One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 8

The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on The CW
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As the town readies for the Ravens’ first basketball game, Lucas worries that his head and heart aren't in it. Nathan accuses Lucas of being the Ravens' weak link. Peyton and Haley mend fences to support Brooke in a time of need. When the mayoral race tightens, Dan resorts to a smear campaign.moreless

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  • Worrying...

    While I felt sad for Brooke in The Worst Day Since Yesterday she completely deserved what she got. This non-exclusive thing she hd with Lucas was stupid and it was bound to come back to bite her. And it did, in the face of Chris Kellar. It was actually quite refreshing to see Lucas all moody and bitter - loved how he threw the basketball in Kellar's face. And I'm glad he didn't forgive Brooke straight away, she deserves to be sad for a while.

    I like how Nathan and Haley are gradually getting closer -it feels more natural. Also, good to see Peyton and Haley finally making up - the feud has been fun to watch but now we need them back as friends. I quite enjoy the Dan/Karen race for mayor - loved how Mouth brought Karen that tape of Dan choking Nathan - brilliant.

    Lucas throwing his pills away is really stupid. But nice drama I suppose...

  • First game of the season

    It's the Ravens first game and Lucas' head isn't in it because of what he saw between Brooke and Chris. Brooke feels terrible about the whole thing and can't face Lucas. She also is dealing with Suburban Filth stealing her designs that came up with for some clothes for them. After the game her and Peyton steal them all.

    The game pretty much sucked, but the best part was when Lucas had Nathan pass the ball to him, but then moved so the ball hit Chris in the face. Even though Nathan is barely speaking to Lucas he still found this funny.

    The cellphone scene with Nathan and Haley was really sweet. They are slowly getting back to normal.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill its the teams first game and there getting ready for it and lucas thinks he is not ready for it and his heart is not in it and nathan comes out and calls him out saying he is the weakest link in the team and peyton and haley must cometogeather to help brook in this time of need when they need her most this was a good ep i thought and it was very exciting i thought and it was very interesting and that is hwy i gave it a 9 instead of anything lowermoreless
  • Season 3, Episode 8.

    As the town readies for the Ravens' first basketball game, Lucas worries that his head and heart aren't in it. Nathan accuses Lucas of being the Ravens' weak link. Peyton and Haley mend fences to support Brooke in a time of need. When the mayoral race tightens, Dan resorts to a smear campaign. I can't believe Nathan didn't do more than push Nathan. He should have done it a lot sooner. He's pretty dayum fine when he's violent. Haha. I love Brooke, and even though she did something very bad, I feel bad for her. Slightly for Lucas, but I don't really like him and he can always go for Rachel, who is also hot. Good episode. :)moreless
  • What a loss...

    Karen is featured on the radio for her campaign. Dan calls and tries to ruin it. The ravens first game is coming up. Nathan doesn't want Lucas to screw it up. Brooke wants to talk to Lucas, but Lucas is still hurt by her and Chris. Chris comes by Dan's house and Dan asks him to do something for him. After Brooke learns that her designs are now the store's, she feels robbed. She and Peyton steal the clothes from the store. Haley and Nathan are getting along now. The ravens lose their first game. Whitey is mad and so is Dan. Mouth captures Dan on video pinning Nathan against the lockers. Rachel says she's done being used by Lucas. Lucas throws his heart medicine in the river.

    This episode was great! I can't believe they lost their big game! How sad. I feel bad for Brooke now. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Goof: When Dan is talking to Lucas at the Rivercourt right before the game, Lucas's collar keeps changing. In the head-on shots the back of his collar is up, exposing his necktie, but when the cameras come from behind it's folded down correctly.

    • Goof: Nathan says the whole team is getting shaved heads before the first game of the season. However, come game time, neither Lucas nor Tim have cut their hair.

    • Peyton: It could be worse, It could say Dyke.

      This is an allusion from season 2 when Peyton gets the word DYKE written on her locker.

    • The scene where Lucas paints his door black is a big reference to the events in season 2. In the "Something I Can Never Have" episode Brooke finds out, that she has to leave Tree Hill because her father has a job in California. When Lucas drives Brooke home from Keith's "wedding" they talk in the car and Brooke tells Lucas "I really liked being the girl behind the red door" because the entrance door to her house is red. Later in this episode, Brooke walks around with Lucas to say goodbye when Lucas brings her to his house. Brooke then asks him what he will miss most about her and Lucas answers "the girl behind the red door". That is when he shows her that he painted the door to his room red and tells her, that she can stay with Karen till the end of the school year (Lucas lived at Dan's house then). This was also the time when Brooke and Lucas slowly got closer again, so the red door is like a big sign for their relationship.

    • At the beginning of the game, it is clear that Lucas' tattoo on his arm is not covered as it has been in previous episodes.

    • Lucas finishes painting the door by painting a small square in the middle, which is clearly opaque.
      However, in the next shot, we can see that this small square becomes a window.

    • In the scene, during the basketball game, where Mouth is talking to Gigi about Lucas, she puts her arm up but in the next shot it is down again.

    • Lucas paints his door (the door he painted red for Brooke) black, to show how hurt he is by Brooke. In Season One, Peyton paints her canvas fully black and Nathan asks Peyton what it was called and she replies, "love."

    • Dan (pretending to be Keith) is trying to make Karen look bad by saying she had a child out of wedlock. Dan also had a child out of wedlock. Lucas is both of theirs.

    • When Mouth says, "Scott isn't looking good," Gigi says, "Oh, he's looking good." When she says that she has her hand on her face. In the next shot, her hand is down.

    • When Chris Keller is singing the National Anthem, he is facing the flag. In the next shot, his back is faced the flag.

    • When Lucas is painting his door black, you can clearly see him finish painting the strip in the middle. Then the camera pans out and you suddenly see him repainting the same strip which is now red again.

    • Discontinuity regarding the lockers in this episode; earlier in the season, Lucas, Nathan and Haley all got lockers right next to each other because their last name was the same, and the order was alphebetical. In this episode, Brooke's locker was only two away from Lucas' (her last name is D and his is S) and Lucas' locker was several away from Nathan's.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (Lucas at his back door, painting black over the red)
      Peyton: Painting while angry? That's original.
      Lucas: (cattily) Like cutting your hair.
      (Peyton's amused, Lucas laughs)

    • Haley: He didn't sing to you, did he?
      Brooke: Oh my god you guys. I'm a groupie!

    • Chris: How do you think I feel? I broke my cardinal rule about sleeping with cheerleaders: I don't! Not unless there's at least three of them.

    • Nathan: You slept with Brooke?
      Chris: I like to think of it as sleeping, without the sleep!

    • Karen: Well there are plenty of girls out there who would be lucky to have you!
      Lucas: Well thanks. I'll tell those girls my mom said that.

    • Dan: (to Chris) You remind me a lot of myself. Maybe I know your mother?

    • Brooke: And he said my clothes were inspired.
      Haley: Chris Keller said that?
      Brooke: Actually, I think he may have said my shirts made his pants feel tight.

    • Deb: (To Dan, about calling the radio station pretending to be Keith). What are you, eight years old?
      Dan: Oh right, this coming from the women who cut the a** out of all my pants.
      Deb: Too bad the one in my life won't go away.

    • Peyton: Brooke, it's done, OK? You can't change it but you can fix it. So just go and talk to him. He might be more understanding than you think. You know, he's not exactly a stranger to mistakes.
      Brooke: I can't talk to him, Peyton. But maybe you would.
      Peyton: Me?
      Brooke: You're good with words… and pain and Lucas.

    • (after the Ravens lose their first game of the season)
      Whitey: Practice 5 a.m. sharp. Now hit the showers, you guys stink.

    • Dan: 16 points, Nathan. Impressive. The scouts are thrilled, especially the deaf and blind ones. What a joke. You're all a joke and it seems my mistake is the punch line.
      Nathan: You're the punchline, Dad.

    • Lucas: Hey, I thought about it, you're right, I'm gonna talk to Brooke. (Turns to empty chair) Hey, Brooke.
      Peyton: You know what she has never missed a game day so she must be in pretty bad shape. Now, she won't be allowed to cheer in the game tonight!!
      Lucas: Nothing really to cheer about anyway.

    • Nathan: This doesn't feel like we're getting out Mom, feels more like we're staying.

    • (Makes Chris fall down)
      Nathan: Just think of it as hitting you without the hitting.

    • Nathan: Your game sucks. Fix it. (to Lucas)
      Lucas: Your marriage sucks. Fix it. (to Nathan)

    • (Brooke races to the door because she thinks it's Lucas and she opens the door and sees that it's Chris)
      Chris: Chris Keller always springs for breakfast.

    • Brooke: Haley, don't look at me like that. You know how charming he (Chris) can be.

    • Lucas: (voiceover) Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote: You cannot run away from a weakness; you must sometimes fight it out or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?

    • Mouth: Hi, Mayor Roe.
      Karen: (laughs) You might be the only person who will ever call me that.
      Mouth: I wouldn't be too sure. (shows her the video on his cell phone of Dan attacking Nathan) Not very mayoral, is it?

    • Nathan: (to Lucas) Now, if you screw us, you screw Whitey too.

    • Chris: Don't even worry about Brooke. She's not even my type. I like singers.

    • Chris: What you're here to kick my ass 'cause I slept with Brooke?
      Nathan: You slept with Brooke?
      Chris: Why else would you be here?
      Nathan: I came here to pay for Haley's studio time. You slept with Brooke?

    • Karen: (to Lucas) You know, a customer once told me that the best way to get over someone was to get under someone else. Oh my God. I just realized what that meant. (gasps) Oh, my God. I thought it was more philosophical...

    • Nathan: (after passing the ball to Lucas, who ducks, and the ball nails Chris): Best play you've made all night.

    • Dan:(pretending to Keith on a radio show) Speaking about relationships, didn't you have a child out of wedlock?
      Karen: Right. Well, I like to think of it as a single parent teaching her son to be a responsible man unlike the boy who fathered him.

    • Nathan: (talking to Lucas) Quit looking at Keller. We already know he can score.

    • Lucas: I hate that guy.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: Thursday, November 23, 2006 on CNBC-e

    • Although credited, Craig Sheffer (Keith) didn't appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart" by Eels
      "Motorcycle Dreamer" by Red Letter Days
      "Cracks In The Sky" by Bosshouse
      "Over" by Jimmy Eat World
      "Feels Just Like It Should" by Jamiroquai
      "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project
      "Star-Spangled Banner" by Tyler Hilton
      "The Mixed Tape" by Jack's Mannequin
      "Song Beneath The Song" by Maria Taylor


    • Episode Title: The Worst Day Since Yesterday

      The Worst Day Since Yesterday is a song by Flogging Molly, off the record Swagger.

    • Robert Louis Stevenson
      Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, and travel writer. His novels of adventure, romance, and horror are of considerable psychological depth and have continued in popularity long after his death, both as books and as films.

    • When Lucas is painting his door it seems to be a reference to the Rolling Stones song "Paint It Black" Where the lyrics go:
      "I see a red door, and I want it painted Black."

    • Brooke: (talking about her secret letters to Lucas) I didn't tell her (Haley). She Wynona Ryder-ed them from under my bed.

      Brooke is alluding to film star Wynona Rider who was arrested for shoplifting.