One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 18

To Wish Impossible Things

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2004 on The CW

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill there is a boy toy charity aution and brook misses it and ends up with malph who she shows him the time of his life and lucas finds out from brook saying she could be prgnant and peyton gets info saying that her dad would love to go on a date with her .to spend more time with him. since he has been apart. this was a good ep i thought and keth propses to karen . this wa a big ep i thoguht and it was a good one and that is why i gave it 8.5
  • Lucas, Nathan and Jake take part the annual "Boy Toy" charity auction. haley bids on lucas and gets peyton to bid on nathan, while nikki bids on jake. Meanwhile, having missed out on the auction, Brooke ends up with Mouth.

    i really liked this episode. it was nice to see haley and lucas spending some time together, i think the writers should progress on that. i loved the way jake told nikki to get lost - good for him! i thought nathan was being a bit of a jerk by hitting on peyton - he has a girlfriend for crying out loud! let's hope haley and nathan stay together though and overall, this show's doing very well, keep it up!
  • The boys of the ravens become toys for a night

    This episode is really funny at is one of the lighter episodes of the season. Tim and Deb are hilarious in this episode and when he drops his pants and has on his animal print underwear on and then Dan walks in the moment is just classic. I really can't stand Nikki and her and Jake were pretty annoying in this episode even though I really like Jake's character. Mouth and Brooke were good together and the scene with the lap dance was good. It was nice to see her finally realizing the consequences of her actions when she runs into some guy she had been with and then forgot about.
    Peyton and Nathan were sweet in this episode as they realize how far they have come from where they were at the beginning of the series. When Lucas sees them kissing at the end of the night it is a nice dramatic moment as well.
  • I loved this episode.

    this episode was really cool i like it, but not the first time i saw it. i like how brooke got mouth and nicki ended up with jake. brooke brings mouth to a club to have some fun and jake and nicki go to checkers(mmm!) when nicki try to make a move on jake i was suprised he stopped it idk y but i thought he was going to sleep with her again. i love how nathan and peyton got paired up it was nice to see the old couple together again. they looked like they had so much fun in the pool lol. omg the water ballon fight between lucas and haley looked really fun. but not when luke saw the tatoo he got mad lol. well overall great episode deffinatly one of season 1s best!
  • The Basketball team auctions off the players for dates and it is very interesting to see who everyone ends up with.

    The Boy Toy Auction is so much fun to watch. It was so interesting to see who everyone ended up with. It was so cute that Haley bid on Lucas, because she knew he was felling left out. It was also funny how Nathan was so popular with the girls that Haley convinced Peyton to bid on him. It was also interesting how Nikki showed up out of nowhere to bid on Jake. One of the funniest parts was how no one would bid on Tim so Deb did to get someone to help around the house. I also loved how Brooke came in late and she was so desperate to go out with someone that she spent all her money on Mouth. Watching Mouth interact with Brooke on the date was so much fun. I also enjoyed watching Lucas and Haley have fun together. It was also interesting how the tattoo thing played out. With Nathan and Peyton it was great how he didn’t cheat on Haley when it looked like they were considering it. It was really interesting how Lucas happened to walk up when they were doing the good night kiss. The Deb and Tim date was so great. It was so funny how they both had such different opinions on what the date was about. It was also hilarious how Dan walked in on it. This episode also has a very interesting ending. After watching it you are so interested to see what happens with Keith’s proposal and Brooke telling Luke that she might be pregnant.
  • so funny!

    this was one of the best episodes in season 1. there were some pretty odd couples. nathan and peyton, lucas and haley, jake and nikki, brooke and mouth, and tim and deb!!!
    the scenes between lucas and haley were great. they were reminded of how great their friendship was. brooke and mouth were really funny, also motuh was a great friend to her. deb and tim were hilarious. tim was sooo funny. jake was really harsh. nikki deserved it though. it was nice to see that peyton and nathan could be friends without any aquwardness. very funny and a great episode!
  • The Boy Toy Auction

    A charity event affectionately known as the Boy Toy auction has the girls bidding on the guys.

    The night leads to some interesting pairings: Deb and Tim, Haley and Lucas, Peyton and Nathan, Nicki and Jake, Brooke and Mouth.

    Deb feels sorry for Tim and buys him to do some chores around the house, but he thinks she likes him. It doesn't end well when Dan finds them at the house.

    Nicki and Jake spend the whole night arguing because she wants to be in Jenny's life now and he wants nothing to do with her.

    Haley and Lucas have a fun night of throwing water balloons. That is until Lucas sees her number 23 tattooed on her back. Haley tells Lucas she got it because she is in love with Nathan.

    Nathan shows Peyton his new apartment and they go swimming.

    Brooke takes Mouth on a wild night. She ends the night an emotional wreck as she is rethinking her entire life. All the partying and the boys. She has also been avoiding talking to Lucas about a possible problem. She might be pregnant.

    Elsewhere, Karen and Larry have dinner. Later Keith shows up at the house and proposes to Karen.
  • One Tree Hill "To Wish Impossible Things"

    In this episode the basketball team gets actioned off to the highest bidder for the Boy Toy aution. Lucas gets bought by Haley, Nathan gets bought by Peyton (because Haley didn't want anyone else to by him), Jake gets bought by Nikki, Tim gets bought by Deb, and Brooke buys Mouth because there is no one left.
    all the dates are pretty interesting, my favorite was Brooke and Mouths though. but i thought that deb and tim were hysterical because tim thought that deb wanted to have sex with him so her was pretty weird. at midnight the couples are supposed to kiss and then the date is over, so lucas walks by a window where nathan and peyton are having their midnight kiss and he missinterprets it so he just takes haley home.
    on brooke and mouth's whole date they keep bringing up lucas and finally mouth tells brooke she needs to talk to him.
    at the end of the episode lucas is at the riverside court and brooke comes and tells him that she thinks shes pregnant. and then the episode ends
  • Eye Candy

    This ep was brilliant!! We get to start off with Jake in the raven suit it was funni as he did it well, Lucas was even cuter cause he was shy and did the funni robot dance lol Nathan well omg yeah nathan took the show for sure definate eye candy right there lol. and yeah i did skip Tim but for good reason u understand he was funni though would have been betta if he accually did pull a muscle lmao. The rest of the ep was really good as well cause everyone got to hang out with the people they did be4 all the drama began. So over all this ep gets a 10/10 it's my fave ep of S1.
  • Season 1, Episode 18.

    Lucas, Nathan and Jake are auctioned off to the highest bidder in the annual "Boy Toy" charity auction and the night leads to surprising developments with old flames. Meanwhile, having missed out on the auction, Brooke ends up with Mouth and gives him the night of his life. Keith proposes to Karen, after Peyton's father lets her know he would love to date her. Astonishing news for Lucas: Brooke might be pregnant. Haha, Boytoy Auction. What kind of high school does that?! Nicki bought Jake! LMAO Deb is going to sleep with an 11th grader! Haha! Brooke bought Mouth for $200! Haha. Really good episode.
  • This type of episode is the reason this is the best Teen Drama since 90210. This episode really put fun, drama, danger, happiness, and sadness all together in one. I guess this is the second best episode of the first season. It only gets better later on.

    To Wish Impossible Things is the eighteenth episode of the first season and of the whole series. This episode was aired on the WB on April 13 of the year 2004. This is the episode of the boy toy auction. This episode really helped make this series and this season funky, fresh, and fun. This episode is unique because they provided drama and fun in the same episode which is really rare. This episode was just the beginning of showing how unique and fun this show is. These types of episode only get better. It is only the first season and there are four more to go.
  • The Boy Toy annual auction is here. Brooke tries to bid on someone but she doesn't have enough money. Nicky comes back into Jake's life wanting to be a mother for Jenny but Jake won't allow it, TIm is freaken halerious in this episode as well so is dan.

    wow there is alot of stuff reavealed about Nicki and Jake in this episode. I know that nicki is being fake but she keeps coming back and bothering Jake so it must be a sign so I don't know about that. "The internet sucks"! lol When Mouth said that i fell on the floor laughing it was so funny how he said that i'm sorry i just had to get that out there. I loved how Lucas and Haley hung out I thought that was cute. Lucas's reaction to Haley's tattoo was a little overbored in my opinion. I thought it was halerious that Jake was the mascot for the night Joe Devola was right I have to agree he did do an awesome job with that. Now to the brooke and that weird guy at the strip club I'm sorry guys but was that really necessary. I don't think that fitted anywhere with this episode at all in my opinion. I hated how Brooke just dropped the bombs on Lucas at the river court damn poor Lucas that must have sucked for him. I thought it was also weird that Paul Johanson had only one seen in this episode to my momory i didnt' see him in any other seen's I just thought that was a little weird anyways there's my opinion let me know what you think of it
  • Great episode!

    The basketball team is auctioned off as "boy toys" for a charity event. Haley plans on getting Lucas so they can hang out like old times and Peyton wants to get Jake. Brooke is desperate for anyone except Lucas. When no one bids on Tim, Deb gets him for $8, so he can do chores. Jake is bought for $100, unfortunately not by Peyton. Haley gets Lucas, but when Nathan goes up for bid, the prices are flying! She gets jealous and tells Peyton to bid on him. Peyton wins. Brooke buys Mouth for $200. It turns out that Nicki bought Jake. She wants to be back in Jake and Jenny's life. Jake tells her that he doesn't love her anymore and doesn't want her to leave their daughter. Tim misunderstands Deb and things go chaotic when Dan shows up. Haley and Lucas have a fun time with a water balloon fight. Nathan and Peyton go swimming. Lucas finds out about a tattoo that Haley has. Brooke and Mouth spend the night out. Mouth says that it was the best night of his life and he thanks her after talking to her about Lucas. Lucas sees Nathan and Peyton kiss, but what he doesn't know is that it's just a friendly charity kiss, like he and Haley share later. Karen goes out with Larry. Keith admits to Whitey that he's in love with Karen, but things are awkward for him when he sees Karen and Larry together. Keith shows up later and sort of proposes to Karen. Brooke reveals to Lucas that she might be pregnant.

    This was an exciting episode! With Nicki and Keith and everything else that went on! Especially the ending! That was very surprising! I hope everything is worked out between Nathan, Lucas, Haley and Peyton with the kiss taht Lucas saw. It was innocent, but hopefully he learns it soon! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • this was such a great episode.

    In this episode, the bastketball team gets auctioned off to the person who bids highest for them, for the Boytoy auction. Haley bids for Lucas, Peyton bids for Nathan so Haley doesn't have to worry about other girls having him, Nikki bids for Jake, Deb bids for Tim, and Brooke bids for Mouth because she already had the night planned for Lucas, but she came too late. I liked pretty much all the dates except for Jake and Nikki, but Tim and Deb was definitely the funniest because Tim thought that Deb wanted to have sex with him, so he only had his underwear on when he came in. Then Dan walked in and thought that they were about to have sex. It was hilarious! Finally at midnight the dates had to kiss, and then they both left, but Lucas walks by to find Nathan for Haley and sees Peyton and Nathan kissing. He tells Haley that Nathan isn't home because he doesn't want her to see or know. In the end Brooke finds Lucas and tells him that she thinks that she's pregnant.

    I really liked this episode. It's definitely one of my OTH favorites. It was just really good.
  • The boy toy episode.

    This episode is crazy hilarious. It starts off with Whitey auctioning off the basketball team as 'boy toys' for charity. Jake gets sold for $100 to Nikki. They go shopping at a store where Nikki attempts to buy things that Jenny, their daughter, might need. She did not buy a single thing correctly. At the end of the episode Nikki tells Jake that she will be in Jenny's life with or without him.
    Nathan get's sold for $112.53 to Peyton. They go swimming at Nathan's apartment where they remember there former relationship. Lucas gets sold for $115 by Haley. They have a water and milk balloon fight on the top of Karen's Cafe, at the end of which Lucas notices a tattoo of Nathan's jersey number on Haley's lower back. Haley and Lucas then go inside the cafe and talk about their relationships. At the end of the night Lucas goes to Nathan's apartment with Haley. Haley forgets some c.d.s for Nathan and the car, and tells Lucas to go on without her. Lucas gets there and sees Nathan and Peyton kissing auction rules. He tells Haley they weren't there and he drives her home.
    Mouth gets sold for $200 the most expensive of the night to Brooke. They go to a strip club and ride in a limo. Brooke tells Mouth what women really want, and asks him about Lucas. At the end of the episode Brooke goes to see Lucas at the Rivercourt and tells him that she thinks she is pregnant.
    Larry and Karen go to the middle of the football field and dig up a time capsual the cheerleader's made when Karen was a cheerleader. Keith and Whitey find them and make the situation awkward. Later that night Larry kisses Karen and Keith proposes to her.
  • Fantasic Episode. Series Best, Possibly, Showbest..Thrilling All The Way

    this was the first one tree hill i saw, its not broadcasted in england that much, so it was on at 3 in the morning on e4, and it got me hooked, very unforgettable, from that episode, iwent out n bought series one, then had to buy series 2 n 3, nd im watching 4 over the internet, cant get enough..This Episode Rocks!
  • I think this is my favorite episode up to this point in season one. I loved every moment.

    This was an awesome episode. Tim and Deb- What she said did sound wrong but Tom jumped to conclutions. It was so so funny. I was laughing so hard when Dan walked in. Karen and Peyton Dad- They are clearly cute and have chemistry. I want them together for a few episodes but in the end I want Karen with Keith. I loved the time capsule thing. It was so cute. I love how Whitey keeps busting them. Lucas and Haley- I loved seeing thwm just have a night of fun as friends. I love the golf course. Wow, she got a tatoo and is totally in love. The kiss was so akward but whatever. Nathan and Peton- The chemistry was weird but I guess the did date. Nathan was flirting and they did kiss but Nathan loves Haley. I want Nathan and Peyton to be friends. Brooke and Mouth- I love Mouth. He is so sweet and funny. I loved watching Brooke and Mouth interact. She had the night planned and Mouth perfected everything. Jake and Nikki- I would be really pissed with Nikki if she had trated me like Jake but he was harsh. How could she abandon her daughter and Jake? He wasn't ready to be a father? Jake is even younger. I loved how protecting he is of Jennie. I would have done the exact same thing. The Ending- I honestly didn't expect Brooke to say that she was pregnant. I though she was going to say she still loved Lucas. It was an exiting ending. By the way, why was Brooke drinking. This was an extremely exiting episode. I laughed and cried.
  • The basketball team is auctioned off for charity.

    I thought that this was a really funny episode and it also was really funny. I like how it went right into the episod eand did not have the opening crdits and the previvously on flashbacks. I thought it was funny that Haley won Lucas and then was worried about all the girls tring to get Nathan so she has Peyton get him. I felt bad for Brooke that she lost the guy she bet on because she did not bring cash with her and by the time she did get cash there was no guys left so she ended up with Mouth. I thought that it was nice that Brooke took Mouth out and showed him the time of his life. I also liked seeing Lucas and Haley hanging out together. It was good to see them together again and acting like they use too.
  • Brooke gives Mouth the night of his life :D

    I just loved this episode, it was so much fun!
    That scene with Tim and Deb was sooo awkward and Dan walking in on them was so hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing!!

    I liked that we got to see some more of Lucas and Haley, I really missed them together!
    And I found it interesting that Peyton and Nathan got to hang out, but even if it didn't mean anything I hated their kiss. I don't really get what that was about...

    And last, but not least, there was some quality Brooke and Mouth time, their first time out. I just love their friendship... Well, the whole episode was great!
  • Hilarious!

    Another great episode with great acting by our amazing cast. Same great action-packed dramatic episode featuring all our favorite characters. This episode give sus another episode to look forward to and leaves us so much questions that will only be answered if we tune-in to the next episode. In this episode no one wants to take Tim so Deb just buys him anyway to do some chores. Tim thinks him and Mrs. Scott are going to get it on but he misunderstands and Dan catches Deb kneeling on the floor with Tim's pants down! Brooke got Mouth and brings him around town with her limo... it seems like Brooke makes a new friend and this new friend likes him some Brooke!
  • this episode was awesome! one of the best from the whole season

    this episode was really good, well written, and funny. I love when dan walks in and sees deb and tim.....what a friggin classic. and it was nice to see lucas and haley hanging out again
    boys and girls together. the annual boy toy charity auction leads to some odd couples: mouth and brooke, nathan and peyton, jake and nikki, lucas and haley-and even dim-bulb Ravens jock Tim with Deb
  • my favortie eppisode

    I loved this eppi. It was really cute. You got to see nathan without his shirt on. I thought it was really sweet how HAley payed for lucas. then got jeaulous and made peyton but Nathan for her. I was really weel done.I love One Tree Hill it is my favortie show
  • whats not to like

    the toy boy ep is one of the best. wats not to like, we have tim being a fool, lots of really nice topless scenes, some girl on girl action for those who go for that, cute lucas and haley momens to remind us they are suppose to be best friends. and mouth being so adorable and of course all those cliffhangers. is she pregnant? i really wish. who ever wrote this ep, please dont quit.
    Oh and those nice zebra print undies, grace hope u liked that (dont cry), the only thing better would be if it was a g string. smiles.
  • Clever concept!

    To Wish Impossible Things was a clever concept in that it got all our characters into situations here they could be developed, or at least we could see how they have developed throughout the past 17 episodes. It worked.

    Haley and Lucas. I liked that Haley bid on Lucas. It was sweet watching them bond again. BUT when Lucas sees the tattoo he once again becomes an ass. Yes, be annoyed that she did, but don't be so horrible in the way you do it. As Haley said, only a few weeks back, Lucas was off getting tattoos with Brooke. But I was glad that Haley turned it around and admitted she loved Nathan. It was a nice moment and luckily they made up in the end. Lucas seeing Nathan kiss Peyton was odd because it was all part of the why it bothered him is strange. Melodrama, Lucas.

    Nathan and Peyton. Not a massive story line but quite fun to see these two back together for a bit. It's funny now that I can't see them as a couple. Ever. Peyton goes on about how much of a better guy Nathan is. We know writers, you don't have to shove it down our throats. Does Nathan love Haley? Maybe not, but he really likes and for now that's enough.

    Brooke and Mouth. This was a great little side story line and the friendship was developed very nicely. Mouth was cute and quite funny. Brooke realising that she doesn't like her life was a powerful moment. These two were good together early on!

    Karen and Larry. Quite funny to see Karen let her hair down but I don't see the point of this Larry thing to be honest. It's not gonna happen. But them being a little tipsy was funny.

    Jake and Nikki. Don't care about Nikki but I loved how protective Jake was over Jenny! Quite intense at times.

    So, cliffhangers. While exciting they were both pretty empty ones. Keith's proposal was too sudden to have any meaning to Karen and the likelihood of the Brooke actually being pregnant is slim. BUt very good way to get someone to look forward the next episode!! (Deb with Tim was quite funny. Little OTT for me though.)

  • Season 1 Episode 18

    Nice episode. The best parts:

    1. Lucas and Haley's water and milk balloon fight. I've missed the friendship they used to have previously.
    2. Brooke's philosophy on dating. (LOL)
    3. When Nathan and Peyton talked in the swimming pool. It was a funny scene and I actually like to see them talking, playing and acting like friends.
    4. Jake standing up to Evil Nikki. Well, I just can't stand her; I mean, after chickening out, how can the girl think she can act as nothing happened?!
    5. Tim convinced that Mrs. Scott was actually hitting on him. (LOL) And as soon as Dan showed up at Deb's, his face was just priceless. :D
  • A "Boy Toy" Auction for the Ravens Basketball players is held and Lucas, Nathan, Jake and even Mouth are bought! Past friendships and relationships are brought into this episode full of fun, but seriousness!

    It's the 'Annual Boy Toy Auction' for the Ravens Basketball team!!! Lucas, Nathan, Jake, and even Mouth are auctioned off for a combined total of over $500 between the four of them, while Tim's the ownership of Deb for the night at $8 :D

    Haley buys Lucas, Peyton (in Hayley's urgent request) buys Nathan, Jake's bought by an unknown woman - turning out to be Nicki, his ex and abandoning-mother of his child - and Brooke, in desperation, buys Mouth for the record amount of the night: $200.

    Finally, Hayley & Lucas have a chance to go back to old times, where "things used to be so much simpler." It was good to see them chatting again and playing a kind of 'skirmish' game with water balloons (some filled with milk :D), however they had a mini-argument after Lucas discovered she'd gotten a tattoo with Nathan's basketball jersey number (#23) on it, leaving him sickened with his not-extremely-well-like brother. They talked about it and Hayley told of it being her decision to get it done, and that Nate didn't even know she had it done. By the end of the night it resolved and their 'revisit' of one another made them grown closer and make up for some of the lost time since Hayley began a relationship with Nathan.

    Peyton & Nathan talk about Hayley, and Peyton sees how much Nathan cares for Hales. Although Nathan admits he seemed to be hitting on Peyton earlier in the night, his humiliation of the attempt is much lesser than Peyton's, where she accidentally told him that he was "good in bed".

    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but Jake standing up to Nicki was my highlight of the ep! Maybe I just love my vengeance and standing-up-for-yourself-without-backing-down attitude, but it filled me with great joy to see her not given an inch of sympathy :D
    My favorite line of the whole episode was by a forceful Jake; "You should recognize this next move, Nicki. You perfected it. It's called turning my back and leaving you behind."

    Brooke gave Mouth the "best night of his life", although she has a darker, less optimistic approach of it (her lifestyle). To top off riding in a limousine, Brooke took Mouth to a strip club and gave him a kiss good night. ("What was that for?", Mouth would've thought.) The rules for the auction were that the "toy boy" (or in this case, the DJ for the night :D) and the buyer must share a kiss at the end of the night. "Oh, right. For the Charity thing", Mouth remembered. Throughout the night Brooke had seen how nice a guy he was, and replied: "No. Just 'cause."
    I thought that was pretty cool...

    At this stage of the series, I'm not a fan of what's happening with the adults. It was good to see Dan becoming even further from his wife, after catching her in an awkward position with the much-younger Tim, which the 'lawyers would love' ;D I don't really like the idea of Karen and Larry (although I enjoy his commentary on "rake boy" :D) having a romance - I enjoyed what Karen and Keith had prior to the accident.

    All in all, an AWESOME episode, capped off with Brooke giving Lucas the news she may be pregnant. Great show, great script, great characters - ingredients of a masterpiece series!
  • To Wish Impossible Things... Otherwise known as the boytoy auction episode.

    There are a bunch of odd pairings and what I like about this epsiode is there's a lot of conversation between the characters... A lot of revealing conversation. We find out that Haley is in love with Nathan. And even though the tattoo thing seems very out of character, her explanation as to why she got it is so heartfelt that you can't help but agree with it.
    I like how we see Brooke and Mouth together. We see a lot of Brooke and her heart... And I like it.
    Great Episode. Definitely a classic!