One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 15

Valentine's Day is Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2011 on The CW

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  • Valentine's Day in Tree Hill

    Loved this episode!! As I said before on a couple other reviews I love that we are got holiday episodes this season.

    Brooke/Julian: So funny and so sweet and super sexy!! I loved the whole role playing thing. And I love that Julian wants to adopt. I want so bad for Brooke to finally get the baby she's always wanted!!

    Nathan/Haley: I loved Haley snooping all through the house looking for her present. So funny. And I love how so in love and perfect they are together. And her ho-ho addiction is hilarious.

    Clay/Quinn: Love them so much!! His Valentine's surprise for her was amazing. I was really hoping he would propose, but it would have been too predictable to have a proposal on Valentine's Day.

    Mouth and Millie were cute, too. I loved the thing with giving her a muffin since he did that when they first started dating.

    Jamie and Madison were adorable. I loved that they both got each other a not so mushy, useful gift for Valentine's Day. The shoelaces was a cute idea.

    Chase and Chuck...ehh.. whatever..I did like Chuck's song though.
  • Kinda lame...

    So, as much as I love it when the characters are not stupid and sabotage themselves as happens so much on episodes in this genre, OTH has been a little on the bland side lately. I was expecting Naley to get into some kind of "we're old and married and Valentine's day isn't exciting and sexy like it used to be" kind of argument. I was expecting Brooke to announce that she was pregnant against all odds and doctor's opinions. And I'm really expecting something to happen to Clay and Quinn other than the two being horny cohabitants and telling each other how much they love each other. These two have had no character development since last season. All they do is make-out, cry, and have sex. I would be okay with their relationship if we ever saw anything related to why they're actually together: personality compatibility, common interests, etc, etc, etc. I was glad that Brooke's wedding went off without a hitch last week, but I was really expecting something a bit more interesting to watch from tonight's episode.
  • 815

    One Tree Hill, you nearly had me. After a few strong episodes you nearly fooled me into thinking the show was back to being a high-quality drama; then you dumped this on me.

    Now, the episode was not that bad, it's just that there really was no point to this. Nothing happened, you had horrible overacting from all the characters (what was that weird screaming Haley was doing at Nathan out of nowhere?) and they did not even resolve Fortitude wanting to sign Kellerman's son.

    Not terrible, but let's be honest, the 6 out of 10 rating is a gift here.
  • Valentine's Day all over town

    Today's episode was kind of boring. After few really nice and funny episodes I was expecting something really great and nice but all I had was lame scenes.

    I think I am gonna start with Brulian. They are boring. Brooke used to be this really fun girl and now I can see that producers have no idea what to do with Brulian. All they were doing in this episode was sex. Nothing more. Haley and Nathan became this old, nothing special couple. They didn't even spennt the day together. And Haley looking for her present all over the house was pretty lame. She is grown up woman, pregnant and she was behaving like a little girl. Worst than Jamie.

    Mouth and Millie. They are just boring. I can't stand them at all. If producers kick them off the show I won't be crying. I never liked Millie but Mouth was really great and positive character. And now I can't stand him.

    Quinn and Clay just like Mouth and Millie are nothing special for the show. When they are separate Quinn is ok. She is fun and nice girl, but together with Clay she's is boring.

    I am really sorry for this show. I used to be a huge fan but now I am not that much into this show. The magic is gone for good.