One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 1

Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on The CW
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In the sixth season premiere, Tree Hill residents make decisions that will change their lives forever. Lucas finally pursues his dream with the woman he loves, Brooke faces a reunion with her mother, Mouth makes a startling revelation, Nathan and Haley encounter a ghost from their past and the news of Dan's accident takes an unexpected turn.moreless

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  • Peyton and Lucas. Brooke.

    For the most part I liked Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1 but one storyline in particular is ridiculous.

    Long time coming is certainly Lucas picking Peyton. It was clever how the writers showed us three different anniversaries but it was obviously going to be Peyton. And while a little soppy, I liked their scenes. It was satisfying to finally see them together after all this time. And it was quite funny and Peyton said yes before Lucas could even propose again. Nathan and Haley were in the background here...except Jamie'd budding friendship with Q.

    But this is probably because Nanny Carrie is back and ran over and kidnapped Dan. Yep. It's that dumb. I really don't like when Tree Hill does horror and this is plain silly. Carrie's storyline was done last season and I kind of hate how they're bringing it up again. Deb and Skills was funny but still eww. I did love Brooke in this episode. She's so feisty and I love her for it And that horrible for Brooke being attacked like that but good drama ahead.

    Mouth and Millie leaving really wasn't as entertaining when I know they come back.

    Overall, an enjoyable premier to season 6.

  • Finally!!!

    Finally!! Finally!! Finally!! Lucas opened his damn eyes and heart and let Peyton in again. The opening was fun. It was kind of nice to see how it would work with each girl and to see that each girl would work for Lucas. He could be happy with either of them, but Peyton was the right choice, the best choice. I spent all summer just waiting and hoping that he would choose Peyton. I knew in my heart he would, but still I was little nervous that Mark would surprise us.

    I can't believe Victoria in this episode. How dare she try and take the company from Brooke.

    I love that Mouth still had the program from the Boy Toy Auction. It really was the beginning of the wonderful friendship between Brooke and Mouth.

    And a fan of this story. I feel bad for him that he got hit and kidnapped by that crazy psycho nanny, but it's a little much for me. I think it would the nanny Carrie stuff would have been better left alone. Have the 100th episode be the last time we saw her. I would have preferred it if Dan were run over either by a stranger or by Whitey or someone else like that who maybe saw him and did it on purpose because they hate Dan, but everyone would have thought it was an accident.

    And then the end with Brooke. I was so scared for her. Wow!moreless
  • Psycho Derick, now this?

    Yes, One Tree Hill has made it to the sixth season. You'd think a television series with repetitive plots and unbelievable situations wouldn't last this long, but then again, I never really expected to watch until the sixth season either, the world is just full of surprises ain't it?


    So I'm sort of lazy to write a proper review, yet I still want to express how I feel about the episode, so here it is.


    -Lucas finally chose someone and it IS Peyton. Somehow I don't find myself as frustrated at "Leyton" as last season, I wonder why.

    -Everything is going well with Haley, Nathan and Jaime.

    -Brooke's current story between her mother and her may seem a bit out there, but it is working for me, so I'll just see where it goes.


    -Skillz is dating Deb, 'nuff said.

    -Dan is captured by the evil nanny and held as a hostage in her house. NO, this is NOT a joke. GOD, and I thought Psycho Derrick type plots were over, it just gets even worse.

    -Dan gets hit by a car. Seriously, more car accidents?moreless
  • I love this show and this is why! The season opener resolved so many questions, but also opened up a bundle of new plots! I can't wait to see what happens!moreless

    OMG! Lucas FINALLY chose PEYTON! THey flew to Vegas to get married, but Lucas didn't want to selfishly take away Peyton's wedding day, so they decided to wait until they were home. No one knows they are together yet, but everyone has their suspicions.

    Dan was ran down by scary Nanny Cary just as his beeper went off for a new heart. She kidnapped him from the hospital and is holding him hostage while cooking up a scheme to get Jamie.

    Brooke's mom is threatening to take her company out from under her. Brooke is prepared for a fight since the company is her dream and life. At the end of the show the clothes over bros store is broken into and they show Brooke being tackled to the ground and punched. Mouth and Millie are off to Omaha.

    Skill and Nathan's mom contine to keep their relationship a secret, scared of how Nathan might react.

    Nathan continues working out with Q and is seeing some improvement on his road back to the NBA. But you can tell his back is bothering him, he just won't fess up.moreless
  • get ready for the best season yet!

    Amazing beginning to the sixth season! Lucas chose Peyton, which I was hoping for, but not really counting on. They very nearly get married, but wind up engaged instead. Victoria returns to Tree Hill intent on sniping Clothes Over Bros from Brooke. Brooke stops a teenage girl from robbing her, and asks Haley if she recognizes her. Victoria's return puts a stopper in Marvin and Millicent's Omaha move, temporary. Brooke tells Millie she wants her to go, and to get her "wacky ass outta my store" lol. Carrie hit Dan with the car!!!! She apparently has been planning Jamie's kidnap and Dan's murder. She tortures Dan and plans to use him to get Jamie. He tries to escape, only to find out he's not in the hospital, but in Carrie's house! Deb and Skills continue their relationship, much to Nathan's dislike. Nathan and Haley continue to follow their dreams, Haley having already recorded one song, and Nathan getting better and better at basketball, with the exception of back pains (foreshadowing?). This episode ends with Brooke telling Victoria she won't back down, and then being attacked as C/B is robbed!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the scene with Brooke and Haley at the recording studio, Brooke gets a text message from Peyton and the date reads June 23, 2008. However, the show is supposed to be set four years in the future as of season 5, so the year should be either 2011 or 2012. It is possible that the episode was filmed on June 23, 2008, which would explain why the phone shows that date.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Brooke: (with a bouquet of red roses) Hey, handsome. These are for you, for our one-year anniversary.
      Lucas: Brooke, I'm your husband. I'm supposed to give you flowers.
      Brooke: I know. But I wanted to make sure I'd like them.

    • Haley: Hey, listen, I was talking to Chester, and apparently he hasn't been fed this morning.
      Jamie: He always tells on me.
      Haley: You better get our of here, you wascally rabbit feeder.

    • Brooke: I have to be honest with you. I really don't think that's your best color.
      Girl: What?
      Brooke: The top you just stole from me.

    • Carrie: (to Dan) Did you think it was a nightmare? Because it is for you. You know, when I think how Jamie and I would be together right now if it wasn't for you... Well, it wasn't very nice what you said to me in that hotel room. You said if I ever came near Jamie, you'd kill me, didn't you? You strangled me, and you took Jamie. And I suppose you thought that was the last of me. But it wasn't. I've been watching you with Jamie. I've been biding my time. And now, well... here we are.

    • Nathan: I want to know who he is, Mom... Mr. Porno. Give me a name.
      Deb: No. Why?
      Nathan: Because I want to know who's responsible for you losing your mind like this. I'm gonna find out. And put some clothes on. Jamie's home. If he sees you topless, he's gonna be scarred for life. I know I am.

    • Brooke: The Boy-Toy auction. Beginning of a beautiful friendship right here.
      Mouth: For most of my life, that was the greatest night of my life.
      Brooke: Most of your life? Who topped me?
      Mouth: Millicent... the night she said she loved me.

    • Brooke: Okay, hug me before I cry. Goodbye, scarecrow. I'm gonna miss you most of all.
      Mouth: You, too, Brooke Davis.

    • Lucas: I love that laugh. I missed it.
      Peyton: Yeah? Me, too. (whispering) Peyton Sawyer will be Peyton Scott.
      Lucas: What are you whispering about, wily?
      Peyton: Nothing. Everything. More than everything.

    • Brooke: Let me tell you something about love, Millicent Huxtable. It does not knock often. And when it does, you have to let it in. You are a wonderful friend. And you're smart, and you're beautiful, and it is gonna suck to lose you, but there is a boy out there who loves you. And I know that you love him back. So, now you have to get your wacky ass out of my store.

    • Mouth: I was hoping Luke might be here. I tried calling him to say goodbye, but... I got to go.
      Skills: Yeah, and from the looks of things, he has some stuff to figure out, too. I'll tell him you said goodbye, though. You know he's proud of you, right? We all are.
      Mouth: Thanks, Skills. Well, I guess I should finish packing and get out of here.
      Skills: You go do your thing... Marvin McFadden, my brother.
      Mouth: Hey, Skills. We grew up here, didn't we? I'm gonna miss this place.

    • Brooke: (to Victoria on the phone) It's me. I've been thinking about our little partnership, and I've come to a decision. I am this company. I am the reason it is successful. Do you understand me? So if you want a fight, you got it.

    • Lucas: Peyton Sawyer... I love you.
      Peyton: Yes!
      Lucas: You didn't let me ask you!
      Peyton: Yes, baby, yes! God, I love you.

    • Lucas: I know it's selfish... you know, getting married like this. No friends, no family, no ring...
      Peyton: It's okay.
      Lucas: But I wanna be selfish with you. It has been way too long, and life just always seems to... get in the way with us. And I know this is Las Vegas and it's not exactly how you imagined it, but it's gonna be romantic. I promise.

    • Peyton:(wearing a white dress) White trash Vegas wedding material?
      Lucas: Wow... Heart-skips-a-beat, breathtaking material.

    • Lucas: Look at you.
      Peyton: What?
      Lucas: You fly all night and you still look amazing.
      Peyton: Oh God, no I don't.
      Lucas: Yeah... You do... You're tired?
      Peyton: No, I've never felt more awake.
      Lucas: Good, me neither. (starts to pull away)
      Peyton: Hey, come here... (pulls him back to her and kisses him) I could live off of that. I missed that.

    • (Lucas carries Peyton inside their Vegas hotel room)
      Peyton:(laughing) Oh, Luke. You're such a dork. We're not even married yet.
      Lucas: I know, but I wanted to practice so that when we are, I don't look like a dork.
      Peyton: Well, good luck with that.
      (Lucas puts her on the bed)
      Peyton: Oh no... There's a mirror on the ceiling! It's so romantic!
      Lucas: I told them something nice, not something... well, sketchy.
      Peyton: It's Vegas, Luke.

    • Lucas: You know, I can't believe it's been a year.
      Peyton: Time flies when you get what you wish for.
      Lucas: Is it? Is it what you wished for, Peyton?
      Peyton: If I say it's more than that are you gonna tease me for being a dork?
      Lucas: hmm.
      Peyton: 'Cause it is.

    • Mystery Man: Well well, looks like you found your queen, not many do... How'd you know which one to pick?
      Lucas: Guess I always knew.

    • Mystery Man: Three simple cards, three beautiful ladies. It's real simple son, all you have to do is pick one.
      Lucas: Alright.
      Mystery Man: Just follow the heart.

    • Peyton: Okay. Open your eyes.
      Lucas: This is the room where...
      Peyton: You proposed to me. Four years ago.
      Peyton: You said it should be like a dream. So. I have this dream. Where we're back in this hotel room. And you propose to me. And every single time I say yes.
      Lucas: It's just a dream, right?
      Peyton: It's my dream.

    • Brooke: Oh, my god! I am so pissed off right now!
      Millicent: Why, what's wrong?
      Brooke: Oh, Victoria's DNA, apparently. She is like a science experiment gone wrong. Frankenmom she shows up at my house last night.

    • Deb: This is ridiculous, the way we have to sneak around. We're making out in a car like high-school kids.
      Skills: Yeah, but personally, you did rock that cheerleading outfit.
      Deb: Not the point, but thank you.
      Skills: Ok. You right. We just gonna have to go public.
      Deb: Yeah.
      Skills: I'm gonna say, "Nate, look, I'm dating your mom, sleeping with her, doing all kind of freaky stuff to her." So, you want to tell him, or should I?
      Deb: Sneaking around is kind of hot.
      Skills: Yeah.
      Deb: Yeah.

    • Brooke: I'm sorry, I believe it's my company, because you were fired and I do not recall inviting you in, you botoxed vampiress.
      Victoria: You see? This is what I'm talking about. You're such a child and a fairly stupid one at that. It doesn't matter that you fired me. I'm your legal partner, missy.
      Brooke: It's my company. I'm the designer.
      Victoria: No, it's our company. 50/50. At least it is for now.
      Brooke: And what is that supposed to mean?
      Victoria: Designers come and go. It's the brand that matters, and I grow the brand. And the board knows that and they can fire you.
      Brooke: So, what? You're gonna have a magazine called "B. Davis" without B. Davis?
      Victoria: Paul Frank doesn't work for Paul Frank. Happens all the time.
      Brooke: Really? And what are you gonna sell, mother? Magic beans? Without my designs you have nothing. I know it. You know it. And as soon as the board sees my unbelievable new line, they'll know it. And you'll be the one who's out on her nip and tucked ass.

    • Lucas: Well,I made dinner reservations for tonight if you want.
      Peyton: Actually, I was thinking maybe we could just stay in and have a quiet dinner, kiss awhile. And there is a chance I could be rocking some slightly dirty girl lingerie underneath these jeans.
      Lucas: (looking at jeans) I think, I need to sit down.

    • Brooke: This is my store. This is my life. It's what I wished for.

    • Skills: Yeah, but she seem happy though, right? You know... satisfied?
      Nathan: Dude, did you just ask me if my mom was satisfied?
      Skills: Nah, you know, I meant, like, happy, like she's into the dude.
      Nathan: It doesn't matter. It's embarrassing. I'll tell you one thing... I'm gonna find out who this jerk is. And when I do, it's gonna get ugly.

    • (Peyton and Lucas entering their Las Vegas hotel room, Noticing a mirror on the ceiling)
      Peyton: I think your ass is going to look great in that mirror. Let's find out. (they start making out)

    • Peyton: You are such a mess, You can't just call a girl from the airport.
      Lucas: I know this sounds crazy, but...
      Peyton: You're a mess, Lucas Scott, but you're my mess and I love you.
      (They kiss)

    • Gus: It's the most important thing there is. Love. Finding the right person to spend your life with.
      Lucas: I know I made the right choice.
      Gus: That's where it gets you. Thinking you had a choice. Love finds you, Son, you don't find love. It's got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, what's written in the stars. A lot to do with the simple fact most women are smarter than we are. Your sorry butt never had a chance. But if you want to believe you had a choice in the matter, I'd say you made a good one.
      Lucas: Why is that?
      Gus: Because she showed up and she sure is pretty.

    • Haley: (to Nathan, After he tells her he saw Deb swimming topless) What is with you and naked nannies in the pool?

    • Peyton: This is real, isn't it?
      Lucas: Yeah.
      Peyton: Tell me again.
      Lucas: Yes, it's real.
      Peyton: Good. I'm glad. And if it's not, I don't know if I ever want to wake up from this.

    • Peyton: (reading a text message) "Peyton, I love you. Let's go get married. Lucas." Can a text message change your life?
      Lucas: God, I hope so.

    • Victoria: You don't like me do you?
      Millicent: No
      Victoria: Because you feel I've mistreated you?
      Millicent: No, because you're an evil bitch.

  • NOTES (5)


    • When Haley told Jamie to get ready for dinner, she called him "Usher".

      Usher is a famous R&B singer/rapper, most known for his popular song, Love In This Club.

    • Brooke: Good bye, Scarecrow. I'm gonna miss you most of all.

      This is an allusion to the 1939 musical the Wizard of Oz, based on the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum. Before Dorothy is about to return to Kansas she is saying goodbye to her friends, and says to the Scarecrow, "I think I'm going to miss you most of all."

    • Victoria: Paul Frank doesn't work for Paul Frank.

      This is an allusion to Paul Frank an artist/fashion designer, who's known for creating adorn clothing, accessories and many other different products.

    • Episode Title: Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1

      This is a song by My Morning Jacket from the album, Evil Urges.

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