One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 17

Spirit in the Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on The CW

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  • Another game away!

    Definitely some interesting story lines this week. A game away leads to Lucas and Nathan getting along, Haley becoming a cheerleader and Brooke and Peyton getting along.

    I liked seeing Peyton and Brooke get along - but don't blame Brooke for still refusing to be friend with her. Peyton did a dickish thing and deserves all this. At least she wants toe earn Brooke's trust again. I did love Brooke in this episode! She was funny and bitchy - what she seems to do best. Her relationship with Mouth was interesting and I'm glad they explore it more.

    Haley becoming a cheerleader was actually a fun side story and she seemed to really let go and enjoy herself. Which is why I hated Lucas even more when he said she looked ridiculous. Piss off, Luke. He has gotten annoying as hell since that car accident. Glad Nathan told him to think twice about how he treats Haley. How strange was it to see the Scott brothers getting along? That won't last long.

    Meanwhile, Karen and Larry Sawyer (Peyton's dad) get along famously at the game. New love interest? More like new obstacle for a Karen/Keith romance. I felt pretty sorry for Keith when she cancelled dinner :( Dan's an ass, as usual. Very relieved to have no real Deb/Dan drama. What was with Nathan and his empty apartment??

    Good episode!

  • The Classic

    Everyone is in Charlotte for the Secret Sparkle Classic. The cheerleaders have a competition and the players have a game.

    Whitey has Lucas work with Nathan to help prepare him for the game but Nathan doesn't want his help. Room assignments suck as Lucas & Nathan are paired together and Brooke & Peyton are as well. Haley has to fill in for one of the girls and does an awesome job. The girls don't win the competition, but Brooke does win for best choreography. The Ravens win the basketball game and Whitey gets his 500th win after Nathan scores the winning basket with the shot Lucas helped him on.

    The best part of the episode was Whitey yelling at Karen and Larry for being such crappy chaperone's when the kids break curfew!!
  • Season 1, Episode 17.

    The gang hits the road to Charlotte where Brooke is determined to win first place at the annual cheerleading competition. But when one of her squad member falls ill, Peyton begs Haley to step into the cheerleader's shoes for a day. Meanwhile, after Whitey assigns Lucas and Nathan to the same room, tempers flare and Haley is caught in the middle. Bevin's first appearance! Haha, she's pretty hot. "Hey, Lips, come here!" "It's Mouth." LMAO! I love Brooke so much. Lucas is my least favorite character. Brooke is my favorite, then Nathan. =] I can't believe Nathan and Lucas still hate each other! :( Yay for Nathan's apartment! =] Good episode!
  • This episode was a really good and interesting episode. It had many fun mixed with a lot of drama. Brooke and the gang go to a cheerleading competition and the drama flares between Brooke with Peyton about Lucas, and Lucas with Nathan about Haley.

    Spirit Of The Night is the seventeenth episode of the first season and the whole series. It aired on the WB on April 6, 2004. This episode was really interesting and funny. I liked when Peyton tries to become friends with Brooke but Brooke doesn't let her that easily. I also like it when Haley is stuck between choosing her boyfriend and her best friend. Lucas is really upset that every time he has plans with Haley, Nathan ruins them. I love it when Haley became a cheerleader just for one day, but I hate it that Lucas didn't complement her but insulted her. This episode is in the top episode of the first season.
  • A great, break from the ordinary life, episode!

    The whole gang goes to Charlotte. Hailey is asked to fill in as a cheer leader when one of the squad members comes down with Chicken Pox. Lucas and Nathan have been assigned to bunk with each other for the weekend, and Lucas is feeling a little left out when Hailey starts to spend more time with Nathan than with him. Kieth and Dan get into an agreement over the shop, Kieth ends up quitting his job. Peyton tries to right all her wrongs with Brooke over the weekend. Brooke agrees to at least call a cheer truce. Karen and Mr. Sawyer (Peyton's dad) get reprimanded by Whitey for not being better Chaperones on the trip. The episode ends with Nathan going home to an empty apartment alone.
  • I loved it!

    When the gang goes to Charlotte for a basketball game and a cheer competition, things are chaotic! Brooke, who is still angry at Peyton and Lucas, is determined to win at all costs! She even asks Mouth to spy on their rivals. When a cheerleader goes home, Peyton begs Haley to join for the competition. Haley agrees. Brooke and Peyton get along for the weekend, but Brooke says it doesn't change anything at home. Lucas helps Nathan under Whitey's commands. Haley is caught between the bickering two. Karen and Peyton's dad chaperone and seem like they're flirting. Keith quits after Dan makes things harder on him.

    This was a great episode! I love the ending! I love every ending to every episode so far! It's so sad! I feel really sad for Brooke these days. The picture tearing scene was so emotional! This episode gets a 10!
  • This episode is such a great episode espcially for the first season because it shows nathan and lucas getting closer, kind of bonding in a way and that is all because of hayley.

    The relationship between Peyton and Brooke at this moment is horrible. with peyton trying to fix everything that went wrong with brooke and her. brooke needed a step in cheerleader peyton got hayley to cover for her. everything peyton did for brooke i'm surprised she didn't forgive her by the end. but i guess the site at the end of lucas and peyton standing their talking about their parents hooking up. got brooke thinking in the negative way she has been for a while. I love it how whitey one is 500 win and how nathan does a fade away and lucas is cheering for him. it gets me thinking that one day they are going to realize that they are brothers and they are going to act like one.
  • One Tree Hill

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. Everyone had to go to charlotte for a basketball tournament and a cheer competion. when they first got there they guys made a plan for everyone to sneak out but brooke told them to stay away from her cheerleaders because they needed to practice. one of the girls turns out to have chicken pox and she has to go home so they are down one girl and the dance brooke had done was set for 10 girls so they have to find a replacement or forfit. peyton goes to haley because she wants to be on good terms with brooke. haley starts practicing with them and they work on it all night.
    the next day at the cheer competion they don't place but brooke wins the best coreographer award and the boys win the basketball game and so whitey has now won 500 games.
  • Another great episode!

    In this episode through all the stuff between Peyton and Brooke they put their differences beside for there cheer squad. Brooke is disappointed that they might have to drop out of the competition. So Peyton convinces Haley to be a cheerleader for a day. After Whitey assigns Nathan and Lucas to the same room they have to deal with each other and the fact that Nathan and Haley are dating and Lucas and Haley haven't been hanging out as much as they used to. Through all the drama everyone ends up having a great time including Karen and Peyton's dad who were poorly chaperoning the trip.
  • This is when Peyton and Brooke are forced to be to put their differences aside for the sake of the squad. A glimpse at an effort to mend the friendship. While, Lucas and Nathan form a bond while trying to win one for Whitey. Very funny, and dramatic.

    I loved how Mouth helped with the cheerleading routines and how Peyton helped Brooke no matter how much Brooke hated her. It was sweet. A true friend. The kids having their little party by the pool and then getting caught was funny because the parents were the ones in trouble. If only that could always happen. Haley being a cheerleader showed her fun side and maybe a yearning for something more. Sadly, though at the end of the day Brooke was just being nice for the squad and as soon as that day ended so did playing nice with Peyton. Peyton didn't let that get to her though because as she said "You may not be my friend Brooke, but I'm still yours." A chance for hope.
  • Everyone goes to Charlotte for the annual cheerleading competition and the basketball game.

    This episode was so exciting and eventful. It was so fun to see the cheerleading competition and the basketball game. It was so funny how Brooke became a Cheer Nazi who would do anything to win. I loved how she forgot about hating Peyton and put everything aside for the competition. I also loved how Mouth came up with the cheerleading routine. It was so funny when he did it. It was interesting to see Haley become part of the team and it was really interesting to see how Lucas reacted to it. I also liked the interactions between Nathan and Lucas in this episode. It was so funny that Whitey put them in the same room because he did it alphabetically. I was cute that even though Nathan didn’t want to learn Lucas’ jump shot, he ended up using it to win the game. I also loved how the guys snuck out and ended up seeing make strippers. It was so funny how the chaperons where no where to be find. This episode was very funny and exciting.
  • Mouth Shines, Brooke Shines, Haley Shines

    mouth makes this episode one of the best for me, he shows hes a confident actor, and willing to anything, if he is to be a part of a one tree hill episode, hilarious, a season best, nearly......hayley shows her kind and friendly side towards brooke altho she didnt exactly like her that much b4 dis.....brooke triumpsh...wahah......................ignore all th im writing this to fill in 100 words cos it wont let me save it other wise, okay its a great episode but im not gunna write a book on it, shud make a review 60 words, lol dont u think?
  • Realy one of my favorite episodes!

    my name is melinda krogdahl I live in Sweden and realy love one tree hill I watch it all the time and now I desided to watch every episode from the start. I think I love the show so much becouse I relate it to my life så much, I have been in the same situation that brooke were with lucas and peyton and realy understand how she feel. I feel so sory for Lucas no when he can't play and I realy hope he will be fine. I alsow love Nathen and Haly they are so qute! He is realy nice to her no and i hope the situation with Nathan, his mom and dad will be good again. byebye Mell
  • The team has an away game, the cheerleaders has a compitition, and Lucas and Nathan are stuck in the same room with each other.

    I thought that this was a really good episode. I really like how Brooke was really cracking down on the squad before they left i think that she was using the compititon as a way to get her mind off of what Lucas and Peyton did to her. I thought that it was funny that one of the girls got the chicken pox and to go home and Peyton conviced Haley to fill her spot. It was funny that the Basketball team snuck out to a strip club to find out it was guys stripping and not girls and that both the team and the cheerleaders got caught by Whitey and that Karen and Peyton's dad got into trouble for it.
  • One of those amazing episodes with all of them in it!

    I loved this episode. It was so much fun and I love the episodes with all the characters in it. And both One Tree Hill episodes with the Cheerleading Competition contain such great scenes like the pool scene!

    In this episode, you could see how Nathan and Lucas are slowly growing closer and I loved it!
    Mouth was hilarious with his dancing when he helped the girls with their routine. It was sooo funny!
    Also, it was great that Haley helped them out by learning the routine over night. I loved how Peyton and Brooke got along for a while.
    And it was great that Brooke received the award for best choreographie in the end!
  • Fabulous!

    Another great episode with great acting by our amazing cast. Same great action-packed dramatic episode featuring all our favorite characters. This episode give sus another episode to look forward to and leaves us so much questions that will only be answered if we tune-in to the next episode. Brooke is well determined to get the 1st place in the cheerleading competition, and she ends up getting into a fight with the team captain of the opposite team. Insted of winning 1st place. She wins best coreography which she is even happier about. Lucas and Nathan are in the same room and Whitey's excuse for it is arranged by alphabetical order! Which is totally hilarious!
  • cute

    this was a very well written and thought out episode. it was so nice to see peyton and brooke getting along. i felt really bad for brooke at the end of the episode. she was reminded how she was alone and it was sad. lucas got some good advice from nathan. i felt bad for lucas cause he had to watch his team win when he knew he could not play. i also felt really bad for keith. he went through so much trouble for his and karen\'s date. brooke was really funny in this episode. oh my god mouth was hilarious. he knew how to cheer!!!
  • It\'s time for the Classic! They head to Charlotte for the cheerleading competition and one of the cheerleaders ends up with chicken pox and Brooke has to find a replacement - Haley! And Haley finds herself stuck in the middle, between Lucas and Nathan.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of Season 1. Mouth is absolutely hilarious! And it\'s nice to see Brooke and Peyton getting along again, even if it\'s only briefly. We also see more of Haley and Lucas\' relationship developing, as they fight and make up. And we see how much Peyton cares about Brooke.
  • this was a great oth episode

    i thought this episode was funny and cute. Naley parts were awesome so was the cheering competiton.
    when chicken pox fells a raven's cheerleader the night before a major competition, Haley grabs some pompopms and learns the moves. Keith learns that Dan's offer to finance his garage has strings attatched.
  • nice! with haley and the cheer thing and all....

    i really liked this episode! Watching the cheerleaders dance was kinda funny.... but it was fun! haley musta really been excited and happy about, you know, dancing with them...! brooke was a pretty good captain and i was happy when she won the award for best original choreography...shes a pretty good dancer too, along with peyton and haley and the others. fun! i also like how brooke and peyton got along about their fight...!
  • A personal favorite from Season 1!

    This is one of my all time One Tree Hill favorites.

    I loved seeing Haley as a cheerleader and the girls cheerleading to "Kung Fu Fighting"- it was awesome! Tree Hill may not have won but at least Brooke won that choreographing award.

    It was also funny when everyone went into the pool and they were all caught by Whitey- just the look on his face made me laugh out loud!

    This was also kind of the beginning of the Karen-Larry flirtation/romance- those two as chaperones were great!

    Nathan and Lucas were also good in the episode when Haley sort of got caught in the middle of their "tiff".

    Again, a personal favorite of mine. A+ all around!