One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 9

Sympathy for the Devil

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on The CW
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Sam teaches Jamie about money. Brooke must decide whether to date Owen again, since he broke her heart the last time. Nathan comes face to face with an old rival. Meanwhile, Lucas' novel forces him to make jeopardizing decisions, and Peyton meets the movie producer, Julian.

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  • Leyton drama.

    Lots of drama for Leyton makes Sympathy for the Devil a lot more entertaining.

    I liked the flashbacks to Peyton and Julian's relationships but I'm surprised they were in love so easily. And it's crazy what a bad guy Julian seems to be now. I'm also glad Lucas found out at the end of the episode rather than it being dragged out. Should be interesting from her. I like the Owen/Brooke relationship and that conversation in the car was sweet - it's a shame they don't work out in the end.

    Mouth and Gigi felt tacked on. Nathan giving up slamball was a good decision - it was sweet that he just wants to stay safe for his family. I also quiet enjoyed Lucas writing Keith's death scene. It felt raw and emotional. I do like Sam now actually and her friendship with Jamie is endearing.

    Another good season six episode!

  • Lucas writes the script

    Lucas writes the script for the movie version of An Unkindness of Ravens, but he has trouble writing a scene to show Keith's murder. That had to have already been hard to write it in the book, but to write it for the a movie had to have harder because it's one thing to read it and another to see it. It was so funny when he hit Dan's tombstone with the shovel. I hate that tombstone and I've wanted to throw something at it since Dan put it up. It was sort of nice of Dan to tell Lucas what happened in the hallway, but it was also a little scary hearing him talk about it so calmly.

    Naked Owen was so funny. I just wish they would work things out and get back together. Or rather just get together at all since they never really dated in the first place.

    I liked seeing Peyton's past with Julian. It was nice to see that Peyton didn't spend all that time after breaking up with Lucas and before coming back just crying and pining over Lucas. But it was also nice to see that even though she was with Julian she was clearly still in love with Lucas since she kept reading the book and bought a bunch of copies.

    That Slamball game was intense and a bit scary. Especially when that guy shoved him through the glass after the game. I was scared like Haley and Jamie that he wouldn't get up, but so glad when he did and decided not to play anymore.

    I love Sam and Jamie. They are so cute. Jamie really looks up to her and it was really funny when she taught him economics. And even funnier when Jamie turned around and used what he learned from her to get money from his friends to buy a trophy for Nathan.

  • Season 6, Episode 9.

    Sam teaches Jamie about money. Brooke must decide whether to date Owen again, since he broke her heart the last time. Nathan comes face-to-face with an old rival. Meanwhile, Lucas' novel forces him to make jeopardizing decisions, and Peyton meets the movie producer, Julian. I love Brooke. The storyline with Sam is so good, and now she and Owen might get back together. I loved when Owen was in the car naked and Brooke kicked him out. Haha. I also loved the scene at the end when Brooke took the free chips and kept saying, "You're a good mom." Haha, Sophia Bush rocks. Great episode.moreless
  • First of all, how cute is Jamie. That kid is to cute and is hard to believe he is only 5. If left alone for two long I could imagine the trouble Sam and him could get into.moreless

    This chapter brought us into the missing four years of Peyton's life. We had seen, Lucas's past, Haley and Nathan's past, and Brook's past, but we never saw Peyton's past unless it was warped into Lucas. It was good that to see that she "had moved" on with her life after Lucas. I DON'T LIKE JULIAN. I think he needs to go before he destroys the perfect love story. I'm glad that Lucas was able to find some closure with Keith's death and hopefully he will be able to move on. I personnally would have taken a stone cutter to Dan's headstone vice a shovel. I forsee Nathan playing in the Championship game. Not sure what will happen. Brook has her hands full with both Sam and Owen (who I like). Gigi has got to go to. I like Milli and Mouth. I did not like Gigi even when she was in high school. I just wish they would have showed us how Jamie got caught with his buisness instead of just switching over to Haley diciplining him.moreless
  • Jamie learns how to make money

    In this episode of One Tree Hill, the following happens. We soon learn how Peyton knows Julian. Lucas writes his screen script in only 3 weeks. Julian tells Lucas that's perfect but it's missing the scene where Dan kills Keith, and if he can't write the scene then he will find a writer who can. From Brooke we learn that Julian was once Peyton's boyfriend. It's been three weeks and Peyton still hasn't told him. Haley asks Sam to look after Jamie for her for a little while. During which Sam teaches Jamie about how to make money. Throughout the episode we see flash backs of Peyton and Julian when they were a couple. We see that Julian basically broke up with Peyton because of Lucas's first book. During a Slam ball game Nathan is pushed through a glass pane, but luckily he is ok. Jamie asks him not to play Slam ball anymore, and Nathan agrees. Lucas goes to see Julian to give him the scene and he finds a photo of Julian and Peyton on the desk. We see Lucas going home, Peyton says that she has to tell him something. He pulls out the photo and she admits to him that she and Julian were in love.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The posters we can see in the photocopy room where Peyton is having her breakdown are those of artists that have been heard on the show (Group 1 Crew, Jackson Waters...).

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Peyton: Do you know what I love about you? The way you're always protecting everybody. But you don't have to protect Keith. I mean, regardless of what the scene becomes, I'm pretty sure he would rather you write his last moments than anybody else.
      Lucas: I just wish I knew the truth.

    • Dan: (on why he killed Keith) Every good story needs a villain, Lucas. Sorry, but I'm yours.

    • Peyton: Julian was right; it needed that scene... what made you change your mind about writing it?
      Lucas: I just realized it wasn't about a murder. It's about how your heart breaks when your hero dies. And I'm okay with the world seeing that.

    • Lucas: What was your best memory of Dan?
      Nathan: I don't know. The day he went to prison?

    • Brooke: WHAT?!
      Owen: Wow... Where's nice Brooke?
      Brooke: I killed her, and I ate her bleeding heart for breakfast. And I'm still hungry!
      Owen: Right... Well if you see her, tell her I enjoyed cleaning up Sam-A-Palooza with her last night, and that I plan on bringing her a gift every day until she's ready to reconsider me.
      Brooke: Every day?
      Owen: Whether you like it or not.
      Brooke: Gold. Godiva. Gucci. Gerber. My jewelry, chocolate, purse and flower preferences. I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

    • Julian: The good thing about a paper jam is that it forces you to open it up and figure out what went wrong in the first place.

    • Lucas: (About Julian) So you dated... In L.A.?
      Peyton: We were in love.

    • Brooke: Really. I'm getting relationship advice from the girl who waited three weeks to tell her fiancé that he's making a movie with her ex-boyfriend.
      Peyton: Three weeks and counting.

    • Brooke: (To Owen) For a guy like you... I might just come crawling back.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Saturday, February 9, 2008 on TV3+
      Philippines: Wednesday, April 1, 2009 on ETC
      Norway: Saturday, September 5, 2009 on TVNorge
      Latin America: Friday, July 2, 2010 on Canal Fox

    • Featured Music:
      "Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot
      "Can't Go Back Now" by The Weepies
      "Deception Loves Company" by Juice Monkey
      "I Don't Live In A Dream" by Jackie Greene
      "It is Best To Keep It All Inside" by Johnathan Rice
      "Leaving You" by Corey Crowder
      "Love Song for a Schuba's Bartender" by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
      "Soul Waver" by Malika Ayane
      "Ugly" by Max Boogle Overdrive
      "You Got Growing Up To Do" by Joshua Radin featuring Patty Griffin
      "It Means Nothing" by Stereophonics