One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 15

Unopened Letter to the World

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Nathan reveals that he didn't get Haley's voicemail, and that she answered. However, in Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, we can hear Haley's answering machine play when Nathan calls her.

    • When a person is jailed, they are usually forced to turn over the contents of their pockets. It seems odd then that Lucas would have quarters in his pocket to make a call from inside a jail cell.

    • At the party Nathan has a blue cup yet when he is outside in the car it's red.

    • When Lucas visits Nathan at his apartment, there is a basketball next to the door. In the next shot, the basketball is gone.

  • Quotes

    • Dan: How've you been?
      Nathan: Bitter, drunk... kinda like mom.

    • (In jail)
      Lucas: Perfect. Nice work, jackhole.
      Nathan: Hey, you were the one who was driving.
      Lucas: Yeah. Either thank me or shut up.
      Nathan: Whatever. I didn't ask you to take the fall.

    • (Lucas calls Karen for bail, but she refuses)
      Nathan: What happened?
      Lucas: She's not coming.
      Nathan: Wow. Even your own mom can't stand you.

    • Teenage Whitey: I suppose a fella just wants to fit in, find a good girl, maybe one day do great things.
      Off camera voice: Tell us about that steady girl of yours, Brian.
      Teenage Whitey: Her name is Camilla. And my wish is that one day she'll agree to be my wife. And we'll grow old together. I'd like to have a boy of my own one day. Heck, maybe lots of kids. I'd like to try to teach them right from wrong and good from bad. I'd like to let them teach me. I think I'd have something to offer them. Or I hope so. I guess only time will tell.

    • Brooke: I was sitting there, at a perfectly decent party, like I have a thousand times before. And, maybe for the first time, I just felt like I was meant for something more, you know?
      Felix: More than I planned for you?
      Brooke: "Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past, let us accept our own responsibility for the future." JFK said that.
      Felix Look at you go. I'm proud of you, girlfriend.
      Brooke: Thanks, I'm proud of me, too.

    • Lucas: She still loves you, you know. Look. It sucks that she kissed Chris, but Haley married you. I kinda think that that wins out over some confused kiss.
      Nathan: Maybe I was the confusing part for her.
      Lucas: Nathan, Haley fell for you when you were a different guy, a lesser guy. Maybe you should remember the real Haley, even when she's lesser, too.

    • Brooke: It was until my parents sold everything. Last week they sold one of the O's in my name, so now I'm officially "Broke Davis".

    • Lucas: What is so funny?
      Nathan: You. Do you need me to connect the dots for you?
      Lucas: I just need you to shut up.
      Nathan: When I first met you, I figured the best way to hurt you was to take Haley away. Now she's gone, isn't she?
      Lucas: Is it any wonder she left a stroke like you? Look at yourself. You're pathetic.
      Nathan: Oh, I'm pathetic? You're chasing after a father who doesn't even want you, and I'm pathetic?
      Lucas: Would you just let it go? Why are you so threatened by that? Afraid Daddy will like me more than you?
      Nathan: You mean, kind of how he liked my mom better than yours?
      Lucas: No. I mean kinda like how your wife likes Chris better than you.

    • (Lucas calls Karen from jail)
      Karen: Hello.
      Lucas: Hey, mom. Mom, look, don't freak out okay, but I'm in jail and I need you to bail me out.
      Karen: What? What happened, is it Dan?
      Lucas: No, mom, it's not. I was with Nathan and we had some beer in the car.
      Karen: Lucas, listen. Are you okay?
      Lucas: Yeah, we're fine.
      Karen: Okay. You got a quarter in your pocket?
      Lucas: Yeah.
      Karen: Good. Call the father you love so much.

    • Brooke: Erica Marsh... Erica?
      Erica: Brooke, congratulations. (Holds up a beer bong)
      Brooke: Do you drink?
      Erica: I do now. Besides, you said I should find other activities.
      Brooke: Yeah... I meant, like, Pep Club. Not Beer Bong Club.
      Guy at party: Come on Marsh! We're doing shots!
      Erica: Woo!!
      Brooke: Who is that guy?
      Erica: I don't know. But he called me by my last name. How great is that?

    • Anna: (The intial message she records.) My name is Anna Taggaro, and I'm a junior at Tree Hill High. And, since it's 2055, I guess it's okay to say that... I'm bisexual. Although, if I still haven't found the nerve to come out to my friends and family by 2055... surprise!!

    • Whitey from 2005: It's been fifty years, fifty long years since I've done this. Looking back on what I said all those years ago, all the hopes and dreams I had, I've come to the conclusion that if having things turn out the way you wanted them to is the measure of a successful life, then some would say that I'm a failure. The important thing is not to be bitter over life's disappointments. Learn to let go of the past. And recognize that every day won't be sunny, and when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair remember it's only in the black of night you see the stars. And those stars will lead you back home. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, or stumble and fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you ever could've imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination.

    • Dan: Praying for a miracle?
      Jules: I've decided to tell Keith the truth. I won't walk down the aisle before I do.
      Dan: Well, maybe you won't have to. I don't know, Jules. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age. Maybe it's this church. Or seeing you two crazy kids in love. But I think I'll just let this one go. Keith doesn't ever have to know.
      Jules: If I do what?
      Dan: Nothing. Call it my wedding gift.
      Jules: I don't believe you.
      Dan I've kept my word so far, haven't I? (His phone rings)
      Jules: You couldn't turn your cell phone off in a church?!
      Dan: It might be God.

    • Lucas: Better to each other and worse to each other than anybody else.

    • Lucas: I also wish I could make things easier for my mom. I mean, even though it's been a tough year for us, I want her to be happy more than anything. But that doesn't change the fact that I need to get closer to my father. Because if I can get closer to him, maybe I can find a way to beat him, once and for all... set all the people that I love free! I just hope I have the strength to tear him down for good!

    • Lucas: My brother's been going through a tough time lately. I wish there was more I could do to help him. I mean, just getting along is kinda new to us. But I guess that's how brothers are.

    • Jake: So, I'm seeing this girl and I think our experience levels are a little different, you know, but...even so, I'm doing something with her that...I've never done before; I'm falling in love.

    • Anna: ( Erases what she recorded earlier and this message is put in it's place ) My name is Anna Tagaro and I'm a junior at Tree Hill High. And..I'm gay..and straight... and a Latina and I HATE labels! And I hope by the time you see this, those things won't be an issue. For now,... all you need to know is this; my name is Anna... and I'm just trying to find my way like most kids. I guess that part is timeless.

    • Peyton: I lost my way, a little bit, this year. But...lately it's been better. You know, um,... it's pretty amazing how...temptation can be silenced by a ray of hope. But... when the face to that hope is a boy's face, I guess, for me, hope comes with trust issues.

    • Brooke: So you're probably looking at this and making fun of my outfit, right? Anyway here's alll you really need to know about today; if... you're fat, dumb, sexual and a guy, you're OK. If you're a girl, not so much. Please tell me that's changed in the future. Somebody tell me you've got love figured out, because I got news for you; it's pretty darn messy right now. But I guess it has always been that way. Wanting to be loved, to find somebody that makes your heart ache in a good way... feel understood. So... if you're robots, or aliens, or something and you're watching this right now and that feeling no longer exists; well,... you missed it...and I feel sorry for you. 'Cuz as far as I can tell, that's what it's all about. And that's what I know it should be about.

    • Jake: Ok, So,...I'm a single father... and until recently, a high school dropout.. and I'm going on my first date since my daughter was born...Am I a great catch or what?

    • Tim: Pretty much been with all the hot girls; freshmen, seniors. Yeah, it's good times. Currently I'm dating, um,...Brooke Davis.

    • Peyton: Ok. Well, if you're young and you're watching this, uh, you guys know what you're up against, especially if you're a girl, it', right, and,... and even fifty years from now, I'm guessing it's still a really big deal. You know, it's awkward..and threatening... and thrilling. But, in a way, it's like sex is the easy part. You know, it's giving your heart to somebody; that's the scary part.

    • Lucas: My best friend, Haley, left town recently. And it's...been hard. You know,... until this year, it's-it's always been us against the world. We pretty much grew up together she's just gone. You know, I... I understand the leaving part. Trust me,... I just wish she woulda called me; before she left. I wish... I coulda talked to her about it. I mean, not to change her mind... or to tell her what to do, but,... just to say I love you... and I miss you. Just to say goodbye.

    • Nathan: So you want me to tell you something about myself? I don't have anything to say. Even if I did, ... you'd be wrong to believe me. Trust is a lie. Nobody ever knows anyone.

    • Brooke: Nate, thank you for coming.
      Nathan: Whatever, I just ran out of alcohol.

    • Dan: Trust me. I understand this mediation is a formality. But in my defense, I'm providing a safe and stable environment for Lucas. Two parent, loving. That said, I understand sometimes things aren't always as they appear. Your name is Roger?
      Doug the Mediator: Doug.
      Dan: Doug. Doug, I'm not sure there's a courtroom in this country that would have a problem with the home I've made for my firstborn son.
      Doug: Yeah, of course Dan, but I do have a couple of questions. Can you tell me why you've never paid any child support to Karen, or offered any financial help for Lucas?
      Dan: I did offer. But Lucas' mother forbid my involvement. Financially and otherwise.
      Doug: I see.
      Karen: Ass!
      Doug: I'm sorry?
      Karen: He's an ass.
      Doug: Okay...
      Karen: (about and to Dan) I didn't take his money because to him, money is power. And power is control. And he would've used it in the same manipulative manner that he always does. Lucas is my son and he has been everyday of his life and there's not a court in this country, Dan, that's gonna fall for your ass of a suit and your crooked ass smile and your assy frat boy haircut!
      Doug: Lucas, where do you wanna live?

    • Lucas: (sees Nathan painting in pink over Haley's portrait) Nathan? What are you doin'?
      Nathan: Haley hates pink.
      (Nathan rolls the paint harder )
      Lucas: Look Nate, Haley's my best friend. I know it's not the same but I get what you're going through.
      Lucas: (looks puzzled as Nathan hangs a picture of a clown over the potrait he was just painting over.) A clown.
      Nathan: Yeah, they creep her out.

    • Peyton: Okay, first off, I wanna say Happy 67th Birthday to Peyton Sawyer. You were pretty cool back in the day. Umm... and to... Jenny Jagielski, who is... wow, um, like in her fifties now. Uh... your dad... sure loves you. Plus he's a total fox!

    • Nathan: Voicemail. I hope you still don't got that crap.

    • Tim: (on video for time capsule) Lets see what else... um... Oh yeah, there's this new girl Anna who's into me, but I'm all, "Girl, be patient", you know? The Tim'll get to you eventually.
      Anna: (coming into the room) What did he just say?
      Mouth: Ok, I think I got it.
      Anna: Did that creepy Tim guy say I was into him?
      Mouth: Um, sorta.
      Anna: Ok, first of all, gross.

    • Brooke: (on time capsule) Let's see, in ten years, I'll probably be married to someone like Marvin McFadden.
      Anna: Who's Marvin McFadden?
      Brooke: Of course you all probably call him Senator McFadden or something. But we just call him Mouth.

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    • Episode Title: Unopened Letter to the World

      "Unopened Letters to the World" is a song by Ataris in their album So Long, Astoria