One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 6

We Might As Well Be Strangers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2004 on The CW

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  • Meteor Shower and Chris Keller

    A meteor shower is coming up and everyone is paired off to watch it. Andy and Karen have dinner and watch it in that beautiful spot with the fountain and the water. Lucas and Anna play a game of hog and watch the meteor shower at the River Court. Haley and Nathan watch it on their balcony. Keith attempts to cook dinner for Jules, but it burns and they end up going out and watch the meteor shower from inside a car at the dealership. Brooke and Felix decide to do friends with benefits. They watch the meteor shower alone from their own front yards. Brooke also has to run a yard sale at her house because her parents are broke and are selling everything which sucks.

    Peyton is working on finding artists to perform at the opening night of her and Karen's club which in the end she decides to name Tric. She meets the oh so wonderful, Chris Keller, when she goes to the record store to hang up a flier. Haley helps with the auditions, but everyone sucks. Nathan sends Peyton a clip of Haley singing which is of course amazing. Peyton wants her to perform but she doesn't want to. Chris Keller auditions and is good despite the fact that he is a completely jerk, but Peyton doesn't want him to perform.

    Nathan also gets an offer to play for High Flyers, a prestigious basketball camp in Florida, for the summer, but he turns it down because he doesn't want to be a part from Haley.

    Dan gets the results back from the doctor about how he is doing and he is fine, but tells Deb he is not because he wants to stay at the house with her and try to work things out, but he probably has some hidden agenda about it.

    Next episode is opening night of Tric!!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill there are new arrangements that took place after the dear night lucas has a romantic eveing with anna and peyton is still tring to find a new gig for the club and keith has a first date with jules and karen is supries about her dinner with her proffessor and brook is still wondering about her relationship with felix does not know what to think of it . this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is hwy i gave it a 9 instead of anything lower
  • Payton tries to get All Ages night at Karen's yet-to-be-named club going but has difficulties. Brooke and Felix become friends-with-benifets as Brooke faces life without money. Lucas finds out that Anna is Felix's sister. Karen and An

    This episode felt like a filler. Nothing of any great consequence happened.

    Haley and Nathan stressed out a little over money... again.
    Payton manages to offend new comer almost by accident.
    Brooke gets her inner slut on
    And Lucas once again finds himself in the beginning of a forbidden romance.

    Nothing exciting.

    But this episode did show Haley James Scott getting her music groove on, and shows her first steps to becoming a music star.

    Also introduces new character Chris as someone that Payton can converse with over her sometimes slightly poserish music library.

    I have to admit, my favourite part of the episode was when Andy took Karen to his house for lunch. Being a HUGE Dawson's Creek fan I recognized this place immediately as the lake where Pacey Witter lost his virginity to Cougar-Teacher Tamara.

    It brought back some great DC memories. But all in all, this episode was rather boring.
  • Boring....

    So far this season we have had : Boats, a wedding, a wedding party, two wedding showers, and a dare night. What else can the writers add to make things even wilder ? A meteor shower. Lucas and Anna. Keith and Jules. Brooke and Felix. Karen and Andy. Nathan and Haley. Well seems like everybody picked their partners. Not much happened in this episode. Brooke has a yard sale to sell some of her stuff. She's so upset so she has comfort sex with Felix. Peyton is looking for bands, for her " All ages night ". After many unsuxcessful auditions, she recieves an mp3 from Nathan. It becomes clear to Peyton that Haley is the star she needs. Nathan turns down the camp so Haley can have her singing dream which is a true testomoney to how good of a husband he is. Deb spends the night at Dan's beach house. After she tries to break things off with him before they get strings attached, he lies to her about his health. Lucas tells Anna, he dosen't want to sneak around. Felix catches Lucas and Anna making out, and he confronts Anna about it. This is what Anna has been afraid of ? A small speech from Felix ? I was expecting something big ! Like a fight or even someone getting killed. I was bored throughout the episode. I wanted drama back on One Tree Hill but that dosen't mean everything has to be depressing. I liked the last five minutes. Mouth is truely perfect for Brooke. She dosen't need Lucas or Felix. Mouth was sweet enough to buy back the Dollhouse for her. One of the worst episodes of season two.
  • Season 2, Episode 6.

    After Dare Night resulted in new arrangements; a midnight meteor shower finds Lucas sharing a romantic night with Anna. Andy surprises Karen with a dinner and Keith cooks for Jules on their first date. Brooke finds herself forming a mutually beneficial relationship with Felix, and Peyton sets out to find an opening act for her club. I love Brooke and her witty remarks. I am able to tolerate Dan more after his heart attack, but I still can't tolerate Whitey. Isn't he supposed to have some sort of brain tumor or something? Brooke and Felix have sex, finally. On a side note, SB and JL are incredibly sexy.
  • Awesome

    After Dare Night resulted in new arrangements; a midnight meteor shower finds Lucas sharing a romantic night with Anna. Andy surprises Karen with a dinner and Keith cooks for Jules on their first date. Brooke finds herself forming a mutually beneficial relationship with Felix, and Peyton sets out to find an opening act for her club. This episode is named after a song by Keane. Tree Hill is starting to look like Noah's Ark. Lucas and Anna, Brooke and Felix, Haley and Nathan, Jules and Keith, Karen and Andy, Deb and Dan - everybody's going two by two. I thought this was another great episode. I'm not bored or tired of watching any of the episodes, they are all great. I am really enjoying myself just by watching them. I just have to say this, I really, really hate Dan. Does anybody else? He is really annoying! Cant stand him. All in all another awesome episode in season two of One Tree Hill. I cant wait to watch more.
  • A great episode!

    There is a meteor shower. Peyton is trying to find some bands or singers for the opening night of her club. Chris, a jerk and a CD store owner, sings for Peyton and Haley, but Peyton doesn't want to hire him, even though he's great. Nathan gets accepted to a basketball camp for three monthes, but he turns it down, so he can be with Haley. Peyton and Nathan encourage Haley to sing. Whitey is very angry and doesn't want to go through with the surgery, until Lucas talks to him. Lucas and Anna go on their first date. Dan wants Deb back and he lies in order for that to happen. Keith and Jules have their first date, while Karen and Andy watch the meteor shower from his estate. Brooke agrees to be "friends with benefits" with Felix. Felix is over protective of Anna. Mouth tries being nice to Brooke, so she'll notice him more.

    This was a great episode! The meteor shower was cool! I've never seen Whitey so upset! Nathan a really good husband. When I like back on what a jerk he was, he's gone so far! I like all the new couples so far! They really fit with each other! At first, I thought that Deb should give Dan a chance, but then he lied and ruined everything. This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • The people of Tree Hill enjoy a metor shower.

    I thought that this episode was great. I liked that they set up the episode to revolve around a metor shower it was a good concept evan though i thought that it looked fake. I could understand why Lucas wants Anna to tell her brother about him. I liked that Keith called Jules for a date i think that they make a cute couple. I think that it is great that Peyton has a job at Karen's new club getting bands to play and to run the all ages night. I did not really like Chris. I think that it is wrong of Dan to tell his wife he is still sick evan though he is not.
  • Brooke and Felix decide to have a beneficial relationship. Peyton and Hailey decide to search for suitable musician for their club. Lucas and Anna began more than friends when they admired the meteor stars. Felix wasn't supportive when Anna dated Lucas.

    I was particularly excited to learn that Anna and Lucas were more than interested to become friends. It was exceptionally romantic to watch them spending time together. Meaningful too.

    The only disagreement for me would be that Anna wasn't the type of girl i expected. (in terms of appearance)I think that probably Felix is up to something or is he just protective?

    Brooke and Felix was having a fun and intimate relationship. I thought it was well taught through. A popular, fun and wild challenging girl who's willing to take risks should definitely deserve a guy like Felix. They're a perfect match. Both cheeky.

    Jules and Keith were kinda gettin along pretty well. It was fate that they managed to find each other. They seem to be getting along pretty well and Im delighted with that fact. Jules seem to be quite attractive and Keith certainly deserves to have her.

    Lucas drops off Anna at home after their nice romantic evening and Felix catches the couple just as they share a goodnight kiss. Felix no likey so much. When Anna comes in the house he confronts her about kissing Lucas. Felix attempts to discredit Lucas (people in glass houses and all) but Anna is willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. The next morning Deb is prepared to leave the beach house. She realizes that Dan has recovered and doesn\'t need her--he is ready to move on. He gets a call from his doctor as they discuss their future. Doc tells Dan that he\'s looking good but Dan tells his wife that the news is bad-he\'ll have to return to her home for awhile. She believes him.

    Haley may not see through Nathan\'s lie about not getting into the camp but Lucas does. He knows that Nathan really got in and calls his brother on it. Nathan tells Luke that he wants Haley to take the time to make music. If he leaves for three months she won\'t do it. He\'s putting her first. When Dan gets wind about Nathan not going to the camp he\'s peeved. The camp director tells Dan that even though he guaranteed Nathan getting in the kid doesn\'t want to be away from his wife.

    As Peyton gets the building ready for the big opening night her sign that is supposed to say Electric turns out to be broken and \"TRIC\" is the only part that lights up. Peyton has her club\'s name. Just as she revels in her new discovery the smarmy club owner slinks in and announces that they will be working together after all…and partying together too eh? Peyton looks uncomfortable with the very thought. Just as things seem to be hitting rock bottom for Brooke, Mouth arrives at her door and announces that he\'s bought back her dollhouse. Now why does the girl want to spend any time with Felix when nice guys like Mouth are around? And finally it seems that Lucas\' nagging has paid off. Whitey decides to get the surgery and as he checks himself into the hospital Lucas opens a thank you note from his coach.
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