One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 8

The Search for Something More

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on The CW

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  • Haley and Nathan begin!

    Two big things have happen in this episode; Haley and Nathan's relationship began. And we finally saw the real Brooke Davis.

    The first was a long time coming. Brooke bringing them together was sweet and the hidden envelope thing was a great idea. They do have chemistry and I'm glad Nathan went public with their relationship. If it will last...I don't remember. But this is the beginning of a major part of the show and their first kiss was done very well.

    Now Brooke has been somewhat of a bitch so far, until this episode. When Peyton gets slipped date-rape drugs she saves her and calls Lucas. For the first time you see why she and Lucas would work together. She's caring and they actually have a heart-to-heart conversation. And even how friendly Brooke was to Mouth - that was sweet. BUT Lucas has a problem on his hands. He's officially in a love triangle. I don't him this early either...I don;t know when it is that I start disliking him.

    This show is quite good at keeping the adults lives interesting. Deb offering to take over the cafe while Karen goes to Italy was nice and it was great to see Karen doing something she really wants to (even if it is an out so the actress can have some time off). Karen's scenes with Lucas expanded their mother-son bond. And the last of her scenes where she kisses Keith was great. Long time coming but pretty cruel to leave him waiting 6 weeks.

    Another brilliant episode. OTH isn't so bad after all. Not early on anyway.

  • <3~Naley~<3

    Nathan and Haley's first date and first kiss!! Yes!!

    Brooke fixes Haley and Nathan up on a serial-date. Card by card they will go to places around Tree Hill and answer questions to get to know each other. Brooke also goes to a college party with Peyton. Brooke tries to hook up with a college guy only to discover that he is in high school, too. Peyton meets a guy too and gets into some trouble. He drugs and attempts to rape her, but Brooke finds her before anything happens. And she calls Lucas for help. Lucas comes & beats the crap out of the guy. They take Peyton home and watch over her until she gets better.

    Karen gets an offer to go to cooking school in Italy and decides to take it. She leaves Keith in charge of Lucas and Deb in charge of the cafe. Before getting on the plane she kisses Keith.

    On their date Nathan and Haley share secrets, buy things for each other at a lingerie shop, and order each others favorite meal for the other before Nathan screws it up by acting like it's not a date when the guys come by. The next morning he goes to apologize and they end up sharing their first kiss!! Great episode!!
  • :)

    Looking for some fun, Brooke and Peyton crash a college party, but things turn ugly when one of the guys in the dorm drugs Peyton. After Brooke calls Lucas for help, the two bond over caring for a sleeping Peyton, prompting Lucas to look at Brooke in a new light. Meanwhile, Haley gives Nathan another chance (thanks to Brooke) and the two go on their first date. I love the scene at the start with Brooke and Peyton, talking about everything. They are awesome friends, well I like them a lot. I love the way Nathan wants to be okay with Hayley again. I love the scene where Brooke and Peyton are shopping and making plans for their night. I love the scene between Deb and Karen. I love the way Brooke comes up to Nathan saying sorry, and then she is planning something for both Nathan and Hayley. I love the scene between Brooke and Hayley too. I love the whole party scene storyline, with Brooke looking for somebody, and then with Peyton getting drugged. I love the scene at the Riverside with the boys playing basketball. I love whole storyline with Nathan and Hayley, especially when there doing Brookes date. I love Brooke's storyline with the high school boy. I love the way Brooke saves Peyton and then calls Lucas who then kicks the other boys .... I love the way Brooke and Lucas are getting along while they're looking after Peyton. I love the way Nathan messes up, and then he is throwing rocks at her window, but then it all works out in the end, with the kiss. I love the whole Karen leaving for Italy good storyline. I loved the ending of the episode with everything coming together. All in all another awesome episode.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of one tree hill brook and peyton decide to go to a college party thing is someone drugs peyton and brook calles lucas about it and they spend the night togeather watching over peyton while she sleeps thing is brook and lucas spend some time togeather and lucas sees a new side of brook. and he learns things. also thanks to brook haley goes on a first date with nathan after she cleared things up. this was a really good ep i thought and it had a lot of exciting parts in it. and that is why i gave it a 8.5
  • Season 1, Episode 8.

    Looking for some fun, Brooke and Peyton crash a college party, but things turn ugly when one of the guys in the dorm drugs Peyton. After Brooke calls Lucas for help, the two bond over caring for a sleeping Peyton, prompting Lucas to look at Brooke in a new light. Meanwhile, Haley gives Nathan another chance (thanks to Brooke) and the two go on their first date. I love Brooke! "I didn't wake up with a foggy memory." "You didn't wake up with Lucas either." I love how she tried to fix everything she messed up when she was drunk. "Hello, Abercrombie!" LMAO! 10/10.
  • great for Naley, they r so meant 2 be

    I love this episode,it sees two people who r meant 2 b with each other get together. It was just great, u can tell nathan is tryin 2 be different 4 Haley. The actors just have a great on screen chem and it make the fictional relationship easier 2 relate 2. It's a good episode for Brooke and Lucas, who r great 2gether, but not a great episode for Leyton, and they are destined to be. The scene with Naley is brilliant, brilliant on screen and a great chemistry with Joie and James. Brooke and Lucas have a great on screen relationship and Chad and Sophia have great chemistry as well
  • This episode was very painful to watch because Peyton was about to get raped and because Haley gave Nathan another chance but he blew it. I also like this episode because Brooke and Lucas begin their on and off relationship.

    The Search for Something More is the eighth episode and it aired on November 11, 2003. This show was really cool because Lucas and Brooke began their off and on going relationship by likening each other and getting to know each other. Peyton and Brooke also went to this college party and Peyton was about about to get raped, which was very sad and disturbing. Haley also gave Nathan another chance but the idiot that he is blew it by showing that he cared what his friends thought about him and her. This episode was the first episode where the two pair ups separate, Brooke with Lucas, and Peyton and Nathan with Haley.

    This has to be one of the best Nathan and Hayley moments in One Tree Hill. I love the way Nathan just surprises Hayley with a kiss, leaving her almost speechless. It gives everyone hope, dont you think, that everyone can find love like Nathan and Hayley even though its only a tv. programme :) and this is evidently nathan and hayleys first kiss, i think its so cute, and its one of the many apoligies that nathan makes to hayley. its outside her house aswell which is where nathan makes his later apoligie to hayley in the rain - which probably leads to a reason for there love of rain in season 4 :)
  • Naley's first kiss!

    I loved this episode! The whole Naley date thing was sooo adorable especially this quote: N: I screw up a lot, all right... and being around you I just I don't wanna be that guy any more.
    H: Well, who do you wanna be Nathan?
    N: I wanna be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you.
    That moment was just awww.

    Lucas starts to see another side to Brooke. The love triangle begins...

    And Lucas getting all protective and manly, what with punching that guy and all was totally hot! And lets not forget Karen kissing Keith, that was adorable too. I luv them as a couple.
  • My favorite so far!

    Brooke and Peyton go to a college party. Some guy drugs Peyton and tries to take advantage of her. Brooke stops him and calls Lucas for help. While Peyton is sleeping, Brooke and Lucas talk. Karen gets accepted to a food school in Italy. She is reluctant to go, but Lucas, Keith and Deb say that she should go. Haley gives Nathan another chance and they go on their first date. It's going well, until Nathan sees some teammates and he denies that they're on a date. She is angry, but Nathan apologizes and they kiss.

    This was a great episode! I'm starting to like Brooke a little more and I'm definately am starting to like Nathan more too. I think Haley and Nathan are good together. I also think that Lucas is starting to get interested in Brooke as well as Peyton. This episode gets a 10!
  • One Tree Hill

    I love this episode so much! it is def my favorite of one tree hill. im a huge brooke and lucas shipper as well as nathan and haley and this was such a great episode for both ships :)
    i loved how lucas is such a good guy and came to save peyton and brooke at the college and how when him and brooke were waiting to see if peyton was alright they got to talk and they really conected. i also loved the whole nathan and haley story line. i thought it was the best. i love seeing them together! :)
  • *This is a review on the first 8 episodes of the season*

    OK, so I just recently borrowed the first two discs of the first season of One Tree Hill from my local library, so I've decided to review all 8 episodes as a whole, as they all seem pretty tied together, after watching them within 3 days or so...

    So here it goes.

    One Tree Hill is definetly a show I could get to love, but there are still things that bother me about it.

    Some things that I love:

    - The contraversy between and within families. Between Lucas & Nathan. Lucas & Dan. Dan & Keith. Dan & Nathan. It's very interesting, and basically runs the show.

    - Haley. I'm not quite sure why, but she is one of my favourite characters on the show. I find her actions (with Nathan) stupid and unrealistic, being Lucas' best friend, but she still remains one of my favourites.

    - Dan. He's the guy that I love to hate. Without his character the show would be pretty useless, and purely based on the uninteresting and predictable couples than you can see being paired together, mere episodes away

    That being said, here are some things that bother me about One Tree Hill:

    - Haley & Nathan. I don't buy it. I'm aware that they get married and have kids in future episodes, but that's not what I am angry about. What annoys me is how they have come together. Haley is Lucas' best friend, yet she still stays and tutors Nathan. That I can take. But the fact that she somehow blindly falls in love with him is stupid. The 'little' things that slowly bring them closer together, like the bracelet, the hug when he gets a good grade on his report, all bother me. It's looks like the writing team are attempting to bring the two of them closer together with these 'small' things that keep happening, yet it is completely predictable, and I don't buy for a second that Haley would fall for it.

    - Peyton. Irritating - to no end. I don't understand how she can be so horrible to Lucas, yet fall under Nathan's thrawl when he treats her so terribly. However, she eventually dumps Nathan, and this is resolved.

    OK. So that is basically all I have to say on the first 8 episodes of the first season. Hopefully I can get my hands on more DVDs, because overall, the series is well worth checking out.
    So far, I've been enjoying it more than I've been not enjoying it... if that makes sense.
    8/10 =)
  • Nathan and Haley kiss for the first time!

    I love this episode! It's important for the part of Naley moving forward...It shows Nathan changing for the good and wanting to be witih Haley..And it shows! There is alot of emotion in this episode, and alot of moving words! For the Nathan and Haley fans, it gives them something to smile about because this is clearly the point when everything happens and the next step in their relationship. I love ALL of the characters in this episode. No bad acting in this one ladies and gentlemen! Plus, I mean, Nathan and Haley kiss! How much better can it get?!
  • The beginning of Naley and Brucas.

    This is deffinatley a great episode for all the Naley fans out here.
    Brooke set's up a 'serial date' for Nathan and Haley. First Nathan must convince Haley to go, then they go to a lingerie store and buy gifts for each other. Nathan buys Haley a silk night gown, and Haley buys him socks. Next they must go to a restaurant and order their favorite food for one another. Haley orders macaroni and cheese for Nathan, and tells him that macaroni and cheese is the food of Gods. Nathan replys yeah if the Gods are five-year-olds. It was terrible when Nathan told Tim and the guy Haley was just his 'tutor'. But, sweet talker Nathan go the next morning and kisses Haley for the first time, and it's in the pouring rain!
    Brooke and Peyton go to a party at Duke and Peyton gets drugged by a guy named Gabe. Brooke then calls Lucas to come to the rescue. Lucas beats up Gabe until he gives Lucas the pills in which he used to drug Peyton. A med student tell Brooke and Lucas that she will just need to sleep it off. Brooke and Lucas stay at Peyton's house to watch her. This is basically the beginning of Brucas.
    Lucas also buys Karen a plane ticket to Italy that is non-refundable, and Deb offers to run the cafe.
  • This revolves around Brooke and Peyton going to a college party to have some fun. The night however takes a dangerous turn when Peyton is drugged. Lucas saves her and he and Brooke spend the night helping her while something starts to happen between them.

    I loved this episode because I'm a huge Brucas fan and this is when the sparks began to fly. It also develops some new drama for Lucas when he begins to like the two best friends. We start to get a taste of the many obstacles to come. I loved it how they spent the night taking care of Peyton while we get to see the more sensitive, softer side of Brooke. That's why she's now one of my favorite characters. There was a realness in this episode because anybody can be in this situation at some point. How would your best friend react? Would it be too late? Could you be saved?
  • Nathan and Haley go on their first date, while Brooke and Peyton go to a college party.

    I really loved the Naley storyline in this episode. It was so cute to see them go on their first date. Through out the date I enjoyed watching them interact with each other and get along so well. It was great to see that Haley had such a great time that she forgot about being mad at him. Of course everything went wrong when a bunch of kids from school saw them together and Nathan denied that it was a date. I like how they did it this way to show that Nathan has not completely changed into a different person. I also liked how it created some conflict so that when they actually kissed it was so much better and it really caught you off guard. I also loved how things ended up with Keith and Karen. It was so cute that she trusted her instincts and kissed him.

    I also really liked the development of Brooke’s character in this episode. It was really nice how she decided to set Haley and Nathan up on a date, even though it was so that she could get better karma. The date she set up for them was so funny and interesting. I also liked how she did everything she could to save Peyton, and it caused Lucas to see another side of her.

    In this episode I did not really like the plot going on with Peyton. It was somewhat interesting at the time but it just seemed like it wasn’t too important and it didn’t effect her later on. I guess the most important part of that storyline was the way Lucas and Brooke came to her rescue.
  • What to say about this episode besides...I LOVE IT! Actually, not all of it. I was just rewatching all of Season One of One Tree Hill because I got all three seasons for my birthday (eeek!) and I saw this one, and remember how much I loved it!

    What to say about this episode besides...I LOVE IT! Actually, not all of it. I was just rewatching all of Season One of One Tree Hill because I got all three seasons for my birthday (eeek!) and I saw this one, and remember how much I loved it!

    Who could forget Nathan and Haley's first kiss? Certainly not me! I thought it was the sweetest thing when Nathan kissed Haley after making his little speech to her. It made me cry. I hope someday to have something like that.

    I tried not to watch when Peyton goes into the dorm with that guy. He was scary to look at, so I hid behind my pillow. But I thought it was sweet the way Lucas cared for her the way he did, and I liked seeing the Brucas bonding because, I am now and probably always will love Brucas over Leyton because I hate Peyton becasue she's stupid and annoying.

    Great episode for Nathan and Haley though. And it brings be butterflies.

    OH! And Karen kisses Keith. Yay Keith! Though it makes me sad knowing Dan is going to kill him soon...stupid Dan.
  • Theres not much to say about the episode that I wouldn't talk about in the review.

    This episode is absolutely amazing. When I recall the episode, I don't begin to think about what happens with Lucas, Peyton, or Brooke in the episode, because I'm always more inclined to remember what happens between Nathan and Haley. I love them together. After Brooke sabotaged the "couple" in Life in a Glass House(the previous episode), she sets them up on a date. This just dominates the episode for me. While I'm fawning over the budding Nathan/Haley relationship, Brooke and Peyton have gone to a college party where Peyton is drugged and Brooke calls Lucas for help. That part was very captivating and exciting, but the part that always sticks out is Nathan and Haley's dinner date. I love when she tries to order Macaroni and Cheese for him, unfortunately, its only minutes later that he screws it up. However, he redeems himself by not only apologizing, but this the first episode that Nathan and Haley kiss. I love this episode almost more than words could say. If you're considering joining the bandwagon that is the One Tree Hill fanbase, I'd suggest you give this episode a look.
  • Episode features the introduction of \'Naley\'

    It is the begining of Nathan and Haley\'s relationship after a failure of their first date and their first kiss that couldn\'t gone better. Their relationship was never the focus of the show to me. Lucas is the main character in the show as far as I\'m concerned. And in this episode he gets closer to Brooke with who he\'s gonna have a lot ups and downs and bad moments, but also good moments. And when something in life like that doesn\'t work, doesn\'t go as you planed, you really start to wonder what was the point of it and what would it be like if none of that happened. So was it good that he got closer to Brooke? You just don\'t know. And the reason why this episode is so valuable to me is because it made me realise that there is a lot in life ahead of us and that we should never give up because \'who knows what will the tide bring us tomorrow\'. That is why I have rated this episode so highly.
  • Peyton is in trouble.

    This was such a good episode. I did not like seeing Peyton getting drugged. Note to self never accept a drink a guy offers you in his dorm room.. that was a given.. but i thought that it was great that Lucas punched the guy and found out what he gave her and watched over her. I like that Lucas is so caring to the people around him. I thought that it was nice of Brooke to set up a date for Nathan and Haley. I did not like the part where Nathan denied he was with her. I think that it is good that Karen is going to go to Italy for a cooking program. It was a good way to have Moria Kelly leave for her materinaty leave.
  • Brooke is growing on me

    This is where I actually started liking Brooke. She realized that her behaviour at the party was awful and not only did she make it up to Nathan and Haley, but she also put Peyton's good over her fun at the party. It was great how she then called Lucas for help and it was somehow the start of Brucas, if I remember correctly. Even though Luke actually came there for Peyton, but in the end he and Brooke were talking and they were getting closer when watching Peyton.
    The Naley date was amazing. They were great and Brooke's planning was brilliant!!
  • this episode is filled with both shocking revolations and new understandings that are sure to make you cringe and cry!

    The morning after the night before and a drowsy Brook wakes to a distant remembrance of the night she had had that included drinking flirting and sneaking around so if cant then no one can. Karen is lost for words once again as she is convinced by Deb to go to the amazing cooking course, in France, and Lucas decides to play ball with his friends on the river court as he feels he is spending too much time with his Raven teammates. Brooks decides her revival from the night before will be shopping, shopping, putting things right with Haley and Nathan, Shopping and going to a collage party with Peyton! As the night approaches Nathan picks Haley up for the date she is reluctant to go on, but as she accepts the episode shows very well how they grow all the fonder. Feeling happy and 'Karma' free, Brook heads off to the collage party with Payton, but little does she know that she is not the one that will be taking the risk! As the end of the Date draws to a close for Haley and Nathan all seems well until some friends of Nathan’s from the team see what’s going on and when asked by Nathan he replies "NO…Were just, tutoring (pause) aren’t we Haley?" hearing this Haley walks away hurt and upset that the date was in her eyes a lie. As there date ends a other begins as Peyton meets a collage guy that pressures her into a drink in which he puts pills in to abuse her. Brook looking for Peyton realises what is going on and saves her friend but calls upon the help of Lucas as Peyton is still in a drugged trance. As the end of the episode reveals it self a new friendship is formed and a relationship begins. I personally Loved this episode and although not the best definitely not a script filler!
  • Loved this episode, in true Tree Hill fashion the gang gets themselves in to trouble in more ways than one. Brooke and Lucas saves Peyton from a college guy after he slips her something in a drink and Hayley and Nathan have their first date.

    Brooke goes after a college guy only to find out that he is also in highschool. After this happens Brooke manages to find a drugged Peyton by calling her cellphone and finding to dorm room with the same music. She calls Lucas, who comes to the rescue and takes out a bit of his anger on the skeezy college guy. They sit up all night watching over Peyton. In reality they should ahve just taken her to the hospital because she would not be in troble for having been slipped something and that way they could have made sure the college guy would never do that again. Its a bad example of how that should have been handled, but atleast they addressed that situation and showed one way in which it can be handled.

    Brooke also set up a date for Hayley and Nathan, in which they tell each other 3 things that they like about one another, they shop at a lingere store for aech other and have a romantic dinner until hte guys show up and Nathan tells them its not a date. I applaud Hayley for standing up for herself and leaving him, and although I hate that she let him kiss her the next day - it was nice to see soemthing work out for once. They are a cute couple and wathcing them get to know each other is refreshing.

    We also see Karen go off to cooking school in Italy and she leaves Keith with a kiss - very romantic. Again, not very believable that she would leave her business in the hands of a woman that she just met, and is married to the evil father of her child that treats her like crap - but what can you do.

    Overall I liked this ep and it flowed very well. Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • OMG! Lukas and Brooke!

    Brooke and Payton go to this party thing or college people and Payton goes into this guys room and sees that the guy is listening to some song that she thinks no one knows. Theys tart talking and the guy offers Payton a drink... except he drugged it! Then Payton calls Brooke and Brooke follows teh music and trys to save Payton. She calls Lukas to save the day!Haley and Nathan go on their first date ever and Nathan is no longer ashamed of Haley, well he shoudn't! Haley's his girlfriend! Great episode! One of the reasons I actually watch this teen drama!
  • Great episode

    I really enjoyed this episode for a few reasons. I thought that the plot was very good, with the girls crashing the college party and Peyton getting drugged. I also liked Nathan and Haley\'s date.

    The episode really adds to the series because it marks the changing point in Brooke. She really starts to grow up with this episode. She realizes the mistakes she\'s made and tries to fix them.

    I also like how the Brooke and Lucas relationship grows in this episode.

    There is plenty of laughs and drama, and even some badass moments (Lucas punching the college kid comes to mind). Overall a very good episode.
  • Brooke fixes the mess she made in the previous episode and sets up a date for Nathan and Haley to go on. Brooke and Peyton go to a party at Duke, where Peyton gets drugged and Brooke calls Lucas for help. Brooke and Lucas bond while watching Peyto

    I love this episode. If you're following Nathan and Haley's relationship, it's a classic. Their night out is cleverly plotted by Brooke and I think she did a fabulous job of planning a night out for them. The cards and following the instructions is absolute genius. And the scene outside Haley's house is one of the best Nathan and Haley scenes. Definitely a must-see episode!
  • FINALLY! Nathan finally kisses Haley

    FINALLY! Nathan and Haley finally realizes that they have feelings for each other. They go on a date Nathan screws up then goes to Haley's house the next day and kisses her! How hot?!?
    With the promise of no booze, brooke talks Peyton into attending a party at Duke. No booze, but how about pills? When Peyton is slipped a date-rape drug, Brooke rescues her friend......and calls Lucas for help.
  • I love this episode!

    I adored this episode. One can see the couple Nathan and Haley to be formed. A couple which I adore particularly. Also, I find Nathan ( James Lafferty ) very beautiful. As, one can see as Brooke also changes because she wants to do housework in her life and to repair the dégat which she made. What is quite sad in this episode is what occurs with Peyton. The drug of the rape is a thing which should not exist. Lucas made well give a good blow of fist to the boy. Finally, I find that it is an excellent episode of the season one.
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