One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 13

The Wind That Blew My Heart Away

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on The CW

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  • I confess

    I confess. I cried when Peyton discovered Ellie died.

    Ellie's observations about how all songs have codas and must end was damned good writing, especially for a teen drama.

    I mean, just read this exchange between mother and daughter:

    Ellie: Don't be afraid Peyton. Every song has a coda, a final movement, whether it fades out or crashes away. Every song ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music?

    Peyton: It doesn't mean I can't want it to not end.

    Ellie: Look at you. You've had more life changing events in the first 17 years of your life than I'd wish on anyone. You got the surviving part down. I want you to focus more on the living.

    Peyton: Sometimes surviving is about all the living I can handle.

    Ellie: I don't buy that for one second. And if you keep this up hiding in your art and your sadness, you're really gonna miss out. Because the truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of. It's just life.

    "Every song ends. Is that any reason not to enjoy the music?"

    "It's just

    Holy cow. Is this great writing or what?
  • Emotional and powerful.

    One of the most emotional episodes I've seen this show do, The Wind That Blew My Heart Away was powerful and developed relationships brilliantly.

    Peyton and Ellie. I really have liked the development of their bond and it was great to see them even closer with their music and with each other. Very sad ending though as Ellie dies - it was very moving how Peyton took her ashes to that meadow where she felt most alive. A touching and heart-breaking ending to a good storyline.

    Lucas and Brooke. Their fight in the rain about Peyton was intense but I'm glad they sorted it out. They finally take the next step in their relationship. And they are both there for Peyton when she needs them.

    Nathan and Haley. Very sweet as they finally talk about their issues. The rain scene was awesome because he showed how much he cares about her but was also signature Naley. Very cute scenes.

    Karen and Keith. It's just so satisfying to see these two actually happy and together. BUT it all is too good to be true which is sad.

    Dan. Plotting and scheming as usual - he found his ledger in Keith's safety deposit box. Don't remember what he does with that. He really has turned evil lately.

    Strong and emotional mind-season episode.

  • The Blackout!!

    Of the 187 episodes of this series (at this moment 3 still left to air) this is by far one of my favorites. It's one of my favorites of the season and of the series. It's really good!! There is a storm in Tree Hill and city wide blackout occurs. Everyone is stuck somewhere waiting out the storm, but Dan decides to try and find more evidence that Keith really did try to kill him. He finds a key in is apartment to a safety deposit box and finds the ledger from the dealership in it. My guess is Deb took it out of the safe and gave it to Keith to hide it from Dan so he couldn't use it against her.

    Lucas/Brooke: I know I've said before I'm not a big Brucas fan, but I really liked them in this episode. Chad and Sophia handled this all so well. That fight was intense to watch and although it's more of a Naley thing I did love their kiss in the rain. It was beautiful.

    Nathan/Haley: Perfection!!! They are on the right track now and I am glad!! I love that Nathan saved all those newspaper clippings about Haley and the tour. And of course the rain!! Kissing in the rain is their thing and this one was so beautiful!!

    Karen/Keith: I love them so much!! I wanted them to get together in season 1 and I love that they are finally in the same place in their lives where they both realize they love each other.

    Peyton/Ellie: So sad!! Their moments together during the storm were so sweet. Peyton just wants to know the truth, but Ellie doesn't want to hurt her anymore then she has to. And I agree with Peyton, even though "every song ends" that "doesn't mean I can't want it to not end" This is exactly how I feel about One Tree Hill!! I cry buckets every time I watch this episode and Ellie puts on "Here Comes A Regular" and then when Peyton finds her and when she scatters the ashes at The Meadow!! It's all so sad, but it was done really well.

    Rachel/Mouth: Eh!! Most of the time I skip through their parts of the episode because I really don't care. It's not important, but I did really like Mouth's speech about one day finding the right girl.
  • Best episode in one tree hill history!!


    there had been 8 seasons and more than a hundred episodes and yet this episode is my favourite one by far.i still watch it sometimes. nathan haley and brooke lucas moments are priceless. everytime i watch brucas talk in the rain or nathan runs to his car for newspaper articles and he kiss haley i literally cry like a baby. dont know why but it's a very emotional episode for me.

  • Season 3 Episode 13

    Yep, it's time to talk things out in Tree Hill and it turns out a blackout might help.

    I liked Peyton and Ellie's crazy drive. It's so sad Ellie has died. I mean, poor Goldilocks... When she found Ellie, it was so heartbreaking.

    Even though I think Lucas and Brooke are better off as friends, Brucas' "rainy" face-to-face was such a nice scene anyway. Sophia Bush has definitely outdone herself this time. Her expressions and her way of acting were just perfect.

    Nathan and Haley are back together (not a shocker) and they're even more boring than previously (really a shocker)! :D

    Although Rachel seemed such a nasty character, it is revealed she might have a heart, after all. Anyway, even when she doesn't behave exactly well, she is fun to watch. Besides the antagonism between her and Brooke just cracks me up.

    And Diabolic Dan broke into his big brother's apartment. He is such a lost cause. LOL
  • There is a rainstom and couples get the chance to sort out there issues!

    This would have to be one of my favourite episodes of one tree hill. Everyone is paired up, Lucas and Brooke, Ellie and Peyton, Hayley and Nathan and Mouth and Rachael.

    The best moment for me would have to be when Lucas declares his love for Brooke and lists the reasons why he loves her and not peyton! Chad and Sophia have amazing chemistry. I must say I am a huge Brucas fan! For me seasons one, two and three have been about Lucas wanting Brooke vise versa....thats why it really annoyed me that in season four all of a sudden Lucas loves Peyton! Grrrrr so annoying! I loved the Ellie/Peyton storyline and the end of this episode is soooooo sad when she goes to give Ellie the cd and finds that she has passed away.

    There is plenty of Nayley moments which are soooo cute as usual. The mouth and Rachael parts were ok but was more interested in the other couples.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill its a downpour in tree hill and it knocked out the power all over and haley get lead to nathans door step and brook and lucas are out in the rain dealing with there isssues and aruging with each other and peyton must deal with the real issues that is right in front of her her mother illness and that she is going to die and rachel and month the time they spent togeather this night it was a good ep i thougth and it was very exciting and intense with alot of drama
  • Season 3, Episode 13.

    This episode was so good! It really was! There's a violent rainstorm, which causes people to take shelter with each other. Lucas is with Brooke, and he writes her a letter, with the same ending line that he wrote on a letter to Peyton. Brooke and Lucas' fight in the rain was so good! I loved it. Nathan and Haley are trapped with each other... I liked it. It was a perfect moment for them. It was also a great chance to rekindle. Peyton and Ellie are with each other, and Ellie dies a few days later. :( I felt so bad for Peyton. Mouth and Rachel are together, and it was very intense. Good episode.
  • It was so sad...

    A big storm comes to Tree Hill. Lucas and Brooke stay together. Brooke fears Lucas' feelings when he writes a letter to her with the same ending as one he wrote to Peyton. Nathan and Haley stay together and have a fun time! They also decide to go to either Stanford or Duke depending on what they both get into. Nathan reveals that he was always proud of Haley while she was on tour. Peyton and Ellie stay together. The CDs are about finished and just need to be made. Ellie goes home. When Peyton gets the CDs, she rushes over, but sadly, Ellie has died from her cancer. Keith and Karen stay at Karen's Café. They sleep together. Dan gets Keith's safety deposit box key. Mouth and Rachel stay together. Rachel tries to teach Mouth how to get a girl, but Mouth is sweet and explains how he would want to be with a girl. It seems that Rachel is hanging out with Mouth to get Brooke jealous.

    This episode was so sad. When Ellie died, I almost cried. I felt so bad for Peyton. She has been through a lot. I'm glad Keith and Karen are really together! I'm also glad about how Nathan and Haley spent a good time with each other. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Perfection!

    This is the episode where Nathan and Hayley really connect again. The scene in the rain and there kissing is really romantic and one of the best Nayley scenes in all of One Tree Hill. It shows there true love for each other is still there, and I think a fun night just the two of them is just what they needed - just like Nathan said.
    I think its ironic when Lucas says he doesn't want Peyton he wants Brooke - because soon hes back with Peyton and kissing her again. But I do think its also one of the best Brucas scenes and there kiss is just amazing. And the way Lucas knows Brooke shows that he does care about her. Its also the start of Rachel and Mouths friendship. And Karen and Keiths relationship builds in this episode. One of my favourites.
  • Unhappy!

    ...There are like 10 minutes after I've seen the episode and I still breath hard...Why?!?! Why she died? Peyton was for sure not ready for this because I'm sure I wasn't. I had a shock ... :| My God is this happening? Fell so sorry for Peyton...

    But there are good news too (because if there wasn't I think I would hang myself after the episode) Haley and Nathan are getting along again and I'm happy for them. And I'm proud of them! Well done!!!

    About Brooke and Lucas I don't have anything to say.. I felt like this wasn't their episode... but they are great together!

    Fell so bad.. so bad :-( :((
  • I loved this episode!

    This episode was a great episode! I loved it! This showed the epitome of One Tree Hill! It shows why we love Brucas, and why Naley is meant to be. This episode also made me like Peyton more and I cried when Ellie dies. It is a great episode with the perfect amount of drama. I fell back in love with One Tree Hill with this episode. This is true One Tree Hill. This episode had great acting and I loved the Naley. The Peyton and Ellie driving through the rain makes you want to drive through the rain. All in all this was one amazing episode.
  • i really love naley and brucas.

    i love this episode.lucas' feelings and emotions for brooke were revealed and brooke plan to cook for lucas but it burn.i am glad when brooke and lucas stand in the rain and revealed his love for brooke.
    i am also glad that nathan tells haley all those things he remember about them and when they stand in the storm and started to kiss.i think that it was very very romantic.i am really sorry that elle die but atleast peyton will remember what she did for her,such as show her life.
  • must love brucas!

    i really love this episode! this is the episode where lucas' feelings and emotions for brooke were really revealed. brooke had her assurance of lucas' love and loyalty to her. the scene with the storm and all may not be new, but it still sure works for me. it was just so romantic to hear the person you love say simple things that made him fall in love with you.

    it's just sad they didn't end up together..
    i mean, how can he say all of those to brooke and realize in the end that he is eally into peyton? hope they could still get back together coz i'm a certified brucas fanatic..
  • Tree Hill get hit with a bad storm.

    I thought that this was anothor great episode of One Tree Hill which there is alot of them because it is One Tree Hill. I wish a storm like that would happen around me it looked like it was a good one. I thought that it was really nice of Nathan to tell Haley that he was going to go to her dream school instead of his. I thought that it was really good to see Peyton bonding with her birth mother on thier last night together. I was really happy for Mouth that he was able to spend some time with Reachel and evan was able to kiss her.
  • There was heaps of NALEY! We saw Karen and Keith's relationship and Peyton and Ellie bonded as mother and daughter... for the last time.

    A big storm hits Tree Hill. People are stranded together - Nathan with Haley in the Scott Mansion, Lucas and Brooke in the Davis-Scott Apartment, Karen and Keith in Karen's Cafe, Rachel and Mouth at Rachel's house, Peyton and Ellie at the Sawyer Residence and Dan on his lonesome.

    This episode was a hit with all the Naley fans! It marked the new beginning of Naley as the two sorted out differences and tried to figure out what to do about college.

    It was also a must see for Brucas fans, as Brooke and Lucas once again consumate their love for another after a horrific fight in the rain, regarding what Lucas wrote in Brooke's new letter.

    Peyton spends time with her biological mother, and the two share bittersweet moments together - Ellie teaching Peyton to enjoy life and take risks. The "Friends with Benefits" album is now complete, however, Peyton finds her mother dead - cue Peyton breaking down in slow motion.

    Dan finds his ledger in Keith's safety deposit box - arising a new suspicion on who tried to kill him.

    Mouth and Rachel bond as we see how a cute couple the two can make in the future.

    Overall, this episode was a good - but not the best.

    This episode was really really beautiful, it had everything. The Brooke and Lucas scene in th rain was just so sweet and for me i think this is one of my favourite episodes. Some great acting in this episode. If you're a fan of the show then this is a must see episode. As usual some great music is played in this episode. Nathan and Haley try to find a way to be with each other when they go to college and Lucas tells Brooke how he feels in the middle of a storm after his letter causes Brooke to be rather upset.
  • It definately was the wind that blew my heart away!

    I knew that this thing would happen but I still didn't expect it to happen anytime soon. It's always sad to lose a loved one. I haven't lost anyone close to me yet, but I'm afraid that it might happen sometime soon.

    This episode serves as an amazing story about relationships, friendship and family and things that people might say and then take them back. I really enjoyed this episode, in every single away. It was funny, dramatic and sad.

    One Tree Hill is an amazing show and it deserves to air as long as it can. My #1 teen show. And I'd like to dedicate this review to the loving memory of Ellie Sharp, Peyton's mother.
  • this show is soo sweeeeeeeeeet!!

    this show is for me one of the best shows in wholle of one tree hill!! altough every episode is the best but this show is so sweet!!! this is when the city had a blackout and there where pairs who kiss at the end of this show!! and this is the time when nathan and haley are in good terms again!! that's why i like it soooooo much!! wooooohoooo!!
  • Sweet!

    I think this episode was a really really important one. I was oh so upset when I found out that Lucas wrote those same words to Brooke as he did to Peyton. I would have been so upset, there are just some things that you don’t do. I think Brooke has put up with so much from Lucas, she’s such a forgiving person. To Peyton two, sometimes I don't think that either of them deserve to be forgiven by her. Also I think Peyton and Ellie bonded so well in this episode it was really nice, sweet, and very sad. Also Nathan shows just how much he loves Haley and how proud of her he is.
  • This is the bog storm episode that reveals a lot about the characters and is a great example of the series.

    In this episode Karen and Keith are finally open with each other about their relationship and get stuck inside from the storm together. Mouth gets stuck with Rachel and after misinterpreting her intentions they get into a long disscussion about boys and girls and what they really look for in the other. Haley goes to see Nathan and she discovers how in love with her he really is and always has been even after everyything that happened. Peyton is with Ellie and learns more about life and living it to it's fullest potential. In the end of the episode Ellie dies from her cancer only to have Peyton find her when she brought over the benefit album. Finally Lucas and Brooke get into yet another argument over peyton and get caught in the rainstorm in an amazing heart felt scene. This is a great episode just to take everyone back and reflect on the issues at hand.
  • A thunderstorm has knocked out the power in One Tree Hill leaving everyone in the dark. Ellie tries to break away from Peyton after she helped in the record project. Nathan and Haley try to decide which colleges to attend. Mouth and Rachel get closer.

    I absolutely loved this episode. This is definitely one of the better ones. It is just so sad that Ellie had to leave just when she is starting to get to know Peyton better. Haley is brought back to Nathan\'s house because of the storm and Brooke had a breakdown in front of Lucas to confront him about Peyton. Mouth is at Rachel\'s house and both end up kissing each other.
  • What an amazing naley/brucas episode! i luv this episode so much!

    I reli lke this episode a lot. i luv the entire mood of it, n i luv how it shows everyone with another person, except fore wel, dan. This is a very cute episode fore naley n brucas. its so cute in the end how everything turns out. i lke brooke n lucas\'s scenes in the rain. they are so cute! n i also luv all of naley\'s scenes. this episode is definitely a reli great one..then again, all of OTH\'s episodes are. so haha lol. this episode is amazing i luv it!
  • A violant rainstorm knocks out the electricity in town. Mouth gets closer to Rachel, Peyton & Ellie spend their final night together, Brooke & Lucas have a dramatic confrontation, Hayley & Nathan discuss their future, whilst Karen & Keith

    I loved this episode, it's everything that makes a great episode, and everything which makes this series. Each storyline was clverly thought up and even masterly acted. The storyline which I fell in love with the most would of had to be the Ellie and Brook storyline. They finally bonded as mother and daughter, and it was so emotional. What made it worse was that I accidently read that Ellie died this episode, so it make it worse knowing that the pair wouldn't have that moment together ever again. It was truely emotional when Peyton lies in Ellie's arms, and then when Peyton entered Ellie's house, she called out to her, and the second time she called out, her voice broke as she become emotional and upset, Hilarie obviously upset knowing what has actually happened. I loved how she then scattered Ellie's ashes at The Medow of which she felt the most alive. Lovely scene, and lovely episode. One of the best episodes they've ever done, so great job to the cast and crew :D
  • Sad,but Awesome

    I loved this one it was sad but very good in all the right moments. Go Lucas on telling Brooke on how you feel. It is about time Karen and Keith got together. Poor Peyton on losing her mom again. This show was beyond awesome. This is why i love One Tree Hill this is a kick butt show. GO Naley Everyone hopes to find true love and Nathan and Haley have and i think that is awesome. I just cant wait until the next season starts so i can find out what happens. Go One tree Hill keep it up!!!!!
  • Best episode of the series! Sad sad sad though :[

    Ahhh this episode was so sad but also so wonderful! Ok to start with, Nathan and Hailey. They got along so well this episode. And the kiss in the rain was so adorable. Lucas and Brooke have a little fight about a note that he wrote to her and used the same words in a note that he wrote to Payton. But that gets resolved after he tells her some things he loves about her. Then there\'s Keith and his woman. But I don\'t really like the older people loving scenes. So I\'m going to skip that. Then the saddest part of the episode. Payton and Ellie have a really good night driving in the rain and talking about everything. Payton finally gets the CDs and goes to tell her mom. She knocks on the door but Ellie doesn\'t answer. So she goes in and finds Ellie dead. Horribleee. I\'ll admit, I totally cried. And I\'m sure I wasn\'t the only one.
  • Peyton finds out that Ellie's cancer is so severethat it kills her. Nathan tells Haley how he felt about her achievments on the tour. Brooke confronts Lucas about how he feels about Peyton. Karen and Keith have fun, and Rachel gives Mouth dating advice.

    This was such a cute episode. It was so sad when Peyton comes in and sees Ellie dead on the couch, esspecially when they had such a nice talk the night before. It was nice that Brooke finally confessed to Lucas about how she feels and that Karen was finally really ready fro Keith. I am really ticked off that Dan found his legger, but I'm sure that it'll backfire. Rachel and Mouth were kind of cute together, but it wasn't good when she actually did use him to tweak Brooke. It was so cute when Nathan told Haley he's going to Stanford and when he remembered all those things about her. I was crying when they were talking about the tour and Chris and Nathan ran out and showed her the articles and told her that he was always proud, even if he was hurt. It was so cute when he hung up her articles and they both check off married on their aplications.
  • Ellie's death broke my heart

    One Tree Hill has, at one point or another hurt each and everyone of its characters, but none more than my favorite, Peyton. [her break up with Lucas, Nathan, & Jake, finding her real mother, the drug thing, and her dad's constant absence] This episode gave me hope that Peyton's life would be better with Ellie in it (and it was, for a while). I have never, and I mean never gotten so emotional than when Peyton walks in Ellie's house and finds her dead. Hilary's reaction kills. (take that TRL; she's kicking ass)And the scene with the ashes is so beautiful.

    I know everyone else had "important" storylines, but when I become fanatic about a show, I pick one or two (or however many) characters and I stick with them. Peyton's been through enough (apparently not to the show, who has her get shot in about three, four episodes). I love the show like crazy, but...all I'm saying is, I'd love it a lot more, if they backed off my baby Peyton...just a little.

    R.I.P Ellie
  • This episode was really good but nothing really special.

    I love One Tree Hill. There's romance and comedy that is vital in any soap. I would say that One Tree Hill is more of a drama than a soap, but how ever the T.V. want's to classify it is alright with me. Is it just me or does One Tree Hill have the BEST episode names? I think that they're all so good and fit right in with the episode. The Wind That Blew My Heart Away is a perfect example of that. This episode was over all a good episode. I liked that there was fighting and problems, and there was a lot of romance and there was some vital "filler episode" things in this episode. Like when Dan gets the key to Keiths safty deposite, when you find out that Nathan kept track of Haley tour, when you find out that Brook is still skeptical about Peyton and Lucas, and you find out that Peyton still does have a thing for Lucas and that Lucas doesn't have a thing for Peyton. I liked the romance in the rain and how this episode ended "happily ever after". Good end tier/filler episode, hope for some good episodes to come!
  • love this episode... it was very lovely

    love everywhere... when i saw i feel so in love... jeje... brucas... god! tehy are so cute... lucas´quetes about why he loves brooke... he was so sweet... and naley they are lovely... with which close they used and all of that... and peyton with ellie... a great \"last\" day... she´s face when she saw ellie death... i cry!

    loev oth

    nice episode

    baar - from argentina
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