One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 8

The Search for Something More

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

In the morning after Dan's annual basketball appreciation party, Brooke wakes up in Peyton's bedroom with a foggy memory. After telling her BFF about how she freaked out and messed things up with Lucas, Peyton decides that she is definitely done with dating, while Brooke concludes she needs a change in her karma, first by making things right between Nathan and Haley. Meanwhile, feeling bad about how Haley left him the night before, Nathan comes to her to apologize. She distantly accepts his story but tells him she is done with tutoring.

At the Café, Karen talks to Deb about the cooking program in Florence she's been accepted to, even though she isn't planning on going. However, Deb convinces her to go by telling her she'll take care of the Café. During the day, Keith and Brooke stop by. Keith accepts Karen's offer to have dinner together. Brooke organizes a reconciliation date for an unfriendly Haley. Also, Brooke and Peyton start making plans for their fun-drama-less night out.

Saturday night, in Tree Hill. Lucas drops by the Rivercourt to play basketball with his friends, who he hasn't seen much since he entered the team. Brooke and Peyton arrive at a college party. Brooke finds a cute guy and hooks up with him while Peyton wanders around the dorm and finds interest in Gabe, a guy listening to music in his room. They start talking and listening to his rock CDs. Although, she had promised herself not to, she finally accepts a drink, unaware of Gabe's malicious intentions. While Peyton is looking Gabe's CDs, Gabe slips a roofie into her drink, in order to abuse her.

At the same time, Nathan arrives at the Café to pick up a reluctant Haley for their date. After convincing Haley to join in, Nathan and Haley begin a scavenger hunt that takes them through the town, progressively getting closer.

When Brooke finds out her "college man" is really just a high school boy, she is livid. Abruptly ending her hooking up session, Brooke comes looking for Peyton and manages to retrieve her before Gabe is able to hurt her. She immediately calls Lucas for help. He arrives right away and finds out what drug Peyton was given by beating up Gabe. He helps bring Peyton home and decides to stay over to watch her with Brooke.

Across town, Nathan and Haley are completely reconciled and sharing dinner when some of the guys pass by. Uncomfortable with the situation, Nathan denies the fact that it is a date which leads an angry Haley to leave. Also, Karen and Keith are having a nice evening at the Café, talking about Italy. Keith tells her to follow her instincts and go through with her dream.

In the morning, Brooke and Lucas finally go back home after spending the night taking care of Peyton and getting to know each other at the same time. He admits that he is pleasantly surprised by discovering who she really is. Once again, Nathan comes crawling back to Haley, who tells him she doesn't care anymore. There is nothing he can say or do is going to surprise her. However, he surprises her another time by kissing her. She kisses him back, which officially marks the beginning of their relationship.

Finally, Karen decides to go to Florence, leaving her Café in charge of Deb and the charge of Lucas to Keith. Right before taking her plane, she follows Keith's advice and kisses him.