One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 9

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2004 on The CW

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  • Should have been better.

    For an episode that couldh have been high in quality drama The Trick Is to Keep Breathing fell short. Mainly because the current storylines aren't the most interesting and the characters aren't either.

    I could care less about Felix and Brooke 'breaking up'. He's always been as ass so why the writers would think we'd care is beyond me. I wasn't a major fan of Anna anyway and so when she tells Peyton not to 'be so gay' because she's insecure about her sexuality I dislike her even more. And again, I could care less about her and Lucas. While the Haley/Nathan drama is much more entertaining I still don't think that Haley would just ditch the formal like that - and right now, Chirs Kellar isn't even funny. He's just a dick.

    Peyton becoming emotional about her moms dress and Jake was probabnly the most engrossing part of the episode, otherwise it was actually a little dull. Except I quite liked Lucas bonding with Brooke a little, that was a nice development.

  • Tree Hill High has a formal.....

    .......and tensions run high for everyone.

    Nathan is so sweet. He acts like he is not interested in going, but is secretly planning the perfect night for Haley because they are going to be crowned king and queen. It sucks that he spent the whole night waiting for her show up. I hated Chris for keeping her from the formal. I know she doesn't have feelings for Chris, but she really needs to think about Nathan in this. He has every right to be jealous. Chris may be a jerk, but he is cute and you can't blame him for being jealous. The song is amazing though. I love it, and while it was sweet that Nathan wanted them to play it at the formal he really shouldn't have.

    I like Lucas and Anna together, but I really just want her and Felix to leave. I hate new people. They always screw everything up. I'm glad Brooke ended her friends with benefits crap with Felix. I've never been a big fan of Brooke and Lucas as a couple, but it was nice to see them together at the end. They are great together as friends.

    Peyton's dress was absolutely beautiful. It really sucked how Anna acted towards her at the formal though, but we later find out way so it's kind of okay, but it still really sucked. It was really funny when Anna came to Peyton's to get ready and asked her and Brooke what Lucas would prefer for her hair "curly or straight" and the two of them come up behind her. Brooke with straight hair and Peyton with curly hair. lol. It's nice that they can joke about it now.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill lucas is having a formal night with anna but later on during the night someone eles is in his arms and haley is spending time with chris and so nathan is mad at her for being late to the recelption .and when brook finds out who really took care of her after she was drunk she right away leaves felix and ends it with him this was a good ep i thougth and it had alot of drama in this ep i thought and that is why i gave it a 9
  • Season 2, Episode 9.

    Lucas takes Anna to the formal night but at the end of the night, someone else is in his arms. And when Brooke finally learns the truth about who took care of her the night she got drunk, her relationship with Felix comes to an immediate end. Haley arrives late to the formal which angers Nathan, especially when he discovers that she's been spending time with Chris. Meanwhile, Peyton struggles with pressure to do drugs. I loved that Peyton bought the dress for Brooke. Haha, Anna. "Do you think Lucas prefers straight hair, or curly?" LMAO. Brooke looks hot in every dress she tries on. I just wasn't crazy about her hair in the purple dress. Aww Nathan got a chariot for Haley. :( And the Naley scene in the beginning was HOT. :)
  • Awesome

    Lucas takes Anna to the semi-formal but by the end of the night ends up with Brooke. Haley arrives late to the formal which angers Nathan; because he finds out that she has been spending time with Chris. Meanwhile, Peyton struggles with pressure to do drugs. This episode is named after a song by Garbage (band). Guys in tuxes, girls in evening gowns, and everybody in emotional turmoil. The Tree Hill High formal should be the happiest night of the year, but drugs, lies, jealousies and memories ruin the fun. I didn't really know what to think of this episode when I read about it, but it was better than I expected. I thought there would be little fights and things like that but it was better than I thought it would be. I really, really enjoyed it to be honest. A very great story line in the episode, it was too little or too big. It was awesome to watch. All in all a very good episode, again.
  • I loved it!

    The formal is here! Lucas asks Anna. Both Mouth and Felix want to go with Brooke, but she is going with Peyton. Peyton is pressured to do drugs, but ends up flushing it down the toilet. Nathan has this big plan for him and Haley, but she is late because she is spending time with Chris at the studio. Dan tells Deb that he lied, but she gives him another chance. Brooke finds out that Mouth and Felix lied to her. Haley and Nathan are named prom queen and king. She finds out that Nathan turned down the basketball thing. Lucas tells Anna that he isn't in love with her yet. Peyton misses Jake. Brooke says that she and Lucas should be friends.

    This episode was great! School dances are always full of drama! The part with Peyton crying was really sad! I feel bad for Mouth, but no sympathy for Felix. I hope Haley really doesn't have feelings for Chris. This episode gets a 10!
  • The start of it all...

    The falling apart that is. Nathan and Haley, Lucas and Peyton, Lucas and his mom, etc...It's painful to watch when you know what's coming. Haley’s going to leave and Nathan’s going to be devastated. Karen’s going to be devastated with the leaving of Lucas. Keith is going to end up heartbroken…again, with none other than Dan behind it. It is truly a pivotal episode…the start of it all. It’s that time in the series where you just want to cry, and not stop for like 8 episodes. To One Tree Hill! The greatest show on television. Gotta love it, and if you don’t, well then you have abysmal taste. ;-)
  • It is time for the Semi-formal.

    I thought that this was a really good episode as usual. One tree Hill did it again. I thought that it was great that Peyton wore her mother's dress to the dance she seemed really happy to be able to wear it but i felt sorry for her when it got ruined. I was happy Karen was there for her. I was really angry with Haley for being late. I was also angry with Felix for taking all the credit for helping Brooke after the dance it was not fair for Mouth to do all the work and someone else gets the credit.
  • Dancing when the stars go blue

    I put that line up first, because I love this song so much! I liked every other version, but Tyler Hilton\'s voice is so strong and with Bethany Joy together he makes this song stronger than ever!!

    Unfortunately, Haley lied to Nathan about recording the song with Chris, so when he has them play the song at the crowing even though Haley asked him not to, he finds out she went behind his back. Strange moment... It seems their troubles have just begun!

    I liked Peyton in this episode, especially her talk with Karen. And it seems that there\'s someone else in Luke\'s life after all. I\'m guessing it\'s because of Brooke, they\'ve been pretty close lately!
  • This episode showed the students of Tree Hill High School going to Winter Formal. No one really ends up with who they went with.

    I think that this episode of one tree hill was really good. Lucas was with Anna, but you could tell that he was much happier at the end with Brooke. I felt really bad for Peyton in this episode, because she thought that she would be closer to her mom if she wore her mother\'s dress, but it ended up getting ruined..and she had no date because Brooke doesn\'t really count as one, and then later on Anna called her gay. Plus she really misses Jake and she can\'t seem to put that down. I\'m really glad that Brooke went home with Lucas instead of Felix, because he doesn\'t deserve her. At the end of the episode i cried like a baby because i felt really bad for peyton.
  • Tree Hill had a Formal party. Brooke and Peyton went together with Anna. Felix and Mouth went together but entered separately. Lucas met up with Anna. Dan, Deb and Karen chaperoned.

    I absolutely loved this episode. Getting ready for the formal was one thing I liked about it (being a girl) and choosing what to wear. I can totally relate. Another thing is the fact that Deb and Dan reconciled. Haley and Nathan are starting to have problems because of Chris.
  • Formal isn't to Formal after all. Just keep breathing........ It may seem silly but I have to remind myself to keep breathing alot when I watch this show.

    So Luke takes Annato the Formal. Peyton and Brooke go together as friends of course and Mouth and Felix go together. Nathen waits for Haley to show up. She was recording with Chris at the studio. She fially comes after Nathen has danced with his mother While Tim got the keys to the beach house from Deb's purse. Nathen and Tim have planed to have a party there. Nathen and Haley are named King and Queen which Nathen had got a tip that was coming. So Nathen plays Haley and Chris's song after she told him not to. Therefore he finds out Haley has been working with Chris behind his back.

    Anna doesn't stick up for Peyton, when Felix rips on her about being gay.Instead she kinda picks on Peyton herself. Peyton wearing her mothers formal dress is feeling down. Earlier in the show Rick had given her some drugs so after the mess happen with Anna feeling sad and lonely Peyton heads to the restroom where Karin was. Karin and Peyton had woman to woman or more like a Mother and daughter talk which cheered her up well at made her feel better. Mouth told Brooke that he had took care of her after the Tric opening and Felix had bought her doll house back for her not the other way around. Brooke told him that she didn't want to be friends. Later at the party Brooke broke up with Felix. Luke broke up with Anna and took Brooke home. Nathen stayed with Luke instead of going home to Haley.

    One crazy night on One Tree Hill............