One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 22

The Show Must Go On

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Lucas comes to Haley to offer to give her away, she mentions that everyone got ready in that room "including Rachel and Brooke for some reason." It makes sense that Brooke would get ready in the same room as Haley - she's the maid of honor. So Haley should know the reason of why Brooke and Rachel were there.

    • Nathan and Haley were supposed to go to London for their honeymoon because it always rains there and they have had their best moments in the rain.

    • Sophia Bush (Brooke) almost bruised her hand during the first fight scene between Brooke and Peyton. When she hits the door containing the list of guys for Brooke, she hits it very hard on every take and her bracelet (fan-made) created a small bruise on her palm and wrist.

    • During the scene where Peyton and Brooke have their first fight, there are shots of Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and in some, her chest is a little more red than others. That's because they are later takes where Hilarie would clutch her chest.

    • There is a recurring tree theme in this episode, as mentioned by Sophia Bush in the audio commentary.

    • In the beginning, when Nathan and Lucas are at the River Court, a boat can be seen in the background behind Nathan. In the next shot, the boat is long gone and you can see the wake mark or the trail of the boat.

    • People in Lucas' phone:


    • Goof: At 17:12, there is a close-up of Dan and Deb, as they stand; yet when the shot changes to Nathan and Haley walking down the steps, Dan and Deb are seated and stand again.

    • Spoiler alert!:
      The third car accident takes place in this episode. The first being when Keith and Lucas were driving on the streets in the season 1 episode "Hanging By A Moment". The second when Nathan crashes into the wall on the Nascar circuit in the season 2 episode "I'm Wide Awake And It's Morning". And now, Rachel and Cooper in one car, crash into Nathan and Haley in another car.

    • Spoiler alert!:
      In this episode, Brooke and Peyton end their friendship because of Lucas. In the season 1 episode "You Gotta Go There To Come Back", Brooke tells Peyton "you're my best friend, and I would never cut you out for a guy, no matter who he is."

    • The quote Brooke says, "A kiss always means something," is the same quote that Peyton told Haley when she kissed Chris Keller in episode 2x13.

    • In this episode Peyton sets fire to the picture of her, Brooke, & Lucas shooting the heart (3). But in the episode How A Resurection Really Feels, Brooke cut it up.

    • As Haley and Nathan are walking down the aisle after the wedding ceremony, Deb is talking to Dan and as she turns to walk down the aisle, all the people in the seats are gone. How is it possible for everyone to have already left their seats in a matter of seconds?

    • When Rachel takes the limo after her toast, the front windows are down then when Cooper and Rachel get out of the limo after pulling over the windows are up and when they pull away the windows are back down.

    • Lucas's first voiceover was similar to what Peyton said at the end of episode 3.01 when she was painting the numbers on her wall. Lucas's ending voiceover was Brooke's toast to Nathan and Haley at the reception.

    • Although Nathan and Haley are clearly driving on a busy road after their wedding, the bridge is clearly in a secluded area and nowhere near where they are driving.

    • After Rachel gives her "toast", she runs out and drives off in the limo. Where did she get the keys? I mean, I dont think someone would leave keys in a limo during a wedding. Did she get them off-camera?

  • Quotes

    • Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry princess. I was looking for my friend Haley. Wow, did it really take this much stuff to make you look this?
      Haley: No! Everybody got ready in here, including Rachel and Brooke, for some reason. Hi!
      Lucas: All right. Wow, you really look beautiful.
      Haley: Thank you.
      Lucas: So, your parents really aren't coming.
      Haley: No, they... I invited them, and they said, "sorry, honey, we've been to your wedding once before, and it was a little boring". Anyway, I'll just give myself away, that's fine.
      Lucas: Or... I could do it. If you'll have me.
      Haley: Really? Luke, that would be perfect!
      Lucas: Okay.
      Haley: Thank you.
      Lucas: But you know what, I gotta be honest with you. I could never officially give you away, you know that? I could never give away my best friend.

    • Lucas: Hey pretty girl.
      Brooke: Hey.
      Lucas: What's going on?
      Brooke: Nothing.
      Lucas: Come on. Nobody loves a wedding more than Brooke Davis. What's up?
      Brooke: I'd just appreciate if you wouldn't talk to Peyton today.
      Lucas: You're kidding, right? This is a wedding. We're all in the wedding party. We're all friends here, Brooke!
      Brooke: You know, could you do me a favour, just once, and put me above your precious Peyton and do something that I ask you to do? Thanks!
      Lucas: Woah. What's happened?
      Brooke: We had a fight. And I'm stressed out about my speech and Haley's dress, and I'm late. I'm late to get ready, and I'm sorry.
      Lucas: Come here. It's okay.
      Brooke: You look nice. (Brooke leaves)
      Lucas: Weddings!

    • Dan: You're closer than 100 feet.
      Deb: Just paying my respects.
      Dan: You know, everyone thinks of Keith as the perfect guy but they're wrong.
      Deb: No, they're not, Dan. Keith is a hero.
      Dan: He tried to kill me. That's right. He's the one who tried to burn me in the dealership fire. So I guess the hero got what was coming to him, after all.

    • Brooke: Now I know how this dress looks like on a witch.
      Peyton: Go Brooke yourself.

    • Haley: You're good in a crisis.
      Nathan: Nah, I don't know about that.
      Haley: No, you are. Good thing, too. Especially since I have something I have to tell you...

    • Lucas: (holding pregnancy test) Hey ma, are you pregnant?
      Karen: Yes I am, but that's not my purse. You know, maybe Brooke took the wrong...Brooke.

    • Dan: I never apologized for the way I treated you and Lucas, or for the way I treated Keith. I suppose it's too late.
      Karen: I'm pregnant.
      Dan: I'm gonna be there for you this time Karen, it's gonna be okay.

    • Lucas: Hey you. So, I've been informed to avoid you like the plague. What's up?
      Peyton: Nothing, just...look, if Brooke doesn't want you to talk to me just do it, I'll be fine.
      (Peyton starts walking away when Lucas calls after her without looking at her but smiling)
      Lucas: Hey Peyton! You look nice.

    • Rachel: Is there anything I can say to keep you Cooper?
      Cooper: No, I'm sorry Rachel, there is not.
      Rachel: That's too bad, because there's something I have to tell you.

    • Deb: Open your eyes, Dan, I don't love you, and I'm not coming back to you. And Keith didn't try to kill you, I did.

    • Peyton: You want to talk to me, please? Fine… so this is how it ends??? A ten year friendship that survived two dead moms, three absentee parents, shop lifting, jail time…. and we can't survive one boy?
      Brooke: Not one boy Peyton, my boy.
      Peyton: And he still is your boy, I told you that. Do you love him???
      Brooke: You are something else, how dare you be so selfish to ask me that about my boyfriend??
      Peyton: How dare I?? Ok you know what Brooke, I did not want it this way ok… I tried tears, I tried apologizing to you, I cried and you know what you did… you slapped me, and you blew me off.
      Brooke: You are going to be lucky if the next time I don't use my fist.
      Peyton: I can't believe you are supposed to be the Maid of Honor. And by the way, none of those words were "Yes Peyton I love him."

    • Lucas: Look Brooke, I need you to listen to me, ok, I understand that you didn't know about the kiss, and I'm sorry for springing it on you, but I meant what I said. It didn't mean anything.
      Brooke: A kiss always means something.
      Lucas: Ok, well, maybe you're right. But it wasn't a romantic moment. And you would know that if..
      Brooke: ..if what I was there?! As you so sweetly pointed out, at the party, the party that I threw for you, I wasn't there, was I??
      Lucas: Is it impossible, for you to forgive me?? I forgave you..
      Brooke: For what??
      Lucas: For sleeping with Chris Keller.
      Brooke: And you know what Lucas, I loved you for that. You had such grace in that moment that I fell in love with you all over again. I can't believe that you would use it now as a bargaining chip.
      Lucas: No, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. I just..I need you to trust me, and believe me when I tell you that my heart is with you. A part of me feels like ever since we got back together, you've just been waiting, waiting to push me away.
      Brooke: Oh..great, you kiss Peyton, again, and I'm pushing you away! God! Why did I make everybody identical purses as wedding gifts!
      Lucas: I love you Brooke, I don't know how else to say it.
      Brooke: How about how you show it?? I am not pushing you away Lucas, I am holding on for dear life! But I need you to need me back! Why wouldn't you tell me about the kiss and why wouldn't you call me while you were away and why won't you ever just let me all the way in?

    • (Nathan prepares to jump of the bridge)
      Haley: Nathan, don't!
      Nathan: I love you.

    • Haley:We are going to London for a few days.
      Lucas: Doesn't it always rain there?
      [Haley laughs]
      Nathan: Oh yeah!

    • Haley: (after putting the crackerjack bracelet on Nathan) Don't say I never gave you anything.

    • Brooke: Love is not love which alters, when an alteration finds. When life gets hard, when things change..true love remains the same.

    • Nathan:How long have you been out here?
      Lucas: Couple hours..sometimes I come out here when I can't sleep.
      Nathan: Miss it?
      Lucas: Everyday
      Lucas: So what's up?
      Nathan:I had this messed up dream last night. Haley was drowning and I couldn't save her. Of course leave it up to Haley and insist that we dont see each other until the wedding even though we are married. Maybe I should just go see her.
      Lucas: Tell you what...I'll go check on her for you...hows that?
      Nathan:Tell her to stay away from water. No swimming or anything.
      Lucas:[he laughs] Nathan...its your wedding day..again. it's gonna be a great day.
      Nathan:Thanks man.

    • Lucas: Nathan you ok?
      Nathan: Yeah, have you checked on Haley?
      Lucas: Yeah, she's fine.
      Nathan: Well she should be here by now..have you called her?
      Lucas: Nate...
      Nathan: Please! Just do it.
      Lucas: Ok, alright, alright
      (calls Haley)
      Lucas: Hey, Haley you alright?
      Nathan: Something's wrong man
      Haley: Hey, what's up?
      (hands the phone to Nathan)
      Nathan: Hey, it's me, is everything ok?
      Haley: Fine... soon to be husband again, why?
      Nathan: I just wanted to hear your voice thats all..where are you?
      Haley: I'm right here.

    • Lucas: You're just waiting to push me away.
      Brooke: I'm not pushing you away! I 'm holding on for dear life.

    • Peyton: Brooke, don't go, please.
      Brooke: I don't want to, but I have to.
      Peyton: Okay, stop, please, Brooke I'll do anything. I don't want you to go.
      Brooke: Do you remember earlier when you asked me if I loved Lucas, well I have your answer, but you don't deserve to here it.
      Peyton: Brooke.
      Brooke: No. I want you to understand something. As far as I can tell this friendship is over and if we never speak again for the rest of our lives. That'll be fine. I gave you a second chance Peyton and you blew it.

    • Lucas: Wow, you really look beautiful.
      Haley: Thank you
      Lucas: So your parents really aren't coming?
      Haley: No, they ah..I invited them, and they said 'Sorry Honey, we've been to your wedding once before, and it was a little boring.' Anyway, I'll just..I'll just give myself away, it's fine...
      Lucas: Or I could do it...if you'll have me.
      Haley: Really? Luke, that would be perfect.
      Lucas: OK
      Haley: Thank you.
      Lucas: But you know what, I gotta be honest with you, umm, I could never officially give you away, you know that. I could never give away my best friend.
      [They hug]
      Lucas: [whispers] Congrats...

    • Lucas: (walks in, sees Haley in her wedding dress) Oh, I'm sorry, Princess, I was looking for my friend Haley.

    • Lucas: I love you. I don't know how else to tell you.
      Brooke: Why don't you show it, why didn't you call me when you were gone, didn't you miss me?

    • Dan: So, how's life without basketball?
      Lucas: It's better than life without Keith.

    • Brooke: (to Lucas, talking about Peyton) We had a fight. And, I'm stressed out about my speech and Haley's dress. And, I'm late, I'm late getting ready. And, I'm sorry.

    • Haley: Knock, knock! Oh hi!
      Karen: Hey! How is the bride-to-be again?
      Haley: Oh, good.
      Karen: Well, I'm afraid you've missed the boys. They were gone pretty early.
      Haley: Oh, that's okay. I wanted to see you, actually. I have a question for you. I know you and Keith were engaged and it just, it just breaks my heart.
      Karen: I know, I know.
      Haley: Okay, um, Brooke, Brooke made me this, this dress and it is out of the material that she ordered for your wedding dress. And, I just wanted to ask you if it was okay if I wore it. And, if it's not it's fine she made another one that I can wear.
      Karen: I'm so proud of you, Haley. Have I told you that lately? You have got a wonderful soul Haley James Scott and you are going to make a beautiful bride in that dress.
      Haley: Oh, thank you.

    • Peyton: Hi, where'd you sleep?
      Brooke: My car. See, I had this horrible dream last night that my best friend told me she had feelings for my boyfriend. Oh, but that wasn't a dream was it?
      Peyton: Brooke!
      Brooke: Why now, Peyton?! Why would you tell me that you have feelings for Lucas now, when I have so much stuff going on in my life?! Stuff that you don't even know about!
      Peyton: Well, so do I. Okay, trust me. But, I didn't wish for this alright, I wished for Jake.
      Brooke: Oh, right, you wished for Jake, after you wished for Pete and then Lucas! I cannot believe this is happening again.
      Peyton: It's not okay, it's not. Okay, the last time.
      Brooke: The last time! Do you hear yourself right now? The last time you tried to steal my boyfriend! He's on the door Peyton! He's on the damn door under me!
      Peyton: I don't wanna steal him. okay.
      Brooke: But you like him.
      Peyton: "Brooke, I'm not gonna do anything about it, okay, I'll just bury it.
      Brooke: You can't, okay! It's out, it's like the time capsule! And, you could have buried it and not said anything to me about it. So, what is that about?
      Peyton: I don't - I just wanted to be honest with you, all right! I didn't wanna make the same mistake as I did last time. And, you even said last night at TRIC that you really didn't miss him.
      Brooke: Don't you dare! Don't you dare twist my words around to make yourself feel like you are not a back-stabbing two faced bitch, Peyton, because you are and you know it.

    • Rachel: Well, well.. I would like to make a toast, to Cooper's toast, about love. But, wait a minute, what could Nathan and Haley possibly know about love? I mean, they're only seventeen, right? Right Cooper? You see, Cooper seems to think a seventeen-year old couldn't possibly know anything about love. Of course, you know, that didn't stop him from having sex with me. Right? To sex with Cooper!

    • Cooper: Uh hi, I'd like your attention for a second. I'd like to propose a toast to my knucklehead of a nephew and his beautiful bride. As most of you know Nathan and Haley's relationship was, was unexpected. Mostly because Haley is classy and attractive and Nathan is.. not. But, here's to Nathan and Haley, for proving to us that love is real and genuine and still attainable for the rest of us. Cheers you two.

    • Lucas: (Quoting Peyton from the premier of season 3) At this moment there are six billion, five hundred and two million, eight hundred and sixty seven thousand, one hundred and twenty people in the world, give or take a few and sometimes all you need is one. For better or for worse.

    • Brooke: (talking about Lucus) He's on the door, Peyton. He's on the damn door under me.

    • (Nathan's Vows)
      Nathan: Last year, we sit on a beach and I told you how much I loved you. And how I would always, always protect you. That day nobody believed that this would work. But I don't think anybody understood the love I had for you. Because if they did, they would have never doubted us. So I wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of our world. Because today, when I look into your eyes, my love for you only grows. It's even stronger now. My love will never waver. And this I vow to you, today, and always and forever.

    • (Haley's Vows)
      Haley: Nathan, it's been said there's one word that will free us from the weight and pain of life. And that word is Love. And I believe that. That doesn't mean that it hasn't been hard or that it won't be. It just means that I found a stillness and a bravery in myself with you. You make me brave. And I will love you until the end of time. This I vow today.

    • Brooke: A kiss always means something.

    • Brooke: (quoting Shakespeare): "Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds."

    • Lucas: The last time I gave a speech about Nathan and Haley was, well, at their first reception. And I remember saying, "prepare to be surprised." Well I have to say, even I was surprised. Because, you see, they do something that's very rare to see in someone our age. Actually, it's very rare to see in anybody. They give their heart's to each other, unconditionally. And that's what true love really is. It's not this fairy-tale life that never knows pain. But it's two souls facing it together, and diminishing it, with unconditional love. (raises his glass) To Nathan and Haley...Scott.

  • Notes

    • The use of the Led Zeppelin song "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" in this episode was a significant event, as no network television show had ever been given the rights to use a Led Zeppelin song.

    • For this entire season, the show was nominated for the 2006 Teen Choice Award for "Choice Drama/Action/Adventure TV Show". Plus, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) was nominated for "Choice TV Actor-Drama/Action/Adventure", and Sophia Bush (Brooke) was nominated for "Choice TV Actress-Drama/Action/Adventure".

    • The original cut of this episode was 60 minutes long according to Mark Schwahn.

    • On the season 3 DVD set, there is an audio commentary featuring Mark Schwahn (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Joe Davola (Executive Producer), Lee Norris (Marvin "Mouth" McFadden), and Lindsay Wolfington (Music Supervisor).

    • When the song for Nathan and Haley's first dance is played, Haley asks how Nathan chose it. He says, "I had a little help."

      This is because the viewers got to vote to choose which song got to be played for this scene. The choices were: Gavin Degraw - "More Than Anyone"; Ray Lamontague - "Hold You In My Arms" and Trespassers William - "Lie In Sound".

    • Mark Schwahn introduces four additional scenes on the season 3 DVD set.

      The first is with Cooper and Deb talking about Rachel.

      The second is between Nathan and Haley kissing.

      The third is Dan at the grave apologizing to Keith when Mary Edwards (Jimmy Edwards' mother) apologizes for what Jimmy did to Keith.

      The last one is with Deb and Dan.

    • Because it was prom season, the wardrobe designers found it hard to find dresses for Hilarie and Sophia to wear to the wedding. That's why they ended up wearing red dresses to a purple themed wedding. They were also slightly too small.

    • During the filming of a scene at the Naley wedding, Hilarie Burton began to hear a buzzing. It more than likely came from the camera but Mark Schwahn continued to say '2am, Hilarie Burton cracks up'. (Credit to the commentary)

    • Three limousines were used in this episode. One was used in the scene where we see the limo speeding towards the car with Nathan and Haley. The second Limo was used in the scene where it falls into the creek and the engine and all other parts inside the Limo were taken off to abide by environmental regulations and keep pollution of the creek at a minimum. The third limo was used to shoot the scene between Cooper and Rachel while they drive.

    • Featured Music:
      "Seasons Change" by Susie Suh
      "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
      "We Are Man And Wife" by Michelle Featherstone
      "Boston" by Augustana
      "Open Book" by The Rakes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: Sunday, October 22, 2006
      Turkey: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 on CNBC-e
      Greece: Saturday, November 3, 2007 on Star

    • This episode ran 1 minute longer than the normal running time for all other OTH episodes. (Came from commentary on S.3 DVD)

    • The crew gave three wedding rings to James Lafferty (Nathan) and he got to pick which one of the three "Nathan" would give to "Haley" during the wedding.

    • This is the Final Episode of One Tree Hill to air on the WB before merging with UPN to become the CW Network.

    • There are no opening credits for this episode.

    • Although credited, by Barry Corbin (Whitey) didn't appear in this episode. This was the first season without even one episode where all the credited actors appeared in.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: The Show Must Go On

      "The Show Must Go On" is a song by Queen off the record, Innuendo.

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