One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 17

Spirit in the Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Peyton says "Let's go" to Haley, she sticks her tongue out her mouth without saying a word.

    • In the scene where Whitey is scolding Karen and Larry, as the camera focuses on him pacing, you can see the face of a person in the background. Then, when the camera switches back to him, you can definitely tell there is nobody in the background.

    • This episode is the first to contain a product placement for Secret Sparkle (a fragrance and deodorant marketed to teen girls). Secret Sparkle sponsored the cheerleading competition.

    • When Whitey tells Lucas to help Nathan with creating his shot, Lucas is wearing his backpack strap on his injured right shoulder, apparently without discomfort. But later, Haley merely touches it and Lucas flinches in pain.

    • During the entire show the camera angles overlap each other. For example, when Lucas entered Haley's room, he is filmed shutting the door. Then they switch to another camera and he's seen shutting the door a second time, even though it was never opened. Another strong example shows Nathan and Lucas in their hotel room. Nathan says something to Lucas, and Lucas rolls over in bed. Then they switch to another camera, and he rolls over again.

  • Quotes

    • Brooke: Hey, Lips! Come here!
      Mouth: It's Mouth.

    • Claire: Where did you find your choreographer? Under S in the yellow pages for "Sucks?"
      Brooke: No. Actually, that's where I found your boyfriend.

    • Brooke: You really saved us this weekend. Thanks Haley.
      Haley: (to herself) Did she just call me Haley?

    • Nathan: You know, I would've hit that shot with or without you.
      Lucas: Not if I was guarding you.
      Nathan: Get your ass back and we'll see.

    • Tim: (goes up to Brooke and Peyton) Hey ladies, we're sneaking out after curfew. Spread the word, OK?
      Brooke: (grabs Tim's ear) Tim, stay away from my squad, we need to be fresh for tomorrow.
      Tim: OK!

    • Peyton: Hey. Haley said she'd fill in for Theresa.
      Haley: I've made no apologies for my lack of coordination, it's genetic.
      Brooke: It's impossible.
      Peyton: Brooke, you're our captain. We can still do it, you just need to get off your ass and stop pouting.
      Brooke: We'd have to practice all night, and it's past curfew.
      Karen: If anyone asks, I was never here.
      Brooke: Okay, okay! I'm gonna get the rest of the girls, we're gonna need coffee, black, sleep is our enemy. (To Haley) And we're gonna need to do something about that hair.
      Peyton: (laughs) Let's go.

    • Peyton: You know how terrible it is to be disconnected from your best friend?

    • Haley: (to Peyton) You're a born artist. I'm a born klutz, I almost drowned in the ball bin at Chuck E. Cheese.

    • Brooke: We just wanted to wish you luck this weekend.
      Claire: Um, we've won four years in a row...

    • Dan: You gotta start thinking like a business man, bro.
      Keith: I think you do enough of that for both of us... bro.

    • Peyton: Brooke, you might not be my friend but I'm still yours. And I'm gonna prove it to you.

    • Brooke: Hey Mouth, part of this belongs to you, you know?
      Mouth: We could share it. Trade off weeks?
      Brooke: Umm, let me think about!

    • Brooke: Okay, I want you guys to think about Theresa lying at home, itchy and gross and covered in Calamine lotion. The last thing she said to me was "this sucks." And this will suck unless we win.

    • Lucas: (to Nathan) You know, when I was younger, I always wanted a little brother. And then I found out about you. Got over that in a hurry.

    • Whitey: (Talking to Karen and Larry.) How in the hell am I gonna win a ball game with a bunch of hung over idiots? I don't know why you got on the damn bus in the first place if you weren't gonna take this serious. You call yourselves chaperones. It's pathetic.

    • Claire: (to Brooke) You know if I were you, I'd get some beauty sleep. I think it's the only thing that's gonna help.
      Peyton: If I were you, I'd step back from my friend.

    • Tim: Not really. I know this club. They're a little loose on checkin ID's. That's not the only thing that's loose.
      Nathan: Tim, just say it's a strip club.
      Jake: How are we gonna get in?
      Tim: Everyone chips in ten bucks and I grease the bouncer.
      Nathan: Yeah, and then you can bribe him.

    • Larry: Except for that Tim kid peeing in the ice machine this has been pretty easy.

    • Brooke: Guess who's in the lobby. I'll tell you, Claire Young and her little hoe posse. We are going down there.
      Peyton: Okay, and if an angry dance off breaks out I've got your back.
      Brooke: Great. Just don't stick another knife in it.

    • (Nathan shuts off Lucas's music and turns on the televison).
      Lucas: I was listening to that.
      Nathan: Not anymore. Watching TV.
      Lucas: (Takes the remote and shut off the television) Not anymore.

    • Whitey: I don't care how important this tournament is, people trump pom-poms. We can't fit all that crap on the bus.
      Brooke: Fine! You be responsible for ten very pissed off cheerleaders.

    • Whitey: Larry Sawyer, meet Karen Roe.
      Karen: Hi!
      Larry: Hi!
      Whitey: You two are my chaperones. A lot of these kids think that the Classic's an excuse to party all weekend. It's your job to see that doesn't happen.
      Karen: We don't have a prayer. I used to be one of these kids.
      Larry: You? I got a beer bong in my overnight bag.

    • Cheerleaders: You can't shoot. You can't score. You will beat us nevermore. Go Raven's go.

    • Dan: Remember Dan Scott is a name people trust.
      Keith: Yeah, maybe people don't know him.

    • Brooke: How'd you like to be my scout, scoop out the competition for me? I'll pay you twenty bucks.
      Mouth: Spy on cheerleaders? I'd do it for free.

    • Bevin: Brooke, cheerleading is supposed to be fun.
      Brooke: Yeah, well, winning is funner.

    • Brooke: Theresa, terrible posture. Pinch that penny. Bevin, you need a breath mint. Peyton, nice form, and excellent betrayal of a best friend.

    • Nathan: I'm gonna light this place up tomorrow. Dad's not going to be here so I figure I'll go for season-high just to piss him off.
      Lucas: Where is he this weekend, anyway?
      Nathan: Lawyers told him to skip a game, show he's not controlled by basketball. So he brought in a satellite dish to bring in the live feed.

    • Claire: Remember ladies... Jazz fingers!! (gives jazz hands)
      Haley: I'll give her a jazz finger...

    • Nathan: How's it going?
      Haley: Well, in a startling new development, it looks like I'm gonna be joining you at the Classic.
      Nathan: You and me in the same hotel... This weekend just got interesting.
      Haley: Down, boy.

    • Haley: You were rooting for Nathan.
      Lucas: I was rooting for the team.
      Haley: Whatever you say.

    • Brooke (flipping out): Okay,Okay,Okay time for plan B. We're gonna find Claire Young's room and pull a Tonya Harding. We're just gonna hit her in the knee with a big stick.
      Peyton: Okay Brooke. You're a better choreographer than Claire has ever been. Okay? We still have time to win it, just teach us some new moves.
      Brooke: Well what about our song?
      Peyton: You handle the moves. Let me take care of the song. (high-five)

    • Brooke: (talking about Claire Young, cheerleader from rival squad) I can't believe the nerve of that little third rate Brittney, trying to pretend like she doesn't recognize me.
      Peyton: Are you still obsessing over this? You made out with her boyfriend at camp!
      Brooke: I didn't know they were dating, unlike so many people and besides-he was a yell leader, he was gay anyways.

    • Haley:(In cheerleading uniform) They needed an extra. What do you think?
      Lucas: I think you look kind of ridiculous.
      Haley: You do realize that both your former girlfriends are cheerleaders. Oh right, excuse me. I guess I'm not allowed to have any fun.
      Lucas: That's not it.
      Haley: Yeah, that is it. I'm having a good time, I'm happy. I'd think that my friends would be happy for me too.

  • Notes

    • This is the first appearance of Bevin Prince as recurring character Bevin Mirskey.

    • Featured Music:
      "One In Every Crowd" by Viva Voce
      "Shadows Cast a Lie" by James William Hindle
      "Looking For a Reason" by Paul Trudeau
      "Slam" by Midnight to Twelve
      "Good Girl, Bad Boy" by Junior Senior
      "Shake Yer Booty" by APM Music
      "Big Man On The Block" by Black Toast
      "Get Naked" by Black Toast
      "Mix It Up" by Master Source
      "Kung Fu Fighting" by Bus Stop feat. Carl Douglas
      "100 Years" by Five For Fighting
      "All Kinds Of Time" by Fountains Of Wayne

  • Allusions

    • Brooke: Did you ever think that maybe I'm being a psycho hose beast 'cause I want us to do well this weekend?

      "Psycho hose beast" is a phrase that was coined by Wayne's World in 1992.

    • Brooke: (flipping out) Okay, okay, okay time for plan B. We're gonna find Claire Young's room and pull a Tonya Harding. We're just gonna hit her in the knee with a big stick.

      Tonya Harding was a figure skater best known for the conspiracy she was part of during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Her ex-husband hired someone to hit Nancy Kerrigan on the knee, forcing her to withdraw from the competition, allowing Harding to win. She went on to compete but after investigation, was stripped of her title and banned from participating in sanctioned events and becoming a sanctioned coach for life.

    • Haley: (to Peyton) You're a born artist. I'm a born klutz, I almost drowned in the ball bin at Chuck E. Cheese.

      Chuck E. Cheese is a children's play place with ball pits, games, play places/climbing tubes, and pizza.

    • Episode Title: Spirit in the Night

      Spirit in the Night is by Bruce Springsteen from his 1973 record, Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.