One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 13

Things A Mama Don't Know

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2009 on The CW

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  • Dramatic......

    Things A Mamma Don't Know was an episode with a mix of storylines, from creepy to dull...

    Everything with Brooke and Sam was OTT and melodramatic BUT I liked how Sam called her mom and she didn't kill her attacker. It was too horror film for me (OTH has to have at least one episode like this per season apparently) but I'm glad it's finally wrapped up and Brooke can let go. At this point I'm not Julian's biggest fan, he's kind of dull...Peyton being pregnat was nicely revealed and I liked how Luke was happy about it and at the moment it's drama free.

    Nathan at the basketball training was just all a bit dull really. We've seen it all before already. Jamie and Andre visiting Quentin was actually quite a sweet little side story. I hate how Haley is still in the background, GIVE HER A STORYLINE. Millie deserves to be dumped for sleeping with Owen AND Chase's return was random, as was his connection with Mia.

    Overall, a dramatic mixed start to the seasons latter half.

  • Lucas + Peyton + Baby

    I didn't put anything in my review for the episode before this about Peyton because I already knew the outcome and also because it's the outcome I expected. I had a feeling that she was pregnant. I think it's great. Lucas and Peyton are finally getting to be that great couple I always knew they could be and now they are having a baby. So great!!

    Jack's brother is so creeeeepyy!! Yes I used two y's. Just to add to the creepiness that he is. It's already incredibly scary knowing that he attacked Brooke and killed Q, but man he is just a down right scary dude!!! I was so glad that Brooke came and saved Sam and beat the crap out of him. It was so sweet when Sam called her mom. I loved that. I'm glad they find Q's wallet at this house and now know that he killed him.

    It really sucks for Nathan that he has to deal with Devon. He finally has a shot and now there is another guy trying to keep him down. And it was really mean of Devon to rip up Nathan's pictures.

    And it is revealed that Millie and Owen did in fact hook up. The only good thing about this is that with Owen falling off the wagon we can have Chase back. I like him.
  • It was all there! Good drama for everyone!

    In 6.13 Brooke found Sam and finally confronted her attacker. Peyton revealed to Lucas that her eggo was preggo (big shocker =o). Haley helped Mia with her music career. Nathan pursued his dream as a basketball player and met a potential rival. It was revealed that Owen and Milicent had sex, and this put a major road block in the reconcilation of Mouth and Millicent. Chase decides to take over the bar while Owen (who picks drinking up again) recovers. Julian showed a softer side to himself by helping Brooke find Sam. Lucas has a chance to boot Julian from the movie production but decides otherwise.
    My Opinions and hopes:
    I hope Brooke adopts Sam.
    I hope Rachel returns.
    I hope Brooke will get pregnant.
    I hope Nathan makes it to the pro's.
    I also didn't like the fact that Haley found out of Peytons pregnancy before Brooke, and Brooke completely needs to be God-Mother.
    Basicall I loved every bit of this episode =]
  • As Brooke searches for a missing Sam, Julian comes to her aid. Peyton reveals big news to Lucas. Nathan faces a new rival on his new team. Mouth, Millie, and Owen deal with the aftermath of their recent breakdowns. Jamie helps a friend with his grieving.

    One Tree Hill is back from the holiday hiatus and it is back with a bang. Peyton is pregnant, Lucas meets the man who spawned Julian and learns why he should be wary of him, Nathan is playing ball, Millie slept with Owen and Mouth kicked her out, Sam has been kidnapped, Brooke can still kick ass, Haley is helping Mia live her life through her music, Owen is going to rehab, Chase is back and Mia may have found her muse, Jamie is doing good deeds for his new friend, and Deb are Skills are having a lot of sleepovers. That all being said, I think this episode was the official shift of the season. Brooke is now ready to be Sam's mother, she was wavering before, but is on board. Lucas and Peyton secured their future with a new baby. Nathan is now ready to begin the storyline that will finish the show one day, his road back to the NBA. Haley is ready to help Mia without harboring some sort of anger. The Owen/Brooke relationship went cold with Owens trip to rehab. Millie and Mouth are done being so drama free and lovey dovey. Julian is showing a new side especially to Brooke.

    The most startling moment was when Owen was in the bar, and you heard someone approaching, I thought Mouth, Owen is twice your size, don't do it. But it was our favorite ex-Clean Teen, Chase here to save his friend, by taking his job. This led to the OMG moment, Chase and Mia, did you not sense the chemistry?

    Now the whole Sam kidnapping thing was good, I was yelling at Brooke, "Don't go in there, no Brooke." Though I am not sure it was as good as season 4's psycho-Derek showdown, mainly cause this guy was just creepy, but trashy, and we knew that Brooke could throw down.

    Funniest line of the night when Jamie told Andre that they were following a ghost, that kid is too funny.

    Glad that everyone is ok, and can't wait for next week's episode.
  • Brooke finds Sam and lots of answers she had been looking for. Peyton and Lucas got big and happy news.. Nathan and Haley got great news too.. Millie and Mouth struggles through there feelings..

    I loved that Peyton and Lucas are having a baby.Please don't let anything happen Peyton Lucas or the baby this season..cox then it would really suck..and it was really good to know that she wasn't having the pain due to cancer..and it was fun the way Haley guesses Peyton was pregnant. LOL Brooke played a really well done part..I love her acting and she is really a good fighter.. :)She played very natural and thank god she didn't pull the trigger.. o then she would have ended up in jail.

    So i was wondering where is Dan?? starting of the season he was there very often.
  • Probably the best episode of season 6 so far!

    This episode is probably my favorite episodes of the season. When i found out Peyton was pregnant i was very shocked i did not expect that, at least not yet. The best part of the episode was when Brooke had to find Sam after she ran away when Sam realized that she was the reason Brooke that got attacked. So when i saw how upset Brooke was that Sam was gone i saw that she really did love Sam especially when she said that she loves Sam no matter what. The man who had Sam was the same man who attacked her in her store. Inside the house the police found Quetins wallet and realized that this man killed Quetin. A very amazing episode. A very good performance by Sophia Bush as Brooke in this episode. I can't wait to see next weeks episode.
  • Peyton tells Lucas, Nathan makes the team, Brooke looks for Sam. Starring: Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Sophia Bush, Lee Norris, Antwon Tanner, Jackson Brunbage, Lisa Goldstein

    Nathan (James Lafferty) makes the team, i am so happy for him and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Jamie (Jackson Brundage). Peyton (Hilarie Burton) is pregnant, not that surprising, and i really don't know why but i am not a so sure why i don't like Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). I just, ugh, he reminds me of Brandon Walsh (played by Beverly Hills 90210's Jason Priestley) and i can't stand the perfection of him. I felt really bad for Mouth (Lee Norris) and Milicent (Lisa Goldstein). It sucked. I feel so horrible. As if things couldn't get worse for these people Joe (guest star Manganiello) starts drinking again! WTF? But i did like that Chase (guest star Stephen Colletti) returned and i like him with Mia (guest star Kate Voegele), but that is only because i am a Browen (Brooke and Owen) shipper. Then Jamie and Andre (guest star Jaden Harmon) sort of ranaway, and i am glad that this is helping Denise Fields (guest star Dawnn Lewis) get over her son's death. But the best part was definitely the arc with Brooke (Sohpia Bush) and Sam (guest star Ashley Rickards). Holy crap! I can't believe that. This was the best episode i have ever seen.
  • Another great episode. Exstactic that I was able to watch. It was a happy episode but scary at the same time. Also sad. They keep coming up with terrific episodes. Can't wait for the next one.

    This episode was wonderful. The way it looks to me
    is that they are having dreams one step away for some. Peyton and Lucas on their way to parenthood. Brooke a mother figure for Sam. Hayley helping Mia with her music. Nathan playing ball again. Another thing is Brooke had something good with Owen. Wish they would get together. Wonderful couple. Mouth and Millie need to be together also. They make each other whole. Mouth needs to forgive Millie, granted it will be hard but it was a drunken mistake. She apologized and is very sorry for what she did. You can see it in her face and tears. As for Lucas and Peyton they will be terrific parents.
  • A Leyton baby is on the way

    In this episode of One Tree Hill, the following happens. We open with finding out the truth about Peyton, and why she collapsed a few episodes ago. We learn that she and Lucas are having a baby, which is great news when compared to the fact that she believed that she had cancer. Nathan gets a phone call to tell him that he is going to be a point guard for the Chiefs. The next we see that Brooke is still searching for missing Sam. We then see that Sam is in an empty episode, with her friend (Jack)'s brother (who is the one who killed Q). He tells Sam that he knows that it was her who took the sketches and that she has now really pissed him off. We soon learn that it wasn't Jack, but his brother who was the one who attacked Brooke at her store. We see Jamie playing with Q's little brother. They decide to take Q some of his favourite cookies and so they head off to visit him at his grave. Jack manages to escape from the house, but just as Sam is about too, the brother comes back and ties her up to stop her from leaving. Millie goes to see Mouth and she confesses that she had sex the night before, but doesn't tell him that it was Owen. Haley soon realises that Peyton is pregnant and she calls dibs on being Godmother. Brooke turns up at the house where Sam is being held, as she leaves, he says "Have a nice night to her" and she realises that he does have Sam and that he was the one who attacked her. She storms back in, with pepper spray, sprays him and heads off in search of Sam. She manages to free Sam and pulls her gun on him. She is just about to pull the trigger and Sam calls her mom, so she knocks him out instead. Andre and Jamie get to the grave, and his mother turns up. She's very upset. When the police search the house, they find Q's wallet there. Only then does Brooke realise how dangerous the brother really was.
  • Tried too hard to be serious with some lame storylines.

    We barely know about Owen and his addiction and we're getting a breakdown of his character? Just a cheap attempt at finding usage for an annoying actor.

    The first time One Tree Hill had a crazy killer in Psycho Derek it was innovative and daring for the show. The second time was a little too bad horror movie with Carrie, but it worked and produced some fine television. The third time is too much and just not realistic at all.

    Sophia Bush's strong acting saved this pitiful storyline, but I just cannot get behind the Sam character. I'll admit to being moved just a little when she called Brooke "Mom" but I just wish the former head cheerleader received some more interesting developments.

    And God is Mia terrible. There's a character that OTH needs to drop.
  • They are just getting worse episode after episode. What used to be a good series is turning around with really lame episodes

    For me it's that I've just had enough of Tree Hill's psychos. I mean, the first one with Psycho-Derek wasn't so bad and made some kind of sense. But then they came back with this psycho-nanny who kidnapped Dan and all. Apart of her really bad acting skills, the storyline didn't make really sense and everything was too forced. I did'nt think after that that they'll put still another one in a little town as Tree Hill. But then again, to force the strings in this Brooke-Sam relationships they had to invent another really stupid, really false, really motive-less psycho-character which makes the Tree Hill's plot so forced I can barely bare it. The Nathan-Haley-Lucas part was okay as well as as the Lucas-Peyton parts in this episode, but definitely the Brooke-Sam part ruined it as a whole, i mean when Sam callls Brooke 'mom', it was painful to see how forced and false the scene was. I don't know but I feel since the start of season 5 One Tee Hill has really started to get lost, and I'm really thinking on whether watching the next episode or not
  • ...

    Wow, it was pretty exciting. More or less, but I need to thank B. Davis, she was absolutely hilarious and fabulous though there wasn't any fashion designs and so on. I'm talking about Brooke's emotional side. For example, in season one, two or three, I couldn't imagine that in season six she will kick bad dude's ass, literally. That was something unexpected, but I kinda looove it, maybe it's because she's my favorite character in the OTH, it's due to the fact that her character has enormous development. From little slutty party girl she became a great and wonderful woman, who is fostering child. oops, it's teenage girl and as we all know teenagers are the biggest nightmares for their parents. So congratulation to Brooke for having such a cool kid. And by the way what's happening between her and Julian? Will they have a little fling? I'm so curious. I would like to see them together, they would be much better couple as Julian and Peyton was, which in fact I cannot imagine. hmm...
  • wow, what a comeback!!!!!

    i have to say that i was seriously dissapointed with the eppis before christmas, but holy cray did they come back strong for january sweeps!!!!!

    loved it, there are no words. i've never been a fan of sam, i dont think that girl is a good actress, but after brooke faught off rex(lame name btw) i was crying. that scene felt really real. loved the fight scene, it was no brooke-payton-psycho derek however it was awsome.

    how come nathan has so many haters in his life??? i mean he has the full support of his family and friends, but there are soooooo many people out there who really dont want him to do great, like dude at the camp and this dude(on his team) its seriously annoying, almost as annoying as the cheezy scenes he has with haley and jamie!(which btw kill the show for me)

    mouth and millie, so over these two, millie was growing on me, but not anymore, they need to be done and over with.

    peyton & lukas: fantastic news, a baby will be good. however it would be great if they just had some time being husband and wife before they became mum and dad. like everything is going too fast, but thats just how it is in tree hill.

    rex: this guy is seriously wierd
  • An amazing start to a new season.

    The new start was great, it ended all the things that needed to be ended. It made brooke and he daughter more of a real family. It ended the drama of the beating that brooke was still suffering through, and everyone now knows who the killer was. It opened up new interesting plots, such as a baby, and the new brooke relationship. I cant wait to see what happens with mouth and his girl. The new drama that is going to be going on with brooke's exs. This should be a really good season and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • okay wow Brooke and Jack's brother have it out, FINALLY, Brooke realizes who was behind her attack and who killed Quitenan, Payton is pregnant (thank god)! Julian is still a dick! Millie confesses to Mouth and leave him.

    OMG! I can't believe Millie did that wow what a way to open an episode! haha I can't believe Chase helped Owen I thought that was really sweet, Payton YAY she's pregnant god we were all thinking the worse three weeks ago! I'm soo happy she is pregnant and doesn't have cancer!!!! Hale's reaction to Payton's pregancy was priceless!!! that was great "I get dibs on godmother" lol sorry that was great haha I just think that's awesome... now to Brooke Sam and Jack and his brother i keep forgetting his name... I'm sorry but was tying Sam up really necessary? but the fight was soooo tense i could feel my eyes literally buldging out during the fight! wow i can't believe she had the gun the whole time and didnt use it right away... good for her she has good self control over that that's awesome. I loved it when Sam called Brooke mom I thought that was great... anyways the whole episode was just terrific i just absoutely loved it.. great job Mark!!!
  • Brooke and Sam owned this episode.

    Honestly the only characters who had a good story line was Brooke and Sam. Nathans is getting boring, basketball, no basketball...getting bored. Lucas and Peyton and Nathan and Haley are the only stable relationship in this season so far. And with Brooke finally coming to terms with the person who attacked her was very fulfilling to see, although, her taking that dark step toward murder would have been nice to see. So everyone now knows who killed Quentin is a nice closing to that story arch. I'm just waiting for this series to come to a close now...and hopefully on good terms for everyone.
  • Season 6, Episode 13.

    Peyton shares some startling news with Lucas, who discovers that Julian has been keeping another secret about the movie. While searching for runaway Sam, Brooke is forced to confront her lingering feelings over her attack. Nathan struggles with his new professional environment. I loved this episode from the beginning. Peyton's pregnant! I can't picture her and Lucas having a baby though. I think she might have a miscarriage. I like that Haley is slightly getting a plot in this episode. I feel bad for Brooke about Sam. Aww Milli and Mouth. I'd prefer Owen over Mouth... But Nathan overall. Hehe. I am getting tired of all the psychos on OTH. Otherwise, great episode.