One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 22

This is My House, This is My Home

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on The CW

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  • Season 8 Finale

    This was yet another wonderful One Tree Hill finale. As I write this we are 19 hours away from the series finale and I've got to say as much as I loved this episode I am really glad it wasn't the end. I'm glad we got 13 more episodes to spend with these people. 13 episodes for them to blow my mind and break my heart and bring me tears. 13 episodes for Mark to work his magic and give us one final season of greatness.

    I absolutely loved the reopening of Karen's Cafe. It was just so perfect to bring it back after all this time. I love Haley's song with the quote from the sign in the lyrics. And that beautiful Scott family moment when Nathan came home and sat on Jamie's bed with Lydia and Haley came in was perfect.

    I am so happy for Brooke and Julian. She finally got not one, but two beautiful babies. It felt a bit rushed going through her whole pregnancy in this one episode, but I loved that we got to see it instead of just leaving us with she is pregnant in case the show didn't come back. And of course one boy is named Davis after her last name which is the Tree Hill way of doing things. I would love to know why she picked Jude though.

    I love Mouth and Millie's show. They work so well together and I was sick of unemployed Mouth. And I love Jana Kramer's new song that played when she was appearing on their show.

    It's so great that things are going strong with Nathan and Clay for Fortitude. And I loved that Nathan went to see Dan. He didn't forgive him, but he gave him a couple small mementos of his grandchildren which I thought was very sweet.

    I loved the Jamie and Madison stuff, too. I loved the symbolism they threw in of her replacing the red heart shoelace Jamie gave her with a black one when he blew her off to be his other friends. It was a very Lucas/Brooke season 3 painting the door kind of moment & I liked that. I also really liked Jamie's voiceover again with him reading to Lydia. And when he left the cafe and bounced the ball across the bridge like Lucas with the sweatshirt was perfect. I loved it!
  • Wonderful season finale!

    The episode was great!
    What was the best scene for me?
    When Nathan and the baby performed Munah munah for Haley! I thought that was hilarious, and at the same time, such a pure Naley moment! The scene where Brooke is on the step stool going to get something heavy made me go "what the hell?"
    I'm sorry, but last time I checked, getting on a step stool to grab something large while wearing heels is just NOT something you do while pregnant! But all in all, I loved the episode, as I have loved every one before that, and I will love the ones that follow. Do I miss seeing Lucas and Peyton? sure I do...
    but do I think that the show has gone downhill since they left? NO, not at all.
    The series may have started as a show about 2 step brothers, but after the first season, it evolved to so much more!

    I do think that it would be nice though to see Layton come back for the end of it though!
    It would be nice to see the show end the way it started, as a family!

    The bridge scene with Jamie almost made me cry, it was just a really nice moment in the show!
  • Couldn't stop smiling. Loved this episode. (Spoilers Included)

    Okay so the first thing I have to talk about is Brooke because I absolutely love her. I am sooo happy that Brook got her happy ending. When it showed that she was pregnant with twins I just about jumped for joy. For a minute when she was reaching for something in Karen's Cafe I was about to punch something if they did something to make her lose the babies but like I said, happy ending for her and Julian. Jamie is adorable and we saw a bit of him learning about "love" in this episode with Madison. Clay and Quinn need to just get engaged or something already. It feels like they have been together forever and are already an old married couple. Millie and Mouth, yeah yeah together and all that. Chase and Alex were cute and how they waited for each other, to say the least.I've loved seeing Nathan and Haley throughout the entire series and how they've grown and their beautiful family. It was nice seeing Dan but I do wish he had more of a dialogue. For a season finale, I liked this episode but where was the drama/cliffhanger we always end up with. It seemed just a little too happy for (though I'm always one for happy endings). Now I'm just wondering how the next season is going to be (since it got renewed)since it seemed like everything got tied up in a nice little bow. I would have been fine with this as a series finale but I love Tree Hill too much to let it go. And I sure hope this means they can get Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton back for the final season. (Sorry this was so long, I just had to make a review about this. LOL)
  • Great episode

    I really enjoyed that episode of OTH. MOstly because it felt like a happily ever after compared to the othe season finale we had during all those years.
    Truth be told it felt like a serie finale too and I don't know if it's a good things cause it was really good so what's left for next season?

    I really liked how they passed the flame to Jamie and the last image with him running on the bridge like in the first eps.

    And thank God they finally came back to the original theme song!! I could bear anymore of these we had this season: awful (just my opinion here).

    I love that Brooke finally got her dream came true except maybe they couldn't have her have her babies on a calm day with everything going as planned, could they?^^ But it goes ok so that's fine.

    I loved the scene with Jamie and his sister with him ready her a book that gotta be Lucas' by the way, no?

    I like Quinn and Clay having a quiet moment together.

    And finally I liked Dan and Nate scene at the end, Chase keeping his promise to Chuck and getting back with Alex, and the opening of the Cafe, etc.

    Well it was a good episode then!
  • The magic of television captured in an hour.

    There are shows that move you to the edge of your seat or rolling over the floor and there are shows that captivate you completely. With this finale One Tree Hill proves that after all these years it exceeds all other shows with one thing: love.
    As the finale progresses we flash through a year in the life of Tree Hill residents. We follow Jamie's quest for Madison's love, Brooke through her long wanted pregnancy, Nathan as he searches for a new him, Chase as he makes his dreams come true and Haley as she reopens the past for the future. Of course it's foolish to think a year in Tree Hill can pass without a glitch. It's not like you don't expect drama to overcome Brooke. It's just that you really, really don't want it to. So when the camera backs away and all you hear is a smack, the fear of Mark Schwan's sick twisted mind has you thinking horrible things. That is enough punishment. Because Schwan doesn't go that far, luckily. Instead everything comes to a full circle. Lost lovers find each other again. Relationships aren't being tested by job opportunities. People leave but come back. If anything this episode was a perfect, flawless series finale. Couples ended together happily. Flashes from the past found piece in the present and the closing scene marked a perfect full circle with the first scene of the series. But even though the episode has you thinking you can leave this place, you know there's more to come. So you stay, for the people you have come to love, for the places you know, for all intends and purposes, Tree Hill is your house, it is your home and whatever comes next, it's going to be magical.
  • 822

    Earlier this week we got the great news that this show will continue for at least one more season.

    This episode did its best to wrap things up if that didn't happen though including have Jamie dribble a ball across the bridge ala the opening credits.

    This was a good season finale, it could have been a bit better, but it had some comedy and all of the drama we could ask for. I did not like how they played around with the timeline, but it was not that difficult to keep up with everything that was going on.

    Not enough Alex in the episode, and a little bit too much Millie, but still a fine installment of the show. These characters have been with us for so long and it is good to know that this is not the end because if this was the series finale I would have been a little disappointed.
  • Jamie narrots this episode and he does a wonderful job with it. Mouth and Millie have there own show and Brooke and Julian get a surprise. Paul Johanson guest stars great epside

    Brooke and Julian get an awesome surprise but she goes into premature labor and she gets surprised with twins!!! :) Haley and Brooke reopen Karen's cafe and Jamie made it seem like he was Lucas running across the bridge like he used to. such a great episode i loved it... but there was one thing that I don't like i didnt like I didn't like that Paul Johanson didnt have that much diologue. it wasn't even a 5 minute seen very disappointing Mark Schwarn on that but with the twins made it bareable... no Kellerman in this episode kinda surprised bc Alex was vibing on him but I'm glad she's with Chase... i liked this episode. great finale Mark.