One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 21

The Leaving Song

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2004 on The CW
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The pressure to perform intensifies for the Scott brothers when Dan becomes temporary coach of the basketball team. Nicki manages to steal Jenny under Peyton's watch and a terrified Jake blames Peyton for it. Meanwhile, Tree Hill relationships are in trouble as Karen and Keith's romance grows rocky, Dan gives Deb divorce papers, and Nathan and Haley hit the skids.moreless

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  • Best episode of the season?

    The penultimate episode of series one, The Leaving Song is possibly the best episode of the season. A lot of story lines come to a head in a surprising and satisfying way. And the ending was a brilliant way to set up the finale.

    Lucas, Keith and Karen. The reveal that Dan did once ask for shared custody of Lucas really did shake things up, and rightly so. I liked how Lucas ended up not being angry with anyone, but just wanting to start fresh. The ending where he says he wants to leave One Tree Hill with Keith was almost unbelievable. But very good at keeping me gripped for the finale. His mysterious conversation with Peyton then makes sense and becomes more meaningful. Karen and Keith argue was hard to watch and it is genuinely sad that Keith is leaving.

    Peyton, Brooke and Jake. Not only did we get Brooke and Peyton getting back on trash with their friendship but the Nikki/Jake drama came to a shocking conclusion. I hate Nikki and hated when she took Jenny in the mall. While Peyton should have watched her I felt sorry for her as her world fell apart. Thankfully, Jake forgave her and she ended up helping him leave town and escape Nikki. Woah, two players from The Ravens leave in one week. Sucks for them. I really like Peyton and Jake as a couple so it was quite an emotional goodbye. But a good one too.

    Haley and Nathan. This was a brilliant story line. Seeing Haley tear herself up about living up to the porn stars Nathan was watching was really powerful. I liked how she spoke about being scared to be naked in front of him and that sex should be magical. It really developed the character and how much I liked her. But it was sad to see her basically end things with him. Yes, they work it out but you could she hated doing it. I was glad to see Nathan becoming friends with Lucas though. What will Haley do without her best friend?

    Dan and Deb. Dan was even more of an ass as a coach. But really is an unlike-able character but almost in a good way. Deb also signs divorce papers which was great because I'm bored of this separation story line now.

    Very good episode to lead into the finale. Best one yet maybe.

  • The Playoffs have arrived!

    It's time for the playoffs. Lucas is back and working with Nathan to be sure he is in shape and ready after his accident. Whitey has to have eye surgery so Dan takes over as coach. He basically uses this as an opportunity to punish Nathan and Lucas.

    Peyton and Brooke take Jenny to the mall only to have her kidnapped by Nicki. Jake and Nicki then come to blows over Jenny with Nicki saying she will fight for custody. Jake realizes his only chance at keeping his daughter is to runaway with her. Peyton helps him by getting him a ride on her dad's boat.

    Nathan and Haley have another fight about the sex issue when she finds porn sites and pictures of Peyton on his computer.

    Keith is packing to leave for Charleston and Lucas announces he wants to go with himmoreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill dan becomes coach of the team do to the problems whiteny is having with the team. and so dan is in charge and he starts to make the team sorta bad. and also in this ep payton new boyfriend is mad because he thinks she is to blame for the kid being taken by niki this ep had alot of drama in this one and things start to take shape and this was a good ep i thought and it had soem very interesting scens and that is why i gave it a 8.5moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 21.

    The pressure to perform intensifies for the Scott brothers when Dan becomes temporary coach of the basketball team. Nicki manages to steal Jenny under Peyton's watch and a terrified Jake blames Peyton for it. Meanwhile, Tree Hill relationships are in trouble as Karen and Keith's romance grows rocky, Dan gives Deb divorce papers, and Nathan and Haley hit the skids. A pretty good episode overall. I loved the Nathan and Haley drama. I like that Nathan and Lucas are finally friends. :) The storyline with Peyton and Jake was sad, but Nicki is unbelievable. Brooke was good, as always. Pretty good episode.moreless
  • We really learn what is going on with Nicki and Jake. I'm glad they made an episode about them. I felt really bad for her and she is just so cute! Peyton is really good with kids too. all it takes is one look away.moreless

    I hope to god that I will never expierence what Jake and Nicki expierenced with my kids. It royally sucked what happened between them. Now the whole drama with Nathan and Haley finding Peyton on Nathan's computer "I thought you said they weren't real people" I am glad that Haley gave up on him and walked out. I felt bad for Nathan but in a way I didn't because he hoxed the relationship so he can get back at Lucas for joining the Ravens. He's pretty much using Haley to get to him which a real dick thing to do. I hated the fact that Dan was the temporary coach I felt so bad for the boys and when Lucas threw up all over the gym that sucked!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At about 6:44, you can see Bryan Greenberg's tattoo on the bottom half of his left leg.

    • Nathan's computer bookmarks include:

      Horny Co-Eds!!!
      XXX Sorority Sluts
      Amazing Amazons
      Original Sin - Hot, Nasty Girls
      Punk & Disorderly (Peyton's webcam site)
      Basketball Stats-n-Scores
      The Scorecard
      Tree Hill High School
      Fast Cars, Fast Women
      Research Central

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Nathan: It's cool. I've got to run to practice anyway. Then I'm going to pick up an extra shift at the mall to try to pay for this cable modem. And after that, I'm working out with Lucas.
      Haley: Well who are you and what have you done with my real boyfriend?

    • (Brooke and Peyton walking at the mall, while pushing Jenny's stroller)
      Peyton: So I hope you don't mind that I bring Jenny along, Jake kind of asked like last minute.
      Brooke: Well, it's never too early to learn how to accessorize... right?

    • Lucas: Do you need anything, Coach?
      Whitey: Yeah, my youth back.

    • Haley: I was over at Nathan's and I was on his computer, and I came across all this creepy porn.
      Peyton: How creepy? Like she-male midgets?

    • Lucas: Look, I know you did your best, Mom. If you hadn't kept Dan away, Keith and I probably wouldn't have been so close. And I would have hated to miss that. So I understand now why you had to keep that secret to yourself. You just needed to find yourself on your own, right?
      Karen: Yes.
      Lucas: Well, that's what I want, too. To start over. I mean, that's what you did when you shut Dan out. (to Keith) That's what you're doing by leaving town.
      Keith: What do you mean, "start over?"
      Lucas: I mean get away. Away from Dan. Away from this place. And away from all the mistakes I've been making. I want to go with Keith, Mom. I want to leave Tree Hill.

    • Peyton: Hey. I was kind of hoping you wouldn't show. Jenny, you be good, okay? Take care of your dad.
      Jake: Peyton.
      Peyton: Look, don't say anything. You guys just be safe. (She kisses him and he hugs her)

    • Mailman: Package for Deborah Scott?
      Deb: I'm Deb. Thanks.
      Karen: Is it bad news?
      Deb: Our divorce papers. Once they're signed and filed it will all be over.
      Karen: That's what you wanted, isn't it?
      Deb: Yeah, I'm just surprised. I never expected to feel sad.

    • Peyton: So can I ask you a question? Were you serious about getting out?
      Jake: Yeah.
      Peyton: (to Jenny) I'm sure going to miss you. (to Jake) I've got a way for you to leave but you've got to go in the morning.
      Jake: Whoa, whoa, slow down. What are you talking about?
      Peyton: My dad's transport is leaving for the keys. Did you ask your cousin about staying with him?
      Jake: Yeah, but he's in Savannah.
      Peyton: Well, my dad docks near there and a couple of other places on the way. Look, if you take your car, Nikki can follow you, but this way... I don't want you to go, Jake. But if you think it's the best thing for Jenny...
      Jake: I was thinking about how crushed my parents would be if I left. But Nikki... I mean she's been so bad to my world, already. And not just to me but to you and to Lucas and Brooke. If I stay, she'll win custody, Peyton. I can't have that.
      Peyton: The boat leaves in the morning.

    • Haley: (to Nathan after seeing pictures of Peyton on his laptop) I can't be Peyton for you. I can't be those girls. I just, I won't.

    • Peyton: Jake, I feel so horrible, you have every right to be mad at me.
      Jake: I'm mad at Nikki, okay? You I'm just, I'm just disappointed in.
      Peyton: It was two seconds.
      Jake: A lot happened in those two seconds.

    • Dan: Sprints, not runs! (Lucas is trailing behind) Lucas, keep moving! Let's go, let's go. (Lucas bends over)
      Lucas: I'm still a little weak from the accident.
      Dan: You're a little weak all right. (Lucas throws up)
      Nathan: Oh, dad!
      Dan: Coach. Now get a mop, clean that up. Let's go, quit slacking, let's go.

    • Dan: Where's Jagielski?
      Tim: Sometimes coach lets him miss practice because of his baby.
      Dan: Sounds like Whitey. There'll be no more special treatment for anyone, understood? Now this ball control offense Whitey's running is out. From now on it's run and gun. Players make plays.

    • Lucas: So, you going to tell me what happened with Haley? I called her last night and she wouldn't pick up.
      Nathan: Let's just say she found out I was looking at some websites that don't exactly make me boyfriend of the year. Alright, not that it's any of your business, but um, Haley and I, we're not, I mean she's not, you know, so, I'm just trying not to pressure her that's all. (Nathan starts to bench)
      Lucas: Yeah, sure. Porn freak. (Nathan laughs)
      Nathan: What? Shut up, dude.
      Lucas: Hey, just stay from the sites with farm animals, alright?
      (Nathan laughs)

    • Haley: You know, he says he's totally cool with waiting until I'm ready, but if he's filling up with cyber-sex in the mean time, I'm not going to measure up to that.
      Peyton: Haley. But you don't have to compete with anything. You've got something they don't. You've got his heart, too.

    • Karen: Excuse me, Deb. Dan, may I have a word with you? Is it just sport? This need to agitate Lucas any chance you get. Why on earth would you tell him that you wanted custody?
      Dan: I'm not the devil, Karen. I'm tired of being blamed for everything.
      Karen: Not everything. Just your due. You suggest to me that I abort my child and then one day you grow this tiny sliver of conscience that has long since disappeared and you expect a metal for that?
      Dan: No I expect you to be held as accountable as I have to be. You're the one who kept the truth from him.
      Karen: This is not about accountability. You don't regret missing out on Lucas' life, you hate the fact that I beat you. And you're punishing him because some lawyer told you years ago that you could never win this one and that is pathetic, Dan! So do me a favor, just stay away from him.

    • Nikki: You think I'm such a bad mother? You've made some pretty bad decisions when it concerns Jenny. I'm not sure I can trust you with her.
      Jake: Nikki.
      Nikki: I'm going to get custody, Jake. She's better off with me. I'll see you soon, bunny! Yes!

    • Nathan: So that's what this is? You're worried I'm going to compare you to them when we-
      Haley: Yes! I'm afraid that's part of it. Nathan it's hard enough for me to even think about being naked in front of you. And the thought that this is the standard I'm going to be held to? Forget it.

    • Nikki: Well, well, well. As a babysitter, apparently you suck.
      Peyton: Nikki, what are you doing?
      Nikki: Protecting my baby. While you two barbies were getting ready to make out, anybody could have taken her.
      Peyton: Put her down.
      Nikki: Right, I take orders from you.
      Peyton: Where are you going?!
      Nikki: Shopping with my daughter.
      Brooke: I don't think so.
      Nikki: Yeah, I see you stopping me.

    • Keith: Lucas came to see me last night. He had a lot of questions about what you told him. About Dan. And he wasn't the only one.
      Karen: You have a right to be upset.
      Keith: You're damn straight I have a right to be upset! You want to explain to me how you could keep that from me all these years? I had a right to know Dan wanted custody.

    • Lucas: So did Dan talk about me when you were little?
      Nathan: Well, when I was younger I used to hear my parents argue about you. I knew you were out there. And I hated the fact so I hated you. I just thought what my dad wanted me to think. It sounds stupid but it made sense at the time.
      Lucas: You know he wanted joint custody of me. That's what he was talking about at the jail.
      Nathan: Wow. I didn't see that coming. The one decent thing the guy does and he buries it, huh?
      Lucas: So you think if Dan would have gotten his way, you and I might have grown up together?
      Nathan: What would that have gotten us?
      Lucas: Well we could have teamed up against him.
      Nathan: Or we could have killed each other. Trust me, man, you didn't miss out on anything.

    • Lucas: You told me he never showed up. That he didn't want anything to do with us.
      Karen: He didn't show up at first. But when he moved back to town with Deb he told me that he'd like to help raise you. And he asked for joint custody. I said no.
      Lucas: Why?
      Karen: I didn't trust him. And Dan was ready to sue until his lawyer told him since he had left me and gotten another girl pregnant his chances weren't good. You know what Dan is like. I had to make a decision. I had to do what was best for you. And I knew that someday we'd be having this conversation but that was a risk I had to take.

    • Dan: Come on, Whitey, you know I know this team as well as you do. Every
      game, every player.
      Whitey: You ought to. You daddied half of them.

    • Lucas: Come on, can I talk to you?
      Peyton: That depends. Are you telling lies or things that aren't true?

    • Brooke: (to Peyton) So, now that Lucas has out-slutted the both of us, are we back to hoes over bros?

    • Larry: Hey, you're back online.
      Peyton: Oh, damn, I got dressed in front of that web cam.
      Larry: Don't tell me that. (Peyton laughs)

    • Nathan: Haley, I'm a guy, and this is just something guys do.
      Haley: Well then don't be a guy, Nathan, be a man.

    • (Dan sees Nathan and Lucas talking in the weight room)
      Whitey: (to Dan) Most fathers would be touched by that scene, but I'm guessing it's your worst nightmare... coach.

    • Haley: I gave you my heart. That's all that I can give to you and if that's not enough for you... then I'm not enough for you.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Featured Music:
      "I Can't Steal You" - Matthew Ryan
      "Through The Blue" - Evan & Jaron
      "No Tomorrow" - The Blackouts
      "I Have Found Mine" - The Blackouts
      "Revelry" - Sea Ray
      "Time and Time Again" - Chronic Future
      "Thrown Away" - Vast
      "Once In Awhile" - Gigolo Aunts
      "Suffering" - Satchel
      "Don't Take Your Love Away" - Vast