camera is on Dan, the window is broken in almost its entirety. When the camera is on Keith, the window is only half broken.

  • Quotes

    • Nicki: (Referring to Jake, Peyton and Jenny) Well, well, well. Isn't this the picture of a perfect family?

    • (Keith is packing his car)
      Lucas: Keith, are you leaving? Look... I know I made the wrong decision in not telling you about Jules and Dan. And I'm sorry. But you gotta know that Jules loves you.
      Keith: You mean Emily? You should've told me the truth Luke. I've always been honest with you. I thought... I though we meant more to each other. But maybe I was wrong.
      Lucas: Keith, where are you going?
      Keith: Don't know.
      Lucas: You coming back?
      Keith: For the first time in my life, I don't know if I have anything to come back for.

    • Felix: Mom and Dad are sending me to military school.
      Anna: At least there won't be any lesbians to scare you.
      Felix: Well, Brooke dumped me, too. You know, no matter where we moved or how we fit in, you always had my back, and I always had yours. Always. Now you turn your back on me, cos I wrote 'dyke' on some stupid chick's locker?
      Anna: She's not stupid. Peyton has been more of a friend to me than you have. And she didn't do anything to deserve you tagging her locker.
      Felix: Who cares?
      Anna: I care. It's a hate crime.
      Felix: It's just a word.
      Anna: It's not just a word. It's who I am. Peyton isn't gay felix. I am. So you wanna spray paint 'dyke' somewhere? Do it on my walls. Spray it one me.
      Felix: What are you talking about?
      Anna: You know what I'm talking about. The rumours. They weren't rumours. They aren't.
      Felix: Shut up Anna.
      Anna: No, I won't shut up. You think I've been running from this? I haven't. I have been carrying it around. And if you think that what you've been doing is protecting me then you're wrong. You have been making me afraid to be who I am. Well, I won't be afraid anymore. Now you know the truth. I'm gay. So do you still have my back?
      (Felix walks away)

    • Anna: (Talking about him getting in trouble with the principal after she dobbed him in for spray painting Peyton's locker) You brought it on yourself Felix.
      Felix: I can't believe you. Do you know how bad this is? Mom and Dad will have to buy the school a new wing to get me out of this.
      Anna: You're missing the whole point. Everything is always about you. You never stop to think about other people.
      Felix: And you do? Did you even consider what would happen to me when you turned me in? You totally screwed me over when I was the only one looking out for you.
      Anna: You were looking out for yourself. You couldn't handle anyone thinking that your sister was a lesbian.
      Felix: Whatever. The whole thing would have blown over if you had just kept you're big mouth shut. No one's gonna even care when they find out I did it.
      Anna: Even Brooke?

    • Anna: I have to tell you something.
      Peyton: All right. Tell me on the way to class, I'm running late.
      Anna: It's gonna upset you.
      Peyton: Well, that seems to be the trend this week. Are you leaving town or here to steal a baby?
      Anna: Felix is the one who spray painted your locker.
      Peyton: You know, I'm really not all that surprised. I thought I saw him goose-stepping down the hall.
      Anna: I'm really sorry.
      Peyton: Anna, you're not the one who owes me an apology.
      Anna: Well, I wouldn't hold your breath. Felix isn't the remorseful type.
      Peyton: He owes you an apology too. You know, he might have spray painted 'dyke' on my locker, but he was talking about you. He might not know that, but you do.
      Anna: I know.

    • (Anna finds a shirt with spray paint on it)
      Anna: I'm not gonna need a ride home after school. I'm going to dinner with Peyton.
      Felix: How romantic. Is Velma picking you up in the Mystery Machine?
      Anna: She's not gay Felix.
      Felix: Well everyone at school thinks she is.
      Anna: (Throws the shirt at Felix) Yeah, because you painted 'dyke' on her locker!
      Felix: Practically wrote itself.
      Anna: That's not funny.
      Felix: Look, whatever. She's always jealous of me hanging around Brooke. And you know she has a crush on you.
      Anna: That's not true.
      Felix: Why did we leave our last school Anna? Because once the rumours started, we couldn't stop them. And no one cared if they weren't true. You cried every day, remember?
      Anna: Yes, Felix, I remember.
      Felix: And I wasn't going to let that happen again. I knew if I painted 'dyke' on Peyton's locker everyone would think she was gay.
      Anna: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I was friends with her.
      Felix: Really? I haven't seen you guys hanging out as much since then. You see Anna, you're so predictable. One well-place rumour, and you go running off scared. Besides, better her than you. (Winks)

    • Haley: Nathan. Oh, my God. What are you doing here?
      Nathan: I wanted to see you. I needed to see you.
      Haley: I'm so glad you did. I miss you.
      Nathan: Listen, I asked you to marry me because I want to spend my life with you. I still want that. I love you Haley.
      Haley: I love you too.
      Nathan: So I came here for you, and I'll be here no matter what. I'll go with you on the tour. I'll wait for you. Whatever you want me to do. I'm not giving up on us. I'm not giving up on our marriage.
      Haley: Whoa. I don't know what to say. (Nathan looks over at photos of Chris) No, Chris and I aren't together. I promise you, it's never been about that.
      Nathan: You're not wearing your ring.
      Haley: I love you. I do. But I feel like maybe we rushed things a little bit... Maybe I rushed things a little bit. We're so young, and I wasn't ready for all this. You, and the music, and... now it's all happening at once, and it's really hard. I don't know if I can be who you need me to be.
      Nathan: All I want you to be is my wife. Is that too much to ask?

    • Nikki: The judge granted me sole custody of my daughter. Which, for the brunette impaired, means that Jenny comes home to mommy.

    • Lucas: (voiceover) Charles Bukowski once wrote: There will always be something to ruin our lives. It all depends on what or which finds us first. You're always ripe and ready to be taken.

    • Outside Brooke's House Brooke & Lucas
      Lucas: ( Drives up and stops outside Brooke's House. She's in the passenger seat, depressed. Long pause, not looking at her ) Don't go. ( Brooke looks at him. He looks at her and smiles weakly. ) I just needed to say it... you have to stay!
      Brooke: We're finally friends again and now I'm leaving. ( Looks at her red door)...I really liked being the girl behind the red door. ( She smiles sadly and looks at lucas, close to tears. She gets out of the car, not looking back, Lucas looks away )

    • Brooke: We are finished!
      Felix: Look, let me explain.
      Brooke: No! I cannot believe you would be such a hateful scumbag as to write "DYKE" anywhere... LET ALONE ON MY BEST FRIEND'S LOCKER!
      Felix: Brooke, wait.
      Brooke: I am so glad I am moving! I had no idea I was a grand wizard's next door neighbor! And you actually had me starting to think you were a decent guy.
      Felix: Look, I was trying to protect my sister, Brooke! Look, I did it at the dance when Peyton and I argued and you dumped me! I wasn't thinking!
      Brooke: Well, what a surprise!
      Felix: I was in a dark place and I took it out on Peyton, I'm sorry!
      Brooke: Yeah, you're right, you are sorry! So why don't you crawl back into your dark little place and die there!
      Felix: Brooke! Brooke!

    • Peyton: I can't believe it's almost the last time walking to class together.
      Brooke: I can't believe I'm getting weepy about walking to class.

    • Brooke (off the phone with her mother) :They said no!
      Peyton: Why?
      Brooke: Because this week they've decided to be parents. They said that since you have no adult supervision, it would be the same as me staying alone.
      Peyton: Are you kidding? Charlie Brown has more parental supervision than you.
      Brooke: Ya, well. They also think...
      Peyton: What?
      Brooke(laughing): They think you're a bad influence on me.
      Peyton(laughing): Unbelieveable. Have your parents even met you?
      Brooke: Only briefly. I can't believe they won't let me stay with you. My mom is being such a major bit ...(sees Nikki) ch!

    • Brooke: (talking on the phone to her mom) Mom, I wanna stay with Peyton. I don't wanna leave school right now! Oh, that is ridiculous! You and dad are never even home!
      Lucas: (sitting futher away with Anna) You look about as happy as I do. You ok?
      Anna: Ya, I'll be fine... I just have some things going on. Nothing I can't handle. (Realizes that Lucas is watching Brooke)
      Brooke: (still talking to her mom on the phone) Because it's totally unfair!
      Anna: Have you told her how you feel?
      Lucas: Nah...and anyway, she's moving.
      Anna: At least she'd know, that's something.
      Lucas: You're encouraging me to hit on your brother's girlfriend?
      Anna: Ya well.....I like you better.
      Lucas: I barely even knew her last year and now I can't imagine life around here without her.
      Brooke: (On the phone) No! I hate you!
      Lucas: She's so sweet.

    • Keith: Did you set me up? Huh? Jules, the wedding, was it all just a big lie?
      Dan: What? Of course not. We're brothers Keith. I would never do anything to hurt you. Especially with the woman you're gonna marry... (Tries to hide a laugh.) I'm sorry. I can't keep going. It's just too good. What can I say? Of course I set you up.
      Keith: How could you do that?
      Dan: Well, I just pictured you screwing my wife over and over again and then I thought about the heart attack it gave me, and after that, it was easy.
      Keith: Where is she?
      Dan: I honestly don't know. Check in the yellow pages under 'W' for whore. No, wait. She's not that bright. You better check under 'H'.
      (Keith punches Dan, then they start fighting, with Keith eventually being dragged off and pushed out the office door)
      Dan: By the way, you're fired too.
      Keith: (Throws a mag wheel through office glass wall) Congratulations Dan. I got nothing left to lose. But you do. Remember that.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Peyton (to Brooke): Are you kidding me? Charlie Brown has more parental supervision than you!

      Peyton is referring to a character in the famously adult-free Peanuts comic strip by late cartoonist Charles Schulz.

    • Felix: Is Velma picking you up in the Mystery Machine?

      Velma is one of the main, teenaged, characters in the series Scooby-Doo. The characters drove around in a van called the Mystery Machine and solved mysteries typically involving tales of ghosts and other supernatural forces.

    • Episode Title: Something I Can Never Have

      "Something I Can Never Have" is a song by Nine Inch Nails in their album Pretty Hate Machine

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