One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 5

The Killing Moon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Killing Moon

    Definitely not looking forward to seeing how this Clay thing plays out. And the Brooke and Tara thing is nonsense. This is the final season of the show, but the episode did not do a good job building toward that and starting to give us our closure, it just perpetuated more odd storylines.
  • Where In The World Is Nathan Scott???

    5 episodes down, 8 more to go!!

    Where is Nathan Scott? And who is responsible??

    Joy was amazing in this episode, as was Sophia!! I love them both so much!! Haley going to the police and then to the airport looking for Nathan was so heartbreaking. And Chris Keller helping was so sweet. He can be a jerk most of the time, but he can also be a nice guy when he wants to.

    Brooke, she is just amazing. Only Sophia could play Brooke Davis' many sides and all in one episode. She was super sweet and loving to Julian. Blew up at Chase for being with Tara. Then went full on postal on Tara's cafe. I loved it.

    Quinn was so sweet with Jamie and Lydia. Both kids are adorable. And speaking of adorable kids.. Jude & Davis are so cute. I still want to give Julian a hug and tell him it's all going to be okay, but he'd never believe it. Tara was such a ... you know what for leaving that note on Julian's car. I'm sort of glad Julian picked a fight with that guy in the bar. Maybe now he'll feel better and go back to normal.

    It's a shame about Clay, I was really hoping he was a werewolf. lol. But I believe I know what his problem is. My guess is the fear or whatever that he is suppressing is that he is scared of losing Quinn the way he lost Sara. And he doesn't want to admit it to himself, Quinn, or the doctor, because he is afraid of them feeling bad for him or of feeling bad for himself.

    And I didn't expect that he would have burned down his own diner, but I get why. I don't feel as bad for him as I did before. But I still do a bit. I don't believe he had anything to do with Nathan's disappearance, but I believe he knows something. He wouldn't try to get back in to Nathan's life to repair their relationship just to have him kidnapped or something.