One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 1

Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on The CW

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  • Peyton and Lucas. Brooke.

    For the most part I liked Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1 but one storyline in particular is ridiculous.

    Long time coming is certainly Lucas picking Peyton. It was clever how the writers showed us three different anniversaries but it was obviously going to be Peyton. And while a little soppy, I liked their scenes. It was satisfying to finally see them together after all this time. And it was quite funny and Peyton said yes before Lucas could even propose again. Nathan and Haley were in the background here...except Jamie'd budding friendship with Q.

    But this is probably because Nanny Carrie is back and ran over and kidnapped Dan. Yep. It's that dumb. I really don't like when Tree Hill does horror and this is plain silly. Carrie's storyline was done last season and I kind of hate how they're bringing it up again. Deb and Skills was funny but still eww. I did love Brooke in this episode. She's so feisty and I love her for it And that horrible for Brooke being attacked like that but good drama ahead.

    Mouth and Millie leaving really wasn't as entertaining when I know they come back.

    Overall, an enjoyable premier to season 6.

  • Finally!!!

    Finally!! Finally!! Finally!! Lucas opened his damn eyes and heart and let Peyton in again. The opening was fun. It was kind of nice to see how it would work with each girl and to see that each girl would work for Lucas. He could be happy with either of them, but Peyton was the right choice, the best choice. I spent all summer just waiting and hoping that he would choose Peyton. I knew in my heart he would, but still I was little nervous that Mark would surprise us.

    I can't believe Victoria in this episode. How dare she try and take the company from Brooke.

    I love that Mouth still had the program from the Boy Toy Auction. It really was the beginning of the wonderful friendship between Brooke and Mouth.

    And a fan of this story. I feel bad for him that he got hit and kidnapped by that crazy psycho nanny, but it's a little much for me. I think it would the nanny Carrie stuff would have been better left alone. Have the 100th episode be the last time we saw her. I would have preferred it if Dan were run over either by a stranger or by Whitey or someone else like that who maybe saw him and did it on purpose because they hate Dan, but everyone would have thought it was an accident.

    And then the end with Brooke. I was so scared for her. Wow!
  • Psycho Derick, now this?

    Yes, One Tree Hill has made it to the sixth season. You'd think a television series with repetitive plots and unbelievable situations wouldn't last this long, but then again, I never really expected to watch until the sixth season either, the world is just full of surprises ain't it?


    So I'm sort of lazy to write a proper review, yet I still want to express how I feel about the episode, so here it is.

    -Lucas finally chose someone and it IS Peyton. Somehow I don't find myself as frustrated at "Leyton" as last season, I wonder why.
    -Everything is going well with Haley, Nathan and Jaime.
    -Brooke's current story between her mother and her may seem a bit out there, but it is working for me, so I'll just see where it goes.

    -Skillz is dating Deb, 'nuff said.
    -Dan is captured by the evil nanny and held as a hostage in her house. NO, this is NOT a joke. GOD, and I thought Psycho Derrick type plots were over, it just gets even worse.
    -Dan gets hit by a car. Seriously, more car accidents?
  • I love this show and this is why! The season opener resolved so many questions, but also opened up a bundle of new plots! I can't wait to see what happens!

    OMG! Lucas FINALLY chose PEYTON! THey flew to Vegas to get married, but Lucas didn't want to selfishly take away Peyton's wedding day, so they decided to wait until they were home. No one knows they are together yet, but everyone has their suspicions.

    Dan was ran down by scary Nanny Cary just as his beeper went off for a new heart. She kidnapped him from the hospital and is holding him hostage while cooking up a scheme to get Jamie.

    Brooke's mom is threatening to take her company out from under her. Brooke is prepared for a fight since the company is her dream and life. At the end of the show the clothes over bros store is broken into and they show Brooke being tackled to the ground and punched. Mouth and Millie are off to Omaha.

    Skill and Nathan's mom contine to keep their relationship a secret, scared of how Nathan might react.

    Nathan continues working out with Q and is seeing some improvement on his road back to the NBA. But you can tell his back is bothering him, he just won't fess up.
  • get ready for the best season yet!

    Amazing beginning to the sixth season! Lucas chose Peyton, which I was hoping for, but not really counting on. They very nearly get married, but wind up engaged instead. Victoria returns to Tree Hill intent on sniping Clothes Over Bros from Brooke. Brooke stops a teenage girl from robbing her, and asks Haley if she recognizes her. Victoria's return puts a stopper in Marvin and Millicent's Omaha move, temporary. Brooke tells Millie she wants her to go, and to get her "wacky ass outta my store" lol. Carrie hit Dan with the car!!!! She apparently has been planning Jamie's kidnap and Dan's murder. She tortures Dan and plans to use him to get Jamie. He tries to escape, only to find out he's not in the hospital, but in Carrie's house! Deb and Skills continue their relationship, much to Nathan's dislike. Nathan and Haley continue to follow their dreams, Haley having already recorded one song, and Nathan getting better and better at basketball, with the exception of back pains (foreshadowing?). This episode ends with Brooke telling Victoria she won't back down, and then being attacked as C/B is robbed!
  • Leyton :)

    The Leytony goodness was almost too amazing to handle. I swear I did a happy dance inside everytime they had a scene. I am really glad they didn't get married in the Elvis church. The Haley and Jamie scene when they were dancing was so cute.

    Skillz and Deb are hilarious. I loved the part with Nathan where Skillz asked if Deb was satisfied and Nathan goes did you just ask if my mom is satisfied.

    Millie and Mouth are adorable as ever. I really hope they are getting written off just as I was pulling for Mouth in a relationship.

    I am sick of the Nanny Carrie storyline. It has been dragged on way way way too long. I wouldn't mind all that much if Dan left either but not that way. What happened to Brooke was crazy. I hope she is going to be okay. I bet she will be to as long as she doesn't check into Pyscho Nanny hospital.
  • In the sixth season premiere we see who Lucas called, and the two head to Vegas for their impending nuptials. Nathan's comeback hits a bit of a snag, while Jamie makes himself totally crunked. Mouth and Millicent prepare to leave Tree Hill.

    So of course we all knew who he was going to pick, but I do admit that seeing him imagine his life with all three potential girls was interesting, a part of me felt like that would have played out until the end when it was finally revealed that he picked Peyton. Well, of course we always knew he would pick Peyton, so I guess the big question was whether or not they would tie the knot in the city of lost wages. Well from the moment we learned that there were mirrors on the ceiling, I think we all knew that there was not a chance that they would leave married, and filling the chapel with the well stereotypical trashy people did not hurt either. A side note, not all Vegas chapels are like that one. So they are coming home to Tree Hill engaged.

    Onto Nathan, Haley, and Jamie, well Jamie is all crunked with his new tune from Flo Rida, and Haley seems to be struggling with her new music, and Nathan is not as ready for his big comeback as he wants us to think. So for the Scotts, their biggest problem may not be the fact that Nanny Deb is swimming topless, or that Nanny Carrie is playing nurse. I love the Deb and Skills hook up, they are playing it so funny. Of course this cannot last forever, and eventually their secret will need to come out. How funny was it though when Skills checked the status of his mustache.

    Well I have said it before and well I will say it again, Carrie is flipping crazy. So she has this house in the middle of nowhere and a seemingly endless supply of painkillers, and she has added kidnapping a patient to her list of crimes. So it looks like next week she will make it seem like Dan is stalking Jamie, until she gets Jamie alone and kidnaps him, but then what will come of Dan. Props to Paul Johannson to acting without talking.

    So Victoria is still a, well it rhymes with witch. Now, from a legal standpoint she is completely within her rights, but she is still a, well you know. It looks like Brooke has a huge fight ahead of her, and well giving the fact that she was robbed and beaten while closing the store it looks like she will not be able to fight back as soon or as strong.

    If this is the last premiere that One Tree Hill ever has then they did it right, a very classic episode. I am glad that One Tree Hill is back.

    It starts off with Lucas talking to an old man, who has the 3 Queens of a deck, and he asks him to guess where the Queen of hearts is. He then starts having different 'dreams' where he imagines being married to Brooke, then to Peyton, and then to Lindsay. Then we get back to the future and he guesses where the Queen of hearts is. The old man is surprised, since not many people can guess where it is. Lucas is at the airport, and he calls a mystery girl to go with him to Vegas and get married. The old man is at the airport giving Lucas a speech about love, when finally Peyton comes in! They go to Vegas together. Brooke's mom wants to take clothes over bros over, but Brooke of course doesn't want that to happen. Dan gets ran over by a car and broke a leg, couple of ribs and can't speak. We find out who did that to him, it was on purpose wishing for him to die, but of course he survived. Nathan is mad because her mom is dating a guy she met on the internet. So.. yeah, pretty much it's one of the BEST episodes ever of OTH! I loved it! I couldn't have imagined it better! I highly recommend it!
  • In the first episode of season six Lucas's dream girl is revealed to be Peyton.Mouth accepts the job in Omaha. Milicent struggles with a decision.Victoria returns to battle Brooke for the company.Nathan gets back pains while playing basketball.

    This was definitely the best episode of the series so far. At almost every moment something unexpected happened. I experienced a mix of all different emotions. I Loved this episode. That nanny was crazy. I actually felt a little bad for Dan for once. I loved when Haley and Jaime were dancing together it was so funny. He is so cute. I went crazy when Lucas picked Peyton. They are supposed to be together. I am so happy. Brooke getting attacked was shocking. I can't believe it. I am devestated. The cliffhanger from last season was answered and like always another one was created making it hard to wait for next week. With all the drama going on I have a feeling this season is going to be the best so far.
  • So, i guess i'm the only one who didn't think that it was that amazing.

    This really was a GOOD episode and a great start for a new season!! Brooke was hilarious and i actually find Victoria quite entertaining now. But the whole Leyton Fan seemed a little TOO cheesy and perfect...nobody really is that way. And why did they spend the whole last Season destroying Leyton and reuniting Brucas if Leyton are end game?? I don't really get that. Plus, Lucas doesn't know what he wants and just totally annoyed me. Nanny Carrie is...crazy. And somehow that storyline reminds me of a Stephen King movie i saw a few years ago. But yeah, overall i liked it and Naley and Brooke were great!
  • a good way to start a new season...

    the story gets better and better. answers to last season's questions are finally revealed. the previous who's and whys are now clear but the plot just keeps on getting exiting with new questions. it's just the first episode but clearly, we have a very interesting season ahead of us. nathan, haley and jamie's plot is not that crucial yet but deb and skill's love affair is thrilling. i don't really care much bout dan and carrie's scenes but will mouth and milicent really leave tree hill? lucas and peyton's vegas encounter is pretty awesome (she was really my bet) but brooke's story is the one worth tuning in for. why and who would do that to her? i'm sure it's not victoria (i'm thinking it's the shoplifter's bf or something) but what will happen to her? it's like she had a very bad beating. and speaking of victoria, who would win and get clothes over bros? if the succeeding episode will be as good as this then this will totally be a very exciting season for one tree hill...
  • And they are back, I've missed these guys! A great start.

    Suddenly is September and OTH is back. The beginning was confusing, I didn't know what to expect. Witch one was the one? One year had gone bye and they show all. Peyton was the more natural one, the one that looked more real to me, more right. When that guy said "..she showed up and she sure is pretty" I was "Peyton Peyton" and them my sister and I screamed lol "YES!" I've always liked Lucas and Peyton together and now they are again.
    Carrie is back, I hadn't thought about her in ages. Just when Dan was going to get the heart she runs him over! I guess what goes around comes around but I feel sorry for Dan, he wasn't that bad lately and he can't protect Jaime now...
    Poor Brooke, not her day really. Her mother is back, Mouth and Millie are going to Omaha, Peyton and Lucas disappear and she gets robbed at the store. I really hate Victoria, what kind a mother would do that to a child?
    Oh and Jaime dancing, that was so funny, so cute! This are going better for them.

    From the start I had a felling something bad was going to happen...let's see.

    This was a great start and I can't wait to see the next episode, I love this show! Thanks guys
  • Great way to start the season. :)

    This episode was great. I really thought that the episode wouldn't took out good, but i was definitely wrong. Let me start with the beginning of the episode. I loved how they started it off with How it would be 1 year later in marriage. It really showed us that Peyton is the right girl for Lucas. Ok, Lucas and Peyton--Great scenes between them. Even though i had that gut feeling that it was going to be Peyton that he called, I really liked how it all played out. Carrie and Dan scenes--Carrie is just really freaky. I feel rally bad for dan though. I could see it in his eyes that he didn't want Carrie to even attempt to take Jamie, but this time, he cant do anything about it. Even though the storyline is different, I think it might work. It might turn out pretty good.
    Brooke had some really good scenes in this episode. It just wasn't her day. Her mother threatens to get HER fired, Brooke gets robbed and Her 2 friends leave for omaha. I loved the scene between Mouth and her. It actually made me tear up a bit. I like how Mouth brought over the boy-toy auction flyer. Great moment between them right there. Nathan/Haley/Jamie--The best people right here. Their scene in the beginning of the episode was greeeeat!The cute Naley scene was amazing, and I can't forget Jamie Dancing!!! Cutest thing everrrrr! and then Haley steps in at the end of the episode. lol. They are just the best tv family ever. Anyway, great season premiere, in my opinion. It looks like Season 6 is at a great start. :)
  • I just loved the season opening episode!

    All I have to say is I loved it!!! Finally Lucas and Peyton are together. I was so scared it was going to be Brooke for some reason but I know they are only good friends and nothing more. Lucas and Peyton are meant to be. I can't believe Crazy Nanny Carrie is back. Can you really feel bad for Dan because for some reason I am. I do want someone to find him after everything he did but she is CRAZY! I can't believe what happened to Brooke at the end of the show, didn't see that one coming. Just WOW! I love that the show is back.
  • Lucas decides that the girl he wants to be with is Peyton. An old villian has returned and is now taking care of Dan.

    I loved this episode so much. For three and a half months I was waiting for the girl to be Peyton and now that it has happened, the wait is complete. Everyone has had arguments on whether it would be Brooke or Peyton but we all knew who it was going to be. Peyton and Lucas are finally back together and the season could not have started any better. This show has always been amazing and always will be.....It will be a sad day when this series comes to an end. ANyone who doesn't agree can't be a real fan of One Tree Hill.
  • Lucas picks Payton, Nannie Carrie kidnaps Dan, Skillz & Deb are still (secretly) at it, Mouth & Millie move to Omaha, Nate's back is not so good

    Ok, yes, it was kinda _annoying_ the way Lucas went from almost marrying Lindsay to giving Payton the cold shoulder to calling Payton from the airport to ask her to elope with him (with a lil B.Davis teaser thrown in there) but I am VERY glad he ended up with Payton. Altho I may feel a lil sorry for Lindsay when she finds out...

    (BTW Did anyone notice that by the end of the episode, they STILL aren't married??)

    Nannie Carrie is a PSYCHO! and she PLANNED to hit him with the car??? she must have been sitting out there a while if she was waiting on him to come out of the hospital... And although Dan _may_ deserve some of this treatment, it is still hard to watch.

    Poor Nate... altho you kinda knew it was too soon for him to be playing ball that hard when less than a year ago he wasn't even walking on his own yet. (anyone else think Q shouldn't be picking a 5 year old up with his wrist in a cast?)

    Is this goodbye for good for Mouth & Millie??

    And poor Brooke... her 2 BFFs are MIA when she is going through this extremely stressful time?... who wants to bet they postpone actually getting married to help her through it and actually have a small wedding in TH?
  • Lucas chose Peyton-they go to Vegas and on a hunch end up in LA to get engaged. Brooke gets lied to, stolen from, and attacked. Nanny Carrie kidnaps Grandpa Dan and reveals her plan to use him to get to Jamie. Nate continues to investigate him Mom's man.

    Have to admit, the way the episode started was confusing if you didn't know what was going on or if you didn't read a single spoiler. I like the way Mark wrote it as a sequence of one-year anniversaries to show how different it would be between all three girls. It was interesting to pick out myself what atmosphere and environment I thought Lucas fit better into…and being that I am a huge Leyton fan, of course I felt he was more at home with Peyton, in Karen's house in Tree Hill. Lucas finally followed his heart, and with that choice came the wonderful new beginning to the Leyton Relationship…At first I was not sure how I would feel about the quick call to Peyton to ask her to marry him in Vegas. If I were in the position she was in, I would have jumped for the chance to be with him if he called, even if I thought it was a joke, because she loves him so much. I am very excited to see how this relationship will grow over the season. I hate to see Mouth and Millicent leave Tree Hill, but it's time for Mouth to move on to somewhere that someone will appreciate him for what he's worth…I cried during his goodbye scene with Brooke. Brooke is going to have it hard this season with kids stealing from the store, being attacked and her Mom trying to take the company away from her and steal her designs. But as we all know, Brooke will come out on top, she is a survivor. About Deb and Skills relationship-this can't last long. It's pointless for them to keep seeing each other if they are not going to tell their loved ones (Nate and Jamie) about it. Nathan needs to take it easy on his training, he is obviously having back issues…and Jamie is still as cute as ever, talking up his Dad's career headed towards the NBA. Now, to the one puzzling piece of the puzzle that I think surprised everyone who did not read any spoilers this summer…Nanny Carrie kidnapping Grandpa Dan and revealing her plan to use him to get to Jamie. This could be a very interesting story line, or it could be a flop.
  • Season 6 premiere answered the cliffhanging question: Who did Luke propose to? And the resolution did not disappoint, although other storylines did. Nanny Carrie? Jamie dancing to Flo Rida? Deb & Skills?

    I'll throw in my two cents. While I don't think the season 6 premiere signaled the end of the show, I do think it missed the mark in a lot of ways.

    Lucas/Peyton: I'm glad they got together and looking back on the show and especially the last 2 episodes of the season 5, it was inevitable that the writers were going to put them together, so it really wasn't that surprising. The three scenes at the beginning with Brooke, Lindsay and Peyton were kind of unncessary, considering how Brooke wasn't really a major contender and Lindsey is now a regular on another show (but apparently will be back as recurring). I'm actually glad they didn't get married (by pulling a Naley), but I do think they need some time to sort out their relationship.

    Naley: So there scenes have been reduced to watching their 5 year old son dance?? Seriously?? There was two scenes that foreshadowed an upcoming story for Nate about his bad back, but they were brief, like twice, he mentioned a bad back for 2 seconds. Much more screen time was given to Jamie's dancing and his bonding with Q. Haley had no story, but I'm glad about that. Her dilemma about music vs. family is not that interesting. I really don't see how Haley thinks if she starts making music again she's going to be a superstar and have to hit the road and abandon her family. That's pretty presumptious of her. There are a lot of struggling talented musicians out there who never made it. And the fact that she almost made it once or had one hit single or whatever leads no credence. The music world is not kind. They'll forget someone who had a hit 5 years ago, it's called one-hit wonder. They should move her on from that and just make her a teacher.

    Brooke vs. Victora: I must say the battle is shaping up to be interesting, but, in all reality, I see both points of view. Victoria is Brooke's legal partner, but Brooke just wants to cut her out completely. Why not offer to buy her out? Is Brooke that naive to think her mom, whom she's known all her life, wouldn just roll over and play dead? As for the beating, not sure if Victoria was behind it or not. She might have hired someone but didn't plan on Brooke getting beat down.

    Dan/Nanny Carrie: please!! unrealistic. I thought a better twist would be if Dan couldn't speak and Nanny Carrie snuck into ER to threat him. But the fact that she not only ran him down (without any witnesses, even though they clearly showed that old couple at the scene), stole his wallet, then kidnapped him from the ICU is an insult to the viewers intelligence. Deb/Skills: is the show trying to gross us out. Skills is the most useless character in the history of the show. I hope Nate gives him the beat down when he finds out Skills is diddling him mom.

    Mouth: Good riddance (unfortunatley, I hear he might be back)
  • finally, lucas picks peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first i have to say that i agree with a lot of the reviews that have been posted already, this was by far the best written episode since season 5 started, i have been waiting for the episode for soooooooooo long.
    ok so bout the episode:

    dan and carrie: annoys me a little that they brought back carrie, but i guess this show needs a psycho in every season.... dan, i really hope she does kill him, i dont understand how this dude can still be alive, i mean first he had the heartattack, then deb torched him, then he gets hit by a car, he should have been dead long ago.

    deb and skills: really, REALLY, they are gonna continue this disgustingness into the new season?? really? its so innappropriate, and also so done before(anyone reminded of pacey and the teacher, season 1, dawsons creek?)

    lucas and peyton: finally whith these two, i've been crossing my fingers for the past 3 months that lucas called peyton, and not the other two. the episode opening had me screeming at the screen at the top of my lungs, but i quickly figured out that it was only a dream sequence(and i calmed down) only thing that annoyed me about the lucas and peyton parts was 1. they kept repeting themselves, and a ton of clichés, 2) why on earth did they not get married in vegas, i know, i know they are most likely gonna do it as a season finale or like in tree hill, but that was the whole point in going to vegas wasnt it, that they get married??

    what more, jamie is annoying me, getting on my nerves with all this nba talk, nathan isnt as healed as he thought he was, and haley.... haley didnt have a bunch to do in this episode did she.

    oh last byt not least : mouth and millie: i really hope this was the last we saw of them, i really cant stand those two!!!!!!!
  • Boring, predictable, and totally disappointing. Where has this show gone?

    Lucas & Peyton are fake, sappy, over-happy, cheesy, and boring to watch. I am frankly very sick of every character emphasizing that they are meant to be and celebrating the fact that Lucas suddenly realized "my choice is Peyton," especially Brooke with her speech to Millicent about never letting love go when you have it. She was clearly talking about Lucas. He's the one she let go, and it tore her up.

    Lucas' dream shows that Lucas still considers Brooke as one of his top choices. He feels that Brooke will never fully take him back and will always be distracted with other things. She is the ONLY GIRL that he says "I DO love you Brooke Davis" to, showing that he feels she doesn't know that. Lucas' Lindsey dream shows that it would be easiest and most common sense at the moment to pick Lindsey. "It's easy with us, isn't it?" "The easiest."

    Lucas' Peyton dream shows that their relationship is based on nothing but cheating and lust. He jokingly accuses her of sleeping with the milkman, and she tempts him with "naughty" thoughts. And Peyton says that his dream is more than what SHE wished for. Lucas never says the same thing in return.

    And Lucas may think he can choose love (and Peyton), but as Gus says, "that's where you're wrong. You don't choose love. Love chooses you."

    And this is not the end yet. "People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end."

    Lucas and Peyton are together at the beginning of this season to realize that they are not who they once were, and they are not meant to be. Lucas will realize that his love for Brooke is the love he's looking for.
  • Yay! Totally amazing!

    I am so happy that Lucas finally picked Peyton. It was about time. I really hoped after the wedding that didn't happen he'd see sense and finally he did. It was soo romantic them going to Vegas though i'm glad that they didn't get married in that cheesy, corny chapel with the Elvis guy. It'll be better in Tree Hill like they want.

    I am so worried about Brooke though and her mother is a total b**ch I really hope Lucas and Peyton get back soon, she's gonna need her friends. I was sad to see Mouth go but they really did all they could. Maybe he'll come back for the wedding.
  • dismal season 5 and honestly i thought this was gonna be terrible! how wrong was i?!! abosulutly fantastic. this is why i dont read spoilers!

    it's almost as if mark listened to us saying we needed drama and to stop dragging out that it was obvious lucas and peyton were gonna end up together somehow! im glad they didnt mess around with it! faboulous start to the show! i actually enjoyed the leyton stuff and im a brucas shipper! they seemed right together. when they showed up at the chapel and saw all the people i just thought it was so relaistc cos like come on would they really find it romantic there.

    nanny carrie! see this is why i dont read spoilers! i mean this is actually i dramatic storyline! its so misery! and i love misery! i think it's brilliant! a stroke of genius on the writers behalf.

    nathan's back is gonna messed up. he's come back too soon! im so glad he's back so i hope its not f*cked up.

    brilliant start to the season!!!
  • Could not have been better!

    Well I think a lot of people are happy that Lucas called Peyton and asked her to marry him. I am really looking forward to their wedding as I have waited for this for a long time.

    What's happening to Nathan? It looks like that all that working out to get back in shape is affecting his back! I want him to get better!

    We just confirmed in this episode that Nanny Carrie is really crazy especially after what we r seeing with Dan. I don't like Dan but she is making me feel sorry for him.

    Brooke is going through a tough time. Why is her mum such a pain? She should help her out not try to ruin her. She wasn't there for her for most of her life might as well make up for it now.

    I am going to miss Mouth.. I hope they continue showing his story at his new job.

    What is Nathan's Mum doing? Is Skills driving crazy? They look happy together though so that's the most important thing.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode and I have to say that the begining was a bit confusing!
  • In this episode (the 6th season premiere) it was revealed who Lucas called and asked to come to Vegas with him to get married. It was also revealed who hit Dan with their car, and his fate.

    Compared to the abysmal 5th season of OTH, this premiere/episode was phenomenal! The most exciting part for me was the fact that Lucas chose PEYTON! I was definitely ready for a LP reunion, and that's exactly what we got. Yes, some of their scenes may have been cheesy, but honestly, I missed them and their love for each other. It was truly a breath of fresh air seeing them both so happy. Aside from LP, it was revealed that crazy Nanny Carrie hit Dan with her car, and kidnapped him. I don't really like this storyline, but ah, whatever. Brooke has been dealing with her mom. Victoria has been threatening to take the company from Brooke, since Brooke fired her last season, in the end of the episode, Brooke was brutally attacked by someone, though it wasn't revealed who. Nathan and Haley didn't have much of a storyline this episode, though their storylines should pick up soon. Jamie was adorable as usual, Skills and Deb (I have no words..), and Mouth is leaving for Omaha with Millie.
    Overall, this episode was fantastic! Definitely the best we've seen from the show since the season 4 finale.
  • Best premiere ever. I waited all summer long to find out who Lucas pick and now we finally know

    In this episode we find out that Lucas picks PEYTON !!!!! I was screaming to the op of my lungs when she walked through the airport. i dont think he would've lived a satisfying life with Brooke. If he had married Lindsay he wouldve had his what ifs, so it turned out great. Victoria is a witch and will not succeed at taking clothes over bros. Why doesnt she get her own life? Skills and Deb should be ashamed of their selves especially Skills. Nanny Carrie has kidnapped Dan in hopes that she will get Jaime back. Im pretty sure Dan would die before helping her get him. I cant wait to find out who broke into Brookre's store.
  • TERRIFIC, GREAT!!! Everything that should be expected in a season premiere, except the crazy-nanny Carrie holding Dan hostage, not even Dan Scott deserved THAT.

    This episode was a GREAT news, bad news, good news , WORST news scenario:

    1: Good, no GREAT news - Lucas AND Peyton ARE BACK TOGETHER!! YAHOO, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

    2: Bad news - Brooke has to deal with her "mother", Victoria Davis (NOT GOOD)

    3: Good news (1) - Mouth and his girlfriend, Millicent are moving to Omaha, TOGETHER

    4: Good news (2) - Things are going almost-good with Nathan, Hailey and their son Jamie (Nathan is getting suspicious of his mom's Internet boyfriend)

    5: WORST news - Dan is in critical condition and being held hostage by "Nanny" Carrie in Carrie's home (Uh Oh, NOT GOOD EITHER)
  • A really weird episode that should have been really good

    The beginning part with Luke's fantasies about Peyton Brooke and Lindsay was cute, and all the Peyton Lucas stuff was great, and about time. Hopefully they can be happy for at least a little bit before stuff gets messed up again, and hopefully then they still stay together at least. To put them together like this and then rip them apart again would be really annoying.

    The Carrie Dan storyline is really horrible, in my opinion. Terrible. They've already done psycho on this show -- and then they did it again with Carrie when she was on last season. Gotta stop with her. It's terrible.

    And the thing with Jamie and that song and that dance is really not cute, if that's what they are expecting it to be.

    Deb and Skills, really not a great storyline so far but maybe it'll get good. It's been done and it's barely interesting enough to watch.

    Are Mille and Mouth still on the show?

    And I don't know about this attacker at the end in Brooke's store. There'd just better be a good reason for her to be attacked.
  • Great season premiere!! It was interesting and exciting. I can not wait until the next episode!!

    I thought it was great that Lucas and Peyton are finally together and they have some really sweet scenes together in this episode. But the whole Carrie kidnapping Dan and pretending to his nurse thing was really weird and creepy. I really hate Carrie and I really hope she doesn't get to Jamie again. I am sorta starting to like Skills with Deb. They have a lot of funny scenes together. Victoria came back just to make her own daughter, Brooke's life tougher, but I really think Brooke won't lose her company. Wow! The ending was incredible with Brooke being attacked. I hated that it happened to her being that she has always been my favorite character, but I am really excited about this story line!! Great episode!!
  • Lucas made his choice, Brooke has a lot to deal with, Mouth and Millicent said goodbye to Tree Hill, Victoria came back and surprise an crazy nanny appear, more crazy then ever.

    So the episode started with suspense about Lucas choice. We see Lucas with all the three girls and in the end surprise he choice Peyton, like almost people say, it always been her, so that was no surprise. They go to Las Vegas but they didn't get married, Lucas want like a dream and definitely a wedding in Las Vegas is everything less a dream. So he and Peyton go to the hotel room when Lucas propose Peyton and she said no, but this time she said yes even before Lucas made the question. Back to Tree Hill, Mouth and Millicent left Tree Hill. Brooke receives a visit of her love mother saying that she is gonna fight to get the company for her, and if Brooke want her company have to fight with her, Brooke doesn't give up and said that is her company and she gonna prove this to her mother. About Nathan and Haley, Nathan have some back pain. Nathan have to deal with his crazy mother that is having a case with Skills. Dan wake up in Nanny Carrie house, yes she came back, and poor Dan he is suffering just because he defend his grandson, we have to wait what happen in the next episodes, what nanny Carrie is gonna do to Dan. In the end of the episode we see Brooke being attacked at Clothes over Bros.
  • Peyton is the one...

    Finally! After speculating all summer about who Lucas called from the airport we got the answer straight away: Peyton! That is not a big surprise but at least now we know. That would have been more audatious to have Lucas called Brooke but Peyton is his soul mate. The writers have been trying to make us understand that for the last 5 seasons. However since their wedding shouldn't last long according to the spoilers Brooke and Lindsey still have a chance. The sixth season premiere was a pleasure to watch, no time for boredom but time for questions:
    what's the hell is crazy nanny doing here? I don't really like where this story with Dan is going. It's predictable to think she will use him in her attempt of getting Jamie back. There is no way she could drag Dan to that house! Everytime there was a scene with them I felt like I was watching "the bold and the beautiful"...!

    On the other hand I like the story about Brooke. It's easy to thing that Victoria had her attacked but we could have a surprise. Finally, one thing I didn't think I would appreciate is the love story between Deb and Skills. They are very funny to watch and I can't wait to see Nate's reaction when he discovers that his buddy could be his stepdad!
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