One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 1

The Desperate Kingdom of Love

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

While Dan lies unconscious in a hospital bed, Deb is having guilty nightmares featuring her husband's funeral. It turns out that Deb was present when Dan suffered the heart attack. "You had better hope I die," he'd said, clearly referring to the affair Deb had with Keith, her brother-in-law. Deb was shocked that her soon to be ex-husband was actually threatening her, even in the midst of a heart attack, so she actually waited precious moments before calling the ambulance. Bad girl, Deb.

Meanwhile, Peyton and Brooke are planning on spending a girls day together. Brooke comes up with a fab idea: a trip on her father's boat. While Peyton worries about safety, Brooke just waves it off. "It's like driving a car, just on water and without a speed limit." The two spend a leisurely afternoon soaking up the sun and enjoying each other's company. Unfortunately, as soon as Peyton tells her about the letter Lucas left on her door, the spark of friendship starts to flicker out. Peyton assures Brooke that she just didn't want this letter to come between their friendship. Brooke appreciates her honesty and the "Ho's over Bro's" era begins.

Haley and Nathan are thrilled to be married but a furious Deb doesn't exactly share their enthusiasm. Karen is puzzled too, since they're not even seniors. How do they think they can make this work?

Meanwhile, Lucas and Keith are in Charleston and ready to start over. Of course, the fresh news about Dan's heart makes them understand it's time stop running away and face what they left behind.

Flashback time. Nathan and Haley want to get married, so they show up at the James' mansion. Since Haley's father doesn't want this marriage, his wife pictures what is going to happen if they don't let Haley go. "She hates us. She keeps seeing him, maybe she gets pregnant, she drops out of school, she turns to a life of prostitution. Oh! There she is, smoking crack and sleeping in the gutter." Looks like Mama James supports this union.

Meanwhile, it turns out Dan had the heart attack because of a genetic mutation named HCM. Someone else is at the hospital, though: Whitey. Bad news. He has a tumor pressing on his brain. Luckily, surgery can fix the problem.

Haley is involved in a complex operation -alphabetizing CDs - when Nathan comes over. Nathan doesn't see any problem. "You like crummy music. I can live with that." Actually, the real problem is that Haley is afraid this marriage will be the biggest mistake ever. Nathan assures his new wife that he'll always love her.

Another flashback: we see the moment in which Haley and Nathan say their vows. While Haley's voice is still playing in the background, there are the last scenes. Keith and Lucas decide to face their past; as soon as Peyton and Brooke burn Lucas' unread letter, the letter-writer himself shows up. Keith catches up with Deb, who is still sitting next to Dan's bed. The guilty brothers-in-law share a friendly hug and just then Dan finally wakes up.

Yep, Evil Dan is back in town.