One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 20

The Birth and Death of the Day

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on The CW

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  • emotional.

    It was actually pretty emotional to watch the characters graduate. I don't know if it was because their teenage years were coming to end end or waht but I had tears in my eyes at the end of The Birth and Death of the Day.

    They were all successful and that's great. In a way this episode was about happiness and hope - Brooke confessed about cheating on the exam but still got to graduate. Nathan was offered a job from Whitey (loved that he did this!) and Haley and Nathan are having there baby. Great ending during Haley's speech.

    But it was also about loss and despair - Karen's lie is in danger and her unnamed baby is born. Dan finally admits that he killed Keith, to Nathan and the police.

    But all in all, a nice episode leading to the finale.

  • Graduation Day

    It's graduation day at Tree Hill High. It should be the happiest time of their lives, but with Karen in the hospital after collapsing, Brooke feeling guilty about Rachel, and Nathan not having any college prospects everyone is a little down.

    This thing with Karen is seriously scary. I love that Lucas was there when they delivered his baby sister. And it was amazing that Deb believed Lucas without question. I'm glad she stuck by Karen's side and said she wouldn't let Dan anywhere near her. And when Haley gave Lucas the gift from Karen I was in awe!! I love that she knew he was writing a book and that he titled in An Unkindness of Ravens!! So perfect!

    Brooke admitting to Turner what she did was brave, but I'm glad Turner let it go. Brooke has come a long way since the show began. She is a much better person then she was in the beginning and deserves to graduate. I also thought it was sweet how Chase and Brooke both said they loved each other.

    I didn't want Nathan to give up so easily and I love how hard Haley pushed for Whitey to figure out a way to help him. And it's great that Whitey took a job coaching a college team so now Nathan can play for him. It's so perfect!! I love Whitey!!

    Graduation was incredibly sweet. I'm glad Turner included Rachel in the ceremony and it was so funny when Haley stopped in the middle of her speech to say she was in labor. It was crazy, but so cool and I loved when Nathan just jumped out and was like "what."

    The stuff with Skills and Bevin was funny. It was a nice lightness with all the seriousness that was going on with Karen being in the hospital.

    And finally....Dan is going to to turn himself in!! So glad he is finally going to the police station and everyone knows what he did!!

  • Season 4, Episode 20.

    As graduation approaches, Haley prepares for the recital of her valedictorian speech and motherhood, Nathan must adjust to life without basketball, Brooke makes a confession that may have great consequences, and Lucas confronts Dan after Karen's life is threatened. Wow. That's all I can say about this episode. The beginning was excellent, especially when Deb slapped Lucas. Haha, I loved when Nathan said that Lucas stinks while his mother was in the hospital. I like that Brooke wanted to admit what happened about the calculus test thing. Aw, Chase said he loves Brooke! :) LMAO, Bevin's parents don't know that Skillz is black! :) Great episode!
  • I love this episode!

    Graduation nears. Lucas misses the shot he fired at Dan. Karen is unconscious in the hospital, so the doctors must perform a C-section. It's a girl! Lucas doesn't want to go to graduation. Deb finds out that Lucas stole her gun and used it. She stands by Karen and also believes that Dan did kill Keith. She tells Nathan, but he doesn't want to believe it. No colleges will accept, but Haley talks to Whitey and he gets a job as a college basketball coach and offers Nathan a spot on the team. Skills and Bevin's parents meet. Brooke tells Principal Turner that she stole the exam. He lets her graduate. Chase and Brooke express their love for each other. Dan feels guilty. Haley goes into labor during her speech. Principal Turner lets Rachel graduate, even though she's not there. Karen had published Lucas' book as a present. Karen starts to die.

    This episode was great! Graduation went well there! Haley was so funny when she started having the baby. I really hope Karen lives. I don't like Dan at all, but now I like Deb. I'm glad Brooke and Rachel graduated. Bevin is funny! This episode gets a 10!
  • The Birth And Death Of A Day.

    What an Abseloutly Brilliant Episode.

    Lucas tells Deb that Dan killed Keith. Deb actually believes him and promises Dan will pay for it.
    As Nathan didn't get A basketball scholarship he Gets a job working with Skills Dad, he finds It really tough and doesn't want to this for the rest of his life.
    Brooke tells Principal Turner she is the one who stole the calculus exam. She also tells Turner about how much she has changed In 2 years, Turner asks if shes going to need calculus in her future job, and because she doesn't, he let's her go on and graduate. Chase shows up but brooke stops him before Turner changes his mind, they both say that they love each other.Karen Is still In really bad form, so the doctors have to deliver the baby anyway..Its a Girl! and It went great! Outside the hospital Haley hands Lucas a present from Karen, It was the book in the pilot episode, Karen had a note inside saying she loved him. Lucas tells Haley he wants Karen to wake up, and "Be his mother again"
    Deb tells Nathan that Dan Killed Keith, he gets angry and doesn't believe her, he goes to Dan to make sure its not true, and Dan tells him the truth. Nathan tells Dan that he'll never see his son, and that hes dead to him. We find out that Whitey was offered to coach into a college near Tree Hill and he asks Nathan to play for him. Bevins Parents Meet skills and It turns out they get on really well! Everyone graduates, and Its a really touching scene, knowing that this is the end of an era. Principal Turner calls out Rachel's name, who graduates in absentia. Brooke was sooo happy.When Haley gives her valedictorian speech we can tell somethings up with the way shes Talking, and gasping for air. She has to stop and says "I'm sorry, Iv got more, its just, I think I'm having my baby!" Nathen stands up and looks at her, Haley forces a smile back at him.
  • Season 4 Episode 20

    There were a lot of emotional scenes. When Nathan asks Dan to tell him Deb and Lucas were wrong and Dan just whispers he cannot do that. That's a killer scene. It seems Dan is done with running away. It was about time.

    I also liked that Brooke opened up to Principal Turner abouth the whole calculus thing. It's so good she made it to graduation. Well, it's a bit unrealistic Principal Turner let it go like that but, after all, stranger thing happened in Tree Hill, so... :D And speaking of graduation, it's also nice that Turner let Rachel graduate, although she wasn't even there.

    The most hilarious scene... Deb slapping Lucas and Lucas asking her if she was still on drugs. (LOL)
    Chase and Brooke were very cute, and so were Peyton and Lucas.

    It was sad to see Nathan adjusting his life without basketball, but I knew something was going to happen. In fact, Whitey ended up sorting things out, which is good because Nathan deserves a bit of luck, for once.
  • so what if i did? so what if i do?

    so chase loves my girl brooke & she loves him. the sound of her voice & her dimples makes me swoon everytime. i'm glad whitey figured out a way 2 do something & now nathan won't have 2 work at that dirty job. it was great that deb slapped lucas, he deserved it. sometimes people need to act like actual adults on tv & that was a good example of the few times people do. the inclusion of the shakespeare & the clip from the 1st season was excellent. details like that make a show good. the parents being perfectly ok with the race difference was unrealistic. hopefully the mom is not dead cause that would suck.
  • It was a very omnious episode. As I hear they are going to jump five years into the future for next season. I don't know if that is what's going to happen, but if it is then this episode did a great job of laying out the ground work.

    I thought this show was great. One of the best episodes to date. When Dan told Nathan that he couldn't tell him he didn't kill Keith, I thought finally. Then he was at the police station, and who knows what he's going to do. A part of me is like he can't go to jail, he's the bad guy we need him. When Lucas was holding on to baby Scott, I thought I glimpsed a bit of the future, and then when Karen flatlined I definitley saw it. If they are going to jump five years, I can totally see Lucas and Peyton raising his sister together. Alongside Nathan and Haley and their son too. I cried a little at the end when Haley was giving her speech, and then she said, "I have more, but I think I'm having my baby now."
  • The end or an era but the beginning of a new one.I loved the way the Lucas/Dan thing panned out. There was the usual cheese from LP and CB but some awesome acting from Lucas/Dan/Deb/Nathan really saved the episode

    The positives first
    1. I thought the acting from James/Paul/Barbara/Chad was brilliant. The Nathan/Dan scene where Nathan tells Dan that he is dead to him had me in tears, it was just such an amazing scene
    2. I loved Whitey, totally did not see it coming, but I am so glad that Nathan can still play basketball at college now.
    3. Loved the ending, so much drama, what a major cliffhanger, they can not kill off Karen though, it would be too sad
    4. The Brooke and Turner scene I though was really good, I was wondering how she would still be able to graduate if she confessed but they managed to make it work.
    5. Great to see more of Barbara as she was amazing as always
    6. I thought Joy had another great episode, I loved Haley's speech(or the amount she got to read anyway) and I thought it was really funny the way she went into labour
    7. I thought it was a nice touch having Rachel graduate even though she was not there
    8. Great acting from Lucas with Dan, Dan in general had a fantastic ep I thought. Some brilliant acting throughout the episode really

    1. The cheesiness, Chase and Brooke are just so wrong as a couple. they have not even been together long and they are already saying 'I Love You', it can't even be compared to other I love you's as it was just so terrible, I can't take the CHEESE, so please remove Chase from my screen. Onto LP now, well that has been cheesy since they got together this season really, Lucas was talking but the thing was I did not believe a word he was saying, maybe this is because I like Brooke and Lucas together but I still did not think he was believable, then again maybe it was meant to be like that.
    2. Karen the woman Brooke lived with for a decent period and who Brooke looked up to is in hospital and yet Brooke is absent from the hospita!! Where is the logic?? Instead of being there she is with Chase!! Fair enough we saw her at the end when everyone was there to get Lucas to come to graduation but I just didn't like the way they did that.
  • I really liked this episode! It was just awesome! Leyton are really becoming a healthy relationship for them both.

    Graduation day!

    This episode was mind-wrecking from beginning to end. Everything was awesome, from Karen having her baby, Haley going into labor during her speech, Bevin falling while receiving the diploma and of course the many Leyton scenes.

    And when Lucas opened the graduation gift from his mother, it was such an emotional and great scene. The flashback from the Pilot made the scene complete. Most of us OTH fans probably remembered the whole Julius Caesar scene, but I'm so glad they decided to show it too.

    Next week it's the Season Finale, and I really can't wait! It's gonna be sad too though.
  • omg!!! I cried almost every scene of this episode! Definitely one of the best episodes of season 4!

    Karen’s in critical condition, even got worse after giving birth… Brooke and Chase are being sweet to each other, I kinda start liking them together...“you told me you love me”…”I did not”…”did so”…cute!... Nathan’s kinda freakin’ out when saw Karen’s baby, “Wow, I’m officially scared to death again!” Leyton’s perfect relationship…even w/ Bevin and Skills… Dan’s guilt is eating him!!! Brooke admitted to Principal Turner about the calculus exam, doing it for herself and for her friend, Rachel… Whitey…I really cried with his scene with Nathan, last episode he’s convincing Nathan not to give up on his dreams…well, in this episode Whitey showed he never gave up on Nathan…was so touching… And, Haley’s valedictorian speech was very good, touching, inspirational, and cute and funny…
    ”oh, I’m sorry…I have more…I just…think I’m having my baby”…LOL!
  • It's graduation day at Tree Hill High and it's the end of many dreams and the begining of new ones.

    I enjoyed this episode and every part of it. It was a masterpiece , so well written and just everything we been waiting this season happened. Karen has her baby while her life is in danger after she gets an strange disease. Haley's labor starts while she is saying her validectorian speech.Brooke comes forward and admits she was the one who stole the calculus test but she graduates anyway(only part I didn't like that is why I didn't put a 10). The truth about Keith is known and Whitey surprises us by his decision of becoming a college basketball coach and of course inviting Nathan to join the team.And finally it seems that Dan is turning himself in.

    A great introduction for the season finale and the conclusion of an era at Tree Hill High.
  • The cast of One Tree Hill Graduate from high school even Rachel... At the very end of the episode Haley goes into labor (saying i have more i just think i am having my baby) and Karen has her baby which is a girl

    The cast of One Tree Hill Graduate from high school even Rachel...Brooke confesses to the Principal that she was the one who broke in and stole the calculus test and Brooke and Chase exchange I Love Yous. Lucas shoots the gun at Dan but misses on purpose and forces him to leave the house. Karen has a disease that makes her have seizures and forces the doctors to take action and have a C-section. At the very end of the episode Haley goes into labor (saying i have more i just think i am having my baby) and Karen has her baby which is a girl.
  • This was my absolute favorite episode i cried 3 times and James Lafferty is the hottest guy ever

    This episode was absolutly amazing. I cried 3 times ecspeccially nathan scences. James Lafferty looked gorgeous as usual and he improved so much as an actor. Nathan was accepted to college which was the cutest scene between him and whitey. Brooke confessed about the test and allowed her to graduate as well as rachel. CHase and Brooke admitted that they loved eachother. Peyton took the job internship in calafornia. Thid episode was my favorite i watched it 4 times since wednesday. I am so sad that there is only 1 new episode untill January!! once one tree hill starts again it will be like a brand new show because of the fast forward in time. I Love James Martin Lafferty!!
  • lucas told deb what he knew about dan.Deb told nathan.Nathan confronted Dan, dan told the truth to nathan. Karen was in hospital and they had to deliver the baby, she had a girl. They graduated. Brooke finally admitted about stealing the tes

    This was an amazing episode.I have been waiting for this episode since season 3,in regards to finding out what would actaully happen when people found out the Dan killed keith.
    I liked the fact that they have linked things back to other seasons likes how hayley gave lucas that book(lucas wrote) from his mother and the words used were the same as the first episode.
    They showed in each character the past and the changes they have made to become the person they are today.
    I really enjoyed this episode because it was the end of high school, they had serious parts in the episode also they had funny parts!
    I cant believe season 4 is over in one more episode now we will all have to wait for ages!!!!!!
    tear tear lol
  • This episode was awsome and full of huge events!

    I loved this episode, just like the last one it was great! The Leyton scenes were cute as usual. I also really liked Brooke and chase together, I think they go well together. It was fuunny when chase told brooke he was going to send her dirty text messages and Brooke goes hah Promise. LOL the end was also funny "I'm sry i have more but i think I'm having a baby" It was sad how Karen is not well, but we know shes ok beccause the promo was a party and they wouldnt go if she died. Karens baby was so cute, I dont know wht there gonna name her, Is there a fwminin form of Keith? anyway I cant wait for the next episode the promo was awsome if was funny when mouth kissed Brooke and I love leyton and there seemed to be some good leyton scenes in the promo, so Cant Wait!!!.
  • Karen's baby !!

    She is so cute !!! Karen's baby who will be lily !!! Leyton scene are really awesome too !! That is so sad when haley tell nathan her speech and when she looks at her they exgence a glance sad. Haley's speech are really touching also. This is very funny when Deb slap Lucas and when he said are you on drugs again. Very funny. I just can not wait to see the season finally when we will see James (haley and nathan's baby!!) I can not also wait to see the fifth season of one tree hill!!! that will be really fun to watch !!
  • Good episode, but I was looking forward to a good speech, it was sadly cut. If you don't read the review, you have no right to disagree. 7 = good not I'm going to start a mad revolt against this person who didn't say it was perfect.

    "The Birth and Death of the Day" isn't just a random episode name this time. There is in fact a birth and a death during that day, well, as it looks so far. Karen is very sick and is forced to give birth to her baby, but when everything starts looking well, she starts to flat line.

    Lucas takes care of his mother in the hospital while Deb assists. Brooke and Chase get a lot closer and Brooke also opens up to Principal Turner, but got a shocking response. Nathan gets a job at the plant, but won’t have to work there for long thanks to Haley. Bevin is worried that her parents might not accept Skillz because he is black.

    When Lucas takes his mother to the hospital, everyone is willing to give a helping hand. Lucas also opens up to Deb about what happened between Keith and Dan, and she believes him with no doubt. Karen's baby needs to come out so that it will be easier to save her, and the baby is a beautiful baby girl. Deb gets Lucas to finally leave Karen's side for graduation, but just when he leaves, Karen flat lines and they leave us with that. Deb's personality is actually better than it was before she was an addict. At least now she's sober and crazy, so we get a little of both. I don't know about Chad Michael Murray, the actor still annoys the hell out of me. Moira Kelly's performance in this episode was great, no one can lie down on a bed with their legs wide open like she can, and she deserves an Emmy for her performance in this episode.

    When Brooke finally decides that she is going to come clean about stealing the calculus answer key, Chase supports her decision, but he still worries for her sake. When she finally comes around to tell Principal Turner, he gives her the benefit of the doubt and she gets a "graduate even if you violated a major offense" card. Chase and Brooke's relationship just go uphill from then. I said before that they were forcing their relationship just so Chase could stay on the show, but come to think about it, what use would they have for Chase anyway? He's just an extra guy you have to pay. It's better to see him with Brooke than with some other guy with Brooke.

    When Skillz fails to get Nathan a spot with the team that he'll be playing for in college, he gets Nathan a job at the plant where his father works instead. Nathan, not being picky, takes the job and makes the most out of it. Haley worries about Nathan's future so she asks Whitey for a favor and Nathan gets a spot with the team Whitey will be coaching for. Nathan also finds out that Dan killed Keith and first showed anger towards his mother because she delivered the message, but when his father fails to deny it, he forbids Dan of going anywhere near his family. Haley gets on to writing her speech and on the middle of delivering it during graduation; she feels that her baby is going to come out. Oh yeah, her parents couldn't come. I wouldn't mind if they didn't get the same actors for the parents, but for them to make a cheap excuse like, "they'd rather come when the baby is born" is just a cheap excuse for those producers not to cast more actors. How ironic that she's going to give birth during graduation, now her parents will never come. This show seriously lacks continuity, I know Chris Keller coming back did a huge favor for their continuity, but it's not like they needed him on the show.

    Bevin starts to get worried that her parents won't approve of Skillz because she is black, but it eventually turns out OK. Their parents got a long a lot better than they expected. Bevin and Skillz are still the best couple out there because they aren't annoying.

    Well this episode was a complete mess for a graduating episode. Haley never got to deliver her complete speech, which was the one thing I was looking forward to. Peyton's dad not coming and Haley's parents not coming, what topped it off though was the cheap excuse they had for their parents not coming. And doesn't the believability of this show suffer when they, well, I don't know, have two people giving birth at the same day. I know Karen wasn't due yet, but still it is a big coincidence. There was too little of Peyton and her plans in this episode. Rachel should really come back, this show suffers without her.
  • Tree Hill High Graduation!! Karen's baby! Dan's guilty!

    So much action in this episode. i loved it!
    - Lucas shoots at Dan, but intentionally misses.
    - Karen goes into hospital
    - Chase and Brooke say 'i love you' - that is soo cute!!! best scenes ever. - Haley and Peyton are good friends again, finally.
    - Lucas is in the delivery room when his little sister is born. I didn't know they were allowed to do that.. but anyway. I wanna know what the baby's name is!!!
    - Deb was actually sensible. i liked her in this ep - helping out karen and the whole dan killed keith thing.
    - Dan admitted it, kind of. was he going to report himself to the police??? I was so annoyed that the nurse let him hold Karen's baby, but if he was about to turn himself in and go to jail for good then i guess its ok.
    - Skills and Bevin were so cute!! hehe.
    - Nathan looked SO hot, working at the steel factory.
    - Graduation was awesome. i so wish i could wear one of those blue gown things at mine. damn american schools :(
    - I loved the end scene when Haley announced she was abotu to have her baby, she had the cutest smile, when Nathan stood up. I had a tear in my eye! it was soo cute. and can definitely NOT wait till next week!!!!!
  • It is graduation day, and a lot of things are happening Karen gives birth, Nathan learns who killed his Uncle, Brooke comes clean about the stolen test, Nathan gets a job with Skills's father, and Karen bound Lucas's novel, the gang graduates.

    So Lucas missed shooting Dan, thank god cause one I feel Dan is a pivotal character to the show, two Nathan needed to find out about Keith's murder, and finally Lucas can't go to jail for killing Keith's murderer.

    Karen's condition sounds a bit weird, one she has never exhibited any symptoms, and no one picked up when she visited a doctor for the baby. Did anyone else feel Haley's heartbreak when she saw Nathan return from working in the factory with Skills's dad, by the way him being named Chuck Taylor was hilarious, also what did they make there? I am just glad that Whitey took a Coaching job and is willing to let Nathan play for him, and I liked that it was in a smelly old gym. Haley's grad speeach was great, I loved how it ended and we saw the figure of Nathan standing up.

    Finally we get to see Deb being her strong, sassy self again. I liked when she slapped Lucas, and that she was finally able to be there for Karen.

    Will Karen dies, I hope not, I hope she has a dream about Keith and realizes what happened, and that her son is not crazy. And what will Lucas do without his mom?

    I am glad everyone including Rachel graduated, and that Bevin fell, and that her and Skills addressed the fact that their an interracial couple, not that it was a big deal but I just knew that with Bevin it would have hilarious reactions and the classic Bevin logic, like how fourth is better than third, or how to find north.
  • So many events and such a mix of emotions made for a very good episode of One Tree Hill.

    A lot of things happened in this episode, and I think they were blended very well. First off, the resolution of the "what did Lucas shoot" question was offered, and in an actually plausible way. Lucas shot the wall beside Dan's head, but with the line "I missed the first time, I will not miss again," it made it believable that Lucas was on the verge of killing Dan. Chad Michael Murray once again surprised me with his acting, he was very good in this episode with his interactions with his mother, Dan, and his baby sister. It was also great to see the flashback to season 1 with the quote about the "tide in the affairs of men".

    I think it's great that Nathan and Deb know the truth about Dan murdering Keith. Deb slapping Lucas was priceless, and I love that she immediately believed Lucas and acted so protective. The scene where Nathan finds out was very well played, and it was sad to see Nathan plead to his father to tell him he was innocent, and then to see his heart break when he knew it was true, and to tell Dan that he was dead to him and his family.

    And while on the Nathan topic, him playing college basketball for Whitey was kind of a nice way to tie up Nathan's storyline and manage to keep Whitey around in some aspect for the next season too. I really liked the Brooke/Chase interactions, and it was great that Brooke admitted to stealing the answers. I think she was right when she said it really shows how far she's come. And Principal Turner allowing both Rachel and Brooke to graduate opens up the opportunity for Rachel to return.

    The end was happy and sad at the same time, with Haley breaking off in the middle of her speech to say that she was having her baby, and with Karen flatlining. It was cute to see everyone graduate, and to see all of their reactions to Haley's announcement that she thought she was having her baby. It was also a good contrast to have Haley's great valedictorian speech played over the baby being handed to Dan, and over Karen flatlining. And Dan at the police station? It will be interesting to see if he turns himself in. I feel bad for Karen, but happy for Haley, and I can't wait to see how next week's finale ties all of this up.
  • The core five continue moving into their futures, but changes and surprises abound. Karen lands in the hospital, and graduation day comes.

    I loved this episode- of course I did- I love OTH. But this really is one of the better episodes. Only season three is comparable. You can really tell that the writers are setting up all our characters for the fifth, fast-forward season. I loved the Nathan storylines in this episode- though I don't tend to be a fan of Nathan on his own without Haley. I loved the working in the mill, and the scene were he came home to Haley was a little heartbreaking. Then Whitey becoming a college coach made it perfect- its the best thing that could have happened. I also loved Bevin- we need to see a lot more of her- I thinks her and skills are the most underrated relationship of the show. On the dan-karen-Lucas side of things, I couldn't help feeling a little bad for Dan. I kept thinking he was going to kill himself- but then he was outside the police office. Overall a great episode, packed with drama(Haley going into labor was such a cliche but still good). Can't wait for the finale!
  • This was a great episode. One of my favorites this season.

    This was a great episode. One of my favorites this season.

    The Lucas and Deb scenes were great. Barbara was so good, they should definitely give her some more serious scenes. The slap was so unexpected and now Deb feels guilty because her actions had some fatal unexpected consequences. Deb is really stepping up and playing the role of the adult again. I also like that Deb told Nathan the truth and not Lucas. I just thing it made more sense and was more believable coming from Deb. deb is really trying to handle the situation and got rid of Dan during Karen's cesarean section.

    The Leyton scene was cute. Lucas just needed a bit of comfort after everything that happened and he was worried about his mother. I liked the fact that Peyton was always there supporting him, even in the background like at the hospital during the cesarean section. Peyton holding the baby was also a great moment.

    The scene between Dan and Nathan was intense. My favorite scene in the episode. I feel so bad for Nathan. Nathan is probably the person who cares the most about Dan. Seeing Nathan realise the truth about his father was heartbreaking.

    Dan has finally lost everything. Dan deserves it but I can't help feeling sorry for him. He really feels guilty for what he has done and he is trying to redeem himself and become a better person so it makes it harder to hate him. Then he goes to turns himself in which makes it even harder since he is doing the right thing. The Bevin and Skills scenes were nice but for me they just didn't seem to fit into the episode, maybe they were supposed to make the episode lighter.

    I am starting to like Chase more and his scenes with Brooke were sweet but they did seem a bit rushed. They only got back together the last episode (not more than a week must have passed)and they are already saying I love you but it didn't bother me too much. Brooke telling Principal Turner the truth was also unexpected but she got away with it.

    I felt really bad for Nathan seeing his dreams had ended and he really had no hope left for a better future but Whitey offers him a place on his team and saves his dream.

    The graduation ceremony was nice but also a bit sad because it's the end of their high school years. So the episode ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Karen flatlines and Haley goes in to labor.

    OMG !!!

    Todays episode was amazing!!!

    First Naley was totally cute. Im so glad the naley baby is gonna be born next episode Dan is a creep...i cannot believe he tried to convince lucas to forget everything. Brase was way weird....i cant believe they love each other just seems to fast Bevin and Skillz were soo cute... Deb was awesome.....lucas deserved that slap...i dont care how bad he is at dan he cant shoot him that would just make him bad I hope dan turns himself him....he deserves to suffer in jail. I really hope karen doesnt die...lucas really needs her right now Brooke telling the truth about the exam was so brave....she changed so much I pretty much loved everything except brase and leyton:(
  • Excellent episode! I loved when Dan confessed to Nathan.

    "One Tree Hill" is definitely one of the all time greats in nighttime tv, as this episode once again proves it. A group of friends who have developed strong bonds of friendship through out these years, who have grown and matured thru many hardships, and just as many good times, who are still standing together thru the test of time have now graduated and ready to embark on whatever the future holds for them.

    Tonight's episode topped it off with resolving so many issues that have held our friends in bondage and bewilderment. Brooke decided to come clean in her heart, mind and with the principal about her being the one who cheated on the exam. In return her honesty was paid back with the privilege of graduating and also Rachael graduating too.

    Nathan finally coming to terms and accepting the fact that due to his mistake that no college wants him; he takes on a job at a plant where Skill's father is in management. But unknowing to Nathan the Coach is working on Nathan's behalf, due to Haley's request, to find a placement for Nathan.

    Nathan also approached Dan about what he had heard from his mom, that Dan had murdered Nathan's Uncle Keith. Finally, Dan confessed to it. YES FINALLY!

    Lucas's mom Karen had a baby girl and now we have to wait to see if she has survived, because it did not look good at the end of the show.

    Skill's and Bevin's parents finally meet and have a nice meal together and all seems well.

    Now it looks like we might have another baby by the season finale since Haley thinks she went into labor during her graduation speech.

    Finally, Lucas received a deserving slap from Deb. We had some very tender moments with Lucas and Peyton and we were able to see Brooke and Chase proclaim some love. Oh yeah, let's not forget Dan standing in front of the police station leaving us with the impression to do what?????? Turn him self in????? Is that even in him to do that?????
  • Perfect episode

    Wow, this episode was so great! At first I was afraid that Lucas might have really shot Dan, but he missed as I had hoped. It turns out that Deb and Nathan actually believe Luke and Nate even turns his back on Dan. It's great that he'S finally turning himself in. At least that's what it looked like.
    I'm worried that Karen might die, but I strongly hope she doesn't. At least the baby's fine.
    Speaking of babies: It was just both hilarious and so absolutely the most amazing timing ever that Haley is having her baby the day of graduation exactly when Karen had her baby. It's cheesy, but it's perfect. And did you see how Nathan looked at her when he stood up? It's the end of the season and everything is finally turning out great!
    I'm also so happy that Brooke and Chase are in love and so happy. I don't think we'll see him in season 5, but it's great that she found love for now again! It was also very great of Brooke to turn herself in. I thought she might, because it illustrates just how much she has changed and what a great character she has become!
    I can't wait until the finale and the plot for season 5 makes me all excited! It's amazing how those writers turned it all around after the better part of this season was so bad... it's great to have my OTH back!!
  • Can't wait till the fianle.

    Personally, I think that have the baby during the graduation is a bit cliched and over-used. I think it would have been better to have waited until the end, but oh well. I'm glad that Dan finally sort-of confessed to killing Keith and that Brooke confessed to stealing the answers. All in all a good episode.
  • Wonderful episode, despite its flaws.

    I personally loved this episode. Grated, I don't know much about pregnant women, but I do know that when it comes to Haley and Karen's pregnancies, the show hasn't exactly been accurate in the past (take for instance, the conception dates. the hell?). I loved almost all scenes, especially the ones with Nathan and Haley. I loved Deb being motherly, and even the slap she gave Lucas. I'm glad Nathan finally found out about what Dan did, and I'm even more glad that Dan finally admitted it to someone. Whitey taking a coaching job - esentially just to help out Nathan, as he was going to retire completely - is a stroke of genius and exactly why everyone loves his character. His moments with Haley have always been sweet, and I hope we get to see more. I'm glad that Brooke and Chase are happy together - even though I think the 'I love yous' came quite quickly. But hey, it's at the end of the season and I suppose it could be worse. They could've gotten married. All in all, an episode I wouldn't mind seeing again. Though, I rather see next weeks episode 'cause of the babies and to see how Karen is doing.
  • An episode clearly written by people who have never spent any time with anyone who was pregnant.

    Karen's eclampsia is completely out of the blue. It makes no sense. Eclampsia is preceded by pre-eclampsia, which would make her whole body (including face) swell. She would have felt the high blood pressure in advance. She wouldn't have just randomly passed out on the floor.

    The baby girl that comes out of her is clearly about 2 months old, which also makes no sense considering that she's supposedly premature, and of course, her cries are also appropriate for those of a 2-3 month old, not a premie. Hailey goes for a walk with Whitey? Yeah, right! Maybe a waddle. How Hailey was able to dance 2 episodes back is one of the great mysteries of life, but she spends half this episode standing still. She should be in unmitigated agony in her lower back, not smiling and helping out. And for anyone who thinks that labor just comes on suddenly... no dose of reality here. Even if her water broke, she should be able to complete her speech.

    All in all, as a pregnant woman (in my ninth month), it was too much of an inaccurate barrel of laughs for me to take the episode seriously.
  • Graduation day, Haley is nervous about her valedictorian speech. Nathan must face the fact that he must live without basketball, Brooke makes a confession that may hurt her chance to graduate, and Lucas confronts Dan after Karen's life is threatened.

    I thought this particular episode was a real tear jerker, but I think for the good, for once. I have watched One Tree Hill from the very begining, and I have to say, it just gets better every episode. I can not wait to see what happens to Dan. I am so glad that Lucas told Deb and she believed him. I know Lucas tried to tell Nathan before, as well, but I think that when Deb said it to him, too, that is when he realized it had to be true. I hope Karen is going to be ok but for some reason I have this feeling that she is not going to be. I am so proud of Brooke for confessing to the principal because it made Rachel graduate even if she does not know it yet. I thought the whole Bevin & Skills plot was good. We never really saw alot of them by themselves until now. I liked it. Although I do not want to see Lucas with Peyton, I am glad he had someone to help him through the hard times. I thought he should have told Peyton about Dan, though. Overall, I loved the episode and can not wait to see what next week brings. :-)
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