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Season 3 Episode 22

The Show Must Go On

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on The CW

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  • Perfect end to season 3.

    Over the Hills and Far Away was a great set-up for the finale. Everyone prepared for Nathan and Haley's wedding and Lucas and Peyton returned to Tree Hill.

    I loved what Brooke planned for Nathan and Haley. Reliving their best moments with other students was genius and really quite funny. Brooke really has grown as a characters and that's shown when she talks about not needing Lucas as much. You can tell she is stronger and more developed by how she eventually remakes a wedding dress that Haley loves. Shame this all could be ruined by the end of the episode...

    Peyton returns and it turns out she isn't marrying Jake. No, he's made her realise that she still has feelings for Lucas. Don't get me wrong, I like Peyton and Lucas together but I kind of liked her with Jake. They made sense. BUT it is brilliantly timed for the finale and Peyton admitting to Brooke that she still has feelings fir him was an excellent cliffhanger to lead us into the final episode of season three.

    Lucas also returns and decides he wants to a writer. And Haley decides to invite Dan to the wedding as he seems to be softening as a character. Rachel is still hooked up on Cooper, which was a nice way in bringing her and Brooke closer - just in time for the end of her friendship with Peyton.

    This finale is intense...

  • Season 3 Finale

    This is one of my favorite episodes of One Tree Hill and so far my favorite One Tree Hill finale. It was amazing. It had everything I love about this show. There were some funny, sweet, and beautiful moments. And a few cliffhangers.

    The wedding was the main event and its was beautiful. Haley's dress was amazing and even though they were red and didn't quite fit or match with the decor, Brooke and Peyton's dresses were beautiful, too. I loved Nathan's surprise of a new ring and it was so sweet that Lucas walked Haley down the aisle. And the vows were incredible. Nathan threw in "Always and Forever" and Haley included the thing Nathan said to her about the stillness he felt before dawn.

    I loved the Gavin DeGraw song they danced to. I'm glad the fans chose that one. It's perfect because that was the song playing in the season 1 finale when they made up in the rain. The speeches were great. All of them, but Rachel's that is. Rachel's speech was interesting, but it sucked that she got up there like that and that she stole the limo. The other speeches (Lucas, Brooke, Cooper) were sweet and funny and just perfect.

    Karen is pregnant!! I love it!! It's so amazing that she is having Keith's baby. And of we also have the added cliffhanger that someone else is pregnant with 3 possibilities of who.

    Brooke and Peyton are fighting about Lucas. It sucks for Brooke that Peyton likes Lucas, but she said she wouldn't do anything about it. And Brooke shouldn't be mad about the kiss in the library. It meant everything to us Leyton fans, but it really was an innocent moment.

    I love that Deb told Dan that it was her who set the fire. Now that he knows the truth Dan almost feels bad. You almost want to feel sorry for him and even somewhat like him since he was nice to Karen and Lucas, but then when Lucas said life without basketball is better then life without Keith it hits you all over again what he did and you can't feel bad for him.

    And the other!! Someone knows Dan killed Keith!! And the limo!! One Tree Hill loves it's car accidents and it's cliffhangers!! This ending was incredible!!! It was so intense watching Rachel and Cooper argue and Nathan and Haley talking and then the limo coming towards the car. It was intense, but amazing. I couldn't believe it when the limo went off the bridge or that Nathan jumped in after. Wow!! Amazing episode!!
  • Weakest of the three season finales yet and not a good way to possibly a end an otherwise great show.

    While this was not a bad OTH episode it certaintly wasn\'t what I expected. They left us with a ton of cliffhangers and pretty much every relationship on the show in danger one way or another. Whoever decided to go this way with the episode must be really confident that there will be another season, because if this was the last we saw of it, I\'m gonna be really disapointed. If this would have been a regular episode on OTH then I guess I wouldn\'t have mind, I just wanted more when you know that it might be the very last one you get to see.
    The Lucas/Peyton/Brooke triangle is a messy as it ever has been, and with Brooke ending the Breyton friendship things could get messier, seeing how Peyton dont have anything to loose if she decides to tell Lucas about her feelings.
    Naley were great as usual and the ending was among the best scenes of the episode.
    Also, Dan had som good scenes with a sort of scary cliffhanger at the end.
    So if this would\'ve been a regular epsiode I\'d give it a 8+ but now that it might be the series finale it doesnt deserve it in my eyes.
  • A very over the top episode but exciting ending

    this episode was ok to me. But I felt that it was lacking something.
    i enjoyed the whole pregnancy moment that was a great cliffhanger and nathan jumping in to save his uncle.
    but i found the rest of the episode slightly dragging. the whole Lucas and Brooke and Peyton thing i found borning. the first time around it was good but i dont know the second time around. {brooke and lucas} am a huge Sophia Bush
    fan but the scene with chad i found over the top.
    but excellent p4 from Bethany Joy Galeotti and James Lafferty i must admitt sometimes the lines they give them can be cheeeesse as hell but they pull it off soooooo good.
    the only think i found kept this ep togther was them.
  • This episode was preety pitiful and extraordinarily disappointing. There was not a lot of plot devleopment, except someone now knows that Dan is a MURDERER! and wrote it on his wall!

    I had been looking forward to this episode for the entire episode, and was extremely disappointed. The ending was silly, stupid, and many other colorful adjectives. Four pregnant women? Nathan stuck in a car underwater, when he beat his way in? And reliving the Peyton- Lucas-Brooke love triangle was just excruiatingly painful. The only person that I actually liked in this episode was Brooke, who had the right to be hurt and indignant. However, the the entire Dan- Deb- Keith-Karen-adults storyline creeped me out. Little Keith was creepy, but it was very interesting that someone now knows that Dan is a killer. Overall it was meh, but for a season finale, it should have been A-MAZ-ING!
  • Amazing!

    "Why won't you ever just let me all the way in?"
    I love this part. Everyone seemed to have their own thing happening in the plot in this episode. The car crash, the pregnancy test, the wedding, Rachel, and Peyton and Brooke's girl drama. The episode leaves a lot of questions to be answered in the next season though.
  • What you would expect from a Season Finale and wedding :D

    Loved this episode.
    Whenever there's a wedding for a season finale, you know that nothing is going to run smoothly. I love how the audience was made to question who is really pregnant; Brooke, Hayley or Rachel. I loved the whole idea of them all having identical purses and the fact that Karen is pregnant too. Following that, the crash with Rachel and Cooper was shot really well with them teetering on the bridge for a couple of seconds before the epic plunge into the water. Nathan took the role of the hero and dived in after them and not returning and i loved it/him.

    The last few scenes were especially great in conjunction with Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zepplin. Very dramatic and an effective use of music.

    Just such a great way to end Season 3.
  • Season 3, Episode 22.

    Wow. I know I say that a lot, but this episode was extremely amazing! This was a perfect finale! I loved the cliffhanger! We know that Lucas is already getting a little sibling, but who else is pregnant? I'm almost positive it's Haley. But the choices are Brooke, Haley, and Rachel. Plus, Rachel, Cooper, and Nathan may be dead! It was so great! There was a second wedding, relationship drama, friendship drama, pregnancies... The perfect finale! I loved it so much! I am definitely going to start watching the show from the very beginning after this episode. One Tree Hill rocks! I am sure Season 4 will be just as dramatic.
  • Just amazing

    This episode is fantastic and is probably one of my favourites, purely because of Sophia Bush's acting, she plays Brooke to perfection in this episode and really portrays her hurt well.

    The final scenes are brilliant and really make you want to watch season 4 straight away!!!!!

    The wedding between Nathan and Haley is beautiful and has some interesting moments in it.

    There are so many cliff hangers in this episode... who is pregnant, will some of the cast members survive, what is Dan going to do next... its just fantastic. If you love One Tree Hill then you will love this episode.
  • Wow!! That's all I can say.

    Haley and Nathan's second wedding is coming up. Nathan has a cryptic dream about Haley drowning. Deb finally reveals to Dan that she was the one who tried to kill him, not Keith. Nathan and Haley's vows go very well. The reception also goes fairly well. Lucas, Brooke and Cooper give wonderful toasts on love. Brooke and Peyton are now fighting. Brooke tells her that they are not friends anymore. Lucas tells Brooke about the kiss in the library between him and Peyton. Karen is pregnant. Dan feels guilty and sad about killing Keith. Nathan and Haley hit the road. Rachel wants Cooper back, but he won't have her. She becomes emotional and tells him that she's pregnant. They swerve after Rachel grabs the wheel and they almost crash into Nathan and Haley. Instead, they fall into the water. Nathan goes to rescue them. Someone knows that Dan murdered Keith because "Murderer" is written on his wall.

    This was a very stunning episode! I loved everything! The kid playing Young Keith is very creepy. Many cliffhangers with Dan, Haley, Rachel, Nathan, pretty much everyone. I don't know what else to say except that this episode was one of the best. I give it 10 out of 10!
  • A tearjerker episode with loads of drama and conclusions that you just can't wait to watch series 4

    After having a nightmare that things were not going to be right we see the renewal vows of Haley and Nathan. Having watching the wedding and seeing the reunion between Rachel and Cooper, you know Rachel is not going to let him get away to easily. Causing a stir at the reception she leaves drunks and drives the limo off with cooper following her. having an argument in the limo they crash with Haley and Nathans Car and end up in the lake not knowing if they are alive or dead. Nathan jumping in to the lake wanting to save his uncle cooper and having Haley on the side screaming for Nathan is one of the nest scenes i the show. it really shows her love for him.

    Back at the wedding we see the climax of the Brooke/Lucas/Peyton triangle as Brooke tries to deal with the rev elation of Peyton still having feelings for Lucas and her wanting to keep hold of her boyfriend. Seeing the gripping argument between Brooke and Lucas before the speechs. There is great chemistry in this scenes and you can really feel the tension between them.

    Elsewhere, Deb finally admits to Dan that she tried to kill him in the fire not Keith and we learn that Karen is pregnant with Keith's baby.

    After having so many relevations answered you are still left with so many questions at the end. Who does the other postitive pregnany test belong to, will Lucas and Brooke survive their argument, will Nathan, Cooper and Rachel survive the crash?

    This really was a great instalment and def a reason to tune in for the next season!!
  • Well its finally here, the second Naley wedding, but with it comes a lot of drama! But hey, whats OTH without any drama? Brooke finds out the truth about Leyton, Dan makes a shocking discovery and Rachel, well as usual she ruins everything. Heartbreaking!

    This episode is truely amazing.... one of the best season finales in One Tree Hill history. The arrival of the Naley wedding brings with it, a lot of emotion. Theres love, happiness, regert, shock and tears. Deb revels a shocking secret to Dan, in an attempt to defend Keiths honor, although it could endanger her life. In an attempt to rekindle the dying romance between Brooke and Lucas, Lucas lets the worst possible imformation slip.... to the dismay of Brooke, who is crushed. Karen admits something shocking to Dan and Rachel tries to reconsile her relationship with Cooper, but in the end endangers the life of Nathan and the Naley relationship. Also, Haley has some news to tell Nathan, and Brooke and Peyton call it quits as friends..... or at least Brooke does. This is an amazing, heartbreaking episode that had me in tears. Its well worth the watch.
  • ...and I had to add well written, exciting, nerve-wracking, one of the best, enough to keep you charge at One Tree Hill Season 4.

    It has action, it has drama, it has love, hate, pain , pleasure... it has life, this is my kind of episode I like! Well done! I have seen the stupidest boy on the face of the earth, Lucas... Brooke is one good girl and loves him so much, why? why mess what he has? And Peyton... I try to understand her but I can't...if she was more like Mouth and respected the love of her best friends... everything would be perfect but no. That's because we aren't all the same! :( I love Brooke and Lucas together and I don't want them to split again because of Peyton's "big" heart! The thing with the pregnancy test is so intelligent thought, it makes you think about everything and put together to find out who is the "lucky" ;). But I'm sure that is Haley's, just feels right! So many things I have to find out... waiting for the next episode!!!!

    Love your friend enough to see him happy even that means you aren't the same...sacrifice (one good lesson).
  • My favorite song in the whole wide world, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol was played in this episode.

    Nathan and Haley renew their vows. Peyton finds out she still has feelings for Lucas while speaking in her sleep. Peyton tells Brooke about her feelings and Brooke becomes furious. Lucas tells Brooke by mistake about the kiss between Peyton and him in the library during the shooting. Karen admits to Dan that she's pregnant. Someone knows that Dan killed Keith. One of the three girls Haley, Brooke or Rachael is pregnant. Rachael and Cooper take off in the limo which was suppose to take Nathan and Haley to the airport to go to London. Rachael and Cooper crash into Nathan and Haley. Nathan tries to save Rachael and Cooper because the limo they were in, falls off the bridge.
  • Naley Wedding again. Brucas Fights again. Rachel Gets Drunk again. Car Crash again.

    One of the best episodes of the best shows. Naley's wedding was beautifully done. Bethany Joy looked amazing with her hair and dress. Brooke's speech was very powerful and she did a great acting job when her and Lucas were talking in the room with the purses. I loved when Rachel gave her toast about Cooper. It was hillarious. The final scene was perfect. The acting, the drama, and the music were all amazing together. I think it wouldn't have been a good series finale though because it would have been to big of a cliff hanger. The screams from Nathan and Haley were right on though. It was some of the best acting I've seen.
  • 1 of the best episodes i have ever watched!

    This episode was one of my favourite episodes ever! The funniest part was when Deb said to Dan "open your eyes dan,Keith didn't try to kill you i did!" Hilarious! Nathan and Haleys wedding was brill! I loved more than anyone by gavin de was soo sweet! who is pregnant?!? what a storyline!! well now that im writing this review i now who is pregnant but i was going crazy with wonder before i knew!! The crash was terrible but it was such an exciting storyline..all i could think about was "Did nathan live!!"...and who wrote murderer on Dans wall?!? A++++++ Episode!
  • Well, this certainly wasn't a conclusion to anyone's problems by any means.

    So a finale is supposed to be big. I mean huge. Cliff-hanger drama. This episode certainly captured that in my opinion. Wondering if Nathan, Rachel, and Cooper would survive, and, whatever the result would be, what the aftermath would be like. There is also the question of who is preganant and such. That in itself is a big deal. We do, however, know for sure that Karen is pregnant, and I was very happy for her. And then, one of the major highlights of the episode was Naley's wedding. My favorite couple's wedding. A beautiful thing. I adored each of their vows, and I am glad to see that the wedding was of much importance to the episode. Personally, I thought this episode was very, very well done, in terms of writing, directing, everything.
  • What a sad episode!! But, great also!

    This was one of the best episodes I have ever watched. It is amazing how the beginning and the end of this episode have been connected! But, Brooke is really I mean as a character frustrating, not always, but in this episode she was definately frustrating. Well, I don't know when I'm going to see season 4 of this show, but I just can't wait. Hmm, Dan is also a very annoying character, not because he killed Keith - but I just don't like him. Many questions now exist, one thing I would like too see is what will outcome of this be like?
  • This episode was so nice!!It makes you think that nathan dies and its crazy!The only bad thing is the friendship beetween brooke and peyton....cs peyton told her at least that she still have feelings for lucas!!

    Its a good episode cause it makes you want to see the next one and you have to wait to see it so it sucks...!!!!But its nice cause we dont know who wrote on the wall MURDERER,we dont know whos alive from the accident and we dont know whos pregnant and whos not...!!!!The good thing is that haley and nathan finally got married like they wanted to and dan regreted the fact that he killed his brother(keith)!!!!!It looks like karen is pregnant again but is dan really going to help her or he is planning to do something bad like he always do....!!!Lets just hope that on the next episodes brooke and peyton will be good friends again....!!!!!
  • nathan jumping into the water----best scene ever

    how great was this episode?
    exspeacially the end while \"baby i\'m gonne leave you\" by led zeppelin was playing
    the scene where nathan jumps down the bridge is my favourite scene in one tree hill
    and once again great cliffhangers.
    wonder who is pragnant and who wrote \"murderer\" on dan\'s wall.
    still can\'t believe keith is gone loved the guy.
    the whole episode was just so great. every time love the nathan/lucas moments and the toasts were great, too.
    but it\'s a petty that the friendship between peyton and brooke looks to be inrepairible.and it looks like \"brucas\" isn\'t working now i hope everything will work put between payton and jake.
  • It\'s haley and nathan\'s wedding and of course something has to go wrong! after a beautiful ceremony you can see that there is tension between everyone. when haley and nathan go to leave they realize the limo was gone and hot uncle coop and rachel r

    This was the best episode ever of One Tree Hill. It lft you wanting more and with a question of which of the four girls is pregnat. i cried through the whole thing just because it was so beautiful. the fight between lucas and brooke was great because i think that he is mean\'t to be with peyton who had revealed to brooke that she had feelings for lucas earlier in the episode. we also find out that karen is pregnat with the late kieth's baby and she\'s going to keep it. someone also write\'s the word murderer on dan\'s wall which is great cause i can\'t wait for him to get wht he deserves. well i couldn\'t wait to see who was pregnat so i read a spoiler and haley is the one who is pregat and she keeps the baby!
  • Haley & Nathan look set to renew their marriage vows infront of friends & family but through a series of twists and revelations the day does not run as smoothly as planned.

    What series finale is complete without a cliffhanger? As a relatively newcomer to Tree Hill, being as how I live in the not so sunny UK I can say that this tops the previous series\\\' endings.

    The vows renewal approaches and Lucas is still coming to terms with the loss of Keith and his heart condition. In a heartwarming moment, and set to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Dan arrives to help Lucas\\\' final preperations. Elsewhere a heart broken Rachel takes to the bottle to compensate for Cooper rejecting her, this will however come back to haunt her.

    As Peyton fights her feelings for Jake & Lucas she must live with repurcussions of confiding in Brooke about it and tempers rise between them as they day progresses.

    A beautiful ceremony takes place and a poignant moment as Karen sits next to a chair still reserved for Keith.

    The champagne comes back to haunt Rachel as she drunkenly announces her relationship with Cooper to the whole party before driving off in the wedding limo with Cooper inside trying to talk to calm her down.

    Brookes decision to make matching purses for all the Brides party causes confusion and worry as a home pregnancy kit is found in one, is it Rachels, Brookes, Karen\\\'s or Haleys?

    Finally as the limo is missing Haley & Nathan leave in a classic American Muscle car only to swerve and just miss Rachel & Cooper coming the opposite way in the limo. They aren\\\'t as lucky and crash off the bridge and into the dark depths of the river.

    In the last act of the series Nathan jumps into the river to try and save Cooper & Rachel but becomes trapped himself.
  • It's an amazing show with some really great stories. Great young adult show.

    When this show first started, I wasn't exactly sure that it would last but it proved me wrong. As it really got into the lives of Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Haley, and Brooke it really took off.My favourite character is Haley. She really changed from season 1. As for Brooke and Lucas, I hope they can mend things for season 4 as it has been rumored that Brooke is pregnant. Great show and can't wait for season 4!
  • I think that WHITEY wrote MURDERER on Dan's wall b/c he was not in the finale @ maybe he was wrriting it during the could have been Deb but she put the dealership on fire last season & taht would have been redundant & i don't

    I think that WHITEY wrote MURDERER on Dan's wall b/c he was not in the finale @ maybe he was wrriting it during the could have been Deb but she put the dealership on fire last season & taht would have been redundant & i don't think the writers would have done that for nathan...i think (Even tho it's typical of the writers to do this)...that Nathan will live (in the the preview it's him getting the paddles) but will have for Rachel, she's a regular now so she must be alive...cooper...who knows? i think that's what will happen
  • An episode filled with cliffhangers, limousine crashings, broken friendships and above all--love.

    What makes me sad is the fact that Brooke and Peyton are no longer friends. Every girl should have a best friend in her life, especially one that goes as way back as possible. I know if I didn’t have my best friend in my life I would be aimlessly walking through it. While I think that Brooke may have overreacted at the fact that Peyton likes Lucas, I remembered what happened in season 1 and it’s maybe not even about Lucas anymore. Maybe it’s about not wanting to go through that feeling again. Maybe Brooke didn’t want to feel betrayed by her best friend again. But that is me giving Brooke the benefit of the doubt. It has been said on several occasions (in the show) that best friends make it through it all. So, I am hoping that maybe in season 4 things will be okay.

    What we also learn is that one of the girls on the cast has a bun in her oven. While my thoughts are on Brooke, it may be Haley. (I don’t read any spoiler that may give away who’s pregnant.) I think that bringing a pregnancy into OTH is pretty dumb. The pregnancy scare happened with Brooke in season 1. We also have two mothers (Duh! Deb and Karen) that both had their kids at 18. We get the fact that teenage pregnancy is pretty high, but having three teen pregnancies in a cast of less than 10 is kind of redundant. One thing that keeps me going with this show is the love between Haley and Nathan. (Or Naley for the real crazed fans out there.) What they have been through in the past three seasons have been what every couple goes through and it is depicted wonderfully. There are insecurities when it comes to a serious relationship. There are doubts right before a marriage, especially if you are deemed “too young.” But they have conquered all and for that it gives those few people hope that love will find them. Their marriage was beautiful, the reception was beautiful (although I like the season 2 one better) and the first dance between them as man and wife (again) was so cute.

    The scene-stealer award goes to the ever so lovely Brooke. After she found out that Lucas and Peyton “hooked up” during the school shooting, she had that whole speech about her holding on to them for dear life. That was great delivery and also I think that it may have been dug from her personal past with a certain CMM, seeing that they were divorced at that point. It must suck to act like you are still in love with someone you are trying to fall out of love with.

    All in all, this was a good episode. The wedding was beautiful, the toasts were heartfelt and they almost made me teary-eyed (but I stayed strong because I don’t cry), the song walking down the aisle has become the new front-runner song for when I get married (We Are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone for those who are interested) and the ending made my heart hurt so hopefully I won’t get a heart attack when the new season comes about. One more thing, Cooper is hot like wasabi!!
  • Haley and Nathan\'s wedding day approaches, but many people are coming clean with secrets they don\'t even let us in on. Nathan worries about Haley, Peyton and Brooke fight over Lucas...again. And someone along with Karen have some life altering news.

    This was an amazing episode. A lot of the same problems from season 1 are returning. The Peyton, Lucas and Brooke triangle has started once again... and I love Leyton! Nathan and Haley are getting married again. And as always there\'s Dan drama. Deb comes clean about the Dealership fire which leaves Dan full of guilt for killing Keith. Of course finding out that Karen is pregnant with Keith\'s child. Of course, I\'m kinda worried about that. Is Dan gonna try to move in on Karen and raise Keith and Karen\'s baby? And who else is pregnant. I thought it was Brooke but in the second episode this season there\'s a new guy coming that might tear her away from Lucas and if she\'s pregnant that can\'t happen. Then there\'s Rachel, but she drank...a lot at the wedding. Of course pregnant woman can drink. But she also told Cooper she had to tell him something and when it came back he was freaking out. No I don\'t believe it. Blah blah blah. Haley also told Nathan that he was good in crisis and that was good cause she had something to tell him. But they said they weren\'t gonna have sex till their wedding night.It could also be Peyton cause she had sex with Jake while she was in Savannah. So, other than Karen, it\'s a mystery to me about who is pregnant. And someone wrote Murderer on Dan\'s wall. Than Rachel and Cooper crashed off the bridge and Nathan dove in after them. Of course leave it up to One Tree Hill to end the season like that.....
  • This was such and exciting episode I have only every watched it a couple of times and I watched it and I was hooked straight away!!!!!

    This episode was soooooooooo exciting I wish I had started watching One tree hill from the very begining I have only watched a couple b4 and this episode was so exciting. It had an excellent storyline. So you didn't know who was really pregnant because all the wedding bags were all the same. And at the end how the limo went into the stream that was so freaky but kinda predictible that you new something terrible was going to happen and it was the last episode of the season. I want to watch it all the time now!!! I can't wait for season 4!

    OMG this is in my top 5 of favorite episodes but I aslo hated it just as much, only because I have to wait so long to see what happens, so much happened I hope I can see it again before the next season so I can pay more attention to who says what to see if I can figure out whos pregnant. AH why did everone have to get the same purse I really wanna no whos pregnant! I hope it's Haley or Payton. And buy the way I know why hot uncle coop is called hot uncle coop!:)
  • i hated the way it ended as a cliffhanger..

    y did it have to end this way?
    does brooke know that lucas has HCM?.. maybe they can become much closer when brooke knows..
    ive already read some scoop.. said that lucas and brooke will have problems in their relationship in season 4.. waahh.. SUCKS!.. theres also this new guy that might steal brooke away from Lucas.. umm.. what else.. uncle coop wont survive the fall.. i also have a feeling that rachels pregnant

    ohh well..
  • When i saw the preview fore this episode..i was so excited to see it. n when i finalee saw was amazing..i luv everything about it. it had great moments..n i cant wait until the new season starts!

    This episode left us with so many unancered questions..i absolutely luv it. wee dont knoe whos pregnant beesides karen, wee dont knoe who wrote MURDERER on dan's wal, n wee dont knoe what wil happen to nathan, rachel, n cooper.

    the episode was so good! i luv the muziq in it..the ending song "babe im going to leave you" is amazing..n it went wel with the ending part of the episode.

    this is definitely one of one tree hill's bestest episodes..n bestest season finale..i luvd it!!!
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