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  • Season 3 Episode 22: The Show Must Go On

  • When Lucas comes to Haley to offer to give her away, she mentions that everyone got ready in that room "including Rachel and Brooke for some reason." It makes sense that Brooke would get ready in the same room as Haley - she's the maid of honor. So Haley should know the reason of why Brooke and Rachel were there.

  • Nathan and Haley were supposed to go to London for their honeymoon because it always rains there and they have had their best moments in the rain.

  • Sophia Bush (Brooke) almost bruised her hand during the first fight scene between Brooke and Peyton. When she hits the door containing the list of guys for Brooke, she hits it very hard on every take and her bracelet (fan-made) created a small bruise on her palm and wrist.

  • During the scene where Peyton and Brooke have their first fight, there are shots of Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and in some, her chest is a little more red than others. That's because they are later takes where Hilarie would clutch her chest.

  • There is a recurring tree theme in this episode, as mentioned by Sophia Bush in the audio commentary.

  • In the beginning, when Nathan and Lucas are at the River Court, a boat can be seen in the background behind Nathan. In the next shot, the boat is long gone and you can see the wake mark or the trail of the boat.

  • People in Lucas' phone:


  • Goof: At 17:12, there is a close-up of Dan and Deb, as they stand; yet when the shot changes to Nathan and Haley walking down the steps, Dan and Deb are seated and stand again.

  • Spoiler alert!:
    The third car accident takes place in this episode. The first being when Keith and Lucas were driving on the streets in the season 1 episode "Hanging By A Moment". The second when Nathan crashes into the wall on the Nascar circuit in the season 2 episode "I'm Wide Awake And It's Morning". And now, Rachel and Cooper in one car, crash into Nathan and Haley in another car.

  • Spoiler alert!:
    In this episode, Brooke and Peyton end their friendship because of Lucas. In the season 1 episode "You Gotta Go There To Come Back", Brooke tells Peyton "you're my best friend, and I would never cut you out for a guy, no matter who he is."

  • The quote Brooke says, "A kiss always means something," is the same quote that Peyton told Haley when she kissed Chris Keller in episode 2x13.

  • In this episode Peyton sets fire to the picture of her, Brooke, & Lucas shooting the heart (3). But in the episode How A Resurection Really Feels, Brooke cut it up.

  • As Haley and Nathan are walking down the aisle after the wedding ceremony, Deb is talking to Dan and as she turns to walk down the aisle, all the people in the seats are gone. How is it possible for everyone to have already left their seats in a matter of seconds?

  • When Rachel takes the limo after her toast, the front windows are down then when Cooper and Rachel get out of the limo after pulling over the windows are up and when they pull away the windows are back down.

  • Lucas's first voiceover was similar to what Peyton said at the end of episode 3.01 when she was painting the numbers on her wall. Lucas's ending voiceover was Brooke's toast to Nathan and Haley at the reception.

  • Although Nathan and Haley are clearly driving on a busy road after their wedding, the bridge is clearly in a secluded area and nowhere near where they are driving.

  • After Rachel gives her "toast", she runs out and drives off in the limo. Where did she get the keys? I mean, I dont think someone would leave keys in a limo during a wedding. Did she get them off-camera?

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Over the Hills and Far Away

  • When Peyton lies on her bed and then looks back, she looks at the picture she drew in Season 1 of her, Brooke and Lucas shooting at a number '3' in flames - however when Brooke started her clothing line in the episode "How a Resurrection Really Feels" she took this picture and cut out the '3' in flames to make the Clothes Over Bros logo.

  • At the end of the episode when Haley invites Dan to the wedding, she says that the first time she stood in a doorway like that it was for Nathan. But the first time she did it, she was standing in the doorway offering to tutor Nathan, and it was so he would leave Lucas alone. So the first time was really for Lucas.

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