One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 11

The Living Years

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2004 on The CW

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  • Story lines are really building up now!

    The biggest thing to happen in The Living Years has to be Nathan quitting the team. It's been a long time coming, and while slightly shocking, it's the right thing for him to do I think. Dan and Deb are pulling him two ways, and even then Dan is still getting on at him about 'the game'. I liked how he told Lucas first because 'you wanted my world, it's all yours'. The side story with Nathan influencing Haley was good because we saw how much they like each other. She was willing to skip class (Her being drunk and throwing up on Dan was priceless!!) BUT he stopped her in the end because he didn't want her to change. He certainly has changed! For the better.

    Everything with Brooke, Lucas and Peyton was interesting. Brooke feels like she and Lucas don't fit and becomes jealous of him and Peyton. I couldn't blame her, Lucas needs to learn to spend a little more time with Brooke than Peyton. I felt sorry for Brooke her because while Peyton claims it's fine, and Lucas says he likes the differences between them, there is a clear spark between the two of them and it's kind of being rubbed in Brooke's face. I'm liking her more and she's slowly becoming the Brooke from the later series.

    Peyton's dad was an interesting character. Lucas trying to rake him was hilarious! He does seem a little clueless though, thinking Peyton won't mind being on her own for so long. I'm glad Luke showed him her comic book strip and makes him realise. It's nice to see Peyton happier these episodes. She was too whiny with Nathan. The writers are also heavily hinting at Jake and Peyton, and as far as I remember, I like them together so this is a good move.

  • Nathan makes a big decision about basketball....

    The Scott family attempts counseling which fails because Dan doesn't see a problem.

    Nathan becomes a bit of a bad influence on Haley as they skip class, go to the beach house, and get drunk. Although seeing Haley throw up on Dan after they get caught was quite funny.

    Brooke tries to connect more with Lucas and goes to Peyton for help, completely unaware of Peyton's feelings for him.

    Peyton's dad is back in town, but leaves soon after he gets back.

    Basketball practice starts up again with one person missing......Nathan. He is rethinking his priorities and isn't sure of what he wants. In the end he decides to quit the team.
  • Don't read if you haven't seen further than this episode. Some spoilers for the rest of the season.

    I really liked this episode. There was some progress between Haley & Nathan (Cute couple 4ever, btw) Haley tried something new, and all though it wasn't Good Haley, who shined through in this storyline, I loved Nathan's revelation in the end, that he just wants the Good Haley to like him, he didn't want another 'bad girl' for him. We also see more of Jake and Jenny, who couldn't be any cuter, in the episode. There's slight flirting between Peyton & Jake, and I just think, that they're so perfect for each other, too bad that didn't last. Then there is the really heartbreaking part of why I really love this episode, and it is the love triangle between You-Know-Who. Brooke was really vulnerable and she finally opened her heart to Lucas. And then it just breaks my heart, when Peyton says: Trust me, Trust Lucas - BS!!

    Knowing how it will end later, them cheating on her! That just made me so angry and sad for Brooke ;(
  • Mixed feelings about this episode.

    This wasn't my favorite episode, but we finally got to meet Peyton's dad. It was awesome how Lucas met her dad; very cool. Everyone can see the bond that Lucas and Peyton have, even Brooke, which is getting stronger by the day. It's sad to say that Nathan is becoming a bad influence in Hayley's life, because she got an F on a quiz, which he noticed. Dan and Deb are fighting about Nathan and the way that he is behaving, of course. Brooke sees the chemistry between Lucas and Peyton, which makes her jealous so she stops talking (which is hard for her) to Lucas. Peyton's dad takes a job which will take him to New Zealand for 3 or 4 months than changes his mind to be closer to Peyton. Finally, Nathan is becoming a good guy; he's actually thinking about someone other than himself. Lucas says that he likes it that Brooke isn't like him, which I think is a lie but whatever. Lucas and Brooke don't make since to me, they don't fit together at all. He should be with Peyton and Brooke should be with someone that is fun and easy going.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill with whiteny cancaling practice that means nathan has more time on his hands so decided to spend more time with haley and they go to the beach house and have some drinks also in this ep dan and deb try to bring things back togeather by going to see a therpist on there marige but it seems there growing more apart then back togeather. and peyton seems to be spending more time togeather and so that makes brook really jelious about that . this was a good ep i thought and that is why i gave it 9
  • Season 1, Episode 11.

    With Whitey's cancellation of basketball practice, Nathan takes advantage of his extra free time to see more of Haley. The couple spend an afternoon at his beach house, where the liquor flows. The Scotts see a therapist to try to fix their family problems, but the distance between Deb and Dan continues to grow. Meanwhile, Brooke grows jealous of Peyton's deepening bond with Lucas. I like all the Nathan/Dan/Deb drama. Brooke is incredibly hot. I just want Dan and Whitey GONE! I liked when Lucas nearly killed Mr. Sawyer, Peyton's father, with a rake. I liked that Keith and Nathan actually had interaction. =]
  • This episode is very funny because you finally see someone get back at Dan without even meaning it. You also show how selfish Dan is to his own family which is really sad. I also love the fact that Brooke wants to get closer to Lucas.

    The Living Years is the eleventh episode of the whole series and the first season. It aired on the WB on January 27, 2004. This episode was really funny because Haley threw up on Dan and he didn't like that. You can also see in this episode that Dan really doesn't care about Deb or Nathan. Haley shows a different side of her which was really interesting to watch. Brooke also shows a romantic side to her because she cares so much about Lucas that she lied about knowing Peyton's bands. She also realized that something was going on between Lucas and Peyton. This episode was a great episode to watch and that is why I love this series.
  • Great!

    Dan, Deb and Nathan go to a therapist. Dan storms out. Brooke is jealous of Lucas and Peyton's friendship after she sees them spending time together. Peyton's dad is home and she can't seem to tell him how she feels. She doesn't like when he goes on trips for his jobs, but she pretends that she doesn't mind. Keith talks to Nathan. Nathan decides to quit basketball and he uses the free time with Haley. They get drunk and Haley gets an F on an exam, which worries Nathan. Lucas assures Brooke that he loves her.

    This was a great episode! I'm starting to like Peyton a lot more. It's not that I didn't like her before, but I just like her better now. I can't believe Haley got drunk! That is so not her. This episode gets a 10!
  • fun

    nathan goes to keith for advice after his first family canoseling seisson then begins skiping schoolwith haley and drinking peyton tries to help brooke out with lucas but is unsuessful when brooke sees her and Lucas together and sapects the worst Deb changes the locks making impossble for dan to get in Keith and dan get in to an fight over keith giving nathan advice about maybe quitting the team Lucas and brooke make out in her jagucci I loved the this moment thats the only reason its being noted the marone five song harder to Breathe awesome show
  • Nathan considers quitting the basketball team while Lucas helps Peyton to tell her dad how she really feels.

    I thought this was a pretty entertaining episode. I love the whole Haley gone bad thing. It was so funny when she threw up on Dan’s pants. I also thought it was interesting to watch Nathan try to decide what to do about basketball. During the episode I was not sure about what he should decide to do. I also thought it was neat how even though Lucas was with Brooke he ended up going back to help Peyton. It really shows how much he cares and is involved in Peyton’s life. I also like how they showed that Brooke was trying so hard to stay close to Lucas and to find things she had in common with him. With things like Peyton’s dad coming into town I just wish Peyton would share her feelings, but I guess that it is just who she is. I did think it was great to see her dad and see that she does have a parent in her life, and I thought it was so hilarious when Lucas came at him with the rake. Overall, I thought this was a pretty funny episode with some interesting storylines that will be hard to solve.
  • After Deb drags Dan and him to a family therapist, where they only fight and each expect him to take their side, Nathan looses faith in everything except Haley.

    I love One Tree Hill. It's one of the few shows I'm addicted too along with Gilmore Girls, The OC and Friends. I hope it's one for a while. I've watched since the very beginning, mainly because I'm a huge fan of CMM and have loved it ever since. I hope Lucas and Brooke break up. I think Lucas and Peyton belong together, Haley and Nathan belong together and Keith and Karen. It's one of the few shows I'm intered in watching every week and can't wait to find out what happens next. Although I do read spoilers, the episodes still surprise me. I love this show and I hope it's on for a long time.
  • Nathan quits bball, and Brooke gets jealous of Lucas and Peyton

    Nathan made a decision to quit basketball. He thought that he was into basketball only because of Dan's pressure and if he leaves it, he will have more time for many other things like spend more time with Haley. But basketball means to him more than he knows so that couldn't last long. Meanwhile, Lucas spent some more time with Peyton and, of course, Brooke saw that. She is not a serious relationship kinda girl but she is falling for Luke and that scares her. She gets jealous of Peyton and starts thinking that she is slill into Lucas. And there is also the fact that she and Lucas have very little in common. After the two of them have a talk everything is allright again. And btw, it was said that Karens course will last five days and I doubt she will stay sightseeing after all that hesetation about leaving in the first place. She is gone three episodes now, and at least 7-8 days passed. I know that Moira Kelly was having a baby so she had to leave the show for a while, but I'm just saying. This is another average episode, but average in 'tree hill' is like outstanding for most of the other shows.
  • Nathan and Haley skip school and Peyton's father is in town.

    Once again another great episode. I am happy that we finally got to meet Peyton's father. She has talked about her mother but we really did not have any info on her father. Peyton seemed to be really happy to have him around. I think that Lucas is a good friend to Peyton because he told her father that he thinks she wants him around more than she says she does. I was disappointed in Haley though for skipping class and getting drunk with Nathan to me she did not seem like the type of person to do that but i have to admit it was great to see her puke on Dan.
  • Its all with parents and sons bonding ..a very fine example .. nathan still doesnt know what he wants .. brooke realizes that she and lucas dont have much in common and she wants to make it clear for nathan !

    I loved this episode ,its all about Daughter/son father thing , i totally loved it .. and i so love haley and nathan together they are just a great couple!!
    i think lucas and peyton are a fine example of couples more than lucas and brooke .. but oh well . she is so full of surprises .... it was hilarious when she gave him CD and she doesnt know anything about .. travis guy! honestly ..!?
  • Evil Payton!

    Nathan, Deb, and Dan see a therapist that could maybe fix their relationship and make them a happy family again (like that's possible!). Deb and Dan just end up argueing in front of the therapist and frankly Nathan is sick to hell with it. Nathan brings Haley to his beach house and they drink. Haley gets drunk and throws up on Dan's lap when he takes them home madly because Nathan quit the team. Brooke feels that Payton and Lukas are getting close and asks Payton's help. Paytoin gives Brooke a CD to give to Lukas. Lukas finds out that it's Payton's CD.
  • Naley gets busted at the beach....

    nathan pursuades haley to skip school and they get wasted on the beach. "1....3....5!" this episode was so great
    The wrong Infulence. Haley was supposed to help Nathan get his life on track. Instead, she following Nathan's lead by cutting classes and drinking. Meanwhile, Lucas has advice for Peyton's father
  • This was a rreally good ep. it actually hasn't come to Australia yet but i saw it and i love it. the best bit was when lucas met peytons dad that was really cool and funny.

    A really great episode, if all the episodes were as good as this one then there would be no other show in reach of this, it would be so far in front of the rest.

    It had great writters on it and the story line was very good, even some of the really small parts in it were really gret. E.G when Lucas went ofver to read his book at peytons while she drew.

    This is also very frustrating because you don't know who Lucas is going to be with and you don't know who Peyton and Brooke are going to end up with and what if Hayley and Nathen brake up.

    So so very confusing. i want to find out but stupid Australian TV is showing some random Human Body thing instead of one tree hill.

    i want one tree hill to come back on.

    So if anyone from Chanel ten is reading this then please get rid of that random show and put one tree hill back on. I am very disapointed because many teenages watched the show one tree hill and now they have to watch this. I personally do not want to learn (espicciallt now it is the school holidays) about the human body on the weekend. i would prefer (as i think would many) to watch a a soap opera.