One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 20

The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2011 on The CW

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  • Brooke Davis has the boy and now finally she will have the baby, too!!!

    I am so beyond thrilled for Brooke and Julian. It's a little random because we were told in season 7 that can't have kids, but I don't care. I love that she is finally getting what she has wanted for so long and staying in Tree Hill!! And I love how they did it.

    It was so funny. With Chase needing a drug test for the Air Force (Love that idea by the way. He has always wanted to be a pilot), and asking Alex (who is supposed to be sober) because he took a hit not long ago, and Alex having to ask Brooke to do it because she accidentally had something, too. I so thought Alex was going to be pregnant. Which would have been cool if the baby was Chase's.

    I loved the way the episode was done. Beautifully written and directed by the wonderful Mastermind that is Mark Schwahn. I love that we have the present time of Jamie's game tied in with Ian's showcase and flashbacks to moments from a day or two before.

    I so loved when the guys all went after Ian. It's about time and so well deserved, but he really needs to be in jail, too. I really loved Nathan and August in this episode. It's nice they finally understand each other. And I loved that August game him the key to save the River Court.

    And I loved the voiceover Jamie did throughout the episode.

    Quinn was so funny with her oompa loompa colored skin. Hilarious.
  • In this episode Brooke and Julian FINALLY gets their happy ending... and doesnt end up moving to New York. Not enough Brulian scenes but great scenes with Ian, Nathan and Clay.

    In this long time coming episode for Brulian fans they finally get there happy ending!!! :) too bad its the end of the season though but it's perfect bc that's how we ended the season last year with Haley and Nathan. got a little excited when I saw Nathan pull up by the diner where Dan works at then he left kinda disappointed Mark Schwarn lol stop teasing me haha... yea I agree with other reviewers that Jamie shouldnt be narrorating the episode. he's not old enough to do that yet in my opinion. now on to the big part of tonight's episode. I loved how the whole drug test was a big part to Brulian's pregnancy that was great... Schwarn screwed with our minds AGAIN once again he said it himself he is a mastermind lol that was just perfect I'm so happy that she's pregnant and not moving to NY as I said. this whole episode was just great except for that one disappoitment... lol
  • 5/3

    We are winding down on One Tree Hill's potentially final season.

    What a shock, Brooke and Julian are not moving to New York. It was supposed to be a good way to end their story, but I guess they want to leave the door open for a chance of another season.

    The August and Nathan stuff was good. A nice little emotional storyline about father and son relationships between those two. I did not really like the three attacking Ian though. They are not much better than him if they wanted to beat him up after what he did, are they?

    Good episode though.