One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 8

Truth, Bitter Truth

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2004 on The CW
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The girls of Tree Hill have a slumber party, at which time secrets are revealed and bonds are made. Meanwhile, Nathan and Lucas embark on a road trip to Charlotte for a basketball game, and unknowingly to Lucas, are scheduled to be tested for HCM, a genetic heart condition that Dan carries. Meanwhile, Karen and Andy have their first fight.moreless

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  • Fun episode!

    I really enjoyed some scenes in Truth, Bitter Truth Mostly, it was a fun episode with some nice drama.

    I loved the slumber party - highlight of the whole episode was when Haley, Brooke and Peyton were all shouting at each other. Classic OTH moment. It was just nice to see them have fun as wel.. But I'm glad they addressed issues with Peyton's drugs, Haley and Chris Kellar, Brooke and Felix. Still not a major fan of Anna but she's better than Felix who I literally can't stand. I could care less if he has feelings for Brooke. Haley hiding the time she spent with Chris Kellar was stupid but added in some nice drama.

    Lucas and Nathan weren't exactly exciting together. I liked the drama about the heart condition but otherwise there scenes weren't strong enough. Karen and Andy were entertaining tonight, while Keith and Jules still seem to be rushing away with their relationship. I quite like Jules but feel like it's gone way too fast.

    So, lots to come.

  • A Roadtrip and A Slumber Party

    Nathan and Lucas go to Charlotte for a Bobcats game and also to be tested for Dan's genetic heart condition (HCM). I love this idea. I wish they did more of Lucas and Nathan together as brothers. It took through all of season one not to hate each other and now that they like each other it's nice seeing them hang out and be friends as well as brothers. I wish Lucas had taken the test, but I kind of get where he is coming from. He would rather live his life to the fullest doing what ever he wants instead of being cautious all the time and playing it safe.

    Back in Tree Hill Karen and Andy have their first fight after she thinks he gave her an A on a paper just because they are dating. They make up and end up spending the night together and her place. They are so cute. The age difference doesn't bother me and hopefully Karen will get over it.

    Chris Keller invites Haley to record with him on a song. They sound amazing together and I love their version of "When The Stars Go Blue." I'm not a fan of Chris, but I do like him a lot better than Felix.

    While the boys are away, the girls throw a slumber party at Haley's. Brooke, Peyton, and Anna go to the apartment for the now for some good old fashioned fun. They eat ice cream and have a pillow fight. They also share some secrets and some serious conversation. Conversation I never had with my friends in high school and would never imagine having now. It would be awesome to have friends like Brooke, Peyton, and Haley to talk to about stuff, even when it's ugly like Peyton said.

    Brooke is also selling more stuff. She sells some cds and her parents sell her bed. I love how they keep selling stuff from the house and she keeps talking about them doing things, but we never see them. It was seriously gross of her to go to Haley's to hook up with Felix, but it was funny when Anna walked in a saw them.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill lucas and nathan are going to a charlotte game and they have to travel but does not know they are being tested for a heart condition dan has and lucas lies about it the results from the test and the girls have a slumber party and they become even closer then ever and karen and her professor have the night alone tonight and have a romantic evening this was a good ep i thougt and that is why i gave it a 9.0 instead of anything lower and it was very interestingmoreless
  • Season 2, Episode 8.

    The girls of Tree Hill have a slumber party, at which time secrets are revealed and bonds are made. Meanwhile, Nathan and Lucas embark on a road trip to Charlotte for a basketball game, and unknowingly to Lucas, are scheduled to be tested for HCM, a genetic heart condition that Dan carries. Meanwhile, Karen and Andy have their first fight. Very entertaining episode. I really enjoyed watching it. Haley lied to Nathan! :( Haha, Brooke is broke and still as amazing as ever. "Tonight, Brooke doesn't have a husband, I don't have a bed, so we're having a slumber party." Haha. Good episode. :)moreless
  • Lovin it

    The girls of Tree Hill have a slumber party, at which time secrets are revealed and bonds are made. Meanwhile, Nathan and Lucas road trip to Charlotte for a basketball game, and unknowingly to Lucas, they embark upon free HCM tests, a genetic heart condition that Dan maintains. Karen and Andy have a row. This episode is named after a song by Marianne Faithfull. At a slumber party, Tree Hill girls share secrets. On the road trip to a basketball game, Nathan and Lucas share concerns about inheriting Dan's genetic heart defect. Nathan gets tested but Lucas refuses. I really enjoyed this episode. The girls acted very well, in the scences at Haley's house. It was great fun watching them tell eachother their little secrets and stuff. Nathan and Lucas, where great too. I hope they dont have the genetic heart defect. I dont know what would happen to them if one of them get it but, I hope they dont get it at all. Well, all the characters did an awesome in the is episode. All in all another awesome episode of One Tree Hill.moreless
Rodney Lee Rodgers

Rodney Lee Rodgers


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Emeka Okafor

Emeka Okafor


Special Guest Star

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos

Emily "Jules" Chambers

Recurring Role

Daniella Alonso

Daniella Alonso

Anna Taggaro

Recurring Role

Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hilton

Chris Keller

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In the previous episode, Karen takes away Lucas's cellphone, car and iPod for a week for fighting with Felix in the club opening. Then in this episode, only one or two days later, Lucas has his Ipod and uses it in the car when he is driving to Charlotte with Nathan. We know it is only one or two days later because on the same day, Peyton and Anna are cleaning up Tric after the opening night, and they wouldn't just be cleaning it up over a week later.

    • When Haley comes home from recording with Chris she goes down the hallway and says she needs a shower. When doing so she starts to pull off her shirt giving a full view of her lower back where her tattoo of Nathan's jersey number should be but clearly isn't.

    • With Brooke's intro, this episode marks the first time anyone other than Lucas has done the voiceover.

    • The blanket that Haley has draped over her while she's at the bench eating, (after her fight with Brooke and Peyton) is the same blanket that was on Lucas' bed in the pilot episode of the series.

    • Both times we see Nathan and Lucas talking in the car when "Holiday" is playing, it cuts to a shot of the car driving by. They used the same shot for both times. If you look, you can see that Nathan is wearing a red long sleeved shirt as the car goes by the second time and the sun looks to be setting, but Nathan was wearing a short sleeved blue shirt two seconds earlier and it was mid day outside.

    • When Karen and Andy wake up in her bed, Andy's right arm is above his head. The camera view changes and then his arm is on his stomach without any movement. The view changes back and his arm is back above his head.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Chris: All right Haley, listen. A lot of girls can sing on key okay? I'm gonna need something a little bit more from you all right? Something, a bit further south than your brain. You know what I saying? Listen, it's not about technique. It's about giving me something of yourself. Something that no one else gets to see. You can't play it safe in here Haley. I'm not gonna let you.

    • Peyton: So, find anything good in the lost and found?
      Anna: Not really!
      Peyton: Okay. How wasted does one have to be to go home with one shoe? It's like, at what point do you look down at your foot and say hmmm... ?
      Anna: I was thinking the same thing about the two thongs in here.
      Peyton: Eww, two thongs?! Now that is what I call a successful club opening.

    • Haley: All right! Well go, whoever they are!
      Nathan: Bobcats, Haley.
      Haley: All right, well, I love bobcats. They're so cute.
      Nathan: You're such a girl.
      Haley: I know.

    • Jules: Hey! You're awake.
      Keith: I uh, saw you were gone. I thought, maybe, maybe it was a one night stand. But it felt good. You can one night stand me anytime. Where'd you go?
      Jules: Breakfast.
      Keith: Oh. Well, how'd you get back in? The door locks.
      Jules: I jimmied it with a credit card.
      Keith: I should be afraid, right? Ahh, chocolate croissants.
      Jules: Those are actually for me.
      Keith: Uh, there are two.
      Jules: I know. Energy bar's for you. Trust me. You're gonna need it.

    • Brooke: Do you know what we should do? We should have a slumber party.
      Haley: Oh.
      Brooke: Seriously, we haven't done that since like, junior high.
      Haley: I don't know. I haven't done that since, ever.
      Brooke: Haley!
      Haley: I wasn't popular in junior high.
      Brooke: No! Then we have to. This is like a rite of passage. I mean, when did you learn to put on eye shadow and stuff your bra and make out?
      Haley: I don't know.
      Brooke: Okay, I'm calling Peyton. This is going to be great.
      Haley: Well, look I was kinda looking forward to having a night alone in the apartment.
      Brooke: And I was kinda looking forward to being rich but we all adjust don't we?

    • Lucas: Yeah, just thinking about my life. Basketball's such a big part of it. I don't wanna give it up.
      Nathan: I felt the same way before I got married. Basketball was the most important thing to me, it was the only thing, but now Haley is. And I owe it to her to find out.

    • Brooke: Look, tutor-wife, I love you, but if it was up to you, we'd all be getting marriage licenses with our drivers license.
      Haley: I'm not talking about marriage. I'm just talking about falling in love.
      Brooke: And I'm tired of feeling bad. Ok? I'd rather feel nothing, it's better.. it's easier.
      Peyton: No, it's not better Brooke. Look, it's not you, okay. I admire you so much for the chances you take, but this just doesn't seem like you. It's less than you.
      Brooke: It's just about sex, Peyton.
      Peyton: We both know, sex is never just sex.
      Anna: I love my brother, but there is a double standard for girls and there always will be.
      Brooke: Yeah, and I'm saying screw the double standard.
      Anna: And that's good Brooke, you should say it. And so should I, and every other girl who is tired of playing their game, by their rules. Don't be too fat, or too thin, or too dark, or too light. Don't be too sexual, or too chaste, or too smart, or too dumb. Be yourself. But make sure you fit in.

    • Felix: (singing in the shower) Oooh the water is hot! And so is Feeelix!

    • Lucas: And what about the risk of never feeling alive again?
      Nathan: As opposed to never being alive again?

    • Lucas: So, how does it feel to be out there, you know, finally making it to the league?
      Emeka Okafor: It was dream come true. It's what I was born to do. You guys play?
      Lucas and Nathan: Yeah.
      Lucas: We love it.
      Emeka Okafor: You gotta bulk up a bit if you wanna play in the league.
      Nathan: Yeah, he's skinny.
      Emeka Okafor: (to Nathan) You too.
      Nathan: Yeah, well he's got no left.
      Lucas: You got no range.
      Emeka Okafor: Please tell me you guys aren't teammates.
      Lucas: Naw, it's worse. We're brothers.

    • Brooke: Hi, I'm Brooke. We haven't officially been introduced, but you're dating my ex-boyfriend and I'm sleeping with your brother so it looks like we have a lot in common.
      Anna: Yeah...
      Peyton: Brooke.
      Brooke: Oh, and you're Peyton's new best friend. Sorry, I forgot that part.

    • Brooke: (voiceover) Someone once said; it's the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time. Me… I just wanna live a life I'm gonna remember. Even if I don't write it down.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Although credited, Barry Corbin (Whitey), Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott) and Paul Johnasson (Dan Scott) do not appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "Fireball" by Paul Trudeau
      "Did I Lose You There?" by Silver
      "Holiday" by Doktor Kosmos
      "When The Stars Go Blue" by Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton
      "Time Keeps Turning" by The Vents
      "Give It Up" by Midtown
      "Sparkle Me" by Buffseeds
      "Gone To Earth" by American Analogy Set
      "No Reason" by Sum 41
      "Testing" by Nolan
      "Every Ship Must Sail Away" by Blue Merle


    • Brooke: Why? She is not the one who is acting like a perfect little Stepford wife!

      This is a reference to the 1975 movie The Stepford Wives. There was also a remake of that movie in the summer of 2004 starring Nicole Kidman.

    • Episode Title: Truth, Bitter Truth

      "Truth, Bitter Truth" is by Marianne Faithfull off the import album, Dangerous Acquaintances.