One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 18

The Runaway Found

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 16, 2007 on The CW
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Brooke and Peyton finally rekindle their friendship, Nathan's past mistakes continue to haunt him and Haley, and Lucas hears a shocking confession from the witness to Keith's murder.

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  • Finally Lucas knows...

    The Runaway Found finally sees Dan's murder of Keith come to light - at least to Lucas anyway.

    I liked how Abbey finally told Lucas and the ending was much more intense, because as Lucas watches Dan and Karen kiss he knows that Dan killed Keith. I real what the fuck moment right there. But Dan's scenes were intense too. Him crying in front of Karen was quite shocking. Long time coming all this.

    And Peyton and Brooke learn why Derek (Ian) did what he did and finally have some closures. Nathan admits to his point shaving and faces the consequences - I loved his speech. It felt very true.

    But what now?

  • Truth Out!!

    The truth comes out about many things in this episode. Abby tells Lucas the truth about what she saw in the hallway the day Keith died. Peyton and Brooke uncover the truth about Psycho Derek who we come to find out is actually named Ian Banks. And Nathan comes clean and tells the truth about the point shaving from before the championship.

    At times this was an intense episode. Dan is really feeling the guilt over what he did. I'm so glad Lucas finally knows the truth. It took so long for someone other than Abby and the audience to know the truth.

    Even though he is still super creepy, I'm glad to know that Psycho Derek had a legitimate reason for going after Peyton. It's really sad that he lost his girlfriend in an accident and everyone blamed him, but he can't replace her with Peyton. I'm really glad Peyton and Brooke are friends again and living together.

    It was great of Lucas to try to take the fall for Nathan about the point shaving since he did miss the free throws on purpose and this way Nathan could still play at Duke, but I'm glad Nathan finally told the truth. It sucks that he could lose his dream, but it's better that he told the truth about everything instead of it coming out later by someone else.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 18.

    Brooke and Peyton finally rekindle their friendship, Nathan's past mistakes continue to haunt him and Haley, and Lucas hears a shocking confession from the witness to Keith's murder. I really liked this episode a lot. I've been waiting a long time to see this episode, since I saw Episode 17 a long time ago, in like October or November. But I liked this episode, especially with Peyton and Ian. I find it unrealistic that Ms. Brown would keep her front door unlocked. This was definitely an important episode for the show. It was so good! Brooke wasn't really featured so much, nor was Haley, at least in the first half anyway.moreless
  • Wow!

    Nathan and Lucas must deal with the investigation on the point shaving. Lucas turns himself in, even though Nathan told him to do nothing. Nathan finally pubicly confesses for it. Peyton sees Psycho Derek everywhere. She goes to see him, but he tells her that it's her fault. Brooke helps her through it. They find information on him and use it to release themselves from him. Lucas sees Abby, but her mother makes her lie to cover stuff up. Dan feels guilty and buys a gun. He goes to Abby's, but he admits he was wrong. Abby tells Lucas what really happened on that fateful day. Karen and Dan kiss and Lucas sees it.

    This was a great episode! Alison, who played Abby, did a really good job! I love her character! I'm glad that Peyton might finally be over Psycho Derek. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • The awesomeness of OTH.

    I think all I can say after that is wow.

    That episode was crazy good. I think I cried like five times though. Naley was really cute as always. Ian and Dan were heartbreaking, I just wanted to go up and give them a hug. Lol I just realized Ian and Dan are just one letter apart. Maybe they have a lot more in common than we think. I jumped like ten feet off of my couch when Abby opened the door and bam there was Dan. I was really thinking that Lucas was gonna say something about Dan at Nathan's Press conference. Oh and when Dan set Kieth's grave on fire it was terrible.moreless
Sean Young

Sean Young

Hope Brown

Guest Star

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Abby Brown

Guest Star

Joe Keiley

Joe Keiley


Guest Star

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti

Chase Adams

Recurring Role

Matt Barr

Matt Barr

Ian "Psycho Derek" Banks)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Dan accidentally lights Keith's tombstone on fire, the date of death says Jan. 23rd, 2006, but the day of the shooting was March 11th, 2006.

    • When Abby's mother leaves the house and Lucas is outside waiting in his car, look closely when she leaves and pulls the door closed. It starts to open again before she leaves.

    • Abby is sporting a tank top from Brooke's Clothes over Bros clothing line.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Karen: Dan?
      Dan: I've done some horrible things, unforgivable things. Lucas didn't need a father: he had one. He had a person who helped raise the shame of my cowardice. Everything I've touched I've diminished: Deb's life, Nathan's talent... Keith.
      Karen: You're not without redemption. I've seen it... I see it.
      Dan: It's not true, it's not true. I just wanna go back, I wanna go back and grab that kid I used to be and just shake him and say "Stop, stop! Just stop!" I want to wake up from this nightmare. I want to breathe again. I want to breathe again, Karen. Can you help me breathe? Can you help me quiet these voices in my head that say I've lost you? Because I know that I have. If only I would've stayed with you.

    • Dan: My brother Keith was always better than me. He had a better heart. People liked him. No... they loved him. Karen loved him. But Karen was mine. She was supposed to be mine.
      Mrs. Brown: She (Abby) was just a girl that went to school that day.
      Abby: I hope you burn in hell.
      Dan: So do I.

    • Nathan: (on taking the blame for the point shaving scandal) It doesn't matter that for the rest of time people are gonna talk? They're gonna say you disgraced the game, Luke. That doesn't matter to you?
      Lucas: Let them say what they want to say about me. It's what they say about Jimmy Edwards that matters to me. And what they say about Keith. But this... at least I know the truth about this.
      Nathan: Peyton thinks I'm a martyr. I can't stop this, Luke. I'm this close, and I've got the baby. I can't. You shouldn't have said anything.

    • Brooke: Hopefully, you have a friend that tells you that life kicks you around sometimes. It scares you and it beats you up but there's a day when you realize you're not just a survivor... you're a warrior. You're tougher than anything it throws your way. And you are Peyton. You are.

    • Lucas: Who killed Keith? Who killed my uncle?
      Abby: Your father.

    • Lucas: Truth is still absolute. Believe that. Even when that truth is hard, and cold, and more painful than you ever imagined. And even when truth, is more cruel than any lie.

    • (Derek sees Brooke and Peyton standing outside the jail cell)
      Psycho Derek: Well, If it isn't Tease 1 and Tease 2.

    • (Brooke and Peyton are on their laptop finding info on Derek)
      Brooke: Oh my God, his girlfriend looks just like you, if you..
      Peyton: If I what?
      Brooke:If you were dead.

    • Haley: Nathan, you're going to lose it all..your scholarship, the game that you love.
      Nathan: I won't lose it all. I'll still have you, and we'll still have our son. We'll have that feeling that in the face of all this, we didn't lose our way, and we still know right from wrong.

    • Nathan: (during his speech) I love this game. I'm sorry I betrayed it.

    • Brooke: Hey, do I have any blood on me?
      Peyton: No, why?
      Brooke: Because I just saw chase and it feels like I got my heart ripped out.
      Peyton: I think you'll be okay. do I look insane?
      Brooke: No, why?
      Peyton: I saw him again. This time in the shower.
      Brooke: Peyton, you gotta stop doing this to yourself, okay? Fake Phsyco Derek, whatever the hell his name is, he's locked up, you know that.
      Peyton: Yeah, that's what they said last time, or what he said. I don't know, maybe if I just see it with my own eyes that hes actually behind bars.
      Brooke: maybe. come on.
      (Peyton "sees" bloody Derek down the hall)
      Peyton: Hey. You know what? I'm gonna have to catch up with you, okay?
      Brooke: Okay.

    • Lucas: (voiceover) Sometimes I wonder if anything is absolute anymore. Is there still right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies? Or is everything negotiable? Left to interpretation, gray? Sometimes we're forced to bend the truth... transform it... because we are faced with things that are not of our own making. And sometimes, things simply catch up to us.

    • Psycho Derek: You love me.
      Peyton: No, I don't. I hate you. Don't you get that? You are just a deranged pathetic psycho and I never ever wanna see you again. Okay?
      (Peyton leaves)
      Psycho Derek: Then why'd you come? Have I been in your head? You asked me to come into your life, Peyton. You got undressed in front of your webcam because you knew it would make me want you. (Peyton comes back) You posted those pictures online.
      Peyton: You are wrong!!
      Psycho Derek: Am I? Is that why you are dressed like that today? Are you a tease Peyton? Dressing sexy, wearing that perfume making me ache for you and then say no?
      Peyton: Stop!
      Psycho Derek: Are you a tease Peyton? Because that would really be disappointing.
      Peyton: I did not do this. You did this.
      (Peyton leaves)

    • Psycho Derek: (from his prison cell to Peyton) Then why did you come see me? Have I been inside your head?

    • Nathan: There are only 3 things I'm afraid of losing in this world, Haley. You, our son, and the Game.

  • NOTES (7)