One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 22

The Show Must Go On

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on The CW

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  • Season 3 Finale

    This is one of my favorite episodes of One Tree Hill and so far my favorite One Tree Hill finale. It was amazing. It had everything I love about this show. There were some funny, sweet, and beautiful moments. And a few cliffhangers.

    The wedding was the main event and its was beautiful. Haley's dress was amazing and even though they were red and didn't quite fit or match with the decor, Brooke and Peyton's dresses were beautiful, too. I loved Nathan's surprise of a new ring and it was so sweet that Lucas walked Haley down the aisle. And the vows were incredible. Nathan threw in "Always and Forever" and Haley included the thing Nathan said to her about the stillness he felt before dawn.

    I loved the Gavin DeGraw song they danced to. I'm glad the fans chose that one. It's perfect because that was the song playing in the season 1 finale when they made up in the rain. The speeches were great. All of them, but Rachel's that is. Rachel's speech was interesting, but it sucked that she got up there like that and that she stole the limo. The other speeches (Lucas, Brooke, Cooper) were sweet and funny and just perfect.

    Karen is pregnant!! I love it!! It's so amazing that she is having Keith's baby. And of we also have the added cliffhanger that someone else is pregnant with 3 possibilities of who.

    Brooke and Peyton are fighting about Lucas. It sucks for Brooke that Peyton likes Lucas, but she said she wouldn't do anything about it. And Brooke shouldn't be mad about the kiss in the library. It meant everything to us Leyton fans, but it really was an innocent moment.

    I love that Deb told Dan that it was her who set the fire. Now that he knows the truth Dan almost feels bad. You almost want to feel sorry for him and even somewhat like him since he was nice to Karen and Lucas, but then when Lucas said life without basketball is better then life without Keith it hits you all over again what he did and you can't feel bad for him.

    And the other!! Someone knows Dan killed Keith!! And the limo!! One Tree Hill loves it's car accidents and it's cliffhangers!! This ending was incredible!!! It was so intense watching Rachel and Cooper argue and Nathan and Haley talking and then the limo coming towards the car. It was intense, but amazing. I couldn't believe it when the limo went off the bridge or that Nathan jumped in after. Wow!! Amazing episode!!