One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 17

Spirit in the Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

The Sparkle Classic cheerleading competition is fast approaching and Brooke is determined to win. Before leaving for Charlotte, Whitey tells Nathan and Lucas they have to work together: even though Lucas is in on the injured list, he could help Nathan out with double teams. Unfortunately, Nathan doesn't look that eager to learn about Lucas' fade-away.

It's time to leave and the bus trip is underway. Everybody is there including two special chaperons: Karen and Larry - Peyton's father. Once at the hotel, frenemies Brooke and Peyton find they are sharing a room, and much to their chagrin, so are the Scott brothers. Nobody is exactly jumping for joy, but Whitey's decision is final. No one is switching rooms.

While Brooke is pulling her Cheer-Nazi attitude, Lucas feels left out of Haley's life, since she's always hanging out with Nathan. In the meantime, in Tree Hill, the older Scott brothers, Dan and Keith, are clearly not able to work together any better than the children and Keith can't help but quit.

Back in Charlotte it turns out that Theresa, one of the cheerleader has contracted chicken pox. Yep, Peyton and Brooke have to find a replacement: Haley, who eventually accepts thanks to Peyton's guilt trip, "It's important to Brooke." When the whole routine practice is over, the girls (plus Mouth) relax in the hot tub, and Brooke doesn't look quite so mad at Peyton anymore. Just then, the boys come over - after a terrible male stripper experience courtesy of Tim - and Lucas tells Haley she looks ridiculous wearing that cheerleader's outfit. Haley looks hurt and points out the obvious to Lucas: "You do realize that both your former girlfriends are cheerleaders?" Soon after, the hot tub party is done, as soon as an angry red-faced Whitey shows up to break up the party.

It's a new morning and the cheer competition can get started. In the end, Brooke's team doesn't win but at least Brooke wins the final award of the competition, for best original choreography.

Now it's the Ravens turn. Before the game, however, Lucas apologizes to Haley and they make up. The Ravens win the game, thanks to Nathan's final shot. He did practice Lucas' sporty advice, after all. It seems Nathan and Lucas are kind of bonding, and Haley is clearly happy about this. Someone else isn't that thrilled: Peyton, since Brooke points out: "We're not friends anymore, we're just on the same squad."

In the last scene, Lucas is playing at the Rivercourt and he shoots a basket. "That's one." Meanwhile, emancipated Nathan enters his new apartment.
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