One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 1

The Same Deep Water As You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on The CW

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  • Season 4 begins...

    The aftermath of the bridge accident isn't as fatal as one might of expected, but the season is at least set up well.

    The Same Deep Water As You finds Nathan, Cooper and Rachel all saved but lives changed. Firstly, Nathan seems traumatised by the accident, rightly so, and finds himself back on the bridge instead of going to sleep. Interesting storyline for him. Haley gives Rachel a piece of her mind, and the latter befriends Brooke, asks her to live with her and seems like she wants to change. This Rachel is a little too whiny for my liking.

    Speaking of Brooke, she breaks up with Lucas and finds herself living with Rachel. You'd never have thought this early last season but it makes sense. Her and Peyton are still not speaking either. And the writers narrow the pregnancy down to either her or Haley. I know who it is but nice way for the writers to trick us. Peyton finds out she has a brother and her friendship with Lucas grows. I do really like these two together so I'm glad the writers work on that this season. And Peyton's stalker is back. This leads to one of the most dramatic storylines if the show.

    Dan wants to be there for Karen. Deb goes back to drugs. Skills wants to join the Ravens. The first is interesting. The second is overplayed, and the third could be fun.

    So a good season opener that sets up stories for the season.

  • Season 4 Begins!

    Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the limo accident. Dan is dealing with the realization that someone knows he murdered Keith. While Karen sees a doctor to confirm her pregnancy and far along she is, Brooke & Haley go see a doctor who confirms that one of them is pregnant.

    I love that someone wrote murderer on Dan's wall and now he knows and we know that someone knows what he did. It will interesting to see how this plays out and just how someone knows about it and who.

    I love that Karen is pregnant. It's wonderful and while I know which of the girls is pregnant because I've seen the whole show it was really interesting to have this mislead of us not knowing which one it could be. I love that they make it appear that it could be either of them.

    And the limo!! Still an amazing finale. I love that Lucas ended up jumping in to help, too. I am so glad that everyone is okay. Well, Rachel I really couldn't care less, but now we just have to wait on Cooper to wake up. Poor Nathan is having a hard time dealing with it, but he'll be okay!!

    It will be awesome for Skills to be a Raven. And Brooke breaks up with Lucas. Oh well. He belongs with Peyton anyway!!!
  • Season 4, Episode 1.

    This episode was pretty great. I didn't enjoy it as much as the third season finale, "The Show Must Go On," but this was a great conclusion. Cooper nearly died. Rachel told Cooper she was pregnant, but she lied, which I saw coming. Now, it's either Brooke or Haley that's pregnant, but I saw a later episode so I know who is pregnant. I knew it wasn't Rachel because if she knew she was pregnant, she wouldn't have had any alcohol at the wedding. Brooke gave it away when she started to say, "I'm holding it for..." So, that means Haley is obviously pregnant. It was very easy to pick up on, but great episode.
  • It was good!

    After the tragic accident, Cooper surfaces. Lucas finds Nathan and Rachel on the land unconscious. At the hospital, Nathan and Rachel wake up, but Cooper might die. Dan threatens Deb for her murder attempt. Dan covers up the MURDERER written on his wall. Brooke breaks up with Lucas. Peyton finds out that she has a half-brother. Nathan is greatly affected by the accident. Karen is skeptical about her pregnancy until Lucas reassures her. Skills wants to join the Ravens.

    This episode was pretty good! It was a little under what I'd expected. I loved the season 3 finale, but this wasn't as satisfying, although it was a great episode. I'm sad about Brooke and Lucas breaking up, but I like Lucas and Peyton. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • New season, same life...

    I thought that this episode would make light in my head... but no... not even a clue...everything is much like
    after the final episode of the 3rd season.

    Who is pregnant? Brooke, Haley? I go on with my theory...Haley I think, but who knows? This is Tree Hill isn't it!

    I can't remember if the last time that person "Watchmewatchu" Brooke and Peyton were fighting, because if that's so, then it's Brooke... but if not?!?!?!??!

    Why is Peyton and Lucas getting along again? :( He should spend much time with Brooke but noooo!!! I remain at my idea
    Lucas is such a stupid guy...

    What is Dan looking for? What he wants from Karen? I can't have faith in this man...he was so mean since now... I love the ting Mouth sad:"We're always waiting for our life to begin"... so true, I found myself in that one. Never wait for something new, see what you have in present. They say never live in the past...but what about the future?
  • After re-watching this episode, and even though i know what happens i still got goosebumps!

    WOW! I think this episode was so much better the second time around - if thats even possible. First off I believe Nathan and Lucas both looked so hot in this episode!! (as per usual, and it's quite obvious but i just needed to point that out). I thought Haley was really believeable with her actions and expressions during the terror of the whole limo off the bridge thing. And i loved it when she was all angry at Rachel - that looked really good! This episode has made me appreciate the Leyton relationship - Lucas and Peyton always come to each other for support and just to chat. It was so cute them hanging out together with the itunes game. So i approved of Leyton now lol. I also approve of Leyton becuase the Brucas break up was great. I know its heaps sad - blah blah blah, but i think it was a romantic break up. (even though Lucas didn't really listen to half of what she was saying - which i think kinda proves her point..) But it was a good ending. I also love how 4 of the women were thought to be pregnant - and the last sequence makes you think it's either Brooke or Haley, that was heaps interesting when i first watched it. PLus it also sparked a little something in Naley - they didn't get their honeymoon and Nathan's not letting Haley in. that would totally suck!
  • After a huge season three cliffhanger, I've been eagerley awaiting to see this episode, and I was far from disappointed. A fantastic episode.

    The thing that makes this this series-opening episode so great, is that it doesn't seem to favour any specific account. Instead, the episode appears to cater equally to each character's own individual storyline.

    The episode answers the burning questions that the finale left us with, as well as introducing us to some new storylines, and then succesfully wrapped up some of last season's loose ends.

    I'm sure most people were anxious to know whether or not Nathan was going to live, and this is question is quickly answered within the first ten minutes of the episode.

    Whilst I'm not completely certain on what the continuous flashbacks Nathan was having were about, I'm still interested to see what happens next and how it impacts on both Nathan and Haley.

    The encounter between Lucas and Brooke, when they broke up, was great. I found it was neccessary to break the pair up then and I'm glad the writers didn't keep prolonging this storyline.

    Once again, it was fantastic to see Deb and Dan at each others' throats. I'm very interested to see what happens next between those two.

    Karen's pregnancy, whilst feeling a little off and unnatural (possibly because Karen reminds me of my mum), will probably become a much more appealing storyline as the series continues.

    The scene between Karen and Dan made me curious as to what the writers are planning on doing with these two characters. The thought of Dan and Karen being friends, or even non-enemies, seems a little strange to me - and I would hate it, as I love the contraversy Dan causes as the most despised character on One Tree Hill - but the encounter didn't seem nearly as strange to the characters as it did to me, apparently.

    As for Peyton... whilst her brother storyline doesn't really tie in with anything of the other storylines, I'm still just as inquisitive to see what happens next, and the direction the writers will take her character.

    Lastly, I actually cared for Rachel a bit. And like I've already said for nearly every storyline, I am very interested to see what happens next, with Cooper and the detective guy, etc.

    Overall, this was a great season opener. The end of the episode makes me really enthralled to see what will happen next, in each and every storyline.

    The writers did an applaudable job at setting up the forth season, and I can't wait to watch the rest! 9.4/10
  • Nathan saves coop and Rachel after their limousine crashes , Brooke and lucas break up and karen and Brooke comfirm their pregnancies..

    WOOOH this was a total omg episode, issue after issue i was just left gob-smacked. Hayley really does suffer at tyms everything bad that occurs seems to affect her in some way.. Bethany Joy's acting was awesome in this epi how she screamed Nathan's name like that i'll never know but it all seemes so realistic it was easy to get carried away.

    Coop is on his death bed whilst Rachel is feeling the guilt from lying to him.somehow i think Rachel might change her attitude towards people and learn that she doesn't have to manipulate everyone in order to get through life.

    Brooke broke up with lucas, she had a good explanation even though it was obvious the peyton kiss was the main reason.The monologue above the scene was well written as always and fitted well.

    Karen and BROOKE both pregnant ? The question is To keep or not to keep...? Waited a while for the new epi but it was well worth it..!
  • Nathan rescues Rachel and Cooper from the limo.Cooper's life hangs in the balance while Rachel has to deal with the fact that he might die.Brooke breaks up with Lucas while Peyton finds out that she has a brother.Karen is pregnant...and so is Brooke?

    It was a great episode. Wonderful season opener. You have seen the characters grow so much over the past four years. You really feel like home with them. I am grateful that Nathan is okay. I am worried about Cooper. I am glad that Brooke broke up with Lucas. Never liked her with him in the first place. Dan needs to leave Deb alone and Deb needs to leave the drugs alone. Mouth needs to give up on Rachel, she is just going to break his heart again. Peyton needs to tell Lucas how she feels, it's better for the both of them.
  • im in love with it

    I really really loved this show. I thought it was a great way to start off the season. I think it showed a side of all the characters that i have never saw.i am in love with this episode. I had to of watched it a million times. And james lafferty is an amazing actor. This was such a sad and amazing episode. This is going to be the best season yet.
  • this a great episode!

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  • Everyone deals with the effects of the limo accident.

    I thought that this was a wonderful way to start the new season. Evan though I was a little disappointed in it a little. I was happy to see that everyone made it out of the water alive but I was hoping that Reachal would not. I just do not like her. I was happy to hear that Peyton has a brother maybe now she can have a little but of happiness in her life. I think that it is a little strange that the accident sort of made Reachal and Brooke friends. I think that it is weird that they went from enimies to friends in an instant.
  • An awesome way to start the season! The aftermath of the limo accident is shown in this episode. We find out Lucas also jumps in teh river to save Nathan, Rachel, and Cooper.

    This was an awesome episode, a great way to start a season! I was so thrilled it was so good. We see that Lucas also jumps in the water to save them, and Brooke doesn't like Luke and Peyton always hanging out, and she feels like hes not giving back what shes giving to him so she decides to end it. Nathan feels as if he didn't do the best he could to save Rachel and Cooper. Everyone wakes up but Cooper. Rachel wants to change, and asks Brooke to move in with her. Nathan re-docorates the apartment for haley. They also make it seem like Brooke is the one pregnant, but who knows. I absolutely loved the way they started this season off! And I'm craving for more!
  • This was definately an interesting episode. Lots of twists to ponder (although, if you read any spoilers most of it wasn\'t new) and plenty of turns to think about.

    Wow. First, I\'d just like to say that I\'ve been looking forward to writing my review ALMOST as much as I\'ve been looking forward to the new episode. And I have to say, I\'m glad to be back. This was definately an interesting episode. Lots of twists to ponder (although, if you read any spoilers most of it wasn\'t new) and plenty of turns to think about. I have to start with what was probably my favorite part of the whole episode...shirtless Nathan. How lucky are we, already starting the season with getting to see that! A lot about what happened to Nathan in the water has me wondering. Does he really not remember and it\'s coming back to him in flashes? OR does he remember everything, but these flashes are just getting to him? I\'m excited that Haley got into Stanford. I\'m guessing that Nathan didn\'t. All of those letters tend to come around the same time. Especially from the same school. It\'ll be interesting to see what road that takes us down. Now, the apartment. How did that happen? I mean, how is it even possible? Those were a LOT of changes, and they all happened in under a day? Wait, I guess maybe two days since she stayed at Karen\'s the night before, but still. I think it\'s beautiful, but I\'m gonna miss what it used to look like, and the painted over picture. That was just a staple for me, even if it was only for one season. Do you think Nathan\'s still going to be playing basketball? Part of me almost wonders no. But, at the same time, that\'s kinda James\' thing so I wouldn\'t think they would take that away from him. But on the other hand, they could show that he handles it MUCH better than his father ever did. I am proud of Haley for being a **** to Rachel at the hospital. I think she needed to hear it. And it helped Haley get out some frustrations over what she\'s dealing with, trying to help Nathan. I\'m excited about Skills being part of the cast. And I\'m guessing that he\'ll make the team. That\'ll be a good opening for some new storylines. I small part of me likes Brooke and Rachel being \'friends\' and living together. I think they could be good for each other...or not. I\'m not surprised that Brooke is pregnant. Like father like son. I\'m guessing that while Lucas will help with the baby, they won\'t get back together. I think Brooke was right in everything that she said. And she aluded to that last season, about not missing him. He brought it on himself. I am glad though that she\'s not doing this pregnancy thing alone. I am glad that she found a true friend in Haley. And I think, even if things weren\'t how they are with her and Peyton, she still would\'ve gone to Haley. A real bond was forged while they lived together. Part of me wants to see Peyton and Lucas give it a shot. But I don\'t want them to be together in the end. I don\'t think that is what is meant for either of them. I am intrigued by this Peyton\'s brother thing. Now maybe she\'ll get to know her \'real\' dad too. And her creepy stalker. Think it has anything to do with her brother or biological father? Obviously it\'s NOT Ellie. But I honestly have no idea who it is. I like Dan\'s cover-up for the red paint. Though, I am curious as to who wrote MURDERER on his wall. I\'ve heard hopefully they don\'t make us wait too long. I hope he goes down for it and gets what he deserves. Think the gun was to use on Deb, or himself? And I don\'t blame Deb for keeping the gun by her side. But she definately needs to lay off the meds. I thought she was doing better, but obviously not. Do you think either of them will actually do something to the other. I\'m already smelling a \"Is Dan dead?\" cliffhanger... But quite honestly, I can\'t see them killing off anyone this season...well besides Cooper, which I think unfortunately will happen. There\'s been too much death. I am glad that Karen brushed Dan off. I hope she continues that. And she definately put it to him, saying she had Keith, even though it IS the truth, it was still good. And I\'m glad that she\'s not wanting Lucas to stay in town for her and the baby. Though, I did find the scene with her at the doctor\'s weird. Like there\'s something we don\'t know.... I missed Whitey this episode. I\'m glad there\'s still more basketball. I wasn\'t sure with where they left it. I also liked Mouth\'s scenes, as little as we saw. He\'s such a great guy! Next week looks interesting....Haley\'s not going to be happy about the Rachel making the moves on Nathan. And she was obviously all about that boy even BEFORE the accident. What with the pictures that she had of just him...
  • wkd

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  • After the limo accident,Coopers life hangs in the balance,while Nathan tries to remember what happened under water.Rachel feels guilty about the accident.Peyton finds a letter explaining that she has a brother.Lucas confronts Brooke on the pregnancy test.

    The first ten minutes of this episode, was absolutly heart wrenching. Was Nathan, Rachel, and Cooper okay? I couldnt take the suspense. Bethanys performance as Haley was amazing in this episode. You could really feel her pain. We were also given the begining to some other really good story plots. How Peyton has a brother from her biological father. Will this be another person for her to just lose? We also find out it was Brookes purse Lucas found with a pregnancy test. Although she denies being pregnant, she later goes to a clinic anad find out that either her or Haley is infact pregnant, but who is it? Dan and Deb both get hand guns to protect themselves, but will one of them kill the other? We were left with so many unanswered questions, and i can't wait to get some answers.
  • While Haley is deeply affected by Nathan's attempt to rescue Cooper and Rachel, Brooke confronts Lucas with her true feelings, and Peyton makes a startling discovery. Pressured by the fact that someone might know he killed his brother, Dan confronts Deb.

    Well, I guess the waiting was worth it. I loved this epi so much. I'm so glad One Tree Hills back. And Rachel should be dead. I hate the moment when Brooke said that she stopped loving Lucas, because he never misses her and stuff.. I criend :( Ugh, me = baby, I admit it :p but another great episode :)
  • Haley is deeply affected by Nathan's attempt to rescue Cooper and Rachel. Brooke confronts Lucas with her true feelings, and Peyton makes a startling discovery. Pressured by the fact that someone might know he killed his brother, Dan confronts Deb.

    Sorry for copying the summaries from the site, but I'm just too lazy. Anyway, this was a very revealing episode. I was a little disappointed with Haley's "I have something to tell you" thing but it was still interesting. I'm eager to know what really happaned when Nathan "rescued" Cooper and Rachel. Also, when it was revealed that Brooke was pregnant, I was not surprised but I was happy because I think it will funny to see Brooke pregnant. She's just a funny and cool character that with her being pregnant is an intersting move. Also, I'm a little eager to find out if Dan is going crazy or if someone really knows he killed Keith. That's all for now!
  • I feel like they\'re running out of things to do with the 5 main characters so they\'re reaching for random new people for new story lines (rachel and skills). I mean they\'re cool and all but they\'re not the reason people watch the show!

    They\'re also repeating previous problems. I mean peyton having a YET ANOTHER random relative show up. Deb\'s addiction to pain pills. Lucas trying to keep both Peyton and Brooke in his life. Brooke breaking up with Lucas because of Peyton. YET ANOTHER boy from the river court joining the raven team. Peyton liking Lucas again. That whole thing just really bothered me. Because i thought the great thing about THIS show was that they didn\'t go back to the original couples in season 1 (*cough cough* THE OC *cough cough*), they were original and kept making new couples that seemed to fit. Sigh

    I hope next week is better. And not so Rachel n Skills focused.
  • This episode was the aftermath of the season finale.

    I thought this episodes was pretty good. I like how it came back where it left of last season I thought that was pretty cool. I like how it still made it as wonder who was pregnant, an if Cooper was going to survive the accident and who wrote murder on the wall.

    One tree hill is so amazing. there is never an episode i dont love. personally i like lucas and peyton together. i cannot believe brooke is pregnant. does anyone know why cooper grabbed nathans hand so aggressively when they showed them under the water? ? ? ? i cant wait for next weeks episode. my sister is an extra on it ! ! so exciting ! !! ! ! ! who else is a fan of lucas and peyton ? i think they are so cute and i feel so bad for her because of everything she is going through
  • Nathan lives.Brooke is pregnant.Rachel makes an idiot of herself again.Deb is reaching for the pill bottle.Payton has yet another family member to irritate.Mouth is mooning around doing his stupid commentary, chasing after girls who will never notice him.

    What an annoying episode! Did anyone catch the gaff near the beginning where you can see the black trouser leg of a man when Hayley and Karen are crouched down looking into the water? And didn't they think to tell the actors to keep the same hair? We had this in season 3 where Lucas's hair was short, then longer, then short again all in the same day! One good thing is how sexy Dan is looking! I don't want Keith to come back, I'd like to see someone come in and work with Dan to become even more evil...this is where the fun lies! Not Hayley and Nathan getting married....they're kids!! Why don't they want to live their lives before settling down???? Are these really meant to be the 'Cool Kids' who everyone wants to be? The script writers really need to pull their finger out and write something believable.
  • Totaly Awesome - have to watch the next week to know what is goign to happen

    This was such a great - long awaited season premiere and once again Mark delivered enough to satisfy but enough to keep us hanging! brooke broke up with lucas - quite glad! Peyton and Lucus are getting a little close Haley and Nathan have a nrewly decorated apartment - very swank! Peyton has a brother, which I don't think would be a good thing coming from a town with curses on brothers or maybe its just the brothers Scott!! Is Brooke pregent? I hope not for Lucus. Rachel is ten times worse then Brooke ever was. This one is definitely a keeper and definitely not to be missed!!
  • Awesome! Lived up to the hype!

    So awesome! Oh my God! I waited so long and it is here! Finally! The show was so awesome! Where do I start! OMG! Everyone is ok! Good thing! Rachel is fine and obviously looks like she wants to change. Cooper is still in the coma! Brooke breaks up with Lucas and live switH Rachel. It looks like Payton and Lucas might hook up! Payton has a brother! Deb and Dan are trying to watch out for themselves. Dan wants to help Karen! Karen is pregnant! Haley or Brooke is pregnant! Or both of them! So much suspense can't wait! Great work by Mark once again!
  • Complete awesome - ness!!

    This was such a great - long awaited season premiere and once again Mark delivered enough to satisfy but enough to keep us hanging! Brucas broke up - quite glad! Haley and Nathan have a nrewly decorated apartment - very swank! Peyton has a brother, which I don\'t think would be a good thing coming from a town with curses on brothers or maybe its just the brothers Scott!! Also Paul Johansson is looking very hot!! This one is definitely a keeper and definitely not to be missed!!
  • Brooke and Luke broke up. Cooper flatlined but was brought back to life. Rachel and Brooke are now best friends. Nathan is trying to deal with his vision she keeps having, and eaither Brooke or Haley could be pregnant (most likely its Brooke)

    This season opener was def some what of a cliff hanger. It left off after the season finale of last season with Nathan jumping in to save Cooper and Rachel, a daring move espically on the eve of his (and haley's) Wedding. He had everyone so worried about him. Rachel is basically a psycho. I feel Haley on why shes being mean to Rachel, Rachel almost killed her husband. Lucas and Brooke finally broke up (yea im a layton fan). Lucas didn't seem happy but now he can spend more time with Peyton. I'm very excited about Peyton's brother coming to Tree Hill. More drama for the show but lets hope it dosen't get to over the top. I hope that Karen knows that Dan killed keith I feel like she has a bit of a feeling although it could be anyone at this point. We'll just have to see what episode 402 brings us.
    Over all this was probably the best season opener.
  • Very good!

    I loved this episode so much i had been waiting all summer for this episode and it was well worth the wait. I was so worried that nathon would die and leave Haley a widow on her wedding day.I am so mad at Dan i cannot stand him he makes everyone around him feel bad just because that is the way he feels. Now i am so worried about Deb because she may have committed suicide. I am hoping that everything will work out alright with everything. I hope that brooke, peyton, and lucas can eventually be friends again. brooke needs to realize that the whole kiss between Lucas and Peyton was all because they thought she was going to die. anyways I loved this episode and cannot wait for the next one.
  • It was a great eppisode.

    This episode set up the rest of the season. There is going to be a lot of drama. I loved how Brooke was the one to Break up with Lucas. He has always broken up with her is was good to see her stand up for herself and do what she wanted to do instead of just going on with everyone. He was a intense begining because you do not know who is going to live and who is going to die. They just start out in the hospital and then they do flashbacks. i really want to know what happened under the watcer because Nathan does not remember. i can not wiat until the rest of the episodes.
  • Lucas starts writing, Peyton begins her quest for Luke, Brooke ends hers, Nathans freaked out, and Haleys had one hell of a day

    For the most part, this episode felt like a pilot being aimed at attracting new viewers to the show. It recapped all of last seasons information really well, and hinted us towards the cliffhanger answers without actually revealing to much. I loved it. I enjoyed the fact that Lucas narrated the episode, because the show is mainly centered around him and Nathan, or at least its supposed to be. I really like the idea of Skillz being a series regular now, and if they give her a good storyline I think Rachel can be a big plus too. Bringing in characters for one season and them having them move away at the end all the time can get a little boring and predictable, so I\\\'m glad they\\\'ve decided to keep her around. It seems that Peyton and Lucas are finally going to get together, which will be interesting to see as it has never fully happened before, and Brooke will get her own storyline now after ending things with Luke. This was a great episode and set the stage for some really interesting new storylines to unfold, and left us guessing the answers of the old ones. What a way to start the new season!
  • I didn't find this episode particularly good. I was expecting something more from the season premiere. Last year's season premiere was so much better...

    The thing that I didn't really like about this episode is that it really offers nothing new. All the issues on this episode are already there last season. In a way, this episode is just like a filler episode reminding people of what happened at the end of last season. For example, there were quite a lot of scenes with Dan haunted by Keith. That's been done so before many times last season. There is no character development, no suspense. It's still alright to watch, but certainly not great. It's only the first episode though. I am sure the writers will come up with something much better for future episodes.
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