One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 17

The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2011 on The CW

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  • Toaster taste so good and yummy....

    I so love the toaster pastry song and whenever I make one I sing the song. It's so funny and cute. And I loved that everyone was eating them.

    I loved that Haley kept crying wolf with everybody about going into labor. I guess since Jamie kind of came all of sudden in the middle of graduation she wants to be prepared for Lydia to come at any moment. Julian was the best. Of course he would pass out.

    It was really sweet having Brook and Julian get all prepared for the baby and fight over the color for the room. Personally I love both colors. So go with both. Do one as an accent wall. It was so funny when Julian came into the diner and sat down with Clay, Nathan, and Chase to ask them which color.

    And it figures that Ian Kellerman would be the jack-hole who hit the car on the bridge. I hope Nathan punches him in the face.
  • 3/1

    So, Alex and Ian have a thing going on? Terrible, and hopefully her "deleting the conversation" is the end of it. She is one of the few characters on this show that is not completely butchered beyond repair, but something like this would get her to that point.

    The Millicent stuff was horrible. Wish she and Marvin could just be fired from the show or something.

    The stuff with Haley teasing everyone about her water breaking was funny, but not exactly the kind of storyline that can make an episode. Now we just have to wait a month and a half until the baby comes. Splendid!