One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 12

The Drinks We Drank Last Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2011 on The CW

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    I LOVED this episode. I laughed the entire way through.
  • peyton sucks

    from the start i hate peyton. from the start she was NEVER a good friend to brooke. fuck peyton & her little fairytale life i hope she and her baby or lucas will drown
  • Brooke's Bachelorette Party

    This was such a funny and perfect episode to have after that crazy, drama filled one before the break. That last one was so intense I'm glad we got to see them all having fun.

    I've never seen The Hangover, but I loved this episode. It was kind of like a mystery sort of thing. They had to piece together what happened, figure out where they went, and how they ended up where they ended up.

    It's so funny that Quinn got her tongue pierced, Millie got a tattoo, Alex got a black eye, and they stole Kellerman's dog. I loved it all.

    I can't believe that Kellerman's dog can skateboard. That is so funny. And it was great giving Nathan a chance to sort of stand up to him and show he is a good guy by returning the dog.

    I felt so bad for Brooke that thought she lost her ring and kissed someone else. It was so sweet that the guy turned out to be Julian and he had her ring.

    I loved that Julian and Haley and Sylvia worked so hard to give Brooke the wedding she has always dreamed of. And it totally sucks that Peyton isn't going to be at Brooke's wedding. It's just not right. But I love that Haley is going to be the maid of honor. They have become such great friends over the years. I love them.
  • There is a spelling Bee for the kids at school on Tree Hill tonight, theres also a deathly storm in Tree Hill while the spelling Bee is going on leaving some residents of Tree Hill hurt and in great danger. and the physcho returns as well. WOW ...

    WOW!!!!!! I'm literally feeling de ja vu all over again with the accident on the bridge with Jamie calling for Aunt Brooke and Uncle Julian... like Haley did for Nathan when he rescued Cooper, and Rachel all those years ago. Mark outstanding episode I wish you could rate highter on this website... it was just an incredible episode... the only problem I had with this episode was the hide and seek thing with Quin and Katie/Sara whatever the phscho's name is or was at this point... this wonderful, intense episode did not need that that could've waited for another episode such an incredible episode... the rescue was written so beautifully and with intense moments when Brooke didn't come back right away i swear my heart was beating soooo fast it was sooo intense like i said i dont have any other words to describe it it was just incredible!!!! but great job Mark Schwahn great job! cant wait for January 25th... lol no fair!!...
  • 812

    The latest episode of One Tree Hill is very The Hangover inspired (actually Dude Where's My Car? inspired, but I digress) a movie I did not care for, but I actually liked the episode. It made some of the show's annoying female castmembers (I'm looking at you Quinn and Millie) tolerable today, and there were a lot of genuinely funny moments. It really showed that this program can survive without strong input from the male cast too. I liked the Nathan and Augustus scene, although I am not quite sure what his point about the contract was, as it is not like he caused any of the damage.

    If this truly is the show's final season it is content on going out on a high note with some of the recent episodes.
  • Another tear jerker

    (Possible spoiler) Brooke does it again. How many of us try to retrace our steps after a night on the town. She makes you feel so tearful because she's messed up but she hasn't really (thank goodness). So lovely she's now bonding with her mother-in-law to be as she has mother from hell.... and I soooo want to marry Julian, he is absolutely the most perfect guy ever. Some funny twists to the episode too. I've missed you OTH! You make me cry every time, pulling on my heartstrings. I can't wait for the big day now.... tears of happiness I hope with that episode.