One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 15

We Change, We Wait

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on The CW

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  • Brooke and Julian..

    Julian and Brooke certainly heated up in We Change, We Wait and right now, I'm feeling like it's all a bit rushed. They're quite cute together and the 'preferably without our clothes' was funny but some more build up and tension may have been better. But at least Brooke is happy right now and that's all that matters.

    Lucas and Peyton were very sweet with the two rings and the proposal - odd seeing Peyton so close to Julian's dad though. Mia and Chase also seem rushed but are quite sweet if not soppy. Nathan playing and helping his team win was satisfying but am I the only one who is tired of the basketball side of things now?

    Adam the director is a sleaze - he was such a dick to use why Lucas didn't want him to work on the film to get Julian's dad to hire him. But he's an amusing villain for a few episodes. I'm kind of over Dan right now too if I'm honest.

    Gooood one again.

  • Brulian!!

    One Tree Hill has a new couple for everyone to ship and that it Brulian aka Brooke and Julian. I love them. They really are a great couple. It's about time Brooke found some happiness and finally got the right guy for her and Julian is that guy.

    I wish we had been able to see the other director options, but it's nice that in the end they went with James Van Der Beek's character. I like having him around.

    I love the ring Lucas bought Peyton. It was beautiful. I also love that he took her to the spot where they first spoke to give it to her. It's a little weird, but I'm glad Peyton decided she wants to wear Keith's ring. That's the ring she would have gotten four years ago when Lucas tried to propose the first time and that's the ring she should have.
  • Nathan has patience BJ going steady Mia and chase make out (a lot) Lucas gets Dawson Peyton gets a ring Not much else

    Especially after last week's episodes this one just felt average and a bit blah. The biggest change was the officiating of Brooke and Julian, but after all of the over the top ways Brooke has gotten in (and out)of relationships this seemed a bit blase. I was amused by Sam's interaction with BJ. I enjoy the strong writing provided for the younger characters like Sam and Jamie, but it makes the leads seem a bit worn out. I am not anti- Mia and Chase, but I am not sure the point. They have no real depth and the amount of time they spend just kissing makes them feel like simple eye-candy. Is the show worried fans are tired of looking at CCM? Nathan certainly spends less time with his shirt off these days. Chase used to have the CleanTeen angle but now just seems convienent. Nathan's moral of the day for Jamie was a good one and I enjoy their interaction. (Not sure why Dan is still around.) Leyton played it low-key this week. Peyton's BJ issues were quickly resolved and she got the ring she wanted. I did laugh at OTH as a gang story but I'm glad it's Dawson who won in the end. I sure hope the irony of JvB's character on the show is intentional because it's quite good. JvB is exactly the director Dawson didn't want to be, but this kind might be more interesting to watch. I was confused though, is his use of Lucas' words meant to be an evil twist or reveal his deeper need to be good? Either way his selection must be nice for those who picked up OTH after Dawson's ended. Not a very exciting review but i put that back onto the episode. Last week showed some promise but this one just sort of sat there. It's ok to let the characters be happy, but make them move a bit please.

    And don't you hate the words "two weeks from now..."
  • A director is finally picked for the movie.

    In this episode of One Tree Hill, the following happens. Lucas is meeting with Directors who want to direct his movie. Although all is not going well. All of them are talent, but none of them seem to understand the book, and what it means. Dan gets a new beeper and so has to wait for it to go off, so that he can have his new heart. Lucas buys Peyton an engagement ring, but deep down we can all see that it is not the one that she wanted, she wanted Keith's ring. Later on in the episode, after Lucas realises this and she tells him so, he gives Peyton Keith's ring. A director is finally picked for the movie, although it is one that neither Julian nor Lucas likes or wanted for the movie.
  • Lucas and Julian are in the process of finding the director of the movie, we see Nathan playing with his team again, Brooke tries to hide the fact that she hooked up with Julian from Sam but it becomes obvious to her. James Vanderbeak guest stars again..

    Hmm... well i don't know what to say about this episode I thought it was a little weird. sam walks in on Brooke and Julian making out on the couch lol. the director that Lucas finds is horrible I didnt like him at all. but I like how Julian stood up for him. I feel bad for Dan with the heart transplant and him having flashbacks of Nanny Carrie. Sorry but ugh she is just annoying. the coach tells nathan that he is starting to sound like a coach but he reminds Nathan that he already turned down that job. I hated how Julian's dad just picked the director for him I thought it wasn't fair how he ambushed him like that. I loved seeing Haley behind the piano again. I loved how Brooke made the jackets for the movie and I loved Julian's expression from him. I don't know about Payton's news about Julian that he slept around. Julian finally realizes that Brooke wants to end the relationship I really like Mia and Chase together ALOT.. i think they have good chemistry. and Mia writes a new song and she plays the new song I really like the song alot. Lucas drives Payton to "their spot" lol then he perposes Payton's reaction to his propersal is priceless.. that was just great. well theres my review for my week again...
  • Preferably without our clothes on.

    This was a good episode of One Tree Hill that felt reminiscent of the old days. It took me back to Season 4 when things were simple and enjoyable. While it's kind of depressing that the most intense drama on the show is simply an egotistical (although funny) director making Lucas' movie, I have a feeling things are going to pick up over the next few episodes.

    The Chase and Mia stuff was kept to a minimum here although I really do not think either of those characters is needed. The Nathan and Jamie exchanges were very good and it was great to see basketball prevalent again in the use, even if it is just being used as a metaphor.
  • I can't believe that Dawson is going to be part of the show..

    Dawson REALLY??? I like this episode a lot it really built up the story for the weeks to come. Nathin was so cute with all his heart and good parent skills. go dad. I love that Payton talked her way into the ring that she really wanted. I want to see brook with the new guy they make a cute couple and I can see a lot of really good storylines coming out of that realationship. I want to see more from the daughter maybe a lone interest. Anyways I am having a hard time typing and spelling tonight. so thats it folks..
  • Can you say boring.

    I really don't care about Nathan and his basketball career, it is funny when the show started it was all about the basketball now the most boring storyline is the basketball. Lucas is being picky about the director of the movie and who can blame him when it is based on his book and it is his script but Julian's father (the one with all the money) is coming to town and Lucas can only hope that the next director he meets is the one. Brooke is seeing Julian now and is conflicted with her rules she has given Sam, it was funny when Sam tells her foster mother that she would have her head phones on, Julian is just horny. Lucas and Julian meet the sixth director and he wants to turn the whole movie into a gang war, Lucas just leaves, right now all I can think is waht I thought all along with the movie storyline, Lucas should direct and that is what I think Julian's father will say. Dan is waiting for a heart again and gets another pager and a flashback to when evil nanny thew and broke the other one. I don't know hoe Dan can still be standing after what he went through and with his heart problem, he should be on bed rest. Nathan is now wanted playing time because the team is looseing and Devon is not passing the ball. The coach was right he we make a great coach and he should have taken the job, it would have made a better storyline. Julian and his stupid hat made the next scene and big ol'dad come and tells them that they have to pick on of the six directors or he would jsut choose one out of the stupid at. I know Lucas will direct this movie, well I can only hope. What was Peyton doing telling Brooke Julian was a bad guy, just beacuse he slept with someone right after breaking up with doesn't make him a bad guy, has she ever heard of a rebound. Lucas doesn't want to give Peyton Keiths ring beacuse he gave it to Linsey and I 100% agree. I don't know why Brooke and Julian can just have fun right now, Sam is not a little kid and you don't get serious with a person right away in a relationship, you have fun a see where it leads, or that could just be me. Dan gets to babysit his grandson and for some reason I am happy about that. I know Dan is evil or maybe was evil but I like the connecton between grandad and grandson. I like the Mya character, Kate's music makes the show better but they should have named the character Kate. Lucas and Peyton get engaged again at the location where Lucas had to tow Peyton';s car in the first season. It was a little cheesy but romantic all the same. Dan's advice to Nathan to me was good advice, I know some might say it was classic Dan but he was right. We find out that Julian didn't sleep with anyone right after breaking up with Peyton and all the stuff she said to Brooke was a lie even though she didn't know it was. Now I loved that Jamie called Nathans coach, we can tell now that the chach will play Nathan even though all the lead scorer need is to learn to pass, we know he can because Nathan learned and he was worse wit the passing then Devon is. Here is something I did not see coming, Adam is back and he wants to direct the movie and because it is Dawson from the Creek we know he will wow Lucas and he will get the job. I still think it should be Lucas but we still has time left before the disision is made so I can hope. I do like the Mya and Chase but not together, I love Mya but I don't care about her love life, they also should have made Chase gay and not backed out and put him with Mya. I loved the next scene with Adam trying to convince the boys that he should be the director and Lucas's comments after, the way Adam was looking at Julian, I thought that he was going to say to Lucas that you should be directing this movie. Peyton tells Brooke about Julian being a good guy and Lucas tells the boss guy that they haven't picked a director. I have to say I did like how Nathan played the whole not playing thing and telling Devon some tips and I could tell that Devon was not going to learn to pass so it was a good idea to put Nathan in, I am glad that he passed and didn't get to shoot the final shot. I can't believe Adam stole Lucas' whole speech just to direct this movie, I am now hopeing htat downthe road Adam screws it up and Lucas has to step in. It happened to Dawson on Dawson's Creek now it can be reversed. I really didn't care about anyhting else, Peyton got Keiths ring, Brooke and Julian are now sleeping together, and we did see a nice moment between Dan and Nathan. All in all this episode was boring.
  • Everything seemed to fall into place.

    In this episode "We Change, We Wait" everything seemed perfect and happy. Lucas takes Peyton to the spot where they first met, gets on a knee and gives her a ring (not Keiths). Earlier Lucas confided in Haley that he wanted to give Peyton Keiths ring but he didn't know if she would want it considering he had given it to Lindsey first. Later after talking to Haley, Peyton tells Lucas she would much prefer Keiths ring, so he gives it to her. Mia wrote a new song that Chase was the inspiration of. The two were all giddy and happy throughout the episode. Nathan gets to play in the NBA basketball game (after his rival is benched...haha). Brooke is caught by Sam making out with Juilian. Peyton gives Brooke news about Julian wich later turns out to be false. Brooke and Julian kinda break up and then offitially start dating at the end! I love the Brulian romance! Julian and Lucas have trouble finding a director, and one is picked by Julians dad and it is "James van der Beak". I enjoyed this episode and now that they are at their peak in the show, I think it would be smart to hopefully continue on for a 7th season!
  • WOW...

    this episode was really good. I personally think that Mia and Chase are a good couple, and i hope they continue. for Julian and brooke they are a couple i will be yearning to know more about. i really like Naley and Leyton right now. they are both so cute. Mia's new song is really good. I can't wait to buy it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! that is if it comes out. I am looking forward to the next episode. and hope it will be as good as this episode. For me this episode went by really quickly... i loved it!!!
  • Season 6, Episode 15.

    Lucas and Julian have a difficult time finding the right director for their movie. Meanwhile, a present from Lucas confuses Peyton and Brooke battles with romantic complications. Some of the plots and characters have gotten boring, yet there's still nothing wrong with the show. I think the HS years were definitely more entertaining, but Brooke's plots are still amazing and entertaining. Haley doesn't get plots anymore, which is horrible. James Lafferty doesn't look as good, IMO. His plots aren't so great. I liked how the Mia/Chase scene was so much like the Nathan/Haley scene in 1.15. Peyton's plots are pretty good, and Lucas' are just... Eh... The movie thing just seems so weird. Pretty good episode.