One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 22

The Games That Play Us

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2004 on The CW
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Episode Summary

In the season finale, Lucas and Nathan bear the brunt of Dan's abuse as he coaches them into the playoffs, pushing both of them to their breaking points. Lucas is stunned when Haley's reconciliation with Nathan heightens the intensity of their relationship. Meanwhile, Whitey learns that his medical condition may be more serious than he first expected, and Dan learns a shocking secret about Deb and Keith.moreless

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  • Emotional finale.

    I liked the concept of The Games That Play us, the first season finale. Firstly, we watched the Ravens first playoff match and flashbacks to important events that led up to. Then the hour ended with another few important events thrown in. It was all satisfying, suitably dramatic and great set up for series.

    Lucas was saying his goodbyes in Tree Hill and it was at times quite emotional. His goodbye to Karen was quite powerful has she told him this was his home and always would be. I don't really get why Karen is being so good about this. I mean Luke is nearly 17, or around that, and just wants to take off? I don't really buy that she'd let him go with Keith. But I we know he'll be back so not a major issue. It was also quite emotional to see Keith and Karen end things so harshly. Keith is resentful and Karen upset. I still like these two together. But Lucas did leave with Keith in the end...

    Haley making up with Nathan was great. I liked Nathan's speech and how she decided it was time to have sex with him. It was clever though how the writers tricked you into thinking they were going to have sex after the game but actually got married. The look on Lucas's face was pretty priceless. It is very out of the blue but works for this couple. It will provide plenty of drama in the next eight seasons!

    Peyton and Brooke playing Nikki was quite obvious but still a fun story line. They are better as friends so am glad they made up. How will they react to Lucas's note?

    And Dan's heart attack. Way to end the season for him. I did think the Deb/Keith hook-up was random but it did prompt the brilliantly evil 'you'd better hope I die' from Dan. First of many dealings with death for Dan Scott.

    Season one really was good. It wasn't as soppy as I remember it to be and the characters were a lot more likeable. On to season two now!

  • Season One Finale

    It's the first playoff game of the season. Keith and Lucas are preparing to leave Tree Hill and Karen is preparing to let Lucas go. Jake is gone with Jenny to Savannah. Brooke and Peyton work up a plan to send Nicki away by telling her Jake is in Seattle.

    The game is going well until a guy from the other team slams into Lucas' injured shoulder. He is too hurt to continue playing, but Dan keeps him in the game anyway. The game comes down to one basket to tie or a three pointer to win. Lucas takes a three point shot to win the game and misses. Ending the Ravens season, but remaining friends with Nathan.

    Deb has signed the divorce papers. After the game Dan walks in on her and Keith on the living room floor after sleeping together. Later at the beach house Dan is about to sign the divorce papers but has a heart attack. Deb walks in and is about to call 911 when Dan tells her she better hope he dies.

    Lucas and Nathan have become friends now, but they have also truly become brothers. Saying goodbye at the River Court they hug, Nathan calls him his brother, and Lucas calls him "little brother."

    Nathan and Haley make up after the whole porn thing and decide to make some changes in their relationship. Lucas goes to Nathan's to say goodbye to Haley and finds out they got married!!

    Best line of the episode: "In your life you're going to go to some great places and you're going to do some wonderful things. But no matter where you go or who you become, this place will always be with you. There is only one Tree Hill and it's your home." - Karenmoreless
  • I just loved this finale.

    Hey people I have been experiencing many difficulties with glitches on which include my sentences being squashed together so I will be using a - dash to seperate my paragraphs.-

    Wow oh wow is a sentence I keep saying when watching every episode of One Tree Hiil.-

    What an amazing way to end the first season. The episode is set around the game that will get the Ravens a step closer to winning the state championships and in the middle of playing the game we see some of the things that happened before the game. Haley and Nathan get married. Brooke misleads Nicki who is searching for Jake and her daughter Jenny and Keith has sex with Deb. All these serious complications shot through my body like a fire bolt as I felt a chill when I watched this thrilling episode. The episode ends with Lucas leaving with Keath and Dan having a heart attack.- Everything about the finale was great. The storyline, the plot, the acting, the music and the title.- A great first season for One Tree Hill.- A+moreless
  • this was a good season

    in this season final of the first season dan is pushing the scott brother to the breaking point and nathan is under alot and he finds out that haley wants to reconsile and dan finds out the secret between deb and keith about them sleeping togeather and alot of stuff happens he gets angrey at his brother . also this was a good way to end the season one going out with bang in the first season and i thought it was a well putogeather ep for the final of season 1 and when i saw this i could not wait till season 2 .moreless
  • Good finale leaves it open for season 2

    i never saw one tree hill when it was on tv, i just recently borrowed the first dvd boxset and after threee episodes began to like it. in my opnion the oc is better but one tree hill is good. i hate lucas and dan but your suposed to hate him. Like most of the other characters. i thought this was a good season ender and left me wanting to see season two which i plan on doing very soon. If season two is anything like one i will also pln on watching 3 and the current season 4!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • In the final chapter of the show Haley tells Jamie the same line that Karen says here to Lucas "There's only one Tree Hill Jamie Scott, and it's your home."

    • At 36:14, when the shot is from above the team huddle, all the players are in their white tops. Yet when the shot changes to a close-up of Dan, several of the players have on black tops.

    • Deb's full name is Deborah Helen Scott.

    • This episode is the first time Nathan calls Lucas his brother.

    • When Nathan and Haley kissed outside in the rain, the script said, "preferably with tongue."

    • Haley takes off her top and then throws it on the bed. Then as she goes in to kiss Nathan, it shows her throw it again.

    • Peyton's house number is 1901.

    • While filming the scene where Chad had to miss the basket, he kept making it so they had to keep re-filming the scene.

    • Spoiler alert!:

      When Haley left Lucas, she was going to spend the night with Nathan. Later, we discover that this was when they were off getting married. Nathan finding Lucas and talking to him an the riverside court does not fit into this timeline.

    • The gym that all of the basketball games were shot in during this episode and the first season were filmed in basketball legend Michael Jordan's high school gym.

    • Throughout the entire episode, Lucas' hair ranges from being short to long. Halfway into filming, Chad cut his hair shorter.

    • When Haley removed her soaking top, her tank top came up with it a bit in back. After changing camera angles and then going back to her back, the tank top is still pulled down.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Nathan: We played hard and we lost. We've got nothing to be ashamed of. (Nathan rips the Scott name off of his jersey). Except maybe our coach.

    • Nathan: You know, my pride says yeah, that's it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she's clearly threatened by a sexual relationship. But my heart says, just forget about your pride, you idiot. You love this girl. And even if your gonna catch pneumonia, your ass is gonna stand out here in the rain until you convince her to forgive you. So come on Hales, just meet me halfway here.
      Haley: Why should I?
      Nathan: Because I'm sorry. Because I love you. And because you're looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I'm thinking I have to kiss you.

    • Lucas: Some people believe that ravens guide travelers to their destinations. Others believe that the sight of a solitary raven is considered good luck, while more than one raven together, predicts trouble ahead.
      (He looks out the window and sees many ravens are flying above the car)

    • Karen: I know you're searching for things, Lucas. And I hope with all my heart that you find the answers to your questions. But the answers that you're looking for are closer than you think. They're in your heart. And in the hearts of those who love you. And that is right here. At home. In your life you're going to go to some great places, and you're going to do some wonderful things. But no matter where you go, or who you become, this place will always be with you. There is only one Tree Hill. And it's your home. I love you, my boy.

    • Lucas: I thought that you were going to wait until you got married. I mean, I just figured... I didn't expect you to...
      Haley: Well, we did. We did wait.
      Lucas: What are you talking about, Haley?
      Haley: We got married last night.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Stuart Lafferty, who is James Lafferty (Nathan)'s younger brother, appears in this episode as an extra.

    • For this entire season, the show was nominated for the 2004 Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Show-Drama/Action-Adventure and Choice Breakout TV Show. Plus:

      -Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) won for Choice Breakout TV Star-Male, while James Lafferty (Nathan) was nominated for that too. Murray was also nominated for Choice TV Actor-Drama/Action-Adventure.

      -Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley) were nominated for Choice Breakout TV Star-Female. Also, Burton was nominated for Choice TV Actress-Drama/Action-Adventure, and Lenz was nominated for Choice TV Sidekick.

    • Brendan Kirsch, who guest starred in this episode, is actually the show's behind-the-scenes basketball coach.

    • Featured Music:
      "To You Alone" by The Beta Band
      "More Than Anyone" by Gavin DeGraw
      "The Way You Walk" by Faraci
      "Evening Star" by All India Radio
      "Nobody's Perfect" by Dios
      "Stay" by Michelle Featherstone
      "Where Are We Runnin'?" by Lenny Kravitz
      "NYC Weather Report" by Five For Fighting
      "Run" by Snow Patrol
      "Breaking Away" by Bosshouse