One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 13

The Other Half of Me

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2011 on The CW

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  • Brooke Davis finally gets the boy

    This episode was perfect. Brooke finally got one of the things she has always wanted. She finally had her dream wedding and got her dream guy. Now she just needs the baby to go with the boy.

    The wedding was beautful and that dress was amazing.

    I loved the story Julian told Jamie about finding his other half and I love that Jamie turned it into his best man speech. Haley's speech was great too. I loved that it's season 8 and she told a story about them from a season 1 episode. So great. It was also very funny and totally a Haley thing to do to not tell Jamie about the speech and have them sort of compete over who would have the best one.

    I loved Skills!!! He was amazing!! It's totally true about Tree Hill weddings and I loved that he referenced like all the bad stuff with Jules and then jumped up to make sure no one would say anything in ceremony and even had a back up plan in case someone stole the limo again. That was great. And while it really sucks for Alex it was so funny that Chase and Mia had the slutty wedding sex since they talked about it in season 6.

    Overall, it as a great, really sweet, simple, funny episode of One Tree Hill.
  • 813

    This originally could have been the series finale, and if it was, it would be a fitting end to this show. Brooke got what she wanted since day one, to be married and we got some enjoyable moments with the rest of the cast.

    I am usually not a fan of Jamie, I just don't see the character's appeal, but his best man speech was perfect here. Haley's was good too.

    They just did a great job with this wedding. Usually wedding episode are terrible, be it on sitcoms or dramas, but this one was really good. Wish we could've gotten more Alex scenes though.
  • episode 13 season 8

    so it was a really nice episode with no drama which is really extraordinary for a One Tree Hill wedding! I really enjoy everything in this episode. For once Brooke is having the happy ending that she deserves and I think that Julian is the right one for her. I really enjoy the relationship between the characters especially the one between Brooke and her mother. The competition between Haley and Jamie is funny and it shows us how much they are similar. The parts with Skills were funny and it was nice to have all this references to all the Tree Hill weddings...
    I was upset that we didn't have much Quinn/Clay scenes but it is good that she come clean about the Kathy story...but we didn't have them a lot in the last episodes. The friendship between Quinn and Alex is a bit unexpected but it could be good...
    So now that THE wedding happened we are going to wait for the birth of Nathan and Haley's baby girl!!!
  • Absolutely Perfect!

    An episode that had me smiling countless times. I am so happy to finally see Brooke have her happy ending with Julian. Her big day went off without a hitch and if it went any other way I would have been highly upset. I love Jamie and he is just too cute for words to even describe. His best man speech was so adorable along with Haley's. In Tree Hill fashion I kept expecting for something bad to happen (even at the very last but it didn't. Brooke deserved this day and I was so glad to finally see her have it. I guess you could also thank the security detail Skillz who already knew the deal and kept that extra eye out for trouble. Alex is over Chase finally, and hopefully moving on. Overall great episode. I wonder what else Tree Hill has in store for us before the final episode.
  • Amazing Episode!

    This was truly one of the best episodes of One Tree Hill I have ever seen. I actually think it was the best episode One Tree Hill made. It was a great wedding ceremony and the reception was really nice, as well. The only part of the episode that was really dumb was Mia and Chase having slutty wedding sex in the limo. That was so irrelevant and pointless. In every great one tree Hill episode, Mark Schwahn always throws a twist in the end, but I was really happy that the ending did not ruin this perfect episode. For the first time in Tree Hill history, nothing bad happened at a Tree Hill wedding.