One Tree Hill

Season 6 Episode 15

We Change, We Wait

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on The CW

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  • Nathan has patience BJ going steady Mia and chase make out (a lot) Lucas gets Dawson Peyton gets a ring Not much else

    Especially after last week's episodes this one just felt average and a bit blah. The biggest change was the officiating of Brooke and Julian, but after all of the over the top ways Brooke has gotten in (and out)of relationships this seemed a bit blase. I was amused by Sam's interaction with BJ. I enjoy the strong writing provided for the younger characters like Sam and Jamie, but it makes the leads seem a bit worn out. I am not anti- Mia and Chase, but I am not sure the point. They have no real depth and the amount of time they spend just kissing makes them feel like simple eye-candy. Is the show worried fans are tired of looking at CCM? Nathan certainly spends less time with his shirt off these days. Chase used to have the CleanTeen angle but now just seems convienent. Nathan's moral of the day for Jamie was a good one and I enjoy their interaction. (Not sure why Dan is still around.) Leyton played it low-key this week. Peyton's BJ issues were quickly resolved and she got the ring she wanted. I did laugh at OTH as a gang story but I'm glad it's Dawson who won in the end. I sure hope the irony of JvB's character on the show is intentional because it's quite good. JvB is exactly the director Dawson didn't want to be, but this kind might be more interesting to watch. I was confused though, is his use of Lucas' words meant to be an evil twist or reveal his deeper need to be good? Either way his selection must be nice for those who picked up OTH after Dawson's ended. Not a very exciting review but i put that back onto the episode. Last week showed some promise but this one just sort of sat there. It's ok to let the characters be happy, but make them move a bit please.

    And don't you hate the words "two weeks from now..."