One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 3

The Space in Between

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2010 on The CW

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  • Quinn learns of Clay's condition. Jamie spends time with Brooke and Julian. And Clay meets someone special while in limbo.

    This is one of the best episodes I have seen in a long time. I loved that it opened again with a "Dear Lucas." I really hope they can work something out to bring back Lucas and Peyton sometime this season. I loved all the references to 4.09 and 4.10. I didn't need the references to be reminded of those moments while watching this episode because it's all I could think about before Nathan brought it up. I spent the episode just waiting for Clay to either wake up or die because I don't know if I could take waiting another week to find out. I strongly believed that Clay would survive, but in that moment when Quinn was reading the paper and I saw his legs move just a bit, I couldn't take it anymore. By the time we some him laying there awake I could barely see the screen. I haven't felt a moment like that since 4.10 when Nathan and Haley heard Jamie's heartbeat at the end of the episode. I am sort of glad Nathan didn't donate his kidney because now he can still play basketball. And I can honestly say I really didn't see it coming that Will would end up giving Clay his kidney. I can't believe I missed that.

    I really loved Mouth's podcasts. They went so well with the moments of the episode. However, Mouth and Millie in bed together was just unnecessary. I was glad to have an episode that was free of Chase, Mia, and Alex. This really felt like an early episode of One Tree Hill. It had that same quality and feel that episodes from the first four season had. Great writing Mark Schwahn!!
  • Nathan makes a big decision about his career. Julian and Brooke watch Jamie for the day. Millicent and Victoria come up with a plan.

    The Clay and Quinn in between story is finally over ! I think it was a good story that deserves a several episodes arc but at the end it was becoming a little bit long! It was nice to see the good man Nathan has became, the one who is ready to throw away is basketball career in order to save his friend! that is so nice to see him like this!
    Victoria taking the blame for all the problems of Clothes over Bros is really good because it changes her relationship with her daughter.
    I like it when Jamie told Brooke and Julian that they will make good parents because it was the thing the couple was kind of waiting for...
    Mouth and Millie storyline is going to become more important, at least I hope so!
  • Nathan makes a big decision reguarding his carrer with basketball. Jamie is very funny in this episode with Julian, Brooke's mom finally takes responsibilty but Brooke doesn't want her to Mouth and Millie are just so unnessary. blah boring... not needed..

    okay wow... this episode was really really good... drama all around literally.. i love the new opening with the idea of a new artist each week... that was a great idea... now to the episode... im glad Quinn got a streight answer about Clay that must have been hard either way but that was good... Nathan went all John Q on us and decided to give his Kidney to Clay and decided not to play basketball because his back is screwed up again way to tell your wife Nate.. seriously good job on that.. Brooke and Julian take Jamie for the day and are really really good with him. now to the main part of the episode Clay and Will WOW... i never even thought that Will was gunna die like that with the way he helped Clay through out the episode like that he played it out so well in my opinon I like it when actors do that and then we found out he died from the car crash ... when he gave his kidney to Clay I was really happy that was great... anyways great episode all around one of the best
  • 9/28

    No Alex Dupre is pretty lame, but this was still a decent episode. Mark Schwahn can be a good writer when he wants to be and even though his show has gone completely down the toilet, One Tree Hill can still have some strong eps from time to time.

    I just think the show ends story arcs too quickly. The whole money laundering thing being over already? Clay waking up? Where is the drama these days in North Carolina?

    Definitely better than the rest of the episodes so far this season, but the show needs to get out of the hospital and back on the basketball court and quickly.